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Um, could this gaggle of seal pups be ANY CUTER? The little ear buds are the best part. There are like, ten pairs of ears in this photo. Oh, and the smiling baby seals? Puhlease, these guys are giving me diabetes they’re so sweet.Sealio IglesiasSealImages.com—way to ORNK! ORNK! (flapping flippers together)



  1. First post? Huh, huh?

  2. Love the happy look!

  3. Smiling seals. What better way to start your day?

    Ahhhhh . . .

  4. BlurpleBerry says:

    Again, why isn’t this in the Coveted Cuteness Trifecta™ categorie? The chub, the eye capsules, the tiny ears, the juicy eyes, and the amazing way this picture follows Rule of Cuteness #9 should put it in said category.

  5. sadie_asher says:

    Love the little dude up front! He’s obviously optimistic about the coming New Year… Smile on!

  6. juggle geese says:

    I love that the fur of seal pups is too large for them when they are born. They have to grow into their skin. That is too cute

  7. [beep] X 6

  8. I love how their noses are lighter like their tummies. They look like they have little beans stuck there…kind of like Pound Puppies.

  9. poor violet says:

    Yup, the sandy colored nosicles are my favorite part. It looks like they’ve been scoffing cocoa while no one was looking.

  10. now, that’s the way to start my day. seal pups!

  11. Oh, the toofs…they hurt (and not because of any chompage, neither)

  12. I hope I’m not making a fool of myself by asking this, but aren’t those sea lions?

  13. Fur seals have ears. It is a leetle confusing, but thank goodness for Wikipedia!

    “The fur seals and the sea lions as a group make up the family Otariidae, and are called eared seals or walking seals to distinguish them from the earless true seals of the family Phocidae.”

    See, it’s really all about what family you belong to. Oh, BTW, NO MORE SIDESCROLLING!!!! Yay! Thanks for that who-ev is responsible.

  14. Yeah, I was just about to ask about the ears. So fur seals are actually sea lions, sort of.

    Whatever the hell they are, they’re CUTE.

  15. snorglesnorglesnorglesnorgle!!!

  16. Ok everyone–smile for the camera and say “fish!”

    must beep seal nosies!

  17. Is there a “cute but demented” category?

  18. Ears or not, they’re anerable!!! The ear thing is confusing for us Californians who are used to seeing harbor seals (no ears) or sea lions (ears). The little critters above are from Australia where, you know, everything is upside down anyway.

  19. Otariidae? OtariidaeOtariidaeOtariidaeOtariidae!
    Looks like kids queuing for icecream…”I’ll have a mackerel cone with a 99 flake, please!”

  20. [moons Carolina]

    Y’know, all you’d’ve had to do was switch the order of your two early comments here, and it’d be fine. But no. Lookit me lookit me I’m first.

    [farts in Carolina’s general direction]

  21. it made my day to see this little cuddlewad of cuteness… thanks!

  22. Fabulous!! I’ll be making that for the New Years soirée, then!

  23. Anyone been to the dirt-poor backwaters of Latin America? This pic reminds me fondly of being in Honduras, where a gaggle of goofy little kids followed me everywhere, saying, “Quiere chicle?” Wanna buy some gum?
    I bought a lot of gum, ’cause how could I resist them? I’d buy herring from these little guys, and I don’t even like herring.

  24. Theo: Fart your heart out! I’m still first.

  25. I think that is the first genuine seal smile I have ever seen…


  26. AWWWWIE SMILEY SEAL!!! I shall hug him and beep his nose and name him Kotick … zzzzzzzz

  27. you guys r silly says:

    thanks for the yummy recipe…
    it makes me want to hurl just reading the instructions…

  28. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    I just love how these guys always seem to have a smile on their face. I would kees the one up front on his dose!

  29. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Jaypo – Yeah I clicked on that link, took one look at the picture and nearly hurled myself.

  30. These babies are precious, but they’re not seals. Seals don’t have external ears. These are sea lions. Its sea lions that have the tiny ear-to-head ratio.

  31. Loves the smiley one up front! “Hey! We’ve been waiting for you! Wanna play?” The sleepy guys next to him, “Hmmm, huh,….what?”

  32. please “accidentally” throw me into that seal pit, thank you.

  33. Is it, like, niche market week at CO? Sealimages.com? A stream devoted to nothing but tiny animals on human fingers? What’s next — nothingbutbrowndogsinsuperherocostumes.edu?

    Not, you know, that I’m objecting.

    Or trying to give people suggestions.

  34. Another Angela says:

    I think these are fur seals, which are found in Australia and southern Africa (Arctocephalus pusillus). The ones in southern Africa get killed for their fur. Probably not cute.
    Carolina–you tell him!

  35. It’s the pouty-lookin’ one in the middle that’s killin’ me.

  36. Another Angela:


  37. My mom owns a baby fur seal coat. I think I shall show her this picture next time she wears it and ask her if it is comfy? What do you think? Those babies are just too cutie patootie!

  38. This picture is so obviously photoshopped. I mean, you can totally tell those animals (sea lion or seal… I have no idea) are not really on that rock. They are most likely photoshopped out of space and put on that rock. @_@

  39. I like the alert one in the back: “Pictures? Someone’s taking pictures? Hey, I wanna be in the picture…”

  40. I love how the seeelieeepoooo in the bottom left is smiling wif him bottom toofs. cutecutecute

  41. Seal mosh pit!!


  42. Soooo Cute!!! I love the smiley one in the front!!!

  43. Ooooo, smiling!!!

    Talking about seals, I wonder when sea lions at Pier 39 (San Fran) sleep… They were barking all night last night!

  44. minnesnowtah says:

    I actually said it aloud! ORNK! ORNK!

    In My Humble Opinion:
    If a comment just says “first post!” then it would not be a real comment because it did not COMMENT on the Qte. So Conifer gets first comment honors.

  45. Jeebus! Am I the only one who has ever said “first post” on here??

    Why am I being singled out and farted at for saying “first post”?

  46. Carolina–some people obviously have a pet peeve. Or they are just jealous 😉

  47. Thanks, Angela. All I’ve ever done is be playful and cheerful on here, but I must have violated some kind of secret C.O. code of behavior I know nothing about.


  48. Nahh…I don’t think it’s ‘shopped. And if it were, it’s not like the seals themselves were shopped…why would someone shop them out of one rock to put them on another rock? plus they’re cute anyway…

  49. And, btw, I’ve seen dozens of people excitedly post “first post, first post!” which is all I was trying to do. Being funny and lighthearted, which is what I thought C.O. was all about.

    I was in no way trying to garner some kind of “first post honors,” especially since know nothing about such things nor do I care about such things.

    I’m on here to have fun, not win a contest. Or at least, that’s what I THOUGHT it was about.

    Dumb me.

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    My 12yo son just saw this and went “Awww…that’s so cute.” So it must be REALLY, REALLY cute!! And it is.

    I’d wear a seal fur coat…if the live seal was still in it! 😉

  51. AuntieMame says:

    The point, carolina, is that the “joke” is really only funny the first 4,982,399,503 times you see it. When everyone starts screaming “first post,” it gets really tiresome.

  52. ORNK ORNK!

    This pic is redonk, with the ears and nosicles and so many of them all being qte.

  53. carolina- It’s over on the right side, under “Official C.O. Glossary” or, more specifically, here:

    No rule about reading that before posting, so you might not have noticed it….

  54. NotGonnaSay says:

    Careful Peeps or we’ll start up the controversey about “first post” not being a valid thing at all because Meg/Teho (others? I don’t know) do the “posts” and all we can do is post a comment so really we would be “first comment” if we dared to say so.

    And on another note, the furry things, whatever they are, are very cute and smiley. Hurray! They have my seal of approval!(or sea lion of approval as the case may be).

  55. ka9q's wife says:

    i love the little smile.

  56. Shouting “first!” in the first comment is obviously an internet tradition that is not going to disappear anytime soon. Those who can’t find any lighthearted humor in it should skip the first comments in every blog post. Talk about nuffs harshing the cute.

  57. Carolina, there’s nothing wrong with it. Seems Theo just got up on the wrong side of the cat cave today. It’s his personal pet peeve, not the opinion of all.

    Theo, you should apologize for making someone feel bad like that. :-P~~~~

  58. ka9q's wife says:

    still lovin’ the little smile. I made this my desktop picture as i still sick. This is going on three months people.

  59. Has anyone ever shouted “last!”?

    And remember – look at this post and keep this in mind: this ear Bud’s for you.

  60. I think that is my favorite picture EVER. How cute!!

  61. No apologies, MC2. It’s tiresome.

  62. OMG, so many nosicles to beep! So many chubby tummies to snorgle!

  63. Christmas seals!

    Oh Aubrey! These ear Buds are ‘beach’wood aged!

  64. The one @ left foreground is saying: “Now, wemembuh, pweez. Bofe my gwammas want copieth, ok?”, LOL.

  65. *I think*, “The one @ left foreground is saying:” “Hey, I’m Mr. McFarty pants!”

  66. Pyrit, judging by the glazed expression on the dewd in back of him, you could be right…. hee hee

  67. Reminds me of my trip to Galapagos. We were SWARMED by playful baby sea lions.

    My voice raised about 2 octaves as I went into cuteness overload.

    No touchy though.

  68. carolina, MC2 – Maybe Theo needs to “clear the air”, (peeyoo), as the saying goes.

    carolina – you are a sweet, sweet Peep. We miss you. Come on back. Don’t do the “first post” thing again, unless you take a deeeeep breath first! (winky-winky)

    Theo – Theo.

  69. ka9q's wife says:

    i don’t think it’s bad being happy about first post if you have something to say. I mean something like the following is alright.

    “oooo how sweet look at the smile on that one seal and all those cocoa dust noses. I’m melting.
    oh and i got first post”

    I believe Theo objects to the first post that only crows and brags that you happened to be on in time to take the first post and have nothing constructive to say.
    If Carolina had combined her two posts the one about the smiling seals what a betterway to start your day and the first post one, i believe less eyebrows would have been raised.

    ok sorry about the James Michener Novel.

  70. Only James Michener can apologize for James Michener.


    (PS — I kinda love it when I don’t have to repeat myself. No sarcasm. Thanks, KW.)

  71. Theo, Ka9q – At this point, it is more about carolina.

  72. ka9q's wife says:

    when is does it get to be all about moi?
    forgets about stuff and watches mah betta beg for food when i know damn well i fed him an hour ago.

  73. Ka9q – Hee. You remind me of Louise Keeley in Birdcage, “When will somebody love me best?” Hee hee.

  74. Another Angela says:

    Making judgements about who can say what in first posts in order to be accepted by the regulars is way more redonk than any nuffingham post I have seen. The internets are for everyone.

  75. ka9q's wife says:

    still one of my all time faves. That cute friendly preschool playground smile. Makes me grin every time i see it. Oh and dare i say LAST!

    heh until someone else comes to look at this.

  76. ka9q's wife says:

    still one of my all time faves. That cute friendly preschool playground smile. Makes me grin every time i see it. Oh and dare i say LAST!

    heh until someone else comes to look at this.

  77. Another Angela says:


  78. ka9q – What what, I daresay Luv, you may find getting last post trickiah than getting first post. And oh we know how first post puts one quite in the spotlight. It carries sooch a responsibilitay. Quite rightly too. Howevah, methinks with last post, there is rathah little preshah to make a great comment. But do attempt make it a good one. Carry on then. Ta. 😉

  79. Pish-posh, be a dear and do put the word, “to” after, “attempt”, in the last line will you?

  80. I don’t want rain on your parade, but the pup second from bottom right is DEAD.

  81. NOT DOGS !!!!!!!!!!!