Bah, Humcat

Merrrrrrrrrry Christmas, everyone!

It’s going to be a great day, People! Let’s hope Santa treats you well…




  1. What is with his/her right eye? o_o;

  2. I find him/her almost more frightening than cute! :X

  3. Hahahahaaaa!

    Merry Christmas, Meg & all y’all peeps!

  4. That is NOT a happy kitty. Looks to me like somebody needs a good full-body rubbing and chin skritchies. 🙂

  5. hahaha. Very scary cute!

    ::snorgles grumpkins through a full facemask and heavy leather gloves::

  6. Happy Christamas Meg and everybody
    This cat really hates that hat, and is plotting his her revenge, Owner better give that a treat and cuddle ASAP or else

  7. Totally irrelevant to the post, but …

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, Cute Overload gave to me:

    Twelve fuzzy ducklings,
    eleven pocket hammies,
    ten sleeping hedgehogs,
    nine kissing fishes,
    eight marmie kittens,
    seven baby pandas,
    six evil squirrels,
    five penguin chicks!
    Four cats ‘n racks,
    three prosh pups,
    two muzzlepuffs,
    and a disapproving rabbit under the tree!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  8. Wow, that’s one scary kitteh ;3
    I like him though ^^
    He needs a snuggleglomp and some serious scratching, that’ll make him happy ^-^

  9. It’s GRINCH!

  10. Santa Claws is coming for all you naughty little kids. And this time, it’s purr-sonal…

  11. Loves me some angry-kitteh faces! Totally my new desktop. 🙂 PS LOL Jess e.

  12. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Someone is about to die at the hands of this kitty! Definitely not amused.

  13. Great one, firefinch! This poor cat’s owner is going to get some serious revenge exacted on him/her for that hat.

  14. Kitteh is not cross – he looks like my boy when he is very purring and just gazes at me with true (cupboard) love – I know where I stand!

  15. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    Oh that cat looks pissed to me. Someone is in BIG trouble…. perhaps a wet & slimey furball will be deposited in their bed tonight! 🙂

  16. Puny human shall DIE!

    I’m just here to report that for Xmas Eve dinner, I HAD PUDDIN’S!!!1!

    Yep, pumpkin cranberry bread pudding for dessert. It was not flung, it was eaten.

  17. Give him his kitteh treats and back away slowly.

  18. That’s ‘Meowy’ Christmas, TYVM!

  19. That cat makes the disapproving bunnies look quite appreciative…

  20. I had to do it, my interpretation of this kitteh’s thoughts.

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    Kitty looks VERY PUT OUT!!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to all the Peeps and all the Pets!

  22. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That is fabulous! That cat looks about as merry as I am today after sloshing around in the rain and cold to get to work, and being unable to get breakfast or even a cup of coffee on the way because everything was closed. *grumble*
    Kitteh: *hiss*
    Sheri: *grumble*
    Kitteh: *hiss*
    …ad all-nightum

  23. A second after this photo was taken, the owner had to be rushed to ER for severe cat scratches.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  24. Nice kitty…put down the razor sharp claws… eeeee *runs*

  25. LOL! This is my new Holiday wallpaper!

  26. TM: totally, my first thought was this cat looks like the grinch!

  27. And this is the difference between cats and dogs. Dogs like, or at least tolerate, a crazy Christmas outfit (see dressed up Yorkie in post below). A cat is outraged!

  28. This looks like one pissed kitty. That’s a look that says “Take this hat off, or I’ll rip yer balls off and use your bed as a litterbox!”

  29. Merry Christmas Joyeux Noel and Feliz Navidad to all! My catkids are having a blast box diving and playing hide and go seek under the wrapping paper. I wish you all similar scenes with your pets and kids and family.

  30. “Oh, this picture SO had better not wind up online…”

  31. Xmas kitty looks diabolical.

  32. merry christmas y’all!

    i ate too moishe 😦

  33. P. Erasmus says:

    Assassin Cat wishes you a Feliz Navidad!

  34. Evil-looking cat.

  35. This cat looks just like Brak.

  36. Not cute at all but scary =)

  37. Oh, that it too funny! LOVE THIS CAT.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  38. LOL! Apparently someone’s mighty annoyed at not getting any cookies …

    ‘Tis the day after for me, but Merry Christmas anyway, peeps!

  39. At last– someone who feels about Christmas the way I do! (though I cheered up a lot while watching Philly stomp Dallas– several times I yelled so loud I scared the cats).

    Cute thing at that football game: the mobile camera suspended on wires above the field was wearing a Santa hat.

  40. Meowy Catsmas and Happy Mew Year to all. *gives hugs and catnip*

  41. In the spirit of the holidays, here are the Jingle Cats with their take on White Christmas:

  42. Santa just needs some hot cocoa with a little holiday cheer. And maybe some Prozac.

  43. Hoarseman – ^5!! LMAO!

    Lurker – That puddin’ sounds NUM!! Got the recipe?

    Chris W. – :-O LOL!

    I now back away very slowly from the pissed off kitteh so I don’t get shredded or pissed ON!….*runs away as fast as her gimpy widdo legs will carry her*

  44. “I’m gonna keel you all”


    Happy Holidays, folks.

  45. So here’s the question…what kind of cat is that?

    my boyfriend and I have been discussing it for the last 10 minutes (we’re very boring people). I think it’s a siamese (maybe lilac pointe?) he thinks it isn’t.

    Perhaps the kitty’s owner can settle this before it gets ugly…

  46. Honey pie, don’t worry. Christmas will be over soon. Hope you had a chance to scratch Santa and your peeps for this one.

    Bygones, OK?

    Here, have some nip…

  47. Good morning and Merry Christmas/Happy Kwaanza/Happy Chanukah/Happy Boxing Day to one and all. Here’s my take on the Santa Kitty – not quite as intolerant as the representative above! The other feline members of the household, however, were very dissaproving of the whole exercise.

  48. Adapted song for the photo:

    “you’re a sly one, Kitty Grinch,
    You creep around our heels…
    You’re as Charming as a cactus,
    as cuddly as an eel,
    You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

    You’re a monster,
    Kitty Grinch
    You’re hearts an empty hole,
    your brain is full of spiders
    and you have catnip in your soul
    I wouldn’t touch you with a 39 and a half foot pole! “

  49. Kitty:
    Take. The. Hat. Off. The. Head.

  50. The Guy Over There says:

    Please! Answer me!

    Is this the cat of what will happen or what might happen? I can change, feline, I can change!

  51. Merry Crispmas to all Teh Peeps and Pets! or rather, happy Boxing Day!

    lindr- excellent caption, giggle giggle.
    jess e.- Santa Claws! purrfect.
    firefinch- lovely lyricizing! …and in the spirit of disapproval…

    I humbly offer the following Holiday Pictorial for your enjoyment:

    Ruble vs. The Hat

  52. Is this the same cat that was playing Uno a few months back? He had the same tag (little fish shape; I think his name was Tobey)

  53. Awwwwww!! He/she looks just like my Doo-Doo Face!! SOOOOO cute! ~And a perfect Siamese attitude to go with!!~

  54. Aww puddins is all cranky pants!

  55. I’m not exactly sure this cat is celebrating christmas. Looks more like the Grinch cat to me!
    Grinch-Cat took the Who-pudding! Grinch-Cat! took the roast beast!
    Why, that Grinch-Cat even took their last can of Who-hash!

    … And then he probably left a present in someones shoe!

  56. Killing you with my feline mind…. Gonna pop your head like I’m Michael Ironside.