It seemed like a good idea at the time

I love how neither cat is looking at the lollipop nor are they looking at each other—they’re like, in auto-lick mode.



Adam E., You’re right—Rule #6 CITY!



  1. One Skunk Todd says:

    Heh, left kitty already has a green tongue. 🙂

  2. All together now!



    and maybe even first??

  3. That’s just too cute. I can’t imagine getting my two close enough to each other to attempt such a picture!

  4. Is that mouse or sparrow flavor? Because I’ve NEVER seen either of those DumDums!

  5. awwww… I love how they’re willing to share.
    Most of mine get along pretty well, but they’re certainly not willing to share food! They each get their own plate!

  6. NebraskaErin says:

    Auto-lick mode is right. Focused on nothing but their own tasty lollipop bliss.

  7. There’s a bigger question at hand here, people.

    And that question is, did the owner of the hand shown here RESUME his lollipop AFTER all this kitten-slarpification?

    The world may never know!

  8. For the love of jauntiness says:

    How fabulous! These cats are all, “Must find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop…Must find out…” My own princess kitteh likes to lick ice cream off of my spoon. I think she might snub her nose at a lolly. She’s a bit finicky that way.

  9. Hehehe… my kitty hates all kinds of people food. I think it would be too cute to get my kitty to pose for a picture like this!

    Good job Adam!

  10. AutoLick mode is something that comes standard in all cats. Its not known how to activate it, but you usually can deactivate it by moving your fingers under a blanket to distract them 🙂

  11. Emily Anonymous says:

    People, people…you have it all wrong. These are actually siamese twin cats joined at the tounge. A rare condition that can only be treated with kryptonite lollipops. Although this is an unfortunate malady it does provide an amazingly cute picture.

  12. Seriously, what flavor is that lollipop? My two cats (when both still alive) certainly shared food but I don’t remember either of them ever being interested in any hard candy flavors.

    I hope the sender-in will let us know what flavor that is!

  13. Cricket flavor. One of my favorites, too.

  14. No No No people! The lollypop is most certainly a catnip flavored one!

  15. The weird thing is that cats are one of the very few mammals who cannot taste “sweet”.

  16. AWWWW!

    Anyone notice the cats look exactly alike except for their colours? Same markings, etc.

    Yin Yang kitties strike again!

  17. I was surprised at this one, most cat’s I’ve seen won’t give anything sugary a second look. It must be one of those mouse-flavor “treated” lollipops 🙂

  18. I thought cats couldn’t taste sugar… Hmmm… maybe they’re just enjoying the tactile sensation or something.

  19. This is TOTALLY REDONK! It just made my morning!

    Well done, Dr. Meg, well done!

  20. ShelleyTambo says:

    Why did I read the caption as “anti-lick mode”? As if a cat could ever be in anti-lick mode.

  21. maybe they can taste sour flavors? it could be green apple candy, or lime?

    tho we did use some sort of citrus essence to scare our kitties off the speakers when i was a kid, so maybe not lime.

  22. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Salmon-Flavored Tootsie-Pop…? The World…May Never Know…


  23. Weird! The only sugar my cats (past & present) have ever touched was/is ice cream. If I didn’t watch him carefully, Ari would drink my iced tea out of my glass UNLESS I put sugar in it. It’s almost like he could smell the sugar!

  24. now i find this article – seems they taste more than we thought!

  25. It’s the gold/silver kitty combo that gets me, especially since I seem to remember quite a few pics on this site with the same color combo. Bet these two are littermates.

    They’ve got almost that same intense look they get when kneading one’s lap…

  26. I’ve heard the “cats don’t taste sugar” before but I swear mine will go maniacal trying to get at last crumbs of powder sugar donut. She loves powdered sugar!!

  27. NebraskaErin says:

    I know they say that cats can’t taste sugar, but my girl cat goes nuts for popsicles and ice cream, and my cat growing up loved red licorice.

  28. Jordin Kare says:

    Cats (all cats, including lions, etc.) definitely do not taste sugar, or any sweet flavor. They have a defect in the genes that code for sweet taste receptors. See

  29. I know clinical evidence shows cats don’t like sweets, but all of mine will kill for the milk from a sugary cereal, but ignore milk in it’s natural state. Bucky will also steal cookies off the counter and devour them on the carpet (crumbs ho).

  30. OH, the Qte!

    I would like to see video of this, too, with audio of the slurpage.

    These kittehs must be littermates. Beautiful cats.

  31. Lady Chroe says:

    My mom’s cat will eat bananas. That’s right, people – BANANAS!

  32. BANANAS!

    B A N A N A S!



  33. oh god. I thought I loved “nahm nahm nahm…” but “lahm lahm lahm” takes the freaking cake.

  34. *swoon*

    beeyootifull shorthair splendiferousness!!


  35. I’m sorry, these two are just GORGEMOUSE!!

    Me want, me want!

  36. Oo, pwetty kittehs for mah birfday! 🙂 🙂

    Hey, dear CO peeps (even the Nuffs ;), here there be my season’s greetings for you all!

  37. Oh, thanx Scofield. Is that your gorgemouse red bebeh? How I envy you.

  38. Aw, I wanna be a pretteh kitteh licking a lollypop with my kitteh friend.

    I wonder if I could freeze cream as lollies for my boys? I might try it.

    I hope everyone wears pretty underwear for the hollerday weekend!

  39. carolina, it indeed is 🙂 Thanks, Sirius really is a heart-melter. Even when it’s nawmnawmnawming my toesies while I’m sleeping. What’s it with kittehs and toes? 😛

  40. Scofield: I luuurves me sum red-striped bebehs. Usta had one meself. Best darn cat evar! You are sooo lucky!

    My kitt-oons pretty much leave the toes be but they make up for it in other ways, like practically standing on my head when it’s time to get up!

    Also have a 16 pounder who flops her potato-sack body on my lap right when it’s time for me to get my next cup of morning coffee.

  41. Did some say BANANAS?


    And there’s my holiday gift for you all. No need to thank me, really, it’s my pleasure to share.

  42. Awwww! I wish my kitties did that!

  43. Cats don’t like sweet? Try telling that to Chuckie who luvs maples syrup and orange jello (not together).

  44. (slaps AmyH with a handful of tinsel)

  45. My cat Kage LOVES sweets. Suckers, Candy Canes, and Apple Cider are his favorites, but I’m sure he’d eat other things if he could get his little paws on them. This is too cute.

  46. AmyH- You’re evil. Truly evil.

    Also, regarding cats on auto-lick:

  47. Great Hamster Escape:

  48. michellemybelle says:

    That s*%t is bananas, as they say.

  49. That hamster escape is v. v. cute, Erasmus.

    Sirius is so adorable when he’s not creating a chaos.

  50. MamaDawn, I love “Bucky” for a cat (my mom’s dog is “Bucky” – he’s a 16 year old golden-lab mix). Are you a “Get Fuzzy” fan??

    So yeah, Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia did a study on cats and their sweet receptors; apparently the gene to sense sweet got turned off somewhere along their evolutionary trajectory (if you believe in that “evolution” stuff…. : ) ).

    This doesn’t prevent my Snack from loving ice cream and sugary cereal milk, as others have mentioned their four-legged friends enjoying. Then again, she also likes olives. Who knows?

    Happy holidays, peeps!

  51. Those are two very beautiful kitties!

  52. My apologies to Jordin Kare above, who mentioned the Monell study already. I failed to notice the comment until I reloaded. That’s what two glasses of prosecco do to me, I suppose…

  53. P. Erasmus: flipping the bed up to use it as a ladder? Priceless!

  54. Kitties aren’t looking at the pop because they can’t! The spot right under their noses is outta sight – read that somewhere. Guess it makes sense…put your finger right under your nose. Whatcha see? 😉

  55. OK, so if they can’t taste the sweetness in things, then why does my Tipper ADORE Nutrigrain raspberry cereal bars, fruit flavored yogurt and/or anything that comes in a little plastic cup (pudding, applesauce, etc). He just loves all things sweet, as well has having some strange obsession with toast. (He only gets very small morsels of these items, fyi)

  56. The hamster Houdini is THE AWESEOME, that’s a 5.14 move over the lip little dewd!

  57. er, the awesome. can’t type.

  58. P. Erasmus – thanks for sharing the master escape hamster. I too was amazed how he tipped his little bed up like that to use as a ladder. And “they” say animals don’t have the ability to reason. Poppycock!!

  59. Awww…lick, lick little kittens!!! Lick lick!!! That’s so cute. They’re just beautiful. Their markings are so similar and the coloring…wow.

  60. JESSE GARCIA says:

    cute real cute sweet dude now i know what to feed my dog’s

  61. haha, your caption made the photo ten times funner.

    and PS: why must the still still be brokened?? WHY?? With it’s wonkyness and scrollbars?? WHHHHY?! Every time i visit this site i list off to the side with the wonkiness and fall of my chair.

  62. i can’t see the escape hammy. Cries.

    Wishes everyone a merry xmas and a hell of a great new year.

  63. Good kitties!!!

    Sharing is caring, right?

  64. Wow, that is one clever hammie there!!!

  65. awwwwwwwww…. It is so sweet atleast someone get some love’n

  66. There are few gifts one can give that last a lifetime, the inspiration you’ve so willingly and unselfishly shared with the world through your art and talent is one. I’ve been a fortunate benefactor, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and the very best of the new year to you and yours.

  67. Just wqant to give a *shout out* to the Megster for her generous and healing gifts of cuteness she has given us through the year. I can’t remember when I first discovered this site. I think it must have have been last May. Anyway, CO has enhanced my well-being in so many ways. Sigh. I’m feeling verclempt now. Please, talk amongst yourselves.

  68. They Really enjoying That! Heh, cute. In a trance or something, focusing on the yummy taste!

    Cute blog you got here btw 🙂


    Anyone notice the cats look exactly alike except for their colours? Same markings, etc.

    Yin Yang kitties strike again!

    ABY REPLIES: That’s beacause they’re Abyssinians. One is a Blue Silver the other a Fawn Silver :o) I loooooove Aby cats!! Those two are just as cute as my Aby girls, who just so happen to love marshmallows!

  70. useta hada kitteh says:

    From back there on Dec 22, Happy Birfday, Scofield!

    And happy evryfingelse evrybuddyelse!

  71. PErasmus, that’s hysterical! I do love his little toes dangling as he decides which way to jump.

    AmyH–damn! I didn’t even have the sound up and already it’s ::badger badger badger::

  72. D'Artagnan says:

    P.Erasmus, You find the best stuff.
    That hamster is reDonk!

    Meg, should hire you as an assistant.

  73. catlover03 says:

    During the holidays when we had lots of extra sugar, we used to have to keep it in a cooler so that my cat Tigger didn’t break the bags open, and I’ve never seen him try to open other bags like that!

  74. oooowhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so cute!

  75. Cat Feral says:

    [quote]Isn’t it funny how animals don’t look each other in the eye, really? Maybe only humans do, maybe only humans really recognize each other. It’s like this photo, where the kittehs are “yaahm”ing away on their lollipop, not looking at each other. Same is happening here—the horse and puppeh are all “snort!” and “ew!!!” respectively, and not looking each other in the eye.
    The thing is, to a lot of species, to look another squarely in the eye is challenge behavior and could easily start a fight.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Cats generally can’t see things right on front of their nose/ mouth which is probably why they aren’t looking at it.