Where’s Kitteh?

OMG where is Lily the kitteh? One clue, she is not wearing a white and red striped shirt.


Cheryl J. can barely find her…



  1. i got it! i got it! she is close to the bird!!!

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I think kitteh is after that little birdie. ^_^

  3. I found her! 🙂 It took me a minute, though… o_o

  4. She’s ALMOST the angel at the top of the tree! 🙂

  5. Killer eye beams. I’m surprised that the tree s still intact.

  6. The partridge better watch out!

  7. how did she got there…my trre would of fall off before my kitties got up there…

  8. ok…what is in the green christmas crown in the middle right…that is just weird it looks like eyes of doom!


  10. and i can see lots and lots of couple of eyes staring at us in that tree… they are after us i tell you:)

  11. acelightning says:

    Of course she’s not wearing a red-and-white-striped shirt – she’s wearing brown-and-grey-striped fur!

  12. Awww..more kittehs!
    BTW-fable..I think that’s a wreath..not sure tho 😉

  13. What a clever kitteh, to get up that high without knocking the tree over!

    *happy sigh*

  14. I found her immediately! She’s next to the birdie!

    What an awesome tree ornament!

  15. mouse girl says:

    Oh no! Call the police, there’s a cat stuck in a tree!

  16. I spy a pretty kitty. 🙂

    Kitties make the best Xmas ornaments…

  17. Elizabeth B says:

    And now I finally understand why my friend says that her cats’ favorite part of Xmas is playing in “the jungle.”

  18. Fable wrote: ok…what is in the green christmas crown in the middle right…that is just weird it looks like eyes of doom!

    Fable, I THINK it’s a wreath with a mouse in it. Can’t tell fer sher, though.

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    I had no tree this year. It would be nice if my kittehs just wanted to chill in it, like Lily here. But no, Riley has to EAT the tree. So back in the closet it went. Le Sigh.

    A co-worker says her kit Molly likes to sleep on the top of the tree. I will need to obtain proof of that.

  20. Its a gremlin!

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a purr-ific Christmas decoration!

  22. i seriously laughed out load. my daughter and her husband have a pickle ornament that they hide on the tree and the child that finds it gets the gift. they got a kitten for Christmas, so maybe that will be the new tradition.

  23. Kitteh: “Hey, you forgot my hat! Isn’t this a hat (not cat) eating tree?”

  24. I can imagine the racket as kitteh was climbing up -all the ornaments jingling madly!
    We used to have chocolate foil covered ornaments on our tree. then we got a pup and, not surprisingly, he ate all the dangly ones he could reach. we never saw it coming as he did it after dark….

  25. hrh.squeak says:

    i’m in yr tree
    stalkin yr ornamentz

  26. OHHHHH… I found the cat next to the ‘spoon’ thing, and while I’m reading the comments, I’m just like, “What bird? There’s no bird near the cat, just this spoon and a santa.” Then I realized that the ‘spoon’ IS the bird. Lol…


  27. LOL @ hrh.squeak!

    Ornament cat is watching you……

    Opening presents! Yeah, that’s it.

  28. Is it my imagination, or does that look like a “South Park” Santa next to the kitty’s lurking place?

  29. Her is a very bad little kitteh. I might have to snatch her, even if she is not feeling snatch-able right now…..

  30. How did she get up there!!? Hah, I’d like to see what’s scattered on the floor…!

  31. I was shocked when I saw this, because that is MY Kitty! No, those are not my ornaments or frilly curtains, but the cat looks just the same, and I have the same picture, different tree. How a kitty balances on a wire “branch, I don’t know, but they both did.

  32. OMG best kitteh ever!

  33. Lilly is my kitty and she is an excellent tree climber. That pic is from her first year. She just had her third x-mas and she still climbs the tree,only now she has the company of our 8 month old kitty Jack.

  34. Finally found her! SOOO CUTE

  35. Here is another cat in another Christmas tree.