Multi-colored McToes

One pink toe!

THAT is prosh.

It’s just GOT to taste different than the other ones…


Yes. Yes, it appears to be even more delicious.

Mmmmm, delicious paw padsssssss



Krista T., nice work on the close-up, Baby.



  1. looks like a tiny pink jellybean!

  2. awwwww x) that pink toe’s too awesome

  3. So, that last little “finger” is the cat’s… “pinky”? 😛

    First, possibly… Not sure…

  4. mmmm…tasty toe…

  5. Cute…I guess cats really don’t care what color people are, either…

  6. Mmmmmmm….It sure looks delicious. 🙂

    Pretty kitty, can I please have a bite???

  7. NebraskaErin says:

    The pink one is obviously cotton candy flavored, whereas the gray ones are salmon-flavored.

    It’s a well-known fact.

  8. OMG the pinkiness!

    What a cute gray tux kitty.

  9. looks photoshopped to me.

  10. Tosies! Kitteh tosies!

    They must be yummy.

  11. Magic pink bean. If you lick it you’ll see magical rainbows and little gnomes dancing on toadstools.

  12. >>Magic pink bean. If you lick >>it you’ll see magical >>rainbows and little gnomes >>dancing on toadstools.

    No, that’s just the toxoplasmosis kicking in. Delicious, delicious toxoplasmosis.

    Heck, I’d want to nibble on the little pink pawbble myself!

  13. Rudolph the…one-pink-toed kitten!!!!

  14. in the second pic, doesn’t it look like he’s about to blow a kissie?? MCHUA!!!!

  15. Eet’s just beggin’ to be teeckled! ^__^

    Speaking of “Eets”…all game-playing Peeps might be eenterested in downloading THIS Eets:

    He’s absolutely adorabibble, the game design is proshness squared…and the game itself is absolutely ADDICTIVE!! Enjoy!


  16. My Max has one pink pad on each paw! I haven’t found out what flavor(s) they are, though.

  17. Cotton Candy? Bubble Gum? Pink Lemonade?

    I love lil cat toesies!

  18. Its like he’s holding a strawberry jelly bean and eating it =)

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    Adorable. My Yitzy is a tuxie with black & pink toe pads on his fuzzy white legs. I have tasted them but they don’t taste like cotton candy 🙂
    I’m inspired to try to take similar pix of the Yitzy toesies.

  20. Cute little kitty feets, until someone gets snagged by that ultra long claw!! Kitty needs his nails clipped!

  21. What flavor is it?!?!? I can’t stand it!!!!

  22. *sings*

    “One of these toes is not like the other ones…”

  23. it’s a jelly belly bubblegum jelly bean. i w
    vant to pute it on my leeps. yes; i love kitty paws. and it was a bad vampire impression

  24. hahahaha I love everything about this – pictures, commentary, ALL. I love cat feetsies!

  25. catfish_rising says:

    It’s photoshopped (see the colorful ring of fur around it?), and it’s probably kitty litter flavored. Bleh.

    It doesn’t stop it from being cute, though!

  26. I loooooooooooooove it!!! Kitty toesies are my fave!!

  27. that little pink toe is too cute

  28. Perhaps it’s my faith in cute, but I vote no photoshop. The hair would appear to be a different color because the skin on the toe is a different color.

    I want to neeble too!

  29. I vote a hearty NO on photoshopping, too. If you look around the gray paw pads, the fur is a little gray, too. Same effect as the pink one.

    Don’t kill the cuteness for me! (*shakes fist*)

  30. i want whatever camera shes got

  31. is that common on a kitty?

  32. Pink toe! One of my cats has a pink toe too. It’s so cute next to her dark grey toes. I’m not sure how common it is. I’d think it would be more common on torties and calico cats but that’s just because those kitties already have the patches of different color, and it would make sense that if you had one of those patches on the foot, you’d get different color paw pads.

  33. BlurpleBerry says:

    Why isn’t this in the Cuteness Trifecta category? Paw pads are shown, the cat looks helpless, the paw is curled against the mouth, and the paw is dainty.

  34. I have a calico and and tabbico, and my tabbico has exactly one grey toe on a back paw; the rest are pink. The calico’s toes are all pink. So I’m running at a 50% spotted kitteh/weird toe rate over here…

  35. Very common on torties and calicos — HRT has multi-colored toesies.

    And lil’ TuxKit has one BLACK toe amidst his otherwise white and peeeenk paws.

    This kitteh is anerable and it needs kissing and snorgling.

  36. I don’t think its photoshopped.
    My kitten has pink toes and the main pad is black. It’s the best footsie ever

  37. you guys r silly says:

    Here’s MY 2 cents:
    I think these are black & white photos — with color added on the jelly bean toesie only. It’s colorized. (Like a colorized old movie — or an old black & white photo, with color accents added.) (And STILL *keyoot* as all get out!!!)

  38. Its not black and white. You can see the color in the background on the second one, and the inside of the ear is pink. Its just a really cool cat.
    If you look at enough cat feets, you see that their toepads are often different colors.

  39. I’ve had lots of black and white, and grey and white kitties, and they’ve always had some pink, and some black pads.
    This is just what it looks like.

  40. I used to have a blank and white kitty (She’s with Kitty Jesus now) who had pink and black toes that looked like Jellybeans.
    One day I stopped at a candy shop and bought a handfull of licorice and some flavor (watermelon?) that were pink like her tosies and brought them home. BF saw them and said, OMG, what did you do to Pookie (may she rest in peace)?

  41. On the Photoshopped controversy: methinks that the paw photo is photoshopped. The gray pads are too monochromatic, without depth. It’s not that hard to do, really.

    Nevertheless, it is very, very cute, and yummy.

  42. is it really that deep? lol

  43. I have (((3))) kitties… a calico, a tortiseshell and a black and white one (kinda looks like a cow) and ALL THREE of them have multi-colored paw pads. The tortiseshell’s back paw pads are totally pink because her back legs are all white. The same thing happens with horses to a certain degree, but thats a whole ‘nother story.

  44. Those jelly pads look good enough to eat fer sure!

  45. Aww! I wonder what it tastes like?
    My kitten has nine pink toes and one black one!

  46. Even if that is Photoshopped, animals having different coloured toes is pretty common. My dog has a mixture of pink and black/dark grey toes. Her nails are even a mix of black and white.

  47. Um, pink toes (singly and in groups) are common in ____-and-white cats. It would be a waste of time to photoshop one pink toe, since any reasonably sized cuddle of jellicles should have several examples to choose from.

    This fact renders pink toes no less adorable.

    My own Puck, who is a Very Serious and Dignified Cat, has several pink toes on her hind paws. I sometimes call her “Princess Pucky Pinkfeet.” This causes to her to become idignant and shout “Stop trivializing me!” Then she shows me her butt and skulks off.

  48. it’s photoshopped… it’s what I do for a living… when I’m not defending poor animals who may be in harms way on the CO…but regardless

    it’s adorable and gets a big awwwwwwwww

  49. What a pretteh kitteh!

  50. Cute as it may be, the pink toe is Photoshopped. The fur around the pink pad is yellowish while the fur around the black pads is gray.

    Still an awesome pic!

  51. Valeria- My cat’s paw pads are pink and the fur around them does indeed look yellow-ish. Differently-colored paw paws would result in differently-colored fur around the edges of said paw pads.

  52. A dear friend of mine used to call kitty toes “kitty candies” when she was a little girl. NOW I get it!

  53. Also, please note that the pink toe is, indeed, the pinky. 🙂

  54. All you disbelievers out there can go suck kitty’s pink toe pad. Haven’t you ever seen a shaved cat? Like after a wee surgery? They have different coloured skin under that different coloured fur. This is NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! Where’s Teho to cast a verdict when you need him???

  55. Dickie Twinkles says:

    I LOVE IT!

    My cavalier pup is the opposite…he has all pink toes but one black one on each front paw <3

    Paw pads are the cutest thing, ever!

  56. It’s obvious. The pink one tastes like cream and raspberries. The dark ones taste like chocolate truffles. Mystery solved.

  57. This cat looks like my Brego, multi-colored toepads and all.

    Though perhaps not as fat.

  58. Awww, just like my gray-and-white tux boy Rocket (when he holds still enough to get a look at the paw pads, that is)!

  59. I want to know what camera was used. Great photo!!!!

  60. Gonna chomp the pink one!


  61. I’m going home and checking my torties’ paws for multi-colored toesies!

  62. Magic pink bean. If you lick it you’ll see magical rainbows and little gnomes dancing on toadstools.

    Posted by: Redzilla

    Oh, man, can’t wait for the psychadelic experience when I get home to taste tortie toes!


  63. It’s definitely Photoshopped. The pink toe is surrounded by a feathered vignette and the rest of the photo is greyscale. Note the yellowish fur around the pink toe gradually fades into pure white fur. It is a cute photo, but the wool has been pulled over our eyes!

  64. Another Longtime Photoshop User says:

    It’s photoshopped. That’s not to say the pink toe ISN’T pink, while the others are gray — I’m sure they are, as it’s not so unusual for paw pads to be different colors even on the same pad. However, the picture was very clearly grayscaled, with the exception of the area around the pink toe pad.

  65. You guys! Why in the world do you think it’s shopped? My kitty has feets just like this only in reverse. One big black pad, with pink toesies, and on another foot all pink with one black toesie. Just tried to get a pic but he’s too busy right now. So I’ll take a couple and post a link in a while. Stay tuned!

  66. Oh, please. It is NOT Photoshopped. Anyone who actually knows how to use photoshop would have corrected the color around the pad if they really wanted to fool people. This just looks like a regular ol’ cat’s paw. All you idiots who pretend you know Photoshop, just knock it off.

  67. Notice the grey pads have wrinkles and the pink one is smooth?

    Not saying it’s ‘shopped or anything, but it’s darn cute.

    Also, could be that the color of the fur around the pink jelly bean is different because the color of the bean itself is different. This is a phenomenon I have seen before in animal fur.

    What a controversy! I’ll have to check out the distinguishing marks on my torties’ pads.

    Yeah, they’re gonna love that.


  68. Hee! My mom’s kitten has toes like this! When she first got her kittens, her neighbour came over to see them. The neighbour said that when she was growing up on a farm in Japan, her grandfather would always look for cats that had different coloured toes, as they would be “good mousers”. Obviously this kittie is an awesome mouser!

  69. little gator says:

    speaking of skin color vs hair color:

    I used to have a brindle-striped dog named Brindle.(yeah, boring, she came with the name)

    When she was shaved for an IV one time I learned she had striped skin and the skin stripes matched the fur stripes.

  70. I didn’t read the title, and for a split second I was like, What sort of creature IS THAT?! Then I realized it was a paw, purrrfect in its proshness. 🙂

  71. My guess is that kitteh sucks and chews on the pad and that’s why it’s pink and shiny. Maybe it’s itchy or something.

  72. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    Oh this is just to much… A cat with a pinkie!

  73. So have any of you bothered to zoom in on the “photoshopped” picture?

    The pink tootsie has wrinkles in it too. It’s just that white wrinkles on a bright pink tootsie are much less noticeable than a white wrinkle on a grey tootsie.

    If this is photoshopped, I need the person who did it’s contact information. I wouldn’t even want to think about the amount of work that had to go into it to make it look that real on the close up. (But having a camera that good would have helped a ton)

  74. And so the controversy over the Photoshopped vs. Authentic Pink Jelly Bean Kitty Toe rages on!


  75. Well, for what it’s worth, I *do* know my Photoshop (it’s my living) and I’d vote for it having been grayscaled out except for the pink toe. Besides, I’ve never actually seen a toe that grey on a grey cat–the ones I’ve seen were a lovely dark red; the color would have *some* warmth to it. Anyhoo.

    My cat Brit (a tuxedo cat) had four white feet, and every toe was pink except for a single black one on her left back foot. No idea why. Actually I think Mewton has one that is half pink and half black, split right in half!

  76. I guess I’m not seeing what everyone else is seeing. People are seeing a fake gray in the toes. My kitten’s toes are that exact color. I will, however, admit that she’s a black cat. Perhaps that lends to that color of pads.

    They are seeing a foot that is grayscaled. But I see that the toe next to the pink toe has some pink on the bottom. Perhaps they forgot to grayscale the entire toe?

  77. Looks good enough to eat…. *drools*…

    That’s so cute!

  78. Dickie Twinkles says:

    As adorable as this is…it is definately shopped :/
    I’ve done this kind thing myself, before, and it’s very easy.

    Open pic in PS…creature new layer with same pic…turn the new layer black and white…eraser a patch of the new layer you want to retain the colour…voila!

  79. It’s spelled “definitely” and it means without doubt. Let me provide a little:

    Just because a photo COULD be easy to edit (and aren’t they all?) does not mean it WAS. Multicolored pawpads are common; there’s no reason to invent one.

    So OK, people. If it’s so easy, PROVE it. I am throwing down the gauntlet, for all the self-proclaimed “Photoshop experts” here. Take this post’s first photo and CONVINCINGLY change some pawpad colors. Then share your result in a comment here, with a photo link (like to a Flikr page, or use, your Vox blog, or some other hosting). And you MUST do a better job than I have! Got it?

    My attempt is here, using 2 different techniques:

  80. One more note, this time for Thalia: Our foster momcat Maya (no kittens yet!) has plain-grey pads. Now, they’re not as smooth and delicate as the ones above, since she’d been “living rough” for a while before getting lucky & arriving at the shelter, and then the Catcave.

    I suppose “getting lucky” could mean a couple of things here.

  81. I suppose “getting lucky” could mean a couple of things here.

    Posted by: Theo | Dec 29, 2006 at 07:41 AM

    it could theo, but you stated “no kittens”

  82. My Kitty has also ONE pinky cushion!!

    Really it happens, no photoshop needed! 🙂

  83. Janick- and half a gray nose!

    Such a cute little guy you have- love the mascara! 🙂

  84. Roberta — there was an important “yet” attached to that sentence. 3-4 more weeks.

  85. NotGonnaSay says:

    bwaahaa Theo’s attempt to photoshop made me LOL. Blue and green toes? Really, now! Even I won’t believe that and I know nothing about photoshopping.

    As for the pink toes, my cat has a few (haven’t counted lately) and one of her nicknames has always been “Miss Pink” as a result.. because of her pink toes.. and she is 16 yrs. so her nickname predates this photo and probably photoshopping and maybe even the internet (?) so don’t claim she’s photoshopped.

  86. I think it should be obvious to everyone that Theo has the actual picture. Those very natural shades of green and blue were photoshopped out of the original post to make the pink seem more unnaturally cute. >.<

  87. Aw crap. Busted.

  88. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Theo, anyone familiar with photoshop knows it’s far easier to shop a colour photo than a black and white one.
    If I had the original colour photo I could make make the paw pads any colours you like.
    Colourizing B&W photos is much harder.

  89. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Oh, and I’m dyslexic, so pointing out a spelling error wont make me feel less intelligent.

    Not picking a fight or anything…just saying.

  90. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Oh, and another reason why it’s probably fake is because all animals I’ve seen with different coloured paw pads are that way because there are splotches of that colour on the fur of the top of their paws.
    This kitty has pure white paws so it’s very unlikely it’d had grey pads, and if it did…they’d be far paler!

    I know maltese terries have black pads and white fur but they’re not parti-coloured like this cat.

  91. Dickie — you’re copping out. The original may not be available, but the 800×600 blowup is, which is what I used anyway. Click that photo and work your mojo. I DARE ya. (No triple dog dares, though, as this is a cat’s paw.)

  92. Theo…..i got you on that yet; and can’t wait to see her babies.
    Sooooo, i decided in light of all this controversy to check Zarafina’s paw pads, (a difficult task with one arm not working and painfull) but both of her back paws are pink with grey spots.

  93. The pink jellybean-toe is too cute. Its hard to resist the urge to send these photos to everyone in the office.

  94. people if you post faked images at least own up to it. I am a photo retoucher and this is obviously (badly) retouched. the kitteh is cute enough without faking it.

  95. OK I accept your challenge. Here it is, took me 5 minutes.

  96. Well, Theo, I made this one under 5 minutes:

    That’s blueberry pawed for you.

  97. That kitty is IDENTICAL to my Bungle! Adorable!

  98. (hmm, semi-surprised anyone’s still looking at this)

    HappyOyster — link not working

    NY Cat — kinda blurry around the edges, there. Pretty clear aura/halo effect. Not easy masking those individual paw-hairs, especially the translucent ones, eh? Also, the pawpad is still as dark as it was to start with, only purplish.

  99. Another set of multi-hued (non-photo-retouched) pawpads…

  100. I didn’t know there could be comments! This is my photo, taken with a Canon (I forget which model). No photoshop 🙂 This is Smokey as natural as he comes!