Move over, Mary!

This little marmalade kitteh is like, tewtelly gonna keep the baby Jesus warm. (Mary is pushed over, poor thing, and Joseph is looking for help)


Dee B.—Nice crêche action 😉



  1. The Three Wise Men are bringing frankincense, myrrh, and Tender Vittles.


  2. Now this is a nativity I wouldn’t mind having in my apartment. Kitty!

  3. Oh–HEY THEO!! LOOK! I’m gonna say it…here I go…

    *deep breath*


    *runs as fast as my fat self can go…*


  4. This rocks! I would approve of Christmas if more creches involved marmie kittehs.

  5. My parents had the exact same nativity scene when I was growing up, sans kittens. Perhaps if we’d prayed to marmies, I’d still be a Catholic today.

  6. Kitty once again gets hold of the 2-in-one time travel enlargement machine.

  7. Oooh Nooeeees!

    Is this kitties first Xmas?


  8. TeratoMarty says:

    Notice how the angel seems to be going “oh f$@#, that cat is RUINING EVERYTHING!!”

  9. Oh. My. God. That is precious! You all probably know this story, but:

    Supposedly, the baby Jesus was crying and Mary couldn’t soothe him, so a little tabby cat climbed into the crib, curled up against Jesus, and started purring. Jesus fell asleep, and Mary touched the sweet kitty’s head in thanks. That’s how tabby kittehs got their “M” marks. 🙂

    This pic illustrates that story perfectly, lol!

  10. michellemybelle says:

    The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

  11. We three kits in marmalade coats
    Far more cute than weasels and stoats
    Sleeping in mangers, shedding on strangers,
    This is what floats our boat


    Kits of fluff and kits of skwee
    More snorglee kits you never did see
    Meg did post us
    Heavenly host us
    And we play with toys dang-a-lee.

  12. If kitteh wasn’t so well groomed and healthy, this would be a Mange-er.

  13. Must we start putting up with “Cats ‘n’ Creches” now?


  14. Meowpossum says:

    Laurie — I think we had the same creche, too. Ours didn’t have kitties, either, but it did have unicorns! Also, I think Baby Jesus was represented by a Weeble. (We were klutzty kids and kept breaking the originals.)

  15. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The person in the pink head scarf (is that Mary?) is whispering to the Wise Man right next to him/her, “Dude, that is one seriously weird-lookin’ camel you rode in on…”

  16. Gold, check. Frankincense, check. Purrrr? It’ll do!

  17. gloom raider says:

    “…And the lion-colored kitteh shall lie down with the tiny, breakable lamb…”

  18. TonyJames– ahahahaha! brilliant!

    When the page opened up, I was at first alarmed, since my name is Mary. Then I read on — whew! This is one of the funniest posts ever on this site. I think the marmie kitteh is actually baby Aslan.

  19. Hey Rumi!
    I posted that same story on “the daily kitten” today!
    It sure is a cute story isn’t it?

  20. Wow, if that isn’t one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen…

  21. ALL farm animals love Baby Jesus, even the barn kitteh!!!

  22. HAY MEG and DEE B! I AM LOVE YOU!!!

    HAY TEE JAY! BWA HA HA HA awesome.

    HAY BATS! [snicker]

    HAY SKIPPY! You & C. S. Lewis are so right. Guess what this dude’s “real” name is:

    and HAY DENITA!

  23. P. Erasmus says:

    *smacking lips*

    “4000 fish is all mine!” –kitty

  24. I missed Gloom Raider’s “quote” — heh. So.

  25. cat? what cat? i just see an over-sized pile of strangely striped hay with two “cats eye” pattern bowling balls.

  26. wow, that cow is smooooooshed behind the ketteh, and i didn’t even notice it…how sad

  27. *MEGABLEEN* right back atcha, Teho! *flings puddins*


  28. This is just too cute.

    Surely Jesus would have to smile at this….

    (snagging pic as wallpaper to rotate with the praying cabbit..)

  29. Kitty has just taken her place in the creche where she belongs, and is waiting to be worshiped.

  30. Done! I have just finished catching up on 10 days worth of CO! w00t!

  31. For unto us a Child is born, and all creation will adore Him….even the kittens!

  32. NebraskaErin says:

    At last, the world knows Teh Truth of the nativity. The wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, and the Marmie brought the catnip and Pounce. And it was good.

  33. Maybe kitty’s screening the wannabees & kissups, y’know, like a club bouncer, or a forum mod [ahem] so the little guy can get some rest & concentrate on being radiant.

    “Gold? Sure, right over there. Frankincense? Bleah… but go ahead & leave it; maybe it’ll make the place less ‘stable-y’ for Mary. Myrrh? Purr… wait, what? You brought SPAM?!” [glances at Joseph, who nods] “…OK, punk, right here. Yes, in front of me. Yes, you will OPEN it, please.”

  34. ^5’s Skippy for the Aslan reference. TonyJames-brilliant as usual. Laurie C – YOU ROCK! Your battery re-charged yet? Theo – Love it! SPAMILICIOUS! Can’t beLIEVE my Mom used to make that stuff on a regular basis…*urp*

    Kitty in manger – you look purrrfect in there. Don’t let anybody shoo you away.

  35. Feral cat news: the first “official” trapping for alter-and-release at the second feral colony I’m involved with has now taken place. Info and photo on my vox:

  36. I love all the comments here – but why is it that the one that made me laugh the most was “baby Jesus was represented by a Weeble”? Just typing it made me giggle again.
    (Yeah, I went Christmas shopping at the mall tonight.)

  37. There’s Something About Mary, and there’s the three Kings, Tut, Kong, Larry, and the lesser known fourth King, B.B. (Bounce Bounce) who had no gifts to bring, and instead offered, “shall I yeem for you? Paw-yeem-yeem-yeem-yeem.”

  38. How udderly adorable! Is anyone else concerned about Joesph? He’s off talking to himself!!

  39. I am slain, between the Qte-ness of this marmie, the wit of the Peeps (^5 to Teej), and I too LOL’d at Baby Jesus the Weeble.

    Listen, cut Joseph some slack. First his fiancee gets knocked up by God, then they have to travel a long way, then she gives birth in a stable, and THEN a giant marmie kitten pushes everyone out. The man’s got stress.

    And the Wise Men are soooo offering their stuff to the kitty.

  40. Heehee Meowpossum…that’s like the twin boys I used to take care of…they had a Little Tykes Manger Set, but sometimes the other figurines would stop by, and Baby Jesus would be visited by an astronaut or construction worker…sort of “Village People meet the Maji” situation. Y-M-C- Alleluhia!

  41. I am in yr manger, worshipping ur son of God.

  42. Y’know, I’m not especially religious, but I just read my last comment and it seems vaguely blasphemous. No offense meant, peeps!

  43. That’s okay 2cats. It made me laugh and I’m catholic (sorta). Its all good during the holidays.

  44. We have the same nativity scene, minus the kitten of course~

    The picture’s adorable anyway, reminds me of our kitten who likes to climb in our Christmas tree!

  45. AuntieMame says:

    I consider myself very religion, 2cats, and I guffawed out loud at your comment! 🙂

    All this picture needs is a Dalek, a sheepdog, and the RAF to be a Mr. Bean video.

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Religious, I mean…

  47. I come back from ves-purrs and what do I find? A cat-ivity!

    I’m taking this straight to the Cat-ican!

  48. Whoa. I swear we had that same nativity barn when I was kid. I totally remember that strange little ladder going up to nowhere.

    It took me a sec to see that lil’ orange fella in there.

  49. Honestly the comments are kicking my a@@. The Village People meet the Maji, Jesus as a Weeble, I am in ur manger, worshipin ur messiah, and my cats are over here doing WWF instead of being nice and reverant like the marmie.

  50. omg omg omg omg – that is the funniest pic in a while. The kitty is just chillin’ in the manger.

    “…’ssup, yo…”

  51. I love the comments. Ya’ll have me ROFLMAO, must be quiet. Hubby is sleeping…

    It looks like Joseph has just given up….

  52. [Shirley Bassey]
    Brian, the kitten they called Brian,
    he grew, he grew, and grew,
    grew up to be, grew up to be,
    a cat called Brian. A cat called Brian,
    he had arms, and legs, and paws, and a tail,
    the cat, whose name was Brian…
    [/Shirley Bassey]

    Need a hint? Click:

  53. “He’s not the messiah, he’s a VERY NAUGHTY BOY!”

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    This pic could have been taken at my house when I was little! Except we had a different Nativity set and the cat weighed about 10 pounds but still…
    I have the Nativity now and I think about my mom’s psycho-cat Charlie Brown everytime I set it up. He loved to lay in the straw that was used in the set and every night would push all the figurines out of the way so he could lay in it. This pic brought back some great memories.
    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  55. Oh wow. My Chloe used to do this exact same thing when she was younger (she’s 10 now and just slightly too big to fit). We always used to joke that she wasn’t going to Heaven because she would lie down right on Jesus.

  56. Martha in Washington says:

    BTW, all you peeps who made fun of Jesus, His Mother, His Father(s), His Wise Men AND His Manger are all going straight to hell. You know that, don’t you? Well, like my great grandma used to say, “I don’t want to go to Heaven. I won’t know anybody.”

  57. Martha, that would happen possibly after an orientation in purr-cat-ory.

    Can I quote your great grandma?

  58. Martha in Washington says:

    Aubrey-please, be my guest. Or her guest, I guess.
    “Purr-cat-ory” and the nuns always made it sound like such a bad place to go.;)

  59. Squeeeeeeeee! That picture made me warm at heart-and then the comments made me laugh out loud, what a great way to start the day! Thanks *hands out pudding and cookies*:D

  60. Hey – THANKS!

    (rudely grabs puddin and cookies out of fatcat’s hands)

    You’re waking up and I’m going to bed! I got my midnight snacks and I’m outta here! g’night!!

  61. little gator says:

    From my favoraite blog:

    If that doesn’t work go to and search the archive ofr dec 24, 2005.

  62. I’m just back from a 5-day stay in the hospital which involved blood clots and emergency inserts of pacemakers, and this is too wonderful. Thank you so much for the pictures to make me feel better. 🙂

  63. Peeps, go to little gator’s link. It takes a minute of reading to get to the money shot, but oh, so worth it. I will not spoil it here.

  64. These comments are gold people. A morning with a marmie in a manger, song parodies AND Monty Python references is going to be a good day.

    Oh and:
    A weeble? Really? Thats brilliant. I think we had the same manger too, sans weeble of course.

  65. I bet Joseph will never have to set a mousetrap in that manger!

  66. this has been what I needed today..i have gotten quite the chuckle. And seeing this makes me think of my grandma, who in all her “infinite wisdom” never did quite get the correct pronunciation of “creche”. so I grew up every Christmas with my grandma asking who wanted to put Baby Jesus in the crotch. and of course who DIDN’T want the honor of placing the baby Messiah in a crotch?? ahh…the memories. 🙂

  67. Oh man, I second little gator’s link, I laughed so hard I think I sprained something.

  68. fantastic pic, and TJ, you’re in fine form – fine form indeed – love it!

  69. Oh these comments are awesome! Jesus as a Weeble! The Christmas crotch (creche)! Oh my stomach!

    Darling kitty by the way. What a cute pic!

  70. Rumi, I wish I’d heard that story before! My mom’s nativity set has a set of three kitties (supplemental pieces I bought for her) and every year she yelled at me for putting the kitties in the crib with Jesus. I argued that that’s what kitties would DO if they were there in the manger, but she said Mary would never allow stray kitties to sleep in with Jesus. Shows what SHE knew!

  71. normally I ramble on about whatever in my comments. But this picture has reduced me to this:

    Oh my God that’s so dang cute! cute cute cute!

  72. Sing with me now:

    Away in a manger
    No crib for a bed
    the little gold marmie
    cuddled up on jesus’ head

    the cows are all smooshed back
    but the horse he looks on
    as lil yellow marmie
    snorgles all day long….

    okay, it’s early that’s the best I could do 🙂 BTW, award winning comments today peeps.

  73. The shepherd (Harold) back left corner: “Lo, a rack of lamb, I mean, a lambs in racks photo submish! Angie, take the picture!”
    The angel is all, “Hark! Harold, angels just sing. Glory be, how do ya work this thing?”

  74. [Curtains]
    [Act 1 Scene 1: The Manger]

    Angel behind Jesus: “OMG. Baby + kitten. Must. Not. Squee.”

    Mary to Wise Man 1: “I don’t know … he just kinda followed us here.”

    Kitty to Wise Man 2: “Is that catnip?”

    Wise Man 3 to Wise Man 2: “The HUMAN baby, Balthazar.”

    Baby Jesus to donkey: “It was THIIIS big.”

    Joseph (in Cliff Claven voice): Can anyone, uh, sort this thing out?

  75. Meggy moo- you out did yourself- hilarous!

  76. Karen in Toronto says:

    TonyJ: Star of Wonder! I nearly gsnerked my coffee.

  77. Subhangi –
    Donkey to Baby Jesus: “Hee! Haw big? Eeyore kidding!”


    Very good cat-fitting-into-small-and-incongruous-space technique demonstrated by Sir Marmypants, here. “Joseph looking for help”–Meg, you cracked me up!

  79. …and very brilliant comments by the Peeps. Best comment thread in a while. TeeJay, I LOL’d. Everyone else, I’m quietly chuckling here. Happy Christmas, everybody!

  80. Yitzysmommie says:

    The Kitten! The comments! I can’t decide which I like better…I’m still grinning over a weeble playing baby Jesus.

  81. I’m in UR creche

    Watchin’ the baby Jebus

  82. Baby Jesus + Weeble = Baby Weesus

  83. bunnajenny says:

    To quote Laurie C from way up the top of the post: “Perhaps if we’d prayed to marmies, I’d still be a Catholic today.”

    Laurie C, you just grew up to be a Cat-a-holic!

  84. daisycat — Christmas crotch! I’m not going to be able to keep a straight face at all this Christmas.

  85. My fav is still -‘Dude, that is one seriously weird-lookin’ camel u rode in on’ (tanx, brak_) Look how the magi is leaning into Mary so perfectly to hear what she’s whispering……Love this thread; I DO NOT get into the Christmas spirit anymore – until maybe the night before …. but this is so, so sweet(and hilarious) – Thankyou.

  86. Weesus wobbles but He won’t fall down!

  87. I am really unhip so could somebunnies please explain the origin of the “I am in yr …” whatevs that I keep seeing? thanks!

  88. The tabby is believed by some to have been marked by the Virgin Mary, with an “M” on its forehead. Some legend about the cat saving the baby Jesus. I’m sure some of you have heard about it.

  89. Oh, Rumi got that! I see it now (about the “M”) – I knew I couldn’t slip one by. Y’all are too sharp for me.

  90. That cat is the ‘ghost of christmas’ yet to come’… or something. He’s like, “In the fuuuuture, there will be miracles of fiiiish.”
    And I’m sure the bebeh Jesus is like, “Then it shall be!”
    … Meanwhile, Joseph goes to get the cat hair roller…

  91. singing carolers:

    “Oh come let us adore him,
    Oh co’me let us adore him,
    Oh come let us adore him….
    Marmie kitteh!”

  92. Kit is tewtally correct. This explains the later miracle of the loaves and fishes.

    (cat-loaves, natch!)

  93. “Jesus, Joseph and Kitty?”

  94. i saw an Animal Planet show that said that tabby cats (which Marmie is) got the ‘M’ on their foreheads for Mary, because when she went to olay Jesus in the manger, there was a tabby there keeping it warm. And my comment was: “And it didn’t move then, either!” And we have the proof in the photo…

  95. There’s an Islamic story about Mohammed and a tabby cat (Muezza), too:

    Here’s the Wiki…

  96. My bigger kitty likes to lie in our manger too. I love the note about the unicorn and weeble. Our Baby Jesus lies in the Angel’s arms on the top of the tree until Christmas Day.

  97. Albertadude says:

    This is so precious…I have the exact same Nativity set at home …so cute!!!

  98. …and to all a good night.

  99. I’m in ur Nativity
    Steelin ur Jesus

  100. LessDenied says:

    Hehehehe @ Jamie. This picture is adooorable…

  101. What child is this?

  102. daisycat, thanks, I read the thread, but I’m still scratching my head over the *origin* of the “I’m in ur ____ ___ing ur _____” phrase – is it a CO original?

  103. Stooges and other, the “I’m in Ur____ ” etct is derived from some comment made in an on line game, something with soldiers and aliens. The original popped up in a situation where one player’s army was busy elsewhere, and another player busted into his base and cleaned it out. He IMed “I’m in Ur Base Killing Ur dudes”…

    It may also be derivative of “All your base are belong to us.” from an early, translated from Japanese, Computer game.

    I only know this because I have a teen, videogamer in my household.

  104. Oh, Jennifer, I hope you’re feeling better! As a namesake, I send you extra-fuzzy healing vibes… (and the puppies and kitties on C.O. will help, too!)

    It’s wonderful that you’re home for Christmas. May your personal creche be filled with the cuteness of your choice.

  105. mrsadistic says:

    @Stooges: there are tons of ‘captioned’ photos around of animals that start with “I am … ur …”