Bumpère Stickère

Now available!

$3.50 USD + shippin’!

Start the New Year off right with YOUR PAWS UP, PEOPLE! Or, drive your father crazy by sticking it on the back of his new Lexus! It’s a win-win.


All transactions are handled by Café Press. I have ordered and checked the quality muhself, and was impressed with the durable, bleedproof vinyl, generous 10 X 3 size and fadeproofedness. 😉



  1. Awright! Get me onnea those!!!

  2. as they say in the “1000 nights and one night”:

    “we harken and obey”

    as they say in CO:

    “we follow teh Qte(tm)”

  3. when I saw that image I wondered who’s death we were celebrating? maybe that’s just the way my mind works, but “paws up” sounds like “belly up” etc..

  4. Maybe you should pay for some more bandwidth. 😛 Problems yesterday, not the first time…

  5. minnesnowtah says:

    PAWS UP! Aaah-yeah!

    Put yoh paws in the air
    Put yoh paws in the air
    Oh yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh…

    Wave yoh paws in the air
    Wave yoh paws in the air
    That’s right… uh-huh, uh-huh…

  6. Well you can’t beat fadeproofedness.

  7. Emilio –

    Did you leave a tip in the tip jar? Otherwise you probably shouldn’t be asking for Meg to pay for something. Besides the bandwidth thing happens sometimes and is promptly fixed.

  8. I will slap one on my dad’s teeny Mitsubishi truck.

    Wow, after the Lexus, that was really anti-climactic.

  9. What only fan-natics will buy this…I’ll take five

  10. Id love to see other CO merchandise (I don’t really like bumper stickers).Wny hope for pins or T-shirts?
    Might be a decent way to make extra cash. Id definitely buy a couple. 🙂

  11. jenni joon says:

    *Clearly* a must-have for some of my Christmas peeps!! Aight! I love it. Go, Meg, go!! I’m feeling extra “holiday-y” today so best wishes to everyone for a pleasant holiday spent with the people you care most about. 🙂 (Hallmark did NOT pay me, ok?? I’m just a mush-ball by nature!)

  12. Me: I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Meg: Yes, sir.
    Me: Are you listening?
    Meg: Yes, I am.
    Me: Mousepads.

  13. I like the concept. If millions of people would buy these and put them on their cars, people all over the world would start logging onto CO and, hence, world peace would become a reality.

  14. YAY!!! Can’t wait to get one. It’s the ONLY bumper sticker I’d put on my car!

  15. Another Angela says:

    I love it, but I also still love the one someone suggested many moons ago:
    Hong-shu if you Snorgle!

  16. W00T!

  17. Happy Holidays to all my fellow COers! This site just makes my day, thank you Meg!

  18. Hey peeps — bear this in mind: This is an OFFICIAL, Meg-designed piece of Cute Overload merchandise, not “underground” fan stuff. This is the real thing. Go get you some & help spread Teh Qte™! …er, and holiday cheer. That too.

  19. Havn’t got a car, so no bumper :-(. One tiny critisim White kitty not marmy with pink jelly bean paws, or would that be to cute for road safety?

  20. Honest Critique says:

    compared to the actual site, this bumper sticker is rather bland and really isn’t cute. (and yes, i am actually someone who has donated money to CO before). maybe next time there should be a vote on the bumper sticker design, like what you did for the t-shirts! (okay, guys – don’t get all defensive b/c since meg is a graphic designer, then she’s used to critiques – get ahold of yrselves. i happen to be a graphic designer, too, and stuff like this isn’t offensive, okay? i know there are some nutjobs out there who may think otherwise, so i’ve not included my email. lol besides, it’s better to hear both positive AND negative, wouldn’t you agree? that way things will just improve. I think Meg is great and I’m happy that I get to see stuff on CO everday! Thanks Meg!)

  21. Very cute bumpersticker! Too bad I don’t have a bumper, maybe I’ll figure out something else to do with it. (No, I ain’t slappin’ it on the catbox.)

    Now, where the devil are those Yin Yang Kitten t-shirts you promised aeons ago??

  22. Is there a promotion of any kind, say to balance the fact the shipping and handling they charge? I don’t mind the $4.25 it looks like it will cost before you sign in, but after I sign in it changes to $13.50! I love the CO, but cannot afford a bumper sticker like that!

  23. kate – check the shipping option they have selected for you. it’s very possible they automatically selected 2-day shipping. standard shipping is much, much cheaper. especially for just a little bumper sticker. i’m talking, like, $2.