Let’s check in on Numo the SuperHedge

Look People, when you go on a Hedgehog Binge (it happens—try H.A. if it gets really bad) then you have one place to go, and that is Loosetooth.com, the home of NUMO the Hedgehog.

Let’s check in and see how Numo, the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs, is doing in his exer-ball.


He is looking pretty good there, rolling around the room, teeny paws going at faster than Roomba speed…


He’s a pretty small Dewd, only the length of a toilet paper tube. Hmm—I see he is giving us a GLIMPSE OF HIS MOIST NOSICLE OMG YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Brandy A., you and Numo are redonk.



  1. Loosetooth IS your one-stop hedge-fix provider, no question.

  2. that is THE BEST hedgenose EVAH!

  3. omgsocutewiththenose an the ball an the skwEEEE

  4. It’s a Hoggie kind of day today.
    The more *beep*-able nosicles, the better.

  5. it’s nice!! Maybe you would like to help to this.
    In the coming days, the blue ocean of the Antarctic will turn to red. The six-ship whaling fleet has left Japan, and is headed directly to the Southern Ocean. 945 whales, including ten endangered fin whales, will be killed – unless we do something to save them. It’s time to put an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean. Forever. Last year, your emails and activism convinced one of the largest seafood companies in the world to get out of the whaling business. This year, we’re asking you to join us in defending the whales from the very beginning.”

    see this video:

  6. Now that is something I can not sleep with.

  7. http://www.retroklang.com/img/2006/20060027.jpg – Peter Gabriel in a hamster ball
    http://www.mtv.com/news/photos/c/coachella_2004/day2/flip8.jpg – The Flaming Lips’ singer in a hamster ball

  8. Lurve the nosicle peeking through the hole.

  9. yay! every time i see numo here i get extra excited, because i’ve met him in person! it’s like knowing a celebrity. a celebrity who once nearly stress-pooped on me. hooray for numo!

  10. Every time I see Numo, I want to go get a hedgie. I don’t think my chihuahua would appreciate that, however.

  11. NebraskaErin says:

    How can something so prickly be so durned cute?

    Oh yeah. Moist nosicle and wee dainty paws.

    Carry on.

  12. Gaaaaah!
    The nose peaking out at me!

  13. Redz, nowadays, all exer-balls come equipped with beepholes.

  14. but I am sad because Numo-ville hasn’t been updated since early October! I NEEEEEDS my Numo-fix.

  15. Wendy, thanks to the CO nudge, Numo’s blog has been updated. 🙂 I’m cracking myself up with today’s latest…

  16. Numo! Numo nosicle! Squeeeee!!!

  17. i want to see video of the little ball rolling around! 😀

  18. Love the nose, I want to eskimo-kees it. But do they like to be cuddled? Or do they shoot quills at you!

  19. Awwwww, lookit that nose! And I love the exerball too. (In New Zealand, they call this “zorbing” – great sport for humans.)

  20. Subhangi – I saw zorbing on The Amazing Race. It looks SUPER fun!

  21. Mariana, in re your comment here:
    I’d like to believe you are a person and not a spambot.
    while I, and surely many others here share your abhorrence of whaling.
    however, posting about it in a comment thread
    about. a. hedgehog. in. an. exerball.
    is pretty irrelevant. please consider the nature of the post and the comments before launching this kind of tangent.
    NOTE: the above post represents the complaint of one mariser and is not representative of, or affiliated to Cute Overload and its empire.

  22. argh. in above post, line 4, which reads:
    “while I, and surely many others here share your abhorrence of whaling.”
    should read:
    “I, and surely many others here share your abhorrence of whaling.”


  23. Beep!

    Can’t stop…

  24. I hate these balls. It´s not really cute that it has to run in this ball.
    This things are more than unhealthy for every animal!!


  25. Carrie –
    Why on earth are these balls unhealthy?? I keep Numo’s clean. He gets to run around and explore the apartment w/o getting stuck behind a bookcase. It’s a change of pace to his play area and the wheel in his cage – All of which he loves.

    I see now problem with it. Any further explaination?

  26. please don´t put animals inside those things, pleeeease. i wouldn´t like to be inside a huge ball (who would?), crashing into walls, helplessly. i´d like to decide myself where to go. if there a places in the apartment where animals get stuck, those places should be blocked somehow. that ball is like… horror. but the hedgehog is lovely :3

  27. The hedgehog suxs lox@!!!!

  28. cute!

    It’s better having them in a ball than having the hedgehog go somewhere he’s not supposed to. a person can’t barricade EVERY hole the lil’ critter can get into.

    exer-ball haters should be happy that the hedgehog isnt cooped up in the cage all day!

  29. it is a practical human thought to put animals in this ball…
    you should watch over them while it is running around.
    you shouldn´t put it in a ball so you don´t need to watch over it.
    my rats annoy me when they bite me in my food but I also don´t put them in such things…
    it´s unhealthy for the back because it´s round ball!

  30. foot! sorry