I found this in my stocking

How they got a mini hat to sit on his little ham-head, I do not know…So tell us, now that the day is almost done, was Santa good to you this year?


No coal for Grace H. 😉



  1. That’s super cute! (First?)

  2. well if you keep skeeshing it…it might…

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwww… cute. ^_^

  4. Hammy:”Your squiiiiishing me!”

  5. I think the hand holding the wee hammy is also holding a popsicle stick (or similar) with the hat affixed. I could be wrong.

  6. Maybe the hat has a teeny-weeny chin strap?

  7. too cute for words….

  8. It’s a little known fact that Santa’s elves are actually hamsters in little pointy hats.

  9. When you’ve got Cute Overload, who needs Santa?

  10. that is the cutest friggin’ thing I have eveh seen in mah life!

  11. Eeee! *’splode!*

  12. that, my friends, might be the most squissshly adorable thing i have ever seen. 😀

  13. Eeeeeek! She/He is so adorable! I so wish it had been my stocking…

    I just beep the little pink nose and give a small gentle kiss. Have a good life, little hammie!

  14. NebraskaErin says:

    Ruby would NEVER tolerate that. She’d be all “Dude, WTF?!”

    She obviously does not have as much Christmas spirit as little Santa McHammersons here.

  15. I wish Santa had brought me a cute little hamster for Christmas!

  16. @_@ Cuuute! It makes me wonder if I could possibly have ever gotten one of MY hamsters to wear a hat!

  17. It’ not a hammy, it’s a mouse. You know, the one that wasn’t even stirring the night before Christmas :o). He’s very cute.

  18. too cute

  19. The Guy Over There says:

    I think hammy’s hiding something in that cap. How else can you explain it wearing a cap that could fit Marge Simpson’s hair?

  20. Hamster Claus.

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    Santa wasn’t very good to me this year…He DIDN’T bring me one of these!!! 😦

  22. It’s actually a gerbil.

    Calling a ham a gerbil is like calling an apple an orange…

  23. He is soooo beautiful!!!!
    Merry christmas fo you!!

  24. Meg, there was almost an identical photo on CO of a . . . er, tiny rodent (since it may be a ham, or gerb, or mousie) in a birthday cap some while ago. Methinks ’tis the same creature, clearly trained in the art of wearing hats and posing for pics designed to make the heads of CO denizens ‘SPLODE!

  25. I thought it was a gerbil, too.

  26. http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/6367334
    Yes Sosostris and submitted by same person so same Hammie

  27. PhotoShop darling. It’s called PhotoShop. The end of the civilisation as we know it.

  28. That is really cute! It is soooo sweet!

  29. Uhhh, not very cute. I thought it was not a mouse(I think it is) when I first saw it. I thought was a gerbil or something!

  30. Kai — it looks like a gerbil to me, anyway.

  31. Sheesh. it’s not photoshop. The hat is on the thumb held up behind the lil guy.

  32. Oh, GOD, NO!!! You salmonella-ridden monster!! HISSSS!!

  33. sure is cute though 🙂

  34. I thought it was with pet reptiles that you had to watch out for salmonella. Turtles, specifically. Just wash your hands after handling.

  35. koko – I read that same web article too, a long time ago. I mentioned it in a comment here at CO some months back when there was a, I think, rattie pic but the pet rat owners who responded had not heard of it and I couldn’t find the article again. Thanks!

    Regarding washing hands. Some salmonella illness cases were little children.

  36. Bailey Beck says:

    this hamster is so cute it looks like one of my closest frends