Oh noes!!! Kumanoko!


Dear Kumanoko!
I hear that you are feeling ill! You just gotta pull through, little buddy. You are too gosh-darn cute—these photos of you in your pink and white blankie are the epitome of ‘comfertubuls.’

Hang in there, Kumanoko!

XO, Meg



  1. First? Anyways, I will pray for Kumanoko and his people parents that all will be well with them. Adorable pics too

  2. Boy, there seems to be quite a mess in Baru’s homecage. First Nana goes to Hamster Heaven, and now Kumanoko is ill. Is there something going around?

  3. Oh no! All those poor little hamsters!!!! Hang in there, buddy!!

  4. NOOOOO!!! I’m praying too! No more bad hammie news!!

  5. hi Jackie in Michigan,

    I’d like to clarify: Kumanoko, while a friend of Nana, Luna, Oscar, and other denizens of Baru’s homecage, does not live with Javi.

    Kumanoko lives with his mommy, SeattleRoll, and fellow hams LiLi and BabyGuiness.

    the confusion is understandable since Javi posted about Kumanoko’s illness in Baru’s homecage (linked in Meg’s original post). SeattleRoll’s original announcement of Kumanoko’s illness is in flickr:

    P.S.: MistressMeg, what HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!?? if you had told me a year ago that I would be here knowing about the health issues of a hamster in Seattle and how he relates to a hamster in Japan, I would have laughed in disbelief.

  6. Aww, I love Kumanoko. Seriously one of my favorite Flickr destinations.

    Hopefully the little guy gets better soon. 😦

  7. much love little dood ;_;

  8. Woods Walker says:

    I hope that Kumanoko gets to feel better soon. There is enough heartbreak in the world as it is. May Kumanoko continue to bring some sunlight into our lives.-Woods Walker

  9. Allow me to be the first to note that “Kumanoko” means “bear cub” in Japanese.

    (I once had my own Kumataro, a number of years ago. 😦 )

  10. *sigh* poor lil guy

    Sending love, prayers, and healing thoughts his way.

  11. Silence Dogood says:

    Kumanoko has the sweetest little hamster smile. I hope he gets well soon

  12. Kumanoko – get well soon little one. Myself and my cats (Nike, Spot, Winston and Tiger) will be praying for you. Hugs and kisses to you XOXO.

  13. awww…much love to the lil’ guy!

  14. Get well, little Kumanoko!!

  15. Get well little man. My pooch and I are hoping for your quick recovery from whatever ails you.

  16. Hope you get well soon, lil’ K.

  17. wedschilde says:

    oh dear little kuma! i hope he feels better soon! :::hugs to seattle roll and the whole family::: our best wishes for our dear little friend!

  18. Watching anxiously for news of Kuma… Take care, Baby Bear, and big supportive HUGS to Seattle Roll.

  19. Get well soon, little Kuma!!!


  20. Aww, sweet little Kuma… please get better soon!!! Please?

  21. sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but Kumanoko went to Hamster Heaven on December 30th.

    …and may flights of angels sing you to thy rest.