Evil McScampersons?

What is it about these ferrets that makes me think they could RUN UP YOUR LEGS AND ATTACK AT ANY MOMENT? It’s like my ridiculous fear that anything mechanical can and will suddenly explode for no reason. I bet blue furry slippers is dangling a filet mignon.


Ferrets like Béarnaise sauce, Robin M.!



  1. Eeee! Ferrets! How cute on their hind legs.

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    Do ferrets get pantaloons (ferreloons?) when they stand like this?

  3. hrh.squeak says:

    Ferrets like lots of things, Meg, like RUNNING UP YOUR LEG!!! But only so they can KEES you.

  4. GAAHHH! What is this, Cuteness Assault Day??

    I completely fold. I am spent.


  5. at first I thought the nose on the dark one looked like a perfect heart, but no — it’s a perfect butterfly – how adorable. I had one 20 yrs ago – never got over him, maybe it’s time for another —-?

  6. Holy crap! They look just like my two weasels, only less fat. About the pantaloons: YES.

  7. i.want.one. peese. 🙂

  8. Awww, what a funny angle. Love the pink nosicles.

  9. I bet they also get little tummy rolls around their pantaloons.

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    Holy stubby earses!! And ferretoeses!!

  11. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Best ear-to-head ratio ever. EVER. ANd yes, ferrets do get pantaloons when they stand up like that, looking like fierce little gophers, planning to steal your socks as they run off, laughing their cute little evil ferret laughs.

    I love my ferret.

  12. I.




  13. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Notice the tail on the darker one poking up over his head kinda? Makes him look like he has Alfalfa hair.

  14. Wendy — I have a feeling the feeling is mutual. Lookout!!


    Love. Love. Love.


  16. furrets DO have ferretloons, cuz they have fat tummies! and ferret kisses are soooooo cute cuz they got tiny little moufs and nice wet tongues!!! =)

  17. “Nice marmots”

  18. I like the ickle handsies and feeties.

  19. Meg – BIG, fire-flame dragon laugh from me! Thanks for *sharing*.
    carolina – Does “inconcievable” mean anything to you? Hmmmm? 🙂

  20. mouse girl says:

    Now THAT is cute!

  21. I wanna *beep* those little nosies! And get ferret KEESES!

    They’re cute, but I bet those two are Trouble. The sock-and-jewelry-stealing kind of trouble.

  22. oh, no, they don’t look evil…just look at the expressions in their eyes.

  23. Ahhhh! The cute, the cute! You know they’ve got to be trouble but I think that is what makes them even more adorable.

  24. Aww! Little eager faces.
    “Can i have a treatsies?!”

  25. one word people….


  26. i want the ferret baybees AND the blue slippers.

  27. Meg asks: “What is it about these ferrets that makes me think they could RUN UP YOUR LEGS AND ATTACK AT ANY MOMENT? “

    Oh, how ’bout the fact that THEY COULD?!?!?

    I once spent a week with a friend who owned a ferret and I can attest, my toes were under CONSTANT, RELENTLESS ATTACK! That is, when the little sock monkey wasn’t valiantly trying to drag my cowbow boots–which easily outweighed him 10 times over–back to his nest. Talk about “ehn.”

  28. Couldn’t be any worse than my kitten. He’s still at the stage where my feet and legs are TEH KEWLEST TOYS EVARS!!111!!eleventy-ONE!!!OMFGBBQ!!!11

  29. ka9q's wife says:

    K who is this K person. I wants da slippahs and the baybees.
    stupid fingers hit send too fast.

  30. my ex-boyfriend once was sleeping on the couch at a friend’s and woke up to find their ferret crawling up his shorts.

  31. I love ferrets! I have an albino one I named Edgar “JB” Winter. JB standing for jingle bells – anything with jingle bells is stolen and hidden as treasures immediately! Also if I don’t wear ‘protection socks’ my toes are also under attack. I also get TONS of keeses on my face! LOVE IT!!!

  32. PHISHING FILTER: Okay, this is totally off-topic, but I need to ask. Last week or so, every time I come on here, I get a Suspicioius Website – Phishing Filter warning. Several times it pops up, and then CO also starts loading over and over like I’m logging into CO a dozen times.

    It’s telling me not to send any personal info. Of course, I have not shared any personal info with CO other than the fact that I am certifiably nuts over God’s creatures.

    Anybody else having this problem? Is this indeed a Phishing site? No “fish jokes” puhleez. 🙂

  33. Sweet ferret kisses are all they are offering. That and the willingness to lick the drops of water off your legs when you step out of the shower. Ferrets are so helpful.

  34. I Wanna Fewwit!
    Too sweet!! I wanna tickle their bellies!

  35. Peg of Tilling says:

    I think these ferrets are flying–I mean, okay, camera angle, lack of shadows, yeah, but it looks to me like the fuzzies are just zooming straight up from the linoleum–especially the one on the left, he looks like he’s about a foot off the ground already.

  36. LOL, Peg! They do look like they’re hovering.


  37. Peg of Tilling says:

    *ducks* Exactly.

  38. Ducks?? DUCKS????

  39. Mkay…know what these little ferreeets make me think of? Remember that scene in Jurassic Park when those itty-bittle, adorable little purring dinosaurs suddenly go medieval on Newman? Yeah.
    I’m just sayin’…

  40. Oh yeah RedZ! And then they’re everywhere, and they’ve all got like giant pirhana fangs and they’re chanting “Gorign-ak! Gorig-nak!” and then Monk hits the translator and it changes to “Rock! Rock! Rock!” and and and then the pig thing explodes and Snape says “I see you managed to get your shirt off” and I think I fergot my Ritalin and Christmas tree lights are SOOO PRETTY….. [weaving]

  41. (FOOTNOTE: That right there? …the reason I never did any recreational drugs.)

  42. The cutest!!!!! I am faint from swooning!

    On the other hand, yes, ferrets can run up your leg (under your pants) and scrabble away in the darkness before you shoo them out again.

    Carp can do that too, if you’re “tickle fishing” for them in a vernal pond… but that’s another story.

  43. ka9q's wife says:

    ZOMG WTFBBQ!!!!1!!111
    Peg yer right the little cuties look like they are taking off. Do Ferrets go all rocket powered for Filet mignon?

  44. ka9q's wife says:

    Um Theo you do know Ritalin is a stimulant? Apparently we with ADD need stimulants to keep our focus….ooo look shiney.

  45. Well, that *would* seem to explain the espresso habit…

  46. And now for some News of the Weird, from our Science and Technology desk…


    (not entirely off-topic, since skunks are also weaselish)

  47. That pose reminds me a little of “my” squirrel that lives in the back yard, she has gotten too tame and spoiled as last weekend when she overslept and the blue jay took all the peanuts I put out for her.. she just came right up to my sliding door and got up on hind feet with a “where’s breakfast?!?” look on her face. These guys clearly are expecting some thing nummy.

    Speaking of nummy, I never expected to find hamsters enticing but the more I see of them, the more I like them. (The one in the box with disapproving bear in background was definitely a cutie.) I may have to think about getting one to perk up my cat.

  48. This fear of machinery of yours says a lot about you! Machines (including most robots) are not cute, therefore, they are terrifying. I feel the same about clowns.

  49. The mechanical stuff exploding fear is probably enforced, if not caused, by movies and/or video games where computers, cars, etcetera blow up at the slightest provocation. My ex was almost disappointed when he threw his computer monitor against a wall and it didn’t explode.

    Such media also influences me to completely distrust tanks of hyrogen gas and the like in the chem labs I work in =( lol

  50. Awwwwwwwww….. they are sooo cute!!! ^-^ The one dark one looks like a thinner version of my Zeke!!!!

  51. Theo! Thank you! You just made me snort the iced tea I just made Out of my nose, and Onto my keyboard…
    *runs off to play with shiny things and forgets the tea, only to come back 2 hrs later to a sticky ‘o’ key*
    (sidenote – ritalin put me to sleep when I was a kid… and now that I’m an “adult” I was on darvocet for wisdom tooth pain, the Darvocet made my a.d.d. go Haywire -just in time for xmas shopping last week- tee hee hee)

  52. Dammit! It’s a conspiracy I tell you. Seems like everytime of late when I have a leetle window of opportunity to look at The Cute someone is trying to SLAY me with ferrets!!! First that darling sleepy curled up white fuzzy one and now THIS! (closes eyes and mutters “I love CATS. I love CATS. CATS. CATS. And KITTENS. Not weasel-y varmints, dammit, CATS.”


    “Social thermoregulation” – a 10 cent word for snuggling!

  54. ShelleyTambo says:

    RedZ, did you see Ugly Overload Monday?

  55. Wow. They have the same expression my little cousin does when I’m babysitting him and ask if he has homework. He’s all like “Homework? Me? Noooo. Not me.”

    Yeah, right.

    Such a “trying to be innocent and lie through my teeth” expression!!! But ador-a-bleeeeee!!!

  56. T-O, you are too funny. I’m glad I’m not the only one (other peeps here also reassure me daily) who conflates pop-cultural references for kicks ‘n’ giggles.

  57. Eeeeee!! Ferreets on linoleum = ferret bowling! Just grab a ferret, roll ’em up into a ball, and slide ’em across the floor…they will come scampering back for more, bouncing with excitement, guaranteed!

  58. Awww! They either want treats, or they want to be picked up. Mine to the same. Only if I ignore them when they want to be picked up, the commence ‘scaling of the pant leg’.

    Weasel Pantaloons! I lub you!

  59. No, ShelleyT, what was it?

  60. Re cute machines: I saw an exhibit once of machine art.

    The best was one that was simply a metal scoop of about 1 cup, on a jointed neck driven by a bicycle chain and standing in a tray of motor oil.

    Its only movement was to reach down, scoop up some oil and pour it over itself. The oil would trickle down the neck and the cycle would repeat.

    That was the happiest machine in the whole wide world. You could practically hear it constantly saying “ah, that’s nice.”

  61. Very cute! The first things I noticed were the adorable HEART SHAPED peenk nosies! Jaypo already beeped ’em tho. And look at their cute feetsies! And the pink widdle earses! I really don’t know a thing about ferrets but if these guys wanna climb up in my lap and patiently teach me, I’m game. I hear that they’re not really lap animals too much though. WAAAAAY too busy running around!!

  62. Cory — “Clown Machine” would be a kickass name for a band.

    Fyre — that happens a lot here. You might want to get one of these:
    (PS — I’m from Dayton, originally.)

    Chacha — not so much conflation as conflagration, methinks. 😉

  63. Ferret 1:”What is it, does she have something for us?”

    Ferret 2:” Shut up dood! I’m trying to see.”

    Ferret 1:”I bet you is food, or a toy, but yeah food.”

    Ferret 2:”Will you shut up! Your making me hungry!”

  64. my ferret, Tuna Lou (shortened from Petunia Lou, Porky Pig fans)loved peanut butter – that would always get her up on her hind legs.

  65. ShelleyTambo says:

    RedZ, ’twas nekkid kitties–a family of kohona sphynxes. Man, the bebehs are wrinkly!



  67. Oooh, cuteoverloadoverload! And holy jumpin’ ferrets!

  68. RevWaldo — wouldn’t that caption work better with this pic?

  69. OMG, the pantaloooooons!

  70. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEE lookit them sweet-looking ferrets!!!

    *scrolls down*



    *looks around college lab*

    *stealthily cleans keyboard of all coffee*

    *sneaks out*

  71. Excuse me, but what is “Ehn”? Oh yeah, cute weasleies.

  72. this summer I looked after a mink baby that was found on the road. talking about an animal that expects CONSTANT attention, no matter where you are or what you do. sitting on its hindlegs looking up and muttering to itself until it got what it wanted. the little critter would force its way under the shower. the threat of having a little weasel run up your leg is even more impressive with no pants on, believe me.
    it had an interesting affinity to machines, by the way, and I extracted it from the sub whoofer, the printer, the dish washer and the washing machine daily.

  73. i am liking ferrets. Someone brought their 2 guys in to see me at work – i think this says something about my multisensory teaching style (and not in a bad way!!!). BUT – there were so many ‘rules’ e.g. ‘don’t touch their heads’, ‘hold them with both hands round the middle’, ‘watch the teeth’, ‘don’t look them in the eye’!! They were a bit scary….but they were quite young. Do you think they’ll improve with age? When people talk about ferrets on C.O they always sound amazing fun and not too dangerous. Is it also true that you have to wear a really ropey, smelly coat when you pick them up because otherwise they won’t know who you are? And (my personal favourite) will they really ‘seek out babies and kill them’ as my friend’s husband assured me??

  74. The darker one’s tail looks kinda like a mohawk. Rawk on little dude.

  75. White bishop takes black bishop. Checkmate.

  76. Susan —

    Jen B — for a chess joke, that’s not a bad caption. 😉

  77. sorry but ferrets r freeky says:
  78. now I’m really worried -*looks down at toes and has quick count*…. Just shows what can happen if you don’t take pet ownership responsibly. I like our piggles, they never so much as glance at babies toes:)

  79. I want to play FERRET CHESS now!

  80. I want to play FERRET CHESS now!



  82. Biscuit Phobia says:

    I have the same fear–that cans of ready-made biscuits will explode with the force of a bomb, removing the side of my house.

  83. There’s an old British sport which is, sadly, dying out, called “ferret-legging”. The idea is to put ferrts down your pants, with– I think– no underwear between you and them, and see how long you can stand it. I am quite serious. It has to do with bar bets, I imagine. Interview with old ferret-legger: “Don’t they bite the bejeezus out of your–” “Aye, they do. The secret is not to mind.”

    Anyway, these kids look like they’re about to give it a try.

  84. those adorable little infant-toe-eating babes!!!!!

  85. Ow my god, this is too cute!! I love ferrets!

  86. Jude – that’s lies, all lies I tell you! Ferrets don’t care if you look them in the eye, and only some mind it if you touch their heads, but they won’t usually bite you for it. They’ll recognize you no matter what you’re wearing, and even if they don’t they probably won’t care as long as they’re being played with. They don’t kill babies any more than cats do, either. You should hold them with two hands, one around the shoulder and the other supporting the hips. Because their bodies are so long, they don’t like to have to support their back ends themselves.

  87. OMG, they’re prairie-dogging! Too cute!

  88. BiscuitPhobia, I refuse to open cans of biscuits. I always make my husband do it. It’s not that I fear they’ll explode, I hate the anticipation and the way I jump when they do pop open.

  89. Jude, not only do ferrets not care if you look them in the eye, all three of mine will have staring contests with me. It sounds like you were dealing with an overly protective/paranoid/flaky person. They DO bite, but I’ve only once had one bite me hard enough to break the skin, and that was a (too-early-weaned) kit at a pet shop who only knew how to bitebitebite. Mostly, their biting is a playful nibbling, and they can be trained not to bite painfully.