Moist nosicle and tube action

Reggie, the one-year-old Hedge is throwing a super moist nosicle and knowing glance your way. Like most Hedges, he’s hanging out in a tube-shaped item. What is it with Hedges and tubes!? Will some brilliant hedgehog owner please explain? Is it akin to the Cats-in-Boxes phenom!?


Tubular submishe, Julie F.!



  1. minnesnowtah says:


  2. I want one!

  3. awww…. so cute! reminds me of Willow!

    Oh, and to answer the question about tubes – they’re ground dwelling creatures who live in burrows and tubes make awesome dens! 😉

  4. :beep:

  5. minnesnowtah says:

    Oh wow. My first first comment. Woot!

    Ok, my brain’s done screaming “wet nosicle alert! wet nosicle alert!
    eeee-oooo-eeee-oooo” (ambulance siren)

    I had to google to make sure…and oh my, hedge paws really are that tiny!

    Brain starts again, “TINY PAW ALERT! eeee-oooo-eeee-oooo…”

  6. Reggie the moist nosed hedgehog
    Had a very snuffly nose,
    And if you ever saw it,
    You would even say:

    “OMG!!OMG!111PWNIES!!! Look! Come and LOOOK at the NOSE, it’s so CUTE, look, you can almost *hear* the snuffle, socutesocute!”

    All of the other hedgehogs
    Used to say “Hey! That don’t scan!”
    But I just tell those hedgehogs,
    It’s Festive Parody License, man!

  7. “Reggie the Hedgie”…I like!

    This Hedge looks like he could be one of those celebrity poster photos, with the closeup and intense stare.

  8. [shakes tiny hand]
    “So nice to meet you!”

  9. Were I a hog of the hedge, I think tubes would be a most excellent residence. Perhaps their very tube-essence bespeaks the nature — or, um, shape — of a hedge itself.

    “Dude, hedges aren’t plastic.” — Confucius

  10. Loris, that is the funniest impromptu CO song yet. *chuckle*

  11. I must have one. Will it get along with my cat?

  12. Okay, do you SEE those FEETIES???? GOOD GOD!!!! I want to just pinch them between my fingers and thumbs and wiggle them back and forth until I succumb to cuteness-related death.

  13. martha in mobile says:

    Did anyone else have to sing Loris’s song out loud?

  14. Hedgies also love large garden gloves and cool-whip container igloos. They’re a great pocket-pet option if you also own cats since they come complete with an anti-cat exterior.

  15. If it hedgehog Thursday, you simply MUST go over to and look at three baby hedgies in the palm of a hand? Gross or gorgeous – you decide!

  16. Hoggie!! I must beep that little nose!

    Good job on the song, Loris! …very cute.

  17. MamaDawn – most of the cats I’ve been pwned by have been confused by hedgehogs and the unexpectedly prickletude. The current incumbent, Mac, once encountered a hedgie in the garden, and was non-plussed to find that it didn’t run away. He poked it a couple of times with The Paw Of Impending Doom, and gave it a sniff. Hedgie didn’t bat an eyelid, and when he started snuffling in Mac’s direction the cat looked at me as if to say “WTF?” Hedgehogs are now one of the few animals which are allowed to cross the estate unmolested – Mac tries to give the impression that he isn’t interested, but somewhere deep in his tiny fuzzy brain is the thought that there is Something Deeply Wrong with hedgehogs, and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

  18. NebraskaErin says:

    Feetses! Wee dainty feetses on Reggie the Hedgie!

  19. total beady eye factor in effect, too!

  20. yay for cute and prickley

    He kinda looks wise, right? kinda like he knows . . .. things.

  21. marsheeeee says:

    /*Threadjack: Has anybody considered a Cute Overload convention somewhere? So we could meet Meg, Teho, Tony James (if he could make it over), and all the peeps? I don’t know what we’d do, but I’d love to meet everybody, except NO NUFFS. Just a thought…*/

  22. OH MY GOD!! 4 days ago my little hog had BABY HEDGEHOGS!! 5 BABY HEDGEHOGS!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  23. ShelleyTambo says:

    Anyone else having a psychedelic experience with the stripes in his prickly things (spines?)? Like those optical illusions: spinning chevrons.

  24. as a musician, I must say—Loris’s song is FANTASTIC.

    as an old guy, I must ask…what do w00t and 111pwnies mean? I mean really??

    no kidding, I dont know.

  25. “Mac tries to give the impression that he isn’t interested, but somewhere deep in his tiny fuzzy brain is the thought that there is Something Deeply Wrong with hedgehogs”

    Teej, he might just be aware that there’s Something Deeply Edible about hedgehogs but he hasn’t figure it out yet.

  26. /threadjack
    Anyone have trouble recently getting CO to remember their personal info? My computer settings are fine. Curious…
    //end of threadjack

    tomi, w00t is a way of saying

  27. I would like to rub nosies with this lil sweetie.

  28. AuntieMame says:

    jaypo, yes I am. Exploder never does remember my info, but Netscape used to do fine. But now none of them remember. Grr!

    And what is Mr. Hedgie in? Looks like a vitamin bottle. Maybe it’s E for his spines.

  29. To me, he looks disapproving. “Why are you peering into my vitamin bottle/home? I do NOT approve!”

    Or is only bunnies that can be disapproving?

    Whatever.. the tiny feetses are worth it, no mater what kind of look he has on his face.

  30. no “matter”, I meant to say, of course.

  31. Nah, he’s not disapproving, he’s just greeting you at the door for his xmas party. There’s a tree and jello shots back there, just go on in. 🙂

  32. Sniffle. Makes me remember my hedgie, Puck. He HATED my guts. Poor little antisocial bugger – I did the t-shirt trick, cuddle tricks, everything, but it turns out he just wanted girlfriends. And sex. I mean, seriously, how do I end up with the only sexually frustrated hedgehog in the world?? So he got to go back to his breeder and make more little hedgie ones. But I still miss the little bastard!

  33. Okay, I’ve never had a ‘hog, but looking at these pics, I have to ask: Why is it that hedgehogs have the moistest of all nosicles? Why is that?

  34. He can’t help it (the look of disapproval), his fur makes his eyes look stern.
    And a Yuletide shout-out to Minnesnowtah – miss you people but not the weather!!
    Oregon rains but U don’t gotta shovel it.

  35. Are his quills an optical illusion that look like they are pulsing or have I had too much coffee????

  36. marsheeeee says:

    Good grief, Nora. They are pulsing! Whoa…ok, no more coffee for me!

  37. Marshee – I’d be up for it, but the last time we tried to plan one (when Meg came to The Big City for the Webbies), we were dissed by the site admin who wouldn’t tell us where she was staying. I’m just sayin’…

  38. ShelleyTambo says:

    Nora, I agree (few comments above yours)–not exactly like the spinning chevrons, but that was the best I could find in 30 seconds. Silly me couldn’t think of the word “quills,” though.

  39. Dangit! Can’t think of a word that rhymes with “hedgehog.”


  40. Wedged log?

  41. Edge bog?

  42. Said fog?

  43. Sled dog?!

  44. Egg nog?

  45. jaypo—thank you about w00t.

    however, yay is easier to type. and I’m just codger enuf to say dagnabit, what’s with these youngsters? yay was good enuf 4 me…why, in my day….

    anyway, what about pwnies?

  46. Wedge cog?

  47. Meg, she posts
    are you snorgling?
    on the site
    kits are whisk’ring
    A beautiful sight
    we’re happy tonight
    skweeing in a winter wonderland

    Gone away is the eggnog
    here to stay is a hedgehog
    His quills are so prosh
    his nosicles soft
    skweeing in a winter wonderland

    On the website we can see some otters
    and also kittehs puppages and hams
    They’ll say: Can you snorgle?
    we’ll say: Sure man
    and we’ll hold the fluffy bellehs in our hands.

  48. Computer/net slang for “owned” is “pwned” because of how easy it is to mistype. It comes mostly from internet/computer gaming, where people communicate live via chat while playing. That is also where “w00t” came from. It isn’t usually really said, but typed.

    Now that you know what these terms mean, you may promptly forget them. They are contemporary colloquialisms based on internet gaming culture that have become more widespread, but you certainly don’t have to wedge them into your day to day vocabulary. I prefer “old-timey” slang, myself. So, let these young whippersnappers talk their newfangled mumbo-jumbo. We curmudgeons can stick to good old-fashioned English. It’s the bee’s knees, baby.

  49. Quite possibly the cutest “hedge shot” evar 🙂

  50. acelightning says:

    Hey, I just turned 59, and I use “w00t” (although I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to use “pwnd”).


  51. Hedgehog, hedgehog,
    Got into the eggnog,
    Then in he crawled,
    Into his ball,
    And wobbled and rolled,
    Hedge-ums, don’t get cold,
    Have anudder cup o’ nog,
    Cuz you’re the cutest lil hog,
    All quilly,
    And nosicle-ly,
    Pretty silly,
    Itty bitty,
    Awful pretty,

  52. Like Anne said, hedghogs burrow. Thus the tube tendencies.

    And I don’t know if hedgies’ noses are internally moist, but I know that Numo is constantly licking his.

  53. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I would like to (very carefully) beep his nose!

  54. Cathryn Bauer says:

    AIEEEEEE! The dainty PAWS!
    The DAINTY paws!

  55. First pug glogg, now hedgenog. Or is it hognog?

    Either way, I want a large steaming mug of it, immediately. With a moist nosicle on the side.

  56. leeetle feeeeets!!!! 😀 😀

    and yes the spikes are pulsing for me too!

    i like the idea of a cute overload convention. not that i’m much of a ‘regular’ myself, although a friend of mine is (Laurie C). but i would still like to attend if i could!

  57. BEEP on the nosie!

    TJ, Mac sounds mighty cute. Does Heatherington scare him too?

  58. Wedge frog?

    I can’t stop!

  59. *beep!*



  60. sledge frog


  61. That is the most psychedelic animal photo I’ve ever seen. If you stare at the quills they seem to pulsate. Very cool!

  62. Can’t believe I am the first to say this, but would you LOOK at that MUZZLEPUFF?!?!


  63. Victoria: Congrats on your new litter! – you MUST post pics of snarfable hedgie behbehs asap!!

    BTW: HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone & may the world soon be a Peaceable Kingdom…

  64. OMG!PWNIES means more than just being “owned” (or completely overcome by your opponent in gaming). It’s a great reference to an april fool’s day joke where they turned their site pink and had posts titled “Omigawd, Ponies!” (Please read in a 12-year old Valley girl drawl, squealing upward at the end.) instead of the usual tech related content. OMG!PWNIES has become an expression of glee in the face of unbearable cuteness. Like this Hedgehog.

  65. Lenore & Julia—

    1st, thanks Lenore, tho I visited slashdot and made neither head nor tail of it.

    2nd, thanks Julia, and 23 skiddoo to you too.

    I’m so sherr there will be more of this…..

  66. If you stop for a moment and think like a hedgie, think, where can I go that is dark, warm and snug? Naturally, tubes are ideal, for they are snug and like burrows. I’ve pulled my hedgies from all kinds of weird hiding spots, twice from under the water boiler.
    When one of my hedgies escape, I try to go where it would be warm, dark and snug. Doesn’t take too long to find the escapee!
    Joy and her 2 quilly babies