The Day After

Dewd, it’s the day after Christmas and I am sooooooo bummed it’s over. Look, I know it’s 10:51AM and you made Pop Tarts and coffee, but I am NOT getting out of bed. Yesterday was just too much fun, I ate too much turkey and ham and Ambrosia salad, and wine, and zzzzzzzzzzzz


Hung over from it all, Melody B.?



  1. adorable pooped pooch:)

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    Man, if this is what Christmas does to the little dewd, what will New Year’s be like?!

  3. Sleep tight, little buddy. I’ll join you!

  4. This is very much what I look like today, only exponentially more cute.

    All together now: I ate too moishe/ Too moishe is what I aaaaaaaate…

  5. Yep! Time for the “I ate too moishe” song!

  6. C’mon little guy — there’s Pop Tarts for breakfast! There may even be *chocolate* Pop Tarts — that’s worth getting out of bed for.

  7. I WISH this was me… I’d give anything to be in bed right now with an adorable puppy instead of at work 😦

  8. Amen lil’ dude!
    Move over, we’ll snuggle the day away.

    we can have pop-tarts and coffee in bed so we don’t have to get up!

  9. bunnajenny says:

    I ate too moishe, I ate too moishe, I ate too moi-i-ishe…

    Why don’t Americans understand the need for Boxing Day? There is just no way one (I mean me) should have to be at work today – there’s serious digesting to do!

  10. I believe in addition to singing the “I ate too moishe” song, I will invoke the spooning clause, section 12.28 of the CO constitution. This will require that we all snorgle and cuddle the pooch in its bed.

  11. I know what you feel like, little guy! I am strugglin’ it down here at work, and I totes want to be back home with a mug of tea, some Arrested Development, and my cat, trying not to think about how moishe I aaaaaate!

  12. Awwwwww, look at his eyes!

    I’m bummed too, but its 10 PM and I gotta work all night [sob]

  13. Aww, so cute! I wish I could be home snuggling with that puppy instead of working in the office today!

  14. Man, can I relate! *oog*

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOO, Melody looks how I feel. What is it with this darn work ethic, anyway? We should ALL be home cuddled up!

  16. many hangovers to my name, i feel his/her pain. a little “hair of the dog” does indeed help.

  17. My nose is too pink and my eyes are too red to get up! I’m just not gonna….

  18. This is so me. Not hungover, because I don’t drink, but tired of the holiday rush and fed up with the chaos at the office. I’m just gonna stay in bed, and you can’t make me get up!

  19. Meg, thank you so much for reminding me that I made ambrosia salad last night and then forgot all about it. I’m finally having it now. Yum!

  20. 5 more min-zzzzzzz….