Patience in the form of soft ear flops and tiny lower chompers

BAROOO!?? [Opportunity!?]


Baroooo. [Must wait for next opportunity]


Sarah G.—your pup should be outlawed, he’s so prosh.



  1. Ooh I just want to comb his fur! Especially the fluffed out muzzlepuff!

  2. The questions just beaming from those EYES… I hadn’t realized that the whole Internet thing was just a clever plot by dogs to help them communicate with humans. They demonstrate with poses like this, we post the pictures, we fill in the words. Mission accomplished.

  3. Sarah G., if I ever find out where you live, I am soooo dognapping him. Seriously, he is the cutest dog EVER.

  4. My, what big brown eyes you have!

    Too cute by far…

  5. Squeee! What a cutie-cute little McFluffy pupper-son.

  6. Must snorgle fluffy McPupperson!!!

  7. Prettiest fluffy thing EVAR:)

  8. That is cuteness so powerful, it should be a controlled substance!


  9. Oh my, that IS prosh! The pup is such a lively bundle of fluff! I so want to cuddle now!

    Who could look into those eyes and disappoint her/him?

  10. geez… my my my

    She is cyyyyooooooot

  11. if you move your legs i am pouncing on you like a fox on a hen

  12. oh, so shiny, so silky…i just wanna comb puppy’s coat and clip it full of teeny little rhinestone barrettes!

  13. Awww, what a little puffy ball of bally puffiness.

  14. OH SO CUTE!!!! What breed is he/she?

  15. Probably easier to answer what breed isn’t he/she! hee hee

  16. What a beautiful glossy flossy little dog! Wish I could pet him.

  17. Oh my g0d. The facial fluff is just astounding. I see another Rule o’ Cute here: Silky Fluff!

  18. Silky, silky, silky bebe!!

    Meg, the “remember personal info” thing isn’t working. Neither my work computer nor my home laptop will save it. I haven’t changed any settings, so it must be something in the website. Anyone else having problems?
    //end of tj

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    Silky fur!! Silky, silky fur!! And I shall neeble zee earses!!

    jaypo, it’s not saving my info either.

  20. *gives the little doggie a Frito*

  21. Awwww, so silky! And what a lovely colour!

    Jaypo and NebraskaErin – Not working for me either.

  22. Absolutely Adorable!

  23. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Jaypo – I was having the same problem for a few months up until last week when it suddenly started working for me again.

    As for this pup…

    What gorgeous color,
    and so silky, too!
    This pup has nicer hair than *I* do!

  24. What kind of shampoo does that dog use?
    That is THEE most radiant fur I have ever seen!
    Maybe I should using dog shampoo.

  25. Pets are indeed really addorable especially when they are referred to dogs.

  26. Frank!! Unless you’re giving away a Prosh Puppy, please don’t spam us here. See what exposure does? It really isnt appreciated.

  27. CAROL & CQ says:

    HOW CAN U RESIST THAT FACE??? Almost as cute as my Westie named CQ!!! He/she is adorable!

  28. L O L Sweetpea… husband had silver hair, and he brought home a brand new bottle of shampoo for white hair from an apartment he had cleaned out. i had to tell him it was dog shampoo after i noticed he had been useing it. we both had a big laugh over that.

  29. must…soft kronch….ears….

  30. I’m Sarah G, the owner of this dog. Her name is McGregor (yes, it’s a her, even with that name! What can I say? We’re Scottish.)

    In answer to Kacie, she’s a pekingese-poodle-chihuahua mix. (The mom was a peekapoo and the dad was a chihuahua.) She’s going to be 4 years old on May 5th. And her hair is not always that shiny, believe me! Haha, that took lots and lots of combing!

  31. Haha, oh yeah and sorry Sweet Pea, I forgot to answer your question: she uses “Hartz 2 in 1 Rid Flea Dog Shampoo”.

  32. *groggy after christmas feasting*

    AAWWWWWW!!!!! Lap Dog! Weeeeeee!

  33. Tonite I will shop for some Hartz Flea Shampoo for myself.
    I’ve given up on Frizz-Ease. Perhaps dog shampoo will do the trick.
    Plus, I won’t have to worry about critters in my hair when I go hiking!

  34. The first photo embodies exactly the expression I had on my face when I saw her, ‘cept I’m not blessed with the furry ear flops and tiny lower chompers. I even thought “baroo?”

    I got the messy hair thing going, but can’t manage to work it the way this bebeh does. sigh.

  35. There was a guy here in the office this morning with muttonchop whiskers just like this young lady has.

  36. Sara G…. She is the cutest dog ever! I have 2 small dogs…but as cute as they are….I have to admit…she takes First Prize! Hair is absolutely beautiful! So loveable! Dog Napper better get in line…..

  37. I don’t know why, but the first picture reminds me of Britney Spears.

  38. TastesLikeChicken says:

    I’m in love…….need the puppy NOW!!!!!

  39. These pups are the cutest EVER !

  40. You can use dogie soap from for that cute little puppy!