This guy is ready to help with your Festival of Lights

Rabbi "Rocky" wishes you a Happy חנוכה


OK, you KNOW you have to send this photo to your fave Jewish person today. Just do eet!
Thanks, Craig R.



  1. Yitzysmommie says:

    Adorable! My Hannukah is brighter right now 🙂 I have sent him to my Jewish family and friends.

  2. Shalom Rv, little dude! How cute can we possibly get? And muchas thanks to CO for remembering that not everyone celebrates Christmas!

    *snorgles little Jewish puppy*


  3. Yarmulke Terrier?

  4. The poof on this guy’s nose is perfect.
    He’s all brushed up and perfect for his photo.
    An official squeeee.

  5. yoohoostereo says:

    Glad to see that while CO is PC this holiday season (huzzah for that), they remain to keep the CUTE!

  6. That’s awesome! And I did just send it to my favorite Jewish person .. and he LOVED it.

    Wayyyy to go CO!

  7. Wow! His eyes look like doll’s eyes don’t they??? so cute!! 🙂

  8. Aaaaand he’s got the yeem going on, too.

  9. His nose even looks plastic!

  10. Shalom and Happy Hannukka!!
    He’s cute!

  11. Awwww! Could this be the Blue Kippah of Fabulousness?

    Happy Hanukkah, peeps!

  12. NebraskaErin says:

    He just looks like he’s totally trying to be serious, but failing miserably because no one takes something that cute seriously.

    Poor little rabbi-dog.

  13. Oh man, that is keeling me with laughter! I’m even tempted to send this to my fellow Witnesses…*LOL*


  14. I should put Bunn in an outfit like that. Then he’d be Rabbi Rabbit. 🙂

  15. I’d like to stay at this ki-pooch.

  16. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! I wonder if that was made specifically for the pooch. It appears to be terrier-sized. 🙂

    Happy Hanukkah, folks!

  17. Oy! No rabid dog jokes.

  18. I may have to convert!

  19. At the risk of sounding irreverent on this holy occasion… I can’t resist the question…
    “Rebbs and Racks?”

  20. ps:
    this little puppala made me plotz with laughter!

  21. But I thought he found Gideon’s Bible.

    Oh. A racoon. Sorry.

  22. So sacrilegious, yet so cute…my Yiddish heart is torn.

    Oh well…must surrender to the cute.

  23. Why is this pup different from all other–oh wait, wrong holiday.

  24. The Yippish Terrier
    Bark-mitsvahed at the menorrah,
    Passed over the Torah,
    ChJewed on a little matzoh ball
    Spun the dreidel down the hall
    Wore the Jewish emblem
    Then did the Gaza strip
    Babyled on with Beth lehem
    And said, “Santa-schmanta”
    I’ll take Rosh Hashanna.

  25. Awww… warms the cockles of my heart. Happy Hannukkah!

  26. The dog’s thinking:

    I think it’s time Mom and DAd had some of their own children to dress up and embarass.

  27. ElliottM – you made me choke on my popcorn…
    But it’s been said many times before… shouldn’t eat or drink while perusing CO!

  28. Aww! Shalom & happy Hannuka!

  29. Aww! Shalom & happy Hannuka!

  30. ceejoe:
    Choose one men-orah-nother: don’t do both!

  31. We’ve had the baby Jesus, Hanukah, now all we need is a Festivus for the rest of us! I’ll take a passel of kittens snuggled around the base of an aluminum pole.

  32. still not kosher….

  33. But if the kittens snuggle around an aluminum pole… doesnt that take the aluminum-ness away?? Actually we are still missing a Kwanzza representative. Any takers???

  34. He’s off to celebrate Hannukah in Santa Paw-nica…

  35. Looks like he’s getting ready for his bark-mitzvah too.

  36. I know this is intended to be cute and all….but its really innappropriate to be dressing an animal in religious wear.

    The photo of the kitten in the nativity was cute because it was natural. My cat at home has taken a liking to playing with the ceramic baby Jesus.
    But to make light of sacred things on purpose is a whole other thing.

  37. May I just say, that is adorable!

    Also..NICE ROCK! 😀

  38. Exhaustedlonghorn says:

    As adorable as that pup is, I’m more fascinated by the fabulous rings of its owner!

  39. Yeah, I really like the black pearl one on her right hand.

  40. This lady’s got fab jewelry, a cute pup, looks like nice figure and hair — oy! she’s got it made!

    ^5 to Aubrey for the TL song.

  41. Sweat Pea:

    I’m a practicing Jew, and–while there’s a small part of me that finds it questionable–I can accept it in the spirit of fun and cuteness in which it’s intended. (Though would I buy a tallis and kippah for my dog? No.)

    PS: I guess the right word here is “tail-is.” 🙂

  42. wow, as i was scrolling down, i thought this was gonna be an, ahem, observant, dog in rack.

  43. Albertadude says:

    That is cute…Go Israel!!!

    Now if I have to find a picture of my favorite Jewish person, I guess I’ll go looking for a picture of Jesus!

  44. My mom has one of those little home Buddhist setups in her living room. I’m not sure what you call it–an altar? A shrine? Well anyway, it’s a little end table with the scroll mounted in the box, an incense burner, and fruit and water offerings to Buddha. I’m sure most of you have seen these things in the shops in Chinatown–a lot of Asians have one both in their home and in their business.

    Aaaanyway, my sister’s two cats stay with her (their grandma) when my sister and her husband travel.

    Guess what the kitten did last time? She jumped up onto the shrine and daintily lapped up Buddha’s water. :~D I do believe my mom had to act appalled out of obligation, but she was laughing her ass off when she told me!

  45. This is they, by the way:

    Naya is the snowshoe, and the Buddha-water-drinker. 🙂

  46. I find these sorts of things hilarious. I showed this to my boyfriend this morning, and he told me that his aunt puts yarmulkes on her dogs.

    Sweet Pea – There’s a lot to be said for the ability to not take oneself too seriously.

  47. Whoever sent this in did a mitzvah for sure! 😀

    I totally dig this photo and wish our Jewish pup a Happy Hannukah!

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    EliottM – I laughed out loud, as did my DH. Dave – the tail-is comment did me in.
    Chag Sameach everyone!

  49. But I AM my fave Jewish person! (and well done, ElliotM!)

  50. Is it wrong of me to notice the cute, perky (married) rack in the back?

  51. Eye shine!

  52. It’s yet another strike against religion that something like this would be a problem.

    To those who had even a small issue with this, get over yourselves and enjoy the cuteitude.

  53. I hardly see anybody complaining, Aloysius.

  54. this is cute and funny, maybe a little sad too hehe. I am surprised nobody said Mazel Tov to the Dog for getting his picture shown on CO.