Hedgehog Thursday: A dainty centerpiece

First, Hedges have the most anerable dainty paws. As if they could not get any daintier, this one is sporting some flower hat action. AND she’s an albino. HELLO!


SUPER HEDGE THURSDAY comin’ atcha, People. Thanks Lily L., and Ikegami for the great pic.



  1. NebraskaErin says:

    She just needs some sparkly pink lip gloss and a wee handbag, and the look is complete.

  2. heeeeey meg, seems like cuteoverload is outgrowing its britches again. been having trouble accessing via cuteoverload.com.

    oh – and i like the pursed lips and determination in the hedge’s eyes. she’ll get whatever she wants today.

  3. How cute!

    I’ve always wondered, what does it feel like to pet a hedgehog? I’d love to find out for myself, but afaik, there aren’t any anywhere near Raleigh, NC.

  4. Not to mention that sweet, juicy little schnozz! Oooooo!

  5. MEG-

    Cuteoverload.com is broken! (At least the redirect to Typepad)

    “This Web site has exceeded its allotted bandwidth and has been temporarily suspended.

    To get this site back online, either wait until the used bandwidth for the past 30 days has dropped below the maximum allowed, or log into the hosting account management and upgrade the hosting plan to allow for more bandwidth.”

  6. I realise that this is a couple of pictures too late, but new last minute gift idea…

  7. Buzz: Would you like some tea Mrs Nesbit?

    Woody: Buzz!

    Hedge: It’s so nice you could join us on
    such late notice.

    Woody: What a lovely hat, Mrs. Nesbit. It
    goes quite well with your head.

  8. I can’t top the previous comments, so I just wanted to add my sqeeeee ditto.

  9. aww I so love lil hedgies.

  10. Where are her white gloves?

    YAY, Hedgies in da Hizzy!!

  11. R.E. Bartlett says:

    As a former hedgie owner, I can tell you that it feels like petting a bundle of straw on top if you run your hand from front to back…unless hedgie is annoyed, then it feels like petting a handful of pins & needles. Underneath though they are soft, pink with a little wiry hair.

    BTW I dont’ think that is an albino hedgie, as she does have some color at the base of her spines – she looks like a chocolate white or champagne.

  12. OMG!! It’s Mrs. Tiggywinkle!

  13. minnesnowtah says:

    cuteoverload.com is working again! yay!

    I luuurve albinos! 😀
    Lemme beep that nose.


  14. she looks lost…poor thing


    This Hedgie looks almost *exactly* like a tiny fidgety old lady who used to come to church when I was a very small child. This lady wore elaborate flowered hats and white kid gloves, and she had precisely this small, pale, slightly anxious, pointy face. Perhaps she was actually Miss Tiggywinkle?

  16. This is the most disapproving hedgie I’ve ever seen. Perhaps she’s just peeved that her horse didn’t win at Ascot.

  17. R.E., I think you’re right, it’s a champagne hedgie. I think when they’re content and the fur lies flat it feels like petting a bristle brush in the right direction… but there’s nothing more dire than stepping on a loose quill at 2 in the morning.

  18. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s the Hyacinth Bucket (boo-kay) of hedgehoggery!

    Loose quill, bare foot, 2am? :::shudder:::

  19. OMG you’re right! It IS Mrs. Bucket! Keeping up appearances is the best. I’m waiting for the hedgie to start blathering on about how important she is!

  20. While I realize that no one loves a pedant, I must point out that the hedgehog in the picture is not an albino. Albinos can’t make any pigment, including the pigment of the iris in the eye, so their eyes are pink. That’s how you can tell the difference between an albino and an animal that is merely white.

  21. She looks really unimpressed. 🙂

  22. MamaDawn wrote: but there’s nothing more dire than stepping on a loose quill at 2 in the morning.

    Try a matchbox car or one of those “shapes” from a Tupperware ball. Whee-dogies.

  23. oh, squee!
    hedgies are so stinking cute, me wants one!

  24. HedgePigLove says:

    Oh, oh, oh! That’s one of Deneen’s little hedgies! Here’s her website:http://www.hedgiepets.com/index.html

  25. Leilani – or loose Lego’s, as all Mom’s will attest to

  26. HedgePigLove says:

    Okay – the hedgie’s name is Peanut and she’s a Dark Cinnicot Snowflake. For more information on hedgie colors, check out Hedgehog Central’s Color Guide:

  27. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! [sing song high pitched Mr. Garrison voice]

  28. Heehee. Her lil’ hat isn’t really on…it’s just balanced on quill tips. >doink<

  29. LOL RedZ!

    Me thinks Miss Hedgie here wants a bigger hat.

  30. HedgePigLove: I just checked out that delightful site. So many different kinds of hedges!! Who knew?? They are so cute! I had no idea there were so many different kinds and colors. I have received my education for the day. I encourage everyone to check out this site for maximum cute overload. You just might “blow a gasket.”

  31. Sylverwynde says:

    Very cute! But I’m sorry to say, she’s not an albino. An albino has no other colour anywhere, and red eyes, like my Sheridan does. Check out Hedgepiglove’s link for colours!

  32. 😀 Thanks to CO’s Hedge Thursday, my Xmas has come early. Yaaaaaaaay, hedgies! <3

  33. Arianna says:

    I have had 2 hedgehogs they are soooooooo cool!!!!!!! mine were named Snowball and cinomonn!!!!!!