Ham ‘n’ Seek

Bear: "…97, 98, 99, 100! Here I come! Ready or noooooot!"
[Paws up] <<giggles>>


Kristen H. ❤ ❤ ❤



  1. LURVE!

  2. Looks more like: “Can’t sleep! Bears will eat me!”

  3. girlnextdoortn says:

    Seriously. The giggle is what did it for me.

  4. As cute as this is, I’ll probably have nightmares about it later. Tonight I’ll dream I’m the hammie hiding from a rampaging, bloodthirsty teddy bear. Yes, I have hide-n-seek issues.
    But it’s cute. For now.

  5. I agree, Christa, the bear does look a little sinister… Poor hambone.

  6. It’s like a hammie rorschach test: do you see cute or scary. I think he’s adorable. Who knew hammies liked boxes as much as kitties?

  7. That’s so cute. I don’t care for rodents much, but it’s so…darn…cute.

  8. No hammies and cats in the same box, please!

    And the bear is tewtally cheating. He’s not covering his eyes!

  9. I love his silly bumble lip!

  10. NAH AAHH! GET OUTTA TOWN! This is, to quote Meg, “too moishe”

    1. EXTREEEEME BEF going on here. It’s almost blinding to look at.

    2. Whiskery muzzle-puff.

    3. And paws-up.

    And a portly ham body squished and flattened into a place not quite tall enough for him. I know that’s not a category, but me likes.

    Ham sandwich?

    oh the ham, it hurts…

  12. The little ham is so round, I want to roll him across the floor like a ball.

  13. He’s smiling!

  14. That is one happy, smilin’ hammie! I can almost hear the giggling….and the paws-uppitude really gets me, along with the wee pink lip….

    I am slain.

  15. if there were no weeble Jesus available, I would worship this weeble. or pop him in my mouf at least. either way.

  16. LOL the captions are perfect!

  17. LOOK at his little white bib, people, for goodness sake, LOOK at the little white bib! EEK

  18. That’s IT, people. I’ve had IT up to HERE with the outrageousness of CO. This is BEYOND just cute. How DARE Meg do this to us. I can’t STAND IT. Seriously. Hambone?! hahahaaaaaa. Ham Sammich? Bumble lip? People please try to control yerselves.. Obviously CO can’t, the least we could do is not contribute to the insanity.


  19. pwnd

  20. Hamster Christmas

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, merry ho ho
    I’m sliding down a snowman’s nose
    Landing softly in the snow
    Making snow angels
    And snowballs to throw.

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, joy to you
    I’m decorating my igloo
    Tiny lights red and blue
    Trimmed with icicles
    And red berries too.

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, happy noel
    I’m sledding in a walnut shell
    Or snowtubing in a doughnut
    Suits me sweet and swell
    While I sing jingle bells

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, glory be
    I’m climbing up a Christmas tree
    My most favorite sight to see
    So Merry Christmas to you
    Have as much fun as me

  21. OMG.. I just saw the caption…

    Ham and Seek


    I feel violated

  22. Tiny pawsitude!! Too cute for words. Look at that fat littly hammy with a grin on his face.

    *faints from c/o”*

  23. Tee hee! Lookit how he’s sitting. What a cutie.

  24. Haha, how can you always write down the right comment Meg? 🙂 It seriously looks like he’s giggling 😀 x

  25. okay..

    I’m dumb

    Theo.. what’s pwned?

    (Still a newbie to all this, please don’t throw puddin’)

  26. The Guy Over There says:

    I’m surprised there’s no mention of Gloomy Bear.

    By the way, that’s not a hamster. It’s obviously a well-made furby.

  27. see! so so stupid

    pwnd.. not pwned.. and I still need to know what it means…

  28. NebraskaErin says:

    That’s redonkulously cute. Too cute to be real! Little round weeble-ham. Maybe he’s the baby Weesus?

  29. Peg of Tilling says:

    As Anna pointed out, Dancing Bear is cheating, and Mr. Hammypants is giggling, Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose are just out of frame and ping-pong balls are about to drop from the ceiling any second now.

    Only Mr. GreenJeans can restore order now…

  30. I am dying of hammyness.

  31. aw how cute

  32. Hammie does look rather pleased with itself. I see hammie fingers!

  33. The only thing that could have made this any worse is if the hammy was caught in mid face wash. Something about watching hammies and mousies washing their little faces.

  34. Oh, Mr. GreenJeans! Thanks, PoT, for my nostalgia moment.

  35. Hahaha … he`s laughing …

    I muuuuuust kiss him !

  36. There’s some serious bear/hammie resemblance going on here, too. Anybody else see it? This is redonkulously cute. And silly.

  37. He’s switched into battle mode. He will protect his fortress at all costs.

  38. HAHAHAHA the ham! the commentary!

  39. I have never seen anything so abso-friggin’-lutely cute in my whole life!

  40. Golden, from urbandictionary.com:
    “A corruption of the word “Owned.” This originated in an online game called Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled “owned.” When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say, so-and-so “has been owned.”

    Instead, it said, so-and-so “has been pwned.”

    It basically means “to own” or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.”

  41. Hams of my past would have had that box nawed up by the time I got the camera.

  42. MEEP! Oh my goodness! Aahhh hammie ham ham so cute oh my! I can’t even have a valid thought process while looking at this picture, it’s like my brain has short circuited!!

  43. best

  44. Sorry for the threadjack, but all these references to laughing hams puts me in mind of the work of Dr. Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist who — get this — tickles rats and, he believes, makes them laugh. There’s a nature documentary about the emotional lives of animals that features him quite prominently, playing with some rather pampered labrats, who, if Dr. Panksepp’s research is to be believed, find it hilarious.
    Man, a rat tickling scientist. That’s right up there with kitten behaviorist in the cutest science jobs, IMO.

  45. That has so made my gloomy day!!! I’m printing it and putting it in my pocket so I can pull it out at a moments notice and be enlightened!
    The Ham has saved the day!!

  46. Daniel – I read it! Too moishe eenformaysheeon!!!
    But thank you. The mental imagery. Yup. (crossing eyes)

  47. Awww, he’s all like, “SHhhhh! Don’t tell where I am…”

  48. Laurie C and Golden — yeah, close enough. There was a comment up there that made it clear that Golden had been PWND BY TEH QTE™ like so many others before.

    How our ranks do swell! Muahahahahaaaaa.

  49. Oh NOES!!! Hammie’s swallowed an orange as big as himself and now he’s stuck in that box and can’t get out!

    SOOOOOO redonkute. I can actually *hear* the teeny hammie giggles.

    Oh crap I forgot… I hope my head hasn’t

    *touches bandage gingerly*


    Uh ewww.

  50. Daniel:

    Thank you for sharing. My favorite:

    “In sum, the chirping emitted by tickled rats is a robust phenomenon.”


  51. Hammie in a box,
    And de beadeh, beadeh eyes,
    Cutest little dude,
    When I sees him I dies.

    Paws up, little dude,
    Gets a-ready to run,
    Cuz de baddie bad bear,
    Gonna git ya fer fun.

    Oh, hammie in a box,
    Squished a little too tight,
    Pink feetses, pink smile,
    Whisker-puffins de-lite!

  52. I was afraid I was getting CO jaded since I hadn’t laughed out loud in days! But Mr. Gigglepants just did me in. I’m still laughing. Is there anything cuter than hamster paws-ups?

  53. Oh my goodness, I *totally* tickle my rats, and they do giggle! Tickle the chubby belly, and they wiggle around and grin and make hi-hi-hi noises, then grab the tickling finger and give kisses. Daniel, that made my day. I’m glad I’m not the only rat tickler out there…

  54. Melis: That is the sweetest little thing I have ever heard of. Who knew??

    I plead ignorance on the joys of rat ownership.

    Unfortunately, with 3 cats, I will never find out what it’s like!

    Now I feel deprived! I will never get to be a rat-tickler! Poop!

  55. Wow, i’ve never been a hamster fan but that is pretty dang cute.

  56. you guys r silly says:

    I tickle my kitteh’s belly and she always flails & wiggles and wriggles away from me… but no giggles… and I’m not sure if she wriggles away from me because it actually DOES TICKLE her or because I’m just bugging the living hell out of her…

  57. Cue Colbert:

    “And the number one threat in America, BEARS! But not just any bears, but Teddy Bears, they invade our children bedrooms and hunt down are hammies. Run hammy, RUUUN!”

  58. marsheeeee says:

    My cat Owen loves to get his tummy tickled. He stretches and jiggles around and stands up and gets down again and rolls over for another bout. My girl cat Princess, on the other hand, will attack you if your hand gets anywhere near her tummy. Go figure. Anerable hamster, btw. I love the delighted expression on its face.

  59. Martha in Washington says:

    ‘Kay, so last night I offered to get my 18yo son a hammy for Christmas because it just dawned on me that my 12yo son has three-and-a-half pets (2 fish, a lizard and half a dog) and my oldest only a half a dog. HE SAID NO! “Everybody has hamsters, Mom”. *said in that teenage sneer* But, I bet if he saw THIS giggly hammy he’d want one!

    Giggly hammy! LOL


  60. Cutest. Hammie. Ever! Other than mine. 😉

  61. OH MY GOD!!!! I mean, GAHHH!!!!! OH….MY…..GOD!!!! I cannot speak. *dies*

  62. NO way! Wow. Two days in a row of supreme cuteness. I will be sending you my doctor’s bill.

  63. as arnie would say… “can’t find me!!!!” (followed with brush of nose)

    c’mon, any1 watch “what’s eating gilbert grape?” its a classic!!! and its depp and dicaprio!!! gosh…

  64. Yes.. I have definitely been …


    it’s official

  65. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Oh my! I think I just wet myself! That hammy is sooooo cute.

  66. I dunno, that ham looks like she’s about to jump out of that box and go all Jackie Chan on someone!

  67. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Rosie – Now that you mention it, Hammie does look like Arnie. That movie amazes me because of DiCaprio’s age at the time & how perfectly he played that character.

  68. Rosie, NKH, – I hear you. I’m there. Leo’s a big boy now.

  69. Andrea DuBois says:

    It looks like the box was stepped on while he was in it! Still cute 🙂

  70. ka9q's wife says:

    is it me or does that bear’s nose look like chocolate?

    Adorable Hammie i want to kees heem

  71. We wish you a marmie christmas
    We wish you a marmie christmas
    We wish you a marmie christmas
    And a hammie new year!!!!!

  72. I am a cat person.

    I am a duckie person.

    I am a bunny person.

    I have never been a hammie person.


  73. how cute i could eat the ham. lol just kiddin

  74. I must say, I’m really enjoying the giggles induced by that little carol few comments up, about fuzzy kittens and hamsters… cheerfully sung by “Enigma Noir.”
    It’s like watching Death make doilies.

    I swear, Teh Qte™ WILL conquer the world.
    (Hi, Riddleblack!)

  75. I dunno…that *is* the cutest of cute, but he’s kind of got that Night of the Living Dead thing going on.

    *paws extended*


  76. I swear I have seen and hear that hammie doing some Michael Jackson moves on Thriller or Beat it (not sure about the song).
    With those paws up, the hammie could shake its bootie and get it onn! Yeah baby!!!

  77. HOLY CRAP! What a cute little fatty.

  78. I bout died laughing. That is by far one of BEST photos ya’ll’ve had up. Hahaha! It does look like the lil hamster’s pretty terrified, though – that the bear is coming to “one-gulp him.”

  79. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Miss Teeny Q-Tip Paws here is my new desktop background! She’s maaaaahvelous 🙂

  80. Is it just me, or does the hammie look enormous? I would LUFF it if they made hammies the size of softballs.