You get the ‘Speechless’ award

This squirrel is so soft and so perf. It’s kinda like when I saw this Pomeranian pup and couldn’t speak for three hours. That’s how cute this squirrel is. That good.


Abigale F.—you know it’s good when we’re speechless. We should start a "Speechless" award.



  1. OMG. SO soft. Must pet.
    *grabby hands

  2. Sweet chocolate Moses, will none of you ever learn? Even the “cutest” of squirrels are evil… EVIL, I TELL YOU!


  4. Yay for more squirrley pics – i wuv them!! And we dont have red ones here so this guy is doubly cute!

  5. What a fuzzy whuzzy itty bitty thing! This little guy is absolutely adorable! The toes! The ears! The whiskers! An incredible shot indeed! Huzzah to the photographer!

  6. ……………… how am I supposed to work when I’m dead from cuteness????

  7. eee i love his perfectly curved tail! ^__^ the whole picture is so soft and calming!

  8. NebraskaErin says:

    *furtively sneaks bebeh squirreliciousness into pocket*


  9. I love downy baby fur.

  10. A tiny soft puff of cute luv!

  11. Emily Anonymous says:

    It’s like his tail is asking the question “Do you think I’m cute?”…Yes, Yes I do you orangutan squirrel.

  12. If this is evil, J.Bo, I don’t want to be good.
    Oh, wait, I never was, so it’s not really an issue. Now, pardon me while I snorgle my Dark Master, Bebeh Skwerl.

  13. squiggle

    is all i’m sayin’

  14. J. Bo…..while i agree with you on the evil part; it is still a beautiful specimen of cuteness. all creatures have a place in our circle of life.

  15. ” .”

  16. ShelleyTambo says:

    I love it when the bebehs heads and feets are way out of proportion with their bodies—and then the bodies start to grow and the heads and feets stay about the same size. ‘Twas the same with my gerbie bebehs.

  17. put en mouf

  18. *twing!*

    skwerrull?! red skwer . . .


    **fractures skull on keyboard**

  19. Squeeeee!

  20. Meg, first this pic and then you had to go and put in the link to the pom?

    Have you no mercy, no mercy at all??

    I’m down for the count, peeps. Wake me up when it’s 5:30.

  21. TCFW!

  22. J. Bo – Love the “Sweet chocolate Moses” comment! My co-workers and I use a similar expression: “Sweet fancy Moses.” Either one is great. And so is Mr. McSquirrelysons, IMO.

  23. TCFW!

  24. There is no way, that can’t be real, a squirrel that is actually cute, no way jose, has to be fake!

  25. Yup, that’s a heckava cute squirrel! It needs to come with a cute warning label…someone could get hurt!

  26. You know.. jest when me thinks I’ve seen all the cute I can possibly see. Just when me thinks it can’t POSSIBLY EVAR get ANY cuter.. this happens..

    Sweet Chocolate Moses, indeed. In fact, I dub thee squirrel ‘Sweet Chocolate Moses’ Dat’s his name now, don’t wear it out.

  27. ¡Ay! I am slain! Thank goodness he doesn’t have full ear tufts yet or I’d be keeled entirely.

    Anyone for a skwerl swap? I’d gladly box and ship a baker’s dozen of the tubby urban grey ones for ONE of these cute lil’ redheads.

    (kidding ’nuffs, just skwerling around)

  28. . . .

    *is speechless*

    There are literally no words to describe the impossible levels of cuteness that squirrel achieves.

  29. This is one of those OMG-moments.

  30. O M G, that is just so adorable!

  31. orangutan squirrel!!!

  32. You have GOT to be kidding me. That’s a real squirrel? That’s the most redonk thing Ive ever seen. The cute level is off the charts.

    That’s a wonderful thing to see right before I leave for Christmas vacation 🙂

    By the way, have a great holiday, everyone!

  33. *red alert*

    *red alert*

    *the BEF is WAY off the charts here people!*

    *This is NOT a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill!*

  34. AWWWWW – what lovely orange fur!!! And the BEF!!!! Eeeeeee!!!


  35. Karen in Toronto says:

    I just, um, I just, uh, um, I just…

    (Blink, blink.)


  36. *Zelda does her First Post dance, dressed as Carmen Mirand.

    Zpie got the first POST!
    Zpie got the first POST!

    A skwerl conga line forms.

  37. (make that Miranda!)


  39. Is it just me or does that squirrel look like it’s actually trying its best to be cute! And succeeding of course =]

  40. How sweet! 🙂

  41. This level of REDONK CUTENESS should come with a warning! Now how will I get ANY work done today?!?

    I also don’t think I’m the only one trying to restrain my jaw from munching the computer monitor – this little guy is so cute he begs to be snorgled!!!

  42. Thank ewe thank ewe thank ewe. I was without power for almost six days when Winter Blast 2006(tm) rolled through the Pacific Northwest and my US RDA of Cute was not able to be met. I almost starved to death of Cute Deficiency but this one little skwirl made up for the whole thing.

  43. *jaw slack with wonder*

    I…have achieved…Cuteness Nirvana…


  44. I…um…I…

    *looks at bebeh again*

    yeah. I got nuthin’.

    *goes back to staring at the bebeh*

  45. I love these little guys. They (the little white bellied red dudes) moved in to my county a few years ago and are better than TV for watching and laughing. Destructive and aggressive too, but hilarious when they are not chewing their way into your roof. They can peel blueberries!!

  46. And doncha luv that little back foot? It looks like he needs little open-toed slippers, especially if they’re fuzzy.
    Imagine– a squirrel with mules!

  47. So cute and so small. I wish he was mine. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE

  48. sweet chocolate moses? Can we add candy names to all the exclamatory swear/near-swear phrases?

    Sweet *Gingerbread* Jesus!
    Hot *Buttered Rum* Damn!
    Dear *Lollypop* Lord!

    This could be fun.


  50. It’s hard enough trying to work on the Friday before Christmas weekend.. and then I see this.. and I can’t do anything else. I’m done for. I just sit here and stare at the most adorable little guy ever.

  51. Holy “Marshmallow” Ghost
    Blessed “Peanut Brittle” Virgin

    No, mleiv, that would just be ridiculous. Aherm.

  52. True story: Many years ago, when Mr. MamaDawn was a young adult, he was head usher for our church, and had to stand outside. His dad was trying to grow pecan trees, and had just started having success. Mr. MD’s mother, a sweet kindergarten teacher, bounces up to him in the lobby at church and tells him “Your father is just beside himself…the squirrels got his nuts again!”
    Needless to say, hilarity ensued, and she never understood why.

  53. Ahhhhhh the cuteness! Sqwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    *pop* Keels over dead. An “acute” rupture of the cute detection vessel in my brain.

  54. Best. CO. EV0R.

  55. Speechless Award nominee: Snowdrop the otter sucking the bottle of milk, and looking at the camera all coy-like. Go ahead, look it up. Makes me feel like I got punched in the chest with a mighty fist of cuteness.

  56. AliceTanzer says:

    I like how he’s all crouched down, like “You can’t see me! You can’t see me!”

  57. NebraskaErin says:

    I would be twittering with glee if this little dewd ran up my pant leg!

  58. Holy Prophets of the Snickerdoodles!

    Sorry, that’s the best I could come up with. Still stunned by teh cute.

  59. “This is Agent Orange Squirrelie…do you read me?”

    “This is Home Base, A.O.S. – proceed with your report.”

    “It has been confirmed that J.Bo is present in current comment thread. Please proceed with deployment of Squirrelie Army…in major cute attack mode – repeat: major cute attack mode.”

    “Report received. Thank you A.O.S. – looking good out there.”

  60. BEF X CPF X FTF = SLF X 1 Billion = ACO/OACL

    Beady Eye Factor times Curled Paw Factor times Fluffy Tail Factor = Speech Less Factor times one billion = Absolute Cute Overload Of A Critical Level.

  61. Congratulations, Lady Meg. This made me actually start giggling out loud. My mom had to come in to see what the heck I was giggling about.

  62. Beauregard says:

    It’s true, this little dude is ridiculous on many levels, but what I can’t believe is what a beautiful color his fur is. Here in FLA, all we have is dingy brown squirrels.

  63. Wow. I wish I was back in Europe already!

    Must… Have… Ear tufts…

  64. Is this Secret Squirrel w/o his trench coat and masked fedora? Where’s Moracco Mole?

  65. NebraskaErin, I know someone (a former next-door neighbor) who DID have a red squirrel run up her leg. It was lurking in her house, storing nuts in her boots, and one day the squirrel made its appearance while my neighbor was talking on the phone. I do not think she experienced glee.

  66. FF, I believe that people who have trouble experiencing that particular emotion enroll in a glee club.

  67. Eye capsules!!!!

  68. “The day the sqwerl went berserk…”

  69. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I bet his fur tickles when you pass your nose over it.

    Not that I’d know from personal experience.

  70. WickedWendy says:

    So tiny and prosh!!! I love it!

  71. Ohhh noooes! Too cute!

    I want to nibble on eet!

  72. *gaaaaallghhhh*

    (I want one.)

  73. I’ve never seen a widdo redheaded skwirrel such as we behold here today. Perhaps it’s ’cause I’ve lived almost all my life on the West Coast? Are these little guys New Yoikeh’s oh what?

    carolina – “Holy Prophets of the Snickerdoodles!” ROTFLMAO!

    Aubrey – “glee club” – SNORT! Hahahahahaha!

    thehawke – you near Seattle? I live downtown, very close to Virginia Mason. Didn’t lose power here tho.

  74. *gasp*

    …can’t… breathe… need… AIR…

    *falls over*

  75. ka9q's wife says:

    here in Calif we only have ground squirrels while they are indeed kind of cute they also carry bubonic plague. So no snorgling the squirrels

  76. jesse garcia says:


  77. We must clone this squirrel and deploy a legion of cute in the Middle East. Muzzlepuff strategery of the highest order. World peace by next weekend or I owe you a Coke!

  78. Isn’t amazing how grown adults are suddenly lowered to mumbling, drooling, mindopods (I just made that up) when encountering a picture that excudes cuteness? I mean, come on! What you peeps talking bout? Just cause this widdle skwirl is the most softest, most fuzzy wuzzy… must tuch… must snorgle… awwwwwww… so cuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeee… I wuvvvvvvvvvvv. Squeeeee! *gaaaaallghhhh*

    I don’t know what you mean.


  79. What a cute little sweetie… Can you imagine it will grow into a demonic squirrel?

  80. I’m telling you, under the cute, they’re ALL demonic squirrels, chawal (as that story so eloquently illustrates)!

  81. juggle geese says:

    To all americans and canadians. This is a european red squirrel. But those squirrels are very shy and very sadly on the brink of extinction because the grey ones are more aggressive and spreading. Grey squirrels probably can’t stand that red ones are a lot cuter.

  82. A super cute baby squirrel. Who could possibly call this evil???

  83. TreeDwellinGnome says:

    I think this little guy is half European red squirrel and half grey squirrel. He’s like multicolor or something. Did anyone else notice that?

  84. I think this one just invented the question mark. (just look at the tail!)

    A special factor in the cuteness: The head is half as big as the rest of the body – no wonder I have been fond of squirrels since I was a little child (all of my animal books, and those of my parents, automatically open on the page about squirrels!)

  85. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    g a r g y b a r g y…
    i die!……..that is DEFINITELY one of THE cutest animals i have evar seen in my ENTIRE life (although i’m not that old)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    s a v e m e ! ! ! ! !
    some people said they can’t speak but i can’t BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! wewt!

  86. Saint Stryfe says:

    Anyone here read “Redwall” to your kids? Here is Silent Sam. 🙂

  87. aww, she’s trying to figure out how to eat something all by herself…

  88. …please don’t hate me, I’m not dissing on the cute (ESPECIALLY not on the cute of a squee such as this.). Squirrels are, afterall my favorite!

    But when I first saw this picture on the “squirrel lover’s livejournal” … it nearly immediately crossed my mind that he looks…uh…stuffed and moutned.

    Someone please, tell me that’s not true

  89. *Dies from overload of cuteness!*

    The site has lived up to its name! =-P

  90. Argghhhh!


  91. Am I the only one who finds this fucker mangy?

  92. Oh my goodness. Squirrels… <3 BABY squirrels <3333333333

  93. chelonianmobile says:

    Reese? Hate to start arguments, but; Yes. Yes you are. You don’t like it, go look at something else and leave us to enjoy it.

    *goes back to squeeing over ickle fwuffy squidgel*

    Red squirrels are just so precious – in more ways than one, they’re endangered in the British Isles. There’s a few left up in Scotland, and I think there are ongoing attempts to reintroduce them to other areas. Fingers and claws crossed.

    And yes, he SO is Silent Sam. Just need him to look up and start sucking his paw for confirmation.

  94. OMG this is the CUTEST thing I’ve EVER seen SOOO cute!!!!!! unbelievable, I still can’t speak.

  95. OMG this is the CUTEST thing I’ve EVER seen SOOO cute!!!!!! unbelievable, I still can’t speak.

  96. I think that squirrel pup belongs in my shirt pocket.

    Here are a few movies of a baby squirrel that lost its mother and was found lonely, thirsty and hungry.

  97. For all you squirrel lovers, here’s one more. These babies are not very old at all: