Palmolive—Softens Ferrets While You Do the Dishes

Madge the Manicurist: "Relax—it’s gentle on ferrets [forcing ferret back into green liquid] He’s already soaking in it!


[After] Honk-shuuuuuuuu


Julie T.? Way to combat "Dishpan" ferret



  1. First.

    Always wanted to do that.


  2. Softens ferrets while you do dishes!

  3. Miss_Thing says:

    Now with Sparkle Action!

    I hope Santa brings me a ferret (and a hamster, and a hedgehog, and a bunny, and a pug…)

  4. Ok, I’m dumb, that’s the title of the post! Stoopid! Stoopid!

    Cute n shiny ferret, though!

  5. I know very little about ferrets (meaning I know nothing at all), so please pardon my ignorance when I ask if it’s common to have to bathe a ferret.

  6. Ferrets are muskilids, and so have the musk glands. Though they can be removed, they can get into things with at least the same proficiency as kittens, and are far more enthusiastic at literally getting into things. I think that about covers it 🙂

  7. OMG! Look at the cute little ferret feet! And the sleepy little ferret eyes. And the pink little ferret nose. And the teeny tiny ferret ear!

  8. Awwwww… he’s so widdle!! He looks VERY displeased about this whole bath situation though. I think I hear him muttering expletives under his breath “&^^% %$##@ #@!!!

  9. When is California going to come get our act together and make ferrets legal to own?!

    I think political action needs to start here at Cute Overload, who’s with me?!

  10. Awwww! I hope the bath didn’t traumatize that poor baby.

    He/She looks so sweet and innocent while asleep. 🙂

  11. “You’re in good hands with Ferret(tm)”

  12. He’s got such a big schnozz!!!

  13. I think the first pic is definitely a disapproving ferret. Maybe we need a new category of “Disapproving Critters”?

  14. Awww…
    So clean.

  15. What a teensy ferreeete wif a big nose!

    Merry Xmas (er whatever) to MEG! for bringing us so much happy every day.

    (and not forgetting Sparky, Chief Sister Officer, Dad&Mom, the Dude, and ROOOOOFIES)

    I’m in ur comments, wishing u well!

  16. Those are one BIG pair of hands!

  17. Chris Johnson says:

    It has to be photoshopped- think about it- this is a picture of a soapy ferret that has NOT wriggled out of those hands in a nanosecond with a ‘squip! noise. 😀

    Cute special effects tho 😉

  18. Woods Walker says:

    California needs to get in touch with reality instead living the make believe of Hollywood. They will get it togeather when those in charge realize that they haven’t got it togeather.-Woods Walker

  19. *is transfixed by little curled-up ferret stubbitude*

  20. SQUEE!
    That is a mighty fine “before and after” line up. Expeshally the shiny soft afterness.

  21. Very subtle product placement. So what’s Palmolive paying you?

  22. Well,before my 2nd ferret passed away of old age about a year ago, we bathed him about 1x a month. He actually loved swimming in the bathtub, didn’t care for the soapiness or after bath grooming… or smelling lemony fresh afterward.

    Even without the musk glands they have a distinctive odor that some describe as “stinky”, overbathing them can make it worse… once a month or so maybe a little more if they do toilet diving, or dig in the potted plants… They make special ferret shampoos too.

    Great lil’ guys, very cute (especially fluffy post bath) and definitely “slippery when wet”.

  23. chet's momma says:

    oh noes! i hate it under the faucet!

  24. How often should one bathe a ferret? Well, it depends on whether or not the ferrets get into messy things (as other commenters have mentioned), whether the ferrets are caged most of the time or allowed to “free roam” a lot, and a person’s tolerance for the ferret’s natural odor.

    It is more important to wash their bedding regularly, and then you won’t have to wash the ferrets as much. I seldom bathe my ferrets, but they don’t have a strong odor at all, because I keep their bedding washed.

    How often do people bathe their cats?

    What a great first picture. I love how the water even looks sudsy! And in the second picture, such a sweet little sleepy ferret!

  25. Positive Jube says:

    Tail stubitude. Loves it.

  26. Aw! What an itty bitty sweet baby ferret 🙂 I just had to cuddle my two when I saw this pic. Ferrets make me melt 🙂

    That being said, I only bathe my ferrets when they get in something smelly or dirty…over bathing makes their skin dry and they smell 10x worse.

  27. violetgreen says:

    …now gives you whiter whites & pinker pinks…sweet post-trauma slumber…

  28. ahhh a baf always makes me tired…..could y’all quit with the typing

  29. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I’ve had my furret for almost three years now and I think he’s had maybe four baths since I’ve had him. He is descented and they clean themselves rather like cats do, plus his cage and bedding get regular and thorough cleaning, so the only time he really needs a bath is if he gets into something.

  30. LOL

    We didn’t use the Palmolive dish soap on our little fert.

    We have special baby soap (which can be seen behind the Brita tap) for them!

    And it’s a SHE, not a he 🙂

    Thanks for all the comments 🙂

  31. *sniff* I miss my little guys so much…I remember fondly trying to bathe all eight of them at once…it was beautiful baby-shampoo-scented chaos, I tell you…


  32. FerretGirl–Is she a dark-eyed-white? Or is she just a very roan silver-mitt?

    Either way, she reminds me so much of my little Pele.


  33. I totally agree that the California legislature needs to get over its pherretphobia. What’s funny is that pet stores still sell ferret supplies, and vets will treat them. In fact, I heard a statistic somewhere that there are more domestic ferrets in CA than any other state.


    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday.

    And I figured I’d do it Kitty Style!!!

    ^Kitties sing O Come All ye Faithful

    ^Kitties sing White Christmas!

  35. I had no idea ferrets can’t be owned in Cali. Well you learn something new every day.

    It’s amazing to me how some animals LOVE baths (my Lab would try to jump in the tub with me), and some will kill you for one (like my cat). Cute pic! Especially the sleeping one. ^_^

  36. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Picture one: “Help… me…”
    Picture two: “Ahhh… all better now…” [snore]

  37. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    No, no!
    Picture two: “It’s dangerous to go alone! Here, take this.”

  38. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I’m starting to think perhaps our furrety friends should have their own category here on CO.

    Just today I was playing with The Cheat….turn my attention away for ONE SECOND and he has my slipper in his teeth and is running off giggling his evil cute little ferret giggle.

    I love heem.

  39. How cute and sweet all curled up clean and fresh. She almost glitters she’s so clean.

  40. Soooo little! How adorable!

    I also only bathe my ferrets when they get into something — the girl knocked a glass of milk onto herself one time, she was not too happy about that. The boy tend to get his tummy wiped off with a wet towel after being fed liquid treat because he doesn’t lick it off himself very well.
    We recently washed their bedding after a long time without laundry machines, and it’s amazing how much better the fuzzies smell — Arm and Hammer fresh! Actually, bathing them too much sends their glands into overdrive to keep their skin from drying out and they get smellier. The advice I see is no more than once a month at the absolute most, once every three months being better, and only when they get into things being the best.

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    Villy-the cats singing “Oh Come…” is now my new favorite Christmas song!!!

  42. omg, i want one.

  43. Awwww, what a sweet lil’ ferret!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

  44. arg! lovely little soapy ferret 🙂 made my day!

  45. He looks like Stuart Little!

  46. Merry Christmas!

    (or happy days anyway!)

  47. warrior rabbit says:

    The vet where I take Anna Bunana sees 8-10 ferrets a week…and you can get your ferret newsletters and “legalize ferrets now” literature there, too. “All the fun ones are illegal,” says the vet tech. Of course as a rabbit mom, I disagree…but still. Fireworks and ferrets, illegal in the Golden State.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  48. Lol.. I love how pictures have a thousand words that are diffrent for everyone who sees them. *Looks at what Ferretgirl said*.

  49. I know who he reminds me of! Stuart Little is good, Jon, but what about Jimmy Durante!!! ROTFLMAO!

  50. TwoDragons – Yes she is a silver!!! Soo cute!!

    GreenEyedHawk – Yes… ferrets should have their own category.

  51. Isn’t it time we have a ferret category?

  52. I loved my ferrets but I’ve known way too many irresponsible ferret owners. They are great pets for people who have a lot of time.

    I did find the scent to be a huge problem and I did not bathe mine more than once every two months. I cleaned out their litter boxes twice daily, their cage daily and their bedding 3-4 times a week. Even with all that, they still smelled up the entire house and nothing solved that problem. I fed them Marshall Farms food which was supposed to help with the smell, but did not. Soooo… if you are at all sensitive to smells, you might consider a different pet. (although they are super sweet and cute)

  53. Shelly, I’ve actually heard some bad things about Marshall Farms food, and especially its effect on stinky ferret poop. MF breeds ferrets for labs, and their products are not the highest-quality. We have a ferret from MF and one from a different breeder, and the difference in their size and temperament is way noticeable.

  54. Awww! I have a white ferret with a dipstick tail just like that. And I REALLY wish I had gotten her wet when she was that small. She is now terrified of water cause her first bath came when she was older.

    So tired after a confusing and stressful bath there. So cute!

    And. P.S. If you are having problems with smelly ferrets and don’t want to over bathe them, try Bi-odor (it is a Marshalls brand) additive.

  55. MAN, they are cute when they’re sleeping!

  56. I want to beep his nose with my own, but I ain’t got the “noive”!

  57. That is an amazingly sweet photo (the “after” shot). I have three ferrets, and because we change the bedding and litter regularly, they don’t smell bad (at least to me). Sometimes our oldest has a faint, not unpleasant smell reminiscent of far-off skunk right after he’s been napping. The youngest doesn’t smell at all.

    Oh, and ferret noses are VERY beepable (and honkable) because they extend out past the skull quite a bit. Not that I’d know or anything. No, no noses beeped around our house. *innocent whistle*

  58. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Nope, no nose beeping here either…*looks innocent*

  59. Noelegy – Very very cute. We don’t have a problem with them smelling at all. We bathe them once a month sometimes once ever two months, change their bedding a couple of times a month and did a total clean of the whole cage when they got their baths (or if someone had an accident). None of them really have a scent but you know… when you have a pet people can smell it anyways.

  60. What a cute picture. I have four fuzzbutts.
    I’ve only given them one bath in six months other than that they stay clean and the only reason they got that one is because they got very nuddy digging outdoors. In the summer months I put them in a playpen. They love it!

  61. I agree with Allison….. when do we get a ferret catagory!!!! Ferrets are the third most popular pet in the U.S.

  62. We take ours outside fairly often, so they need baths more I guess. I should submit the snow day pictures we took of them… hmmm…..

  63. We take ours outside fairly often, so they need baths more I guess. I should submit the snow day pictures we
    took of them… hmmm…..

    Posted by: FerretGirl

    You most certainly must! We await ferreets romping in snow photos anxiously!


  64. When I got home last night, my husband was fixing dinner and the ferrets were running around. The two younger ones were in the kitchen, so I sat down and started spinning them on the linoleum (put them on their sides, spin them around index finger). Koda tweaked out and ran behind the fridge, but Crash (my stunt ferret) LOVED it and after running off in a wonky, wobbly direction (dizzy), he’d come bouncing back for more.

    Nothing to do with the picture, really, just a ferret anecdote to share. 🙂 All three of them were in the same hammock this morning before I left for work, so I gently beeped each nose.

  65. And oh yes: we DO need a ferret category. Pleeeeease?

  66. Everytime Meg posts ferret pics, I horribly miss our old roommate’s two ferrets. 😦 She even had a little lead and leash for them and we’d take them for walkies down by the lake at Sunnyside Beach.

    I don’t remember them smelling overly much (unless I buried my face in their side), but their momma is an excellent pet owner and kept them and their stuff nice and clean.

    They get along great with cats btw. We had a lilac point Siamese as well at the time, who was just a kitten, the ferrets would chase him through the house, then a 180 and he was chasing them. Then they’d do the Happy Ferret Dance ™ and inveritably nip my ankle in their excitement.

    Gosh I miss them!

  67. queenbarwench says:

    awwww! Poor thing!

    Why don’t you have a “Ferrets” category yet? I’m sure you have enought ferret pics by now.

  68. OMG!!! This is so cute! I loooove how he’s curled up in the hand! Kawaii!! ^^