That’s it, I’m calling Pup Protective Services myself

That’s it, I’ve had it up to HERE [raises paw] with you clowns. Your "Oooooh, Puppy Soup!" and your "Labrador Bisque" was funny the first ten times. Are you guys high or what? 


Simmah dahn nah, Lauren M.



  1. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    I’d eat him!

  2. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Holy shizzle, I was first!

  3. w00t to TheLoveOfIsis!

    I’d rather snorgle him than eat him, fer sure. Lookit that muzzlepuff and those big paddy paws!!!

  4. Cute or sad? He doesn’t look very happy to me. Purdy durn adorable tho!
    Get ‘im outta da pot already!
    Yellow labs = happiness!

  5. As long as you don’t spray him with the Resolve on the table….

  6. For the first time ever caught on film: puppy disapproval.

  7. I might be getting one of those little darlings soon. One of our neighbors is considering breeding one of their dogs, and we’ve been promised a puppy if it happens.

  8. all I can say is YUM !!

  9. Major disapproval. He is so like… OVER the whole bit. Hysterical.

  10. minnesnowtah says:

    I see…

    Le Sigh!

    “Hurry up, take yer picture and get me outta here…” Oh, the things a pup has to endure for fame in the interwebs!

  11. He’s thinking, “What I have to put up with in service of the human sense of ‘humor'”…

  12. cooked to perfect cuteness!

  13. yoohoostereo says:

    The recipe will be complete with two kittehs and a bunny.

  14. This year, instead of the traditional turkey, the newest trend is one Golden Lab puppy to snorgle. Prevents the traditional Holiday 15 too.

  15. I love the chubbaliciousness! And the fat puppy paws!

  16. A delectable puppy and…McDonald’s shakes?

  17. I think those are Chick-Fil-A cups. Perhaps that is a new marketing ploy for their cow based advertising. “Eat More Pups.”

  18. They look to be cups of Chick-Fil-A iced tea to me…yum!

    And just for the record, I had to sing Meg’s ‘I ate too moishe’ song this afternoon due to our office holiday luncheon. 🙂

  19. Eleanor–gmta!

  20. What would Scooby do?

  21. you guys r silly says:

    * AlphaPup Soup * !!!

  22. Oh Arvay – chubbaliciousness! I love it – what a snorgable pup. What they have to put up with from us.

  23. Puppy Soup is ALWAYS funny.

  24. you guys r silly says:

    [with advance apologies to Pillsbury…]
    “Nothin’ says lovin’
    like a pup on top of your oven”…

  25. Aside from the whole puppy disapproval thing he’s got goin’ on there, you know he’s also thinking “Man, this had better end with at least a dozen snausages, or a bag full of beggin’ strips. Seriously.”

  26. I see some Resolve carpet cleaner in the back. Me thinks maybe this little puppeh got a little too pee-happy and it now being cooked up for the evening stew.

  27. NebraskaErin says:

    I can hear his disapproving “le sigh” from here. And we don’t even have a Chick-Fil-A in the tri-state area.

  28. Reminds me of an old dutch saying: “de hond in the pot vinden.” or `Finding the dog in the pot,’ which means that everything has already been eaten.

  29. SNORGLADORABLE! Mmmmm, Cute Puppy Stew. Would be satisfied to gnaw on one of those flopster ears, though.

  30. Mmm…perfect for a cold winter day. I also thought the resolve in the background was a nice touch, lol.

  31. TEH PAWS. I must have one on my nose. Okay, my nose is not THAT big, but I doan care. Mr. Pups, please put that paw on my nose, I die happy.

  32. What? You never seen a pup in a pub before…what do you mean this is not a pub…I know my pubs from my pots, thank you very much…

    Is it me or is my fanny getting hot?

  33. soooooo adorable!!!! Could just eat him up!!!

  34. ahahaha.
    This is far too cute. Seriously, his little face is just too much!

  35. omg that is a cute puppeh!
    I want to hold him… and hug him… and keees him…

  36. AuntieMame says:

    Is this part of the New Deal? A pup in every pot?

  37. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Tisha — LOL I noticed the same thing! Maybe they’re preparing for the inevitable Revenge Piddle…

  38. I refer my right honourable friend to my answer to the previous question.

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    that pup can come live with me if he wants to. I would snorgle him all day and never let him near the stove. Heck i don’t allow KA9Q near the stove. He just makes a mess.

  40. Look at his little puppy rolls! I wanna snuggle him all through the holidays!

  41. “‘Is is soup yet?’ Oh – so funny; my sides, mysides!

    Then well may I ask, ‘Is the daily paper torn to shreds yet?'”

  42. poor little guy… in the soup AGAIN.

  43. little gator says:

    We need a new category for stovetop pets, and it needs a name.

  44. Little Gator —
    (I know the format is messed up right now. It’s in flux.)

  45. I think she meant ‘Lab-ster Bisque’. Or possibly ‘poopy soup’. Course, the poopy soup part depends on how pissed off that puppy really is about being in that pot.

  46. what’s with that blue glow under the pot? it does appear as if the flame is on..

  47. Labrador bisque sounds pretty good right about now… well, the bisque, anyway.

    I’d totally eat up this puppy in the metaphorical sense. Look at those tasty paws! *puts in mouth*

  48. Fill-in flash, PB.

  49. Gaaah! Lab puppies do me in everytime. I just can’t stand how cute they are. The fuzzy paws, the soft fuzzy ears and the little wet black nose and those eyes, the EYES! I’m going to have to get me a few of those!

  50. A friend of mine did this with his new baby boy when they first bought him home – all swaddled up with a little hat, they decided to see if he’d fit right in the soup pot and he did!

  51. I think the recipe called for pOppy seeds … not pUppy seeds … I hate it when I drop stuff on the recipe book

  52. what a korean picture!*

    *i can say that, i’m of korean ethnicity…not culture/lifestyle though.

  53. OMG! Look at that face…

    I saw the Resolve in background too. Thats the first I thought. If you do that one more time – “You ARE going in the pot!”

  54. Hmmmm, needs more dog.

  55. Looks like we’re having a little hot dog tonight!

  56. Tastes like chicken.

  57. Sweet little pup — he’s just the color and sheen of sunshine! And look at the size of those PAWS! He’s gonna be one BIG boy! (Or girl, as the case may be).

  58. Snakes and snails and puppy dogs’ tails. They’re cooking up a boy!

  59. Love the obscure SNL reference!
    Simmah dahn nah

  60. How BIG is this guy, again?

    Labradors. Best. Dogs. Evar.


  61. Oh! Cutes! Can I send this one to my fave Jewish persons, too?

  62. Heathers dead baby says:

    mmm dog chunk stew, goes really well with placenta sauce

  63. He looks delicious! What a sweet picture!

  64. That reminds me of the Roseanne where DJ put Jackie’s baby in a pot, he was so proud of it.

  65. I showed this picture to my boyfriend (who is half Vietnamese) and the first thing he said was “Oh, must be a Vietnamese family!” and started laughing…

  66. My parents at least once put ME in a pot for purposes of photographic cute, so I find this hilarious.

  67. Lab puppies = lots of love.

  68. I hope she washes that pot before she makes real soup. Nothing kills chicken noodle like stinky puppy tocks.

  69. One paw skillfully balanced on the rim, the other draped over casually. C’mon, what’s not to love!

  70. Alyson, my six siblings and I all have baby photos of ourselves in pots and/or various sinks. They are trotted out periodically to our never ending mortification…

  71. LindsayBear says:

    I do love the Chik-Fil-A cups in the background.

  72. pup paw pea soup. I don’t think it gets any sweeter than that.

  73. D.A.R.E. to Just Say No to pot.

  74. OMG Chick-Fil-A! And a buttery lab! It’s like someone sent me the best Christmas card ever. Way to bring the goodness of home to LA, folks.

  75. *is thrilled that there has been no commentroversy*

    *knocks wood*

  76. [tempted to spin out a paragraph or two of vitriolic rant for DLT’s “benefit”]
    [too lazy]

  77. sorry if said above, but maybe the puppy got into hot water because of what he did that made the owners need that Resolve carpet spot cleaner on the counter?

  78. It’s an economical meal, too. You can feed six people for just under a collar.

  79. …et tu, Suda Nim?

  80. when i got my dog, i signed a contract promising not to make him into stew… which is a damn shame since he has significant ear chub.

  81. Sorry, Teho. It just *had* to be said. Forgive me.

  82. i personally like the carpet cleaner in the background…puppies!

  83. OMG Thats so cute!!! i would eat him in one bite!!! I would love 2 have that puppie!!!

  84. True puppy owners, as I see the bottle of Resolve in the background…I went through SO many of those myself with my pups…:o)