What do you want? We can’t even focus our eyeballs yet

Don’t expect us to do a whole heck of a lot here. We can hardly even see you! Are you to our left? To our right? We don’t know! OUR EYES CAN’T FOCUS YET, CAPISCHE?


Oh, and thanks for the camera flash. Jeeshe, Harry D.



  1. Fist Post? Well I guess I tried!

    Kittehs for Xmas, Yay!


  3. Bright light! Bright light! Eeeeee!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    !! Must… snorgle… kittehs…

  5. marmie kittehs!!


    When they get a little older, they can go worship Weeble Jesus.

  6. gloom raider says:

    Okay, who ordered the size XXXS ears?

  7. Teehee…they look like little paranoid conspiracy theorist kittens going all, “who are you and why have you cornered us and are taking pictures?” Like they’ve been abducted by aliens.

    Or maybe that’s just me and the boring work talking.

  8. Karen in Toronto says:

    “What? What?? We cain’t hardly hear ya neither!”

    BTW, much as I luff my leetles grey&white Peabo and black&white Handsome, I’d like to find a marmie conversion kit — or a temporary dye — just for a weekend, or a week.

  9. oooooooooOOOOOOOOOHHHH..!>>38io2’d***f12

  10. I dunno…I don’t think they’re going to go worship Weeble Jebus, ’cause I think they look like little old Jewish man marmies. “What? Are you meshuggah? I haven’t even had my bagel mit lox und schmear yet. And you want I should pose for dis picture?”

  11. MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. They’re so teeny!

    Must gently snorgle and smoosh…baby fuzzy goodness…

  14. LOL Redzilla!

    “You’re killing your mother with your behavior, you know that. What with the camera and the bright lights and the saying of cheese and what have you, enough already!”

  15. The flash was cruel. Poor little things.

  16. You know what’s cruel? Having the chorus of “squees” interrupted by people who have nothing better to do with their time then complain. ESPECIALLY when there’s nothing to complain about and they have to make something up.

    I would like to officialy complain that those kittehs are too close together, such crulety could cause them to become clustraphobic later in life!


    …and now…back to …

    SQUEE! OMG I want one!

  17. TeratoMarty says:

    Hmmm… marmie conversion kit… I dyed a white dog pink with Kool Aid once. Maybe you could try orange Kool Aid? Possibly only if you don’t mind vicious clawmarks on your person.

  18. I am using my powers of THREADJACK for good and betterment…


    New design just added to some of the items at the C.O. Underground Store!

    Info here: http://teho.vox.com/library/posts/tags/merchandise/
    Store here: http://www.cafepress.com/cuteunder

    As of this morning, $40 in commissions had been generated. At the end of December, the month’s total profit will be split between the Cute Overload Tip Jar and the MN Valley Humane Society. [keeping fingers crossed]

    Yeah… I probably didn’t upload the new design in time for Christmas. The design idea only occured to me today, sorry. But maybe it’s worth a shot, eh?

    Many thanks!


    Now back to [marmie kitten coma]

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    Alright…who nibbled the earses? They’re nibbled down to nothing!
    For shame, peeps. For. Shame.

  20. You always use your superpowers for Awesome, Theo.

  21. 😉 J.Bo — except maybe for the ear-nibbling issue. [sheepish]

  22. “What’s all this shizznit? You be wakin’ us up furr gol’, frank n’sense, and what now?”

  23. Awww they look just like my cat “biscuit” wen he was a kitty

  24. Oh tiny triangle ears! I could just snuggle them in my bra all day. So cute and wee!

  25. Redz, isn’t it too early in the week to be served our bris-kit for Shab-cat dinner?

  26. That is just too cute to be decent, surely! Smoooshem!!!

  27. OHhhhhhhhhhh MG!! I looooooooove the little lack of ears!! Such teeny little triangles, I just want to kronsche them!!

  28. Pink TOESIES under da orange fluff!!!


  29. da lil muzzlepuff on the one on the right is scrumptious! I wanna keeees him. And then I wanna just tickle their wee ears and hear them ‘mewwwwwl’

    Bless em.

  30. Happy Channucat yiddle kitties! If you were a little bigger, I’d sneak you bits of my lox. (I love Lox! mit or unmit bagle and shmear… I like salmon sushi too.)

  31. michellemybelle says:

    I need these little kitters, right now. They seem like a good antidote to work.

  32. Cleanup at desk #1… I just melted.

  33. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    I gotta agree with the abducted by aliens comment, thar. They tewtally look disturbed. Or, disturbingly CUTE. 😀

  34. oh, and PEEEEEEEEENK NOSE!

    (sees no jaypo — goes [beep] on one nose, leaving other for jaypo)

  35. Cathryn Bauer says:

    They look as if they’re saying, We may not be able to see, but we’re kittens to reckon with, anyway! Further proof that cats are born with Attitude.

    Reminds me of my Ashbycat who owned us for 16 years. She weighed 6.5 pounds, but believed nonetheless that she was a fierce and dangerous creature. It was hilarious to watch her stalking around the yard. Actually, she was a good hunter. We used to wake up to the sound of mousie bones being crunched under our bed. Euuwwwww.

  36. Aubrey: A bris kit? Doesn’t that just involve a sharp pair of scissors and shaky-handed 107-year old rabbi?

  37. They need kisses :-*

  38. Redz – they have to be in a moving automobile, too (remember that SNL skit?)

  39. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    AWWWW SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda like our BILLY!!!! wewt…..someone say something…..to us!!!!! please…..and don’t twist our words…..we’re not creeps……you creepy ppl who think like that…….jkjkjkjkjkjkjk……..dots………………wewt!

  40. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    Theo ur cool….i think…..jk, but wewt……

  41. acelightning says:

    Oh, dear Goddess…
    first the tiniest, cutest Itty Bitty Bunny in the world…
    and now the tiniest, cutest Itty Bitty Kitties in the world!
    {falls over again}

  42. pookiepuff says:

    Wee little marmalade kittehs! So adorapie!

  43. “Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow . . .”

  44. What about tater tots, Pyrit? Potatoes have eyes…

  45. Look at the TINY baby claws on the little feets!
    I want to put them in my pocket!

  46. Chris Johnson says:

    In before,
    “meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer! meer!”

  47. *sob* I wants a kitteh!! The little marmie fuzzballs make me just…no words. Darn it. All I know is that I reallllllyrealllllyreallllyreallly want a tiny little love like one of these. When they’re growed up enough, that is!!! Still. I’m all melty in the brain now.

  48. Praise Weesus for kittehs..

  49. violetgreen says:

    ooh wook at dee widdle appleheads! They’re about one-third head, my gawd!

  50. Grumblecakes says:

    Capisce, I think.


  51. With all these cultural references being shared, imagine little teeny widdo yarmulkes on ‘dere hey-eds. Would they be marmalade colored, or is basic black worn in the most fashionable synagogues these days? Geev ’em a little schmear of cream cheese to lick offa yo finger first tho…

    (Yes people, that IS how you spell the little beanies that are worn as a head covering during sabbath. And I’M a Gentile! LOL

  52. oof!

    The whiskerpuffles and lil pink frowns are just too much to take! I can almost see them quivering as they try to hold their bobbing heads up.



  54. I hope they’ve gotten over the intense pain caused by the flash.

  55. hmmm – scroll up to where your comment was already posted. Beware the wrath of constance.
    (joke “Wrath of Kahn”)

  56. Blimey!




    WOW, that’s cute! I just want to lick those little pink nosicles!

  58. HEAVEN HELP ME! Just when I thought things could not POSSIBLY get any cuter around here, they just did. And by monumental proportions. Words cannot express my delight at seeing presshuss lil marmie kitt-oons this morning and the little “just born” expressions. Can’t you just see their little heads wobbling around, trying to focus, to do ANYTHING besides nurse, since that’s all their good at at that age besides looking overwhelmingly adorable and helpless.

    Say a prayer for me cuz I just died.

  59. The kitten stage is the best part of owning a cat! 😀

  60. Okay, so I’m not really dead yet.

    I just want to know, can I wear them on my head for about an hour to suck out all the bad stuff and replace it with wholesome, sunshiney, marmie goodness?!

    They oughta figger out how to bottle that stuff somehow!

  61. The New Fashion for Depressives for 2007:

    Marmie Kitten Caps!

  62. Steam and sugar, Grumblecakes. Extra steam and sugar.

  63. Wargl!
    That is me choking on the cute. With their tiny little stripes, and their teeny tiny claws, and their itty bitty ears.

  64. Wee teeny marmie pint lions!


  65. Sooooooo Smmmmaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll….*faint*

  66. …I can’t read half these comments for all the cuteologist “lingo”. I guess that’s how you know something’s REALLY cute…the comments are indecipherable!

  67. About the flash…I think, although I’m not sure, that they can’t see much anyway, because they have fluids in their eyes that aren’t clear yet. So they are kind of naturally protected from the flash right now. I just read that their visual acuity will still get 16 times better before they’re done developing. Not that I’d recommend going around flashing bright lights in little kitters’ eyes…awww, put ’em back inna nest and keepem warm, that’s the thing to do.

  68. carolina – good idea about the caps, I’ll take one! That’s how I found this site in the first place, when things get really rough, I have a habit of doing google searches for “kittens.” (A fact I’d hesitate to admit anywhere else)

  69. They look ready to strike. Like Marmelade Ninjas, they is…

  70. The toes, people! The tiny, tiny toes! *faints due to cuteness overdose*

  71. I just want to tuck them under my sweater and let them curl up and sleep.

  72. Mitsu: My brother was feeding a neighbor’s neglected cat when one day the owner disappeared and the cat turned up pregnant.

    So anyway, my brother being the kind-hearted soul that he is, let her “birth her babies” and eventually found homes for them (my mom took one of them).

    He told me that during the time the kittens were staying in his apartment, he would come home from a bad day and work and lay on the floor and let the kittens crawl all over him and that was the best therapy imaginable.

    I think kitten vests might also work, ya’ know, a pocket for each kitteh, etc.

    PS: Don’t be ashamed of your need for cute! We all gotta get by somehow! Sometimes, a cute infusion is just what the doctor ordered.

  73. their ears are TINY!

  74. They might be teensie, but I think they have already picked up on the “art of disapproving looks.”

    We DISAPPROVE of that camera flash . . . and YOU. Now where’s my mommy’s teat?

  75. Carolina-
    Good brother!

  76. lauwolf: My bro is so good, he adopted a deaf kitten which he’s had for several years. Cat has always had problems from birth. Now, the poor thing has gone blind as well. My brother was rather upset and worried about it, but the cat actually seems to be doing quite well navigating by smell and touch. I think he’s gonna be okay. He has a very good “daddy” to look after him.

  77. Awww, they are so precious!

  78. Karen in Toronto says:

    Constance: keep reading! Check the CO Glossary (not everything is in there yet). And make up ur own…

  79. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    does anyone pay any attention to my comments?…..=(

  80. You know if you look at them in the wrong way, they look like a Two-Headed Kitteh!

  81. I am lion, hear me roar

  82. Their heads are enormous! <3

  83. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Teeny marmalades! I need some toast, stat, to spread them on!

  84. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I can just hear them…Meer! meeer! Meer! Meer!
    I love me some marmies.

  85. *franticaly cross checks the CO glossary to decipher cuteologist lingo*

    I’ll get it eventually.