Turn the ‘Lectric blankie up to “9”

I won’t be in the office today. There’s a cold front coming this way and I gotta stay in—in my BATIK BEDDING WONDERLAND THAT IS! [Sniff]


Snuggle up, Idil B. Oh, and nice Rule 6 action.



  1. Doggie… how I envy you. You and your curly, silky fur and those sleepy puppy eyes… in a warm bed. You even have bed head! Move over, I’m coming in…

  2. This is where I have wanted to be all week. I’m not so good with holidays but if I could snuggle in bed with this cutie I wouldn’t mind them at all.

  3. NebraskaErin says:

    Not real! Not real! That is clearly a muppet! I know you’re around here somewhere, Frank Oz!

  4. Very sweet little doggie — I love the mustache action, lol! Oh, and I want that entire bedding set. 🙂

  5. Move over, sweet pup…make room for me to snuggle in with you!

  6. I think it’s going to be a very crowded bed with all of us snuggling in there with him!

  7. lol, look at his little arms, tucked over the comforter…

  8. OMG. My head just exploded! The best part is, my little wawa , Pickles, does the exact same thing teehee.

  9. With all of us in the bed, we are clearly going to need to roll on our sides and SPOOOOOONNNNN!!!! YAY. That’s my fave. Dibs on spooning fuzzkins here.

  10. He’s saying, “Hey, sweetie, will you get me a milk bone and maybe a bowl of water?”

  11. Dear Meg,
    You broke my brain. It survived Biochemistry, Calculus and Physics I and II, but you? You have broken it.


  12. It’s a tough job, etc….

  13. http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Comfter

    Teho, I think little Mr. Muppy-pants here ought to be primo #1 example under that Glossary entry.

  14. “I dun wanna go to school today, Mummy. Turn off da lights, pweeze. *snuggles further into the soffft sheets* Zzz…”

    I dub this little guy “Bliss Puppy.”

  15. Darn tootin’!
    Scootch over pups, looks like we’re all coming in for a snuggle under the covers! That’s where I want to be (*grumble* stupid sinus infection *grumble*)

    But we promise there will be extra ear stroking and belly scritchins.

  16. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Dawwwe…. my Lily does this too. She always snuggles up in the bankees with me when we go to sleep.

  17. BABY DOG!!!

  18. That bed had better be a super king-size. You know if we all pile in, all our miscellaneous pets will want in on the action, too. My cats can’t stay away from a snuggle pile.

  19. Blue fab comfterbulness + puppy = ZZzzzzz

  20. ShelleyTambo says:

    Just looking at the comfy bed and puppy makes me ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Puppy, I want to join you. (in a completely non-sexual way)

  22. Karen in Toronto says:

    artschild: Mine neither. For at least 2 nights next week, there will be five (5) (cinq) (go) (funf) cats and kittens on the bed with me at one time. Usually there’s only 4….

  23. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Heaven – cozy bed and warm puppy!!!

  24. There’s a fold in the blanket near the bottom that makes it look like the pup has his little knee down there, adding to the human-imitation look. Can you see it?

  25. I was sure I was going to be fine on 4 hours sleep, no need for a nap today. I was wired even before my coffee. Totally fine. Then I just had to check CO, and this picture, and the comments.. and.. snugglebug in bed looking sooo comfy.. ok, move over, I’m joining y’all in there..

  26. Peg of Tilling says:

    1) The green bits on the pillow case look like antennae growing out of the pup’s head.

    2) This pup is totally working a Norma Desmond-sized case of the vapors: “No, no, I’m fine, really…no need for you to trouble…well, perhaps a soda cracker, just one. And some ginger ale. Vernor’s, not Canada Dry. You don’t mind going to the store, do you, darling? And while you’re there…”

  27. this ‘lectric blanket goes to eleven.

  28. It’s the arms, the arm bent over the edge of the covers. And the batik, sure, but the curly armage!

  29. This blanket goes to eleven.

    ARGH! LOL eli–JUST as I finished typing that, I saw your comment. I’m keeping it in to show that great minds think alike. (And proof that, in a world of 6 Billion people, there is no more original thought.)

  30. He ees snugglink.

  31. [sigh] Its 11.47 PM and I soooooo wanna be that puppyzzzzzzz.

  32. Subhangi, it is 10:54 AM and I sooooooo wanna be that puppy! lol
    We’re having a cold spell in the SF bay area and I’m wiped out from all the shivering!
    Love the muppetness of this pup! What’s the muppet dog’s name? Fozzie?

  33. *runs towards the overcrowded CO bed and DIVES*


  34. brrrr. can i join in? we have a blizzard here!

  35. ka9q's wife says:

    This was me today. I stayed in bed until about 10 minutes ago. Now time for a shower and some breakies. Then the shopping.

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    That’s EXACTLY where I wanna be but I have to go to the DMV for new plates! BLEECH!!!
    Oh and a movie with my friend. 🙂

  37. hrh.squeak says:

    Hee hee, yesterday my ratties and I played a while on the bed and then they snuggled up to me and We All Took A Nap Together, I was an honorary rattie in the ratpile! Moishe lofs was shared by all.

  38. No he didn’t just make me let a little “awww” during a conference call!

    I Love, LOVE him! Talk about a wish I were there moment!

  39. snowed in, we’re having a blizzard here, too.

    So I’m tucked up with my blankie at the computer after driving in the mess for an hour to get home after they closed the office.

    I’ll just stay here since it appears the bed is full…

  40. Still Minn No Snow Tah here. But maybe ice pellets tomorrow, probably some snow Friday. Got the Flannel Clouds all fluffed up & pre-warmed (at least in a couple of cat-shaped dips).

  41. Incoming from OK! It’s been cold and rainy all day, so a bed full of snugglebunny snugglebuddies sounds great. I vote Theo to bring the pudding.

  42. we’re covered in a little over a foot of snow here in co. anyone have some hot cider?

  43. It’s currently about 30 degrees celius (86ish? Fahrenheit) here. All your talk about snow is doing my head in.

    Still wish I was with the pup though.

  44. sooo cute and I love electric blankets

  45. “overcrowded C.O. bed”. Teho, should I order an super extra king size bed with a blue comforter set and ‘lectric bankie that goes to 11 for the Dream Office? *takes pencil from behind ear, adjusts reading glasses, awaits his instructions*

  46. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Koji the Wonder Poodle does this regularly–sometimes pushing me out of the bed in the process, or at least relegating me to a far edge of it. My bedding, however, is nowhere near this fab.

  47. serendipity says:

    OMG!!!that is soo cute I’m spechless!!!