I want, the small bed. Honest.

You might infer from the photo below that Buster, the Lhasa-poo, gets to choose where he sleeps, and he chose the big bed. This would be false. Hali, the bigger dog, likes the little bed.


Anna C.— Suuure we believe you. Kinda like these two guys—remember them?



  1. buster actually looks a little cold and lonely there. He might need a box with warm cat already inside.

  2. Notice that Hali has the nose all tucked in too. Must be snugglier to not quite fit than to have too much room!

  3. All your doggybed are belong to us!!


  4. KatB – it looks like Hali Berry-ed his nose right in.

  5. Good one TwoDragons!

    Of course, this would be ratified by buying to equaly sized beds, even if the puppehs are not the same size.

    Although I have to admit, it seems that Big Dog kicked Little Dog out of his bed. In that case, poor puppeh!

  6. They oughta curl up in the big bed TOGETHER — then they’d both be warm and comfy. 🙂

  7. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Since a Lhasa-poo is part poodle, and I have a toy poodle, I can vouch for the fact that poodles at least tend to like large beds they can spread out in. Like, say, a queen-size people bed. Ahem. (glaring at my dog, who is in the exact center of my own bed as we speak)

    And it’s terribly cute how Hali’s butt is smooshing one side of the bed!

  8. Awwwwww!! I love the big puppy!

  9. “Does this bed make my butt look big?”

  10. Otherwayround, Pyrit.

  11. NebraskaErin says:

    I bought a bigger cat bed when I got a second cat, and what happened? One would lay in the little bed, and the other would sleep right on top of her. The larger bed would sit unused right next to them.

    Silly animules.

  12. My lab and Weimeraner both pile up on a single bed. It’s not quite that small, but there’s barely enough room for both of them on there 😀

  13. It reminds me of what happened to Scott Kurtz. His cat Scratch Fury kept stealing basset Kirby’s pillow, so he got a cat-sized pillow. Scratch took to his new bed immediately, except that Kirby started stealing it.

  14. Oy! My “big” and “little” dog did this too, then I got two medium sized beds and they both seem happy. Hali looks a lot like my big dog too. It’s soo darned anerable when they smoosh in like that.

  15. Freak:

    Go PvP! Of course Scratch Furry also took over the Xmas tree, so I guess its all balances at the end.

  16. LOL! I literally laughed out loud at this one… soooo awesome! Sometimes my guy likes trying to squeeze into spaces smaller than he should, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he ever tried to do that…

  17. Aw, poor Hali. I bet he wishes he could be a puppy still.

  18. acelightning says:


  19. Rafael, I think you mean “rectified”.

  20. Awww, funny

  21. Absolutely Adorable….Hali looks exactly like my 6 year old mix..Biscuit. Do you happen to know what breed Hali is?

  22. Aubrey, now *that* was cute!

  23. Awwwww! The little one’s like “I want a BIGGER bed!”

  24. LOL Pyrit!

    I hope that someday soon they are able to come together and snorgle in one bed.

  25. The Guy Over There says:

    This is obviously a sequel to the cats in boxes series. I love how the big dog looks so comfy happy in the teeny bed.

  26. Omg, nice juxtaposishe-muppy!

  27. Note to dog and cat owners: always buy your pet beds 2 sizes too small. Of course, in this case, the big one would probably still try to squish himself into the tea-cup sized bed!

    Completely predictable – utterly redonk.

  28. Animals. Totally illogical at the best of times, but ya gotta love ’em.

  29. the big dog wants the small bed because it knows it belongs to the small dog.
    my granddaughter thought these were 2 dogs i no loner have. dulce has been seen on here, but we lost pebbles our schoondle in 2004 at the age of 16.

  30. the same exact thing happens in my house. we just chalk it up to small dog napoleon complex!

  31. We have a dog, that is an exact twin of your Hali. Same color, hair grain, everything. Is yours a lab pitbull mix?

  32. OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh how cute and funny

  33. That dog looks just like my dog, too! She’s a shelter pup, so I have no idea what her breed make-up is, but she also likes to curl up in tiny beds. When she falls asleep, though, she stretches out and spills over the sides.

  34. shirebound says:

    Adorable! Can you tell me the breed of the larger brown dog? Looks just like the one I grew up with, and we never knew what breed she was.

  35. I hadn’t checked CO for so long, I didn’t know my babies had made it on until just now! What I loser I am.

    If anyone cares now… we don’t know Hali’s lineage exactly, but her mom looked like a Border Collie Mix. Didn’t get to see Dad. We assume she’s probably a Border Collie-Lab-something else mix. Many have suggested Pit Bull.

    And they did join together in the big bed, for about 2 minutes. In fact, it was right before I took this picture. So you see how that turned out.