Hedgehog Thursday: sleepy quillsville

Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!


Hedgealarms are going off all over the place, Kayte R.!



  1. Does anyone have a moister nosicle!?

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    He looks like he’s poking himself in the nose with the quills…Poor guy.

  3. YAY! I could not get onto the site earlier today. Said this site had exceeded its bandwith! I have been going through CO withdrawal ALL DAY!! =(

    Hell, thought I was going to have to go straight home and start mainlining kittehs!

    Phew! Think I’m okay now. Deep breaths . . . deep breaths.

  4. How is it that Peppermint McPrickelsons doesn’t prickle his own widdo nosie! Weenie widdo eyes! Teeny weeny eetsy beetsy eeeyohs! *looks left, looks right…doesn’t see jaypo* BEEPs his shiny black nozicle. Bee-Beep! *dash away dash away dash away all*

  5. Where do people get these hedgehobs, btw? I don’t know anyone who owns a hedgehog. Am I just living a sheltered life here or what?

    And, yes, that’s one moist nosicle that is begging to be beeped.

  6. woops, hedgeHOGS, not hobs!

  7. “mainlining kittens” – LMAO!!

  8. and you COULD mainline hedgies…they come with their own needles. Oy.

  9. Nosicles are saving my sanity! I work at a hospital in Denver and the snowstorm has stranded me here for more than a day: snarling coworkers, sleeping on the floor, diet of coffee/graham crackers–thanks CO for many cute hedgies! How ’bout some guinea pigs (hint hint)?

  10. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Ehn! I want to keeees that lil’ nosicle!

  11. Aww, You’re all so right, I wanna tweak that lil wet nosicle! But he does look a bit moody/tired. Cuteness come’s in many forms! 😀

  12. Oh! The squitched face!

  13. K….I’d been popping in and out trying to understand the hedgehog thing. Then I saw this pic. And NOW I get it. 🙂

  14. It’s a mousie rolled in coconut!


    It’s a mousie rolled in coconut!



  15. O
    * Splode *

  16. That’s the Great Hedgehog Buddha. I saw it in Thailand.

  17. Um…he looks like my grandma when she wraps herself in a blanket and sits in front of the TV. Her sofa is that exact colour too – for a moment there I was thinking “What’s Meg doing with a pik of grammy on the site?!”

  18. Those ears are just perfect. I wanna snuggle them, but then I’d get a nose full of quills.

    *suggle* *ow* *snuggle* *ow* *snuggle* *ow*…

  19. Re: “It’s a mousie rolled in coconut!”

    LOL! Good one!! 🙂

  20. NebraskaErin says:

    “Do you know the way to self-enlightenment, my child?”

    “No, Master Hedge.”

    “Huff two kittehs and call me in the morning.”

    “Thank you, Master Hedge! Oh, thank you!!”

  21. It’s a ball o’ nosicles today!

    Hey.. where’s his feets?

  22. AWWW, he looks so tie-tie!

  23. Checkout the cute decorated pets on Fine Living.com! Why do all the dogs look grateful and the cats look pissed off?


  24. minnesnowtah says:

    carolina, there are two doors into the CO Dream Office:

    This is one
    and this is another

    Now bookmark both links so you will not miss your daily (hourly?) fix.

    Here, huff deep breaths. (starts to pass kitten)
    Sorry, I remembered it’s Hedgehog Thursday. Here. (passes hedgehog)
    As Theo said, you have to wear these. (passes snorgoggles)

  25. Thanks, minnesnowtah. And, yes *drops head in shame* it’s HOURLY, not daily. Despite my hopeless addiction to cute, I have never tried to huff, much less, snorgle a hedgehog.

    Word to the wise:

    Scientific studies have shown that huffing kittehs is the gateway to stronger stuff, such as snorgling hedgehogs – and withOUT the protection of snorgoggles!! Gasp!


  26. Looks like a buddha. At any moment he’s going to reach energy form and achieve a higher plane of existence.

  27. Carolina – *drops head in shame*

    No shame here. Stand up and be proud. You’re in fine company.

  28. I started out just snorgling kittens. Then one day, I started huffing a kitten. But one wasn’t enough, and I got a full on kitten-huffing addiction. Now I’m up to 2-3 cats bellies a day, sometimes dog-belly rubs too. I’m completely out of control.

  29. LOL, Mel (that’s my nickname in real life)

  30. And for more details about the nature of huffing kittehs, please consult minnesnowtas work, “Much Ado About Huffing”.

    Oh, looking at the photo, well, that WAS a nice blankie; but hedgie turned it into a better

  31. A Naughty Mouse says:

    He looks like a friend of mine…..

  32. GreenEyedHawk says:

    The ear-to-head ratio is almost as good as ferrets’!

    Hedgehogs make cool pets, my sister and I had them when we were kids.

  33. Apply directly to forehead!
    Apply directly to forehead!
    Apply directly to forehead!

  34. Great Hedgie action to liven up a Thursday. All that’s missing is a “hedgies-n-racks” picture! There’s a great opportunity for someone to be the first to start a trend here, so c’mon, someone!

  35. For the “hedgies-n-racks” pictures to work, one would need a padded bra. Very padded.

  36. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “There had been a mistake at the Hostess factory. Instead of Snowballs, they were sending out hedgehogs.”

  37. A Fine Morsel says:

    So many moist nosicles today. Hooray! I love it.

  38. That looks just like a lamington with a face.

  39. Looking very zen, people!!!

  40. And I bet his quills are stuck to that blankie. Just try to pick him up.

  41. See, this was JUST what I needed after being my boss’s chore monkey all day. Retail = evil. Hedgehoggersons = prosh

  42. This Hedgehog looks like he is meditating.

    “I am the Zen Master of sleepiness…”

    His robe/towel is even the right colour.

  43. OK, I see my thought was not original.

  44. violetgreen says:

    …serene spiny Buddha-ball w/moist leatherette nosicle..(.sigh)…I used to be coherent before I found this websight…

  45. violetgreen says:

    …I mean website…babble, babble…awwwww

  46. All Hedgehog Thursday! YAY! This is just what this music teacher needs after putting on two school concerts in two days. Vacation! Hedgies! Could it get any better than this?

  47. Where can we get the snorgoggles? Snorgoggles.com? Spiny_snorgles_r_us.org?

  48. Awww… these photos make me miss my little hedgehog so much! Thanks for the cuteness.

  49. Peg of Tilling says:

    Spiny snorgles
    In my eye
    Make me feel squinty
    Make me feel blind

    Spiny snorgles
    Make me ouch all over
    With a feeling that I’m gonna
    Need bandaids till the end of time

    (This earworm courtesy of Don Ho-dgehog.)

  50. LOL @ BenPanced “Mousie rolled in coconut” and TJ’s grandma.

    *sneaks up on meditating hedgehog*

    *beeps nosicle*

    *runs away*

  51. Where… where are its LEGS?

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    you mean there are people who only check this site once a day? Who are these paragons?

  53. He looks like he’s snuggled down in a prickly sleeping bag! *LOL*

    Thanks for the hedgie goodness, Meg–my new job at the local Wal-Mart has been one serious lesson in patience…especially since I happen to work in the Toy Department… Cute Overload has gone from being just my favorite stop, to being my tenuous link to sanity!


  54. I think I just wet myself in glee!!!

  55. (I hear a yoda voice looking at this picture) …

    listen here young yedi master…

    hmm to snorgel a hedgehog you need to approach front to back as spines will not prick forward

  56. Is it just me or does this sorta look like a cross between a sea urchin and a fox?

  57. jenni joon says:

    Ok. That’s absolutely IT. I want one. No… no… I absolutely positIVELY must have one. What do I need to know? What do I need to do? I’ve been reading up on these doods but I need the 411 from someone who actually *has* a hedgie. Should I get one? I do wuvs them…

  58. YAY! I can’t wait to tell Easter she’s famous. This is actually her “I’m not awake, why are you holding me?” face. She tries to look tough just before she cutes all over!! If you want more Easter pics, you can look at her blog (http://hedgie-blog.blogspot.com) or her myspace (http://www.myspace.com/easterhog)
    Hooray for C.O.!

  59. misschelley says:

    i thought the same thing, nah


  60. I agree with NebraskaErin…he isn’t sleepy. He’s meditating on world peace. Namaste, Master Hedge.

  61. Yitzysmommie says:

    This is the most anerable critter in the UNIVERSE! Even cuter than my Yitzy!
    Thanks Kayte for sharing.

  62. Whyyyy oh whyyyy do I not have a hedgepig of my own???

  63. Patented Hedgecro ™ attachment system – self-sticking critter-to-blanket point of contact via state of the art quill technology!