Mint, anyone?

You know, a "Bob’s Sweet Stripe" would really hit the spot.


Let’s see if I can dig in here and find the perfect one. [Dig dig dig]


Yep. There’s a juicy leg on this one.


Snorglicious, Kelly B. and the McClinTOCK Animal Care Center!



  1. aw! cute! *munch*

  2. ::does the first post dance::


  4. puppermints!!

  5. That is so cute! Look at the little leg dangle! I bet their fur is so silky. I’d love to rub lil warm pupper body again my cheek.

    Just awwww!

  6. Yummy. I just want to one-gulp ’em!

  7. eeeeeeeeeeek puppehs!!!1

  8. omg, I thought at first da puppers were about an inch big… then I got to third picture…
    whew! that must be a *big* bowl!

  9. Rotty pups! They be so anorable when they that small.

  10. Honestly, yew peepul are tryin’ to keel meee! FOUR pups in a candy basket?? Come on!!

    I can’t wait to see comments from the Redzilla/pyrit gang. On this one – the possibilities are endless. We already have a “puppermint” on here.

    I’m just going to absorb the snorgladorableness of it all and forget trying to be creative because I am out of my league and also exhausted from today’s assault of infant kittens and hiding hamsters. *swoon*

    But, yeah, the leg. . . *CHOMP*

  11. I’ll take a choco-mint please….

  12. DEAR GOD!!! Soooooo widdle! This website is keeeeelling me!

  13. Um, and, um, *clears throat* . . .the microscopic ear floppage and stubby little muzzelpuff wrinkles (stubblepuff wrinklage?) Just wanted to point that out cuz I’m sure nobody else is gonna pick up on that.


  14. can i have one of these?

  15. Them’s some sleeeeepy lil stubbypuffs!

  16. Oh Good Lord.

    That is all. 🙂

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ll take a handful, please.
    *reaches into bucket slowly as to not wake the pups and cause a ruckus, then slowly puts handful into pocket and races for the door*

  18. The ear nubbins! And the little drooping hind leg! And the shiny shiny shiny coat!

    The barely-hand-sized-ness is just the final straw… I can’t move now.

  19. Dear sweet Jesus… can I naw on one of those just for a second?

  20. My goodness! Someone has finally invented the perfect antidote for dog breath! I want some!


  22. GreenEyedHawk says:

    They’re not Rotties I don’t think. They look a LOT like the Min Pin puppies that we used to breed. My friend Jared called them ‘Rat-weilers’.

    They are dead cute and they have that new-puppy smell to them. Dawwwww.

  23. carolina (looking wide eyed tapping my chest) Me? I have a life you know. I do. No really.

  24. Puppomints! ::stuffs pup in mouf::
    I love how the container says “SOFT mint candy.” Nothin’ softer that puppage.

  25. Actually, they’re guarding those candies. Be careful.

  26. NebraskaErin says:

    I’d like to visit the restaurant that brings THESE with the check!

  27. hrh.squeak says:

    Wrinkly little muzzlepuffs = wubblepuffs.

    Wubblepuffs, wubblepuffs,
    You look sleppy to greet me
    Pupper toes, pupper nose
    In my mint bowl so sweet-ly

    Pupper of luv sent from up above
    Sent from above to be snor-gled
    Wubblepuff, wubblepuff,
    In my mint bowl be ado-red!

    (Sing to “Edelweiss”, softly so you don’t wake the puppers.)

  28. I bet they have those puppermints in the employee lounge over at CO headquarters. Got to get me a job there.

  29. No mints necessary…I wof de puppeh brefs.

  30. [beep on nose]
    [beep on tock]

  31. Is a bucket full of pocket-sized puppies a pucket?

    puppermints = LOL

    Give these guys another week and they will be Squirmy McSquirmersons. Now they are just Sleppy McSleppersons.

    Good on you, peeps, the comments this week are top notch!

  32. Awright, I’d really like to drape one of those over my shoulder just so I can feel the puppy breath and hear the teeny “ehn, ehn” sounds they make when you do that. *sigh*

    CO is killin’ me today. The ferret thing was the last straw of unrelenting cuteness for today.

    I’m exhausted from trying to prevent a brain asplosion.

  33. pyrit: Are you saying you are trying work or something because that’s just no excuse!


  34. Awwwwww 🙂 I hope they get such great homes if they are adopted out.

  35. the mints are to hide the puppy taste on yur breath from after you illegally snorgle them/possibly eat their cuteness

  36. mouse girl says:

    Eee! So tiny!

  37. the mints are to hide the puppy taste on yur breath from after you illegally snorgle them/possibly eat their cuteness

  38. omg, i want to put it in my mouth and chew on its cute fat body. lol. so squishy cute!

  39. I wanna stuff these little guys under my sweater with the marme kittehs. It should be alright, shouldn’t it?

  40. :::sticks face in bowl:::

    mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

    ::comes up for air::
    ::face back in bowl::

    mwah mwah mwah…

  41. sorry bout the double post, i think it’s cuz i reloaded the page

  42. CG – Here! Use a snorgle!

  43. They may freshen your breath, but then you have to pick the fur out of your teeth.

  44. The dang pink toeage on the last pic. I can’t take it anymore! I keep exploding – thank God for his special glue to put me back together so I can explode all over again and again!!!!

  45. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    sardoll: “puppermints!!”

    LOL! That’s awesome.
    Awwww… so cute… [melts]

  46. they look so scrumptious!!!!

  47. I know they’re mints, but they’re shaped like little beans. Little fat, scrumtious beans.

  48. Cat-astrophe says:

    Why don’t they sell this bucket at *my* Sam’s Club???

  49. Love how in the second pic, the bowl does appear to have been stirred about.

    I was at a restaurant the other day with a departing mint bowl like this. yum.

  50. After reading us talk about snorgling, my 14 year old tried it on Lucky Cat… the mission was unsuccessful and he ended up with claw marks on either ear. A user caution sign should be hung on all fully clawed critters.
    I want a bowl of puppies on my desk!!

  51. MamaDawn — I just consider the claw marks the price of admission (and badges of honor).

  52. Theo — In another life Lucky was abandoned when his people moved & left him. A friend knew of my weakness for black cats… so he came to us, but still gets flashbacks. I can snorgle him all day and he loves it when you hold him like a baby, tummy up.

  53. PUPPIES! God I want a puppy. I forgot how scrumptious they are when they’re that TINY!


    Rat-weilers = HEElarious. But look at the size of that morsel cupped in that womans’ palm. I’m thinking a min-pin that size would have it’s eyes open, but I’m no expert on toy breeds.

  54. Nightfiresown says:

    Cute-a-licious! Yum!

  55. I can’t help but notice the very small size difference between the pups and the mints.

  56. Thanks pyrit!

    ::straps on snorgle and goes pup-diving::

  57. Dump them all in a blender.

  58. [smacks Matt Reda upside head with rubber spatula]

  59. GreenEyedHawk says:

    ElfOwl- They’d be a few days away from having their eyes open at that age. I’d post pics of some of the rat-weiler puppies we’ve had here over the years, but sadly my camera does not take CO-quality pics.

  60. Puppermints, strap on snorgles, fur in teeth and puckets. I HAVE to stop reading this at my desk; snorting coffee is hard on the keyboard. Plus a totally gratuitous earworm. Wottabunch!

  61. I *need* to pop a tiny kiss on that little shiny-new puppy noggin.

  62. G.E.Hawk — “RAT-WEILER”??! OMG, is that seriously a name in common usage? Even semi-seriously, like “Labradoodle?” Oh please let it be true.

  63. JessaraK — yep, you need one of these too:

  64. *Nyahm nyahm nyahm*

  65. Tiny lil’ Sweetmutts!!!! Aieeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  66. Sweet, sleepy, kissy puppy!

  67. Must kiss puppy knees…NOW!!!!!

  68. little gator says:

    Are they Dobermints?


  70. AuntieMame says:

    Puppermints? Sweetmutts? Dobermints?


  71. Beautiful Drunk says:

    That dangling leg is completely killing me! Seriously, I have a pain in my chest and shortness of breath…

  72. you guys r silly says:


  73. you guys r silly says:

    Imagine finding one of THESE mints on your pillow!

  74. soo DEE-lectable!!

  75. Cuirious Min Pin Lover says:

    So, what kind of puppies are these?

  76. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one with an uncontrollable urge to gnaw on poopies! I mean, their little ears and feets smell like Fritos…what are you supposed to do? Resistance is futile!

    I bet I could almost get a whole one in my mouth…;-)

  77. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Haha, mint-pins!

    No, rat-weiler is not a common-usage thing like ‘Labradoodle’. It’s my friend’s special name for the fat little min-pin puppermints that we have around here on occasion. Sorry Teho.

  78. @_@ So cuuuute!! -dies-

  79. So cute, id wish they never grow any bigger 😦

  80. I want a puppermint! Is it possible for these widdle cuties to embody all 27 rules of cuteness at once? I think so….
    tiny ears
    tiny tails
    dangling dainty paws
    eye capsules
    probably fat little pink bellies
    serious C.O.!
    Could they be baby doxies? If so, that would push me right over the edge into the abyss of cuteness!

  81. Those pups are soooo cute

  82. Are they Rottie Pups?

  83. How cute is that~! Great idea dipping them in mints. LOL I bet they smell really good now. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful picture. It really brought a smile to my face.

    ((((((little tiny belly rubs))))

  84. ass

  85. chelsie says:

    Are they Miniature Pinchers?