I really hope you’re sitting down

"Pipkin" the bottle-fed bun is PURE HEAVEN!




Juliuse—you have got to be kidding us.



  1. *dead*

  2. NebraskaErin says:




  3. AuntieMame says:

    He looks like a baby does who doesn’t want his food and is spitting it all over the place.


  4. Thank you for making my morning!!!
    Look at the poofy floofy tuft of chest fur!

  5. That’s ridunk big time. that little tongue!

    Plus, there’s always something about a man cradling/feeding a baby.

  6. bunny tounge?

    teeny tiny floofy baby bun?
    and those baby bun feets?


    I wants a bun.

  7. * SPLODE !!! *

  8. OMG!!! The extreme cuteness levels are overloading my brain. He’s soo cute…and the lil’ tongue. 😛

  9. DEAR GOD! F.U.Z.Z.Y B.A.B.Y!!!!!! My mind is too weak to even process all this cute! This is just too much; you’ve gone too far with all that Fuzzy babiness! Too, too far!!

  10. Oh yay-hip-hoppity-hay,
    The nose-beepers will be vewy happy today!

  11. Oh, great. Teh cute has killed me, right before Christmas. I’d better come back to life before my family comes over!

    This is truly one of the cutest things ever posted on CO, especially the first of the two photos. Tiny bun-bun, the same size as the big man-hands? CUTE!!!!

  12. oh my holy word… it’s too early in the morning for this.

  13. *looks away form screen*

    *takes sip from coffee*

    *looks back at screen*


  14. Great. Now I’m dead. And it’s all because of the CRAZEE STUBITUDE!

    At least I died happy.


  15. michellemybelle says:

    Add me to the pile of bodies, please.

    Pipkin was my growing-up doggie’s name because my mom wouldn’t let me have a bun 😦 I miss my dogger now…

  16. That kind of picture really should be illegal. How is anyone going to concentrate after seeing a picture like that? (shaking head and mumbling to self)

  17. Cannot.stand.the.fluffiness.aaaaaaaannnnndddddd the bebeh tongue!!! too much!! ‘splode!!

  18. *blink*


  19. Allie and Jojo-s mom says:

    I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I died I’m dead.

  20. I’m going to have my first sonogram of my first baby tomorrow. I seriously hope that my baby looks like this bunny. Is that weird?

  21. O

    The feet! The ears! Thanks, Meg! I needed that.

  22. absolute heaven

  23. DEAR GOD! F.U.Z.Z.Y B.A.B.Y!!!!!! My mind is too weak to even process all this cute! This is just too much; you’ve gone too far with all that Fuzzy babiness! Too, too far!!

  24. **head splody**

    [nose beep]
    [tummy beep]

  25. Oh My Goodness.

    IMPossibly cute.

  26. ShelleyTambo says:

    Bunnies have the cutest tongues EVAR.

  27. thank you for bebeh bunneh!!!! too cute!!!

  28. :poit:
    I just died. Oh well, I wasn’t getting much work done anyway…

  29. Dear CuteOverload.Com;

    A matter of the utmost importance has come to my attention. I feel obligated to inform you of the threat that you pose to the general public. I have spent a full decade and a small fortune in earning both my BA and MA. It is therefore distressing to discover that, as I viewed the scandalous photo you have posted, I broke down and began to speak in what is known as “baby-talk”.

    Here is a sample:


    Curse you, CuteOverload!



  30. That is CLASS A RESTRICTED CUTENESS, and how DARE you expose all these unsuspecting people without the proper safety precautions! This…this is an outrage! These levels of adorability are controlled for a REASON! You can’t just flout federal cuteness regulations on a whim!

    //falls over dead

    See? See what you’ve done? I hope that piece of fluff was worth the wake of carnage his re-damn-donkulous levels of snuggleness and flooferocity have created.

  31. *Head explodes*



  33. Should I call Facilities Management for some extra mopping to be done this afternoon? Lotsa heads asploding today.


    See? There goes mine.

  34. Oh sure, they’re all cute NOW, but when they wake you up at 4 this morning and refuuuuuse to let you go back to bed they are far less cute! Little devils…

    However, the leetle tongue took away most of my pre-CO grumpiness.

  35. oh god. its too cute. I can’t breathe. And everytime I try I just end up groaning or giggling.

    JimK said it right…


  36. *blinks*


  37. must touch the bunneh…..

    I have also died as a result of the floofiness.

  38. In the second pic, lil’ bun looks like he has a glazed over look, like his belly’s bursting with milk!

  39. “What we see here is incipient disapproval. While young, the infant lagomorph feigns approval in order to have its basic needs met. In adulthood, the human fear of full-blown and scathing disapproval keeps caretakers in a state of ingratiating servitude. As they should be.”
    –Zigbun Spoilt

  40. I interpreted it as sort of a smug expression, like he knows EXACTLY what kind of havoc he is wreaking. This is so cute it made my head hurt, and I mean that literally! (where’s the Advil?)

  41. GAAAAAHHH!! He fits in teh hand! This is so cute, it drove me to tears of frustration wanting to reach through the screen! Teh feets, for heaven’s sake, teh feets!!

  42. chica con gatitas says:

    Ahh cannot resiste the leetle, beetsie tongue! Beatrix Potter’s ghost is risking kidney failure due to the sweetness factor. I demand this bebeh be ushered to Tinsel town for all the commercials/tv time he could swipe! Get him an agent!

  43. atomicpuffball says:

    coma-inducingly cute. makes me want to spend the entire day watching X-Files DVDs, drinking hot cocoa and snorgling this bun.

  44. Baby baby bun,
    and sweet little tongue,
    Nummer, num, num,
    Bunny, bunny, bunny bun.

    Can I have a “B”
    for a bun that we,
    really makes us wanna squee,
    till we can barely see.

    Can I have a “U”
    for the bunnee, bunnee-boo,
    And I’m feelin’ for you,
    Cuz he killin’ me, too.

    Can I have an “N”
    Cuz I’m going “ehn, ehn”,
    Tryin’ to reach bunny-kins,
    Oh, C.O., I just can’t win!

  45. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Cutest. Bun. Evah. Squee!!! *splodes*

  46. Not bun-related, but… I just got back from Petsmart (had to buy kennel-guilt treats and toys for the fuzzballs since I have to board them over the holidays) and I had to stop and squee at the hammies & gerbils, when I noticed… all of them were running on their wheels in the same direction! Seven or eight of them merrily sprinting to the right. So I wonder, in the southern hemisphere, do they run the other way?

  47. Mouse, I don’t even want to know the answer. The question is just too funny itself.

  48. Such young disapproval! I love the tongue!

  49. OMG! In the second pic, he does indeed appear to be in a state of disapproval! Perhaps not enough formula? Who knows? But whatever it is, FIX IT NOW!


  51. I think I have developed an addiction to this photo. I’m sure I’m not the first one to come up with this idea, but is there a “Cute-aholics Anonymous” out there? I need the full 12-step program.

  52. It’s as if he’s saying “Just dribble that milk right here on my tongue while I lay here all comfurbles.”

  53. I think I have developed an addiction to these pics.

    Is there a “Cute-aholics Anonymouse” out there? Think I need the 12-step program.

  54. woops, sorry for the double-post

    Getting desperate about my addiction problem.

  55. NebraskaErin says:

    Congrats, Wisefool! Please let us know if you’re having a bunneh or a ferret.

  56. [10:45] Theo: you did see the baby orange bottle-fed bunny with pink tongue, right?
    [10:45] Jaye: no!!!
    [10:45] Theo: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/12/i_really_hope_y.html
    [10:46] Jaye: *dies*
    [10:46] Jaye: OMG.
    [10:47] Jaye: there is no cuteness greater than this. it’s the pinnacle.

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. Not ususally a bunny fan but he is TOO.CUTE!
    Thanks, Meg & CO for making my workday more fun.

  58. Well, second photo he’s *trying* for disapproving bunneh.
    But he’s so little he can’t overcome the whole warm-fluffy-just-fed buzz.
    Poor babe, he needs a big bunneh momma to come by and help him.

    First photo…
    omygawd is that a fuzzball.
    Must go find kitty belly at once.
    Fuzziness, need fuzziness.

  59. Meg 26:28:
    This is my bun of the covenant, which is bottle-fed for many for the ‘splosions of heads.

  60. Oh My Good Golly Miss Molly!
    This one takes the cake…that is the KEEUTist lil “fluffernutter bunner” (just came up with that one up myself!) in the world.

  61. Won’t look.
    Won’t look.
    Not looking.
    Still not looking.
    Maybe just a leeetle peek…
    Is that a bun on its back and, and, and floof anD aND AND A LITTLE PINK BUNNY TONGUE???!!

  62. Hm…last week there was the girl with “My Choice is Life”; this week it’s Matthew 26:28.

    Meg, are you trying to “save our souls” via subliminal advertising?

  63. chet's momma says:

    I love this lil’ guy! If i had a bun like this, I would name him sugar. sugar-bun! awwwwwww. I am also addicted. pleese hep meh.

  64. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!
    I’m in a gazillion widdle pieces from blowing up! The cute was too much! Too overwhelming!!!!!!!
    More of this bun any time… he makes my gazillion widdle pieces very happy!! :o)

  65. Holy Crap that is the cutest thing EVAH! How about the color too???
    Also, Wisefool, what a great comment! Not weird at all!

  66. That is what I need. I just want to squeeeeezzeee it.

  67. jaypo, jenn, carolina-
    U Can’t Touch This

    Yo! I told you
    U can’t touch this
    Why you standing there
    U can’t touch this
    U talk about the Cutest
    U’re talking about CO
    That’s hyped and tight
    Peeps are sweating so pass them a wipe

    Floof’s the word, because you know
    U can’t touch this
    U can’t hutch this

    Break it down

    Go ‘splode your head
    It is said
    That if you touch the bun
    Then you will be ‘dead’
    This bun is workin, the word is tongue
    Peeps’ bodies pilin’ up
    Pump some hare into the lung

    Move slide your bunny-rump
    Just for a minute, let’s all do the bunny-bump
    Get your, that’s right, get your own bunny pump

    U can’t touch this.
    You can’t hutch this.
    You need more hare
    From the bunny pump.

  68. Awwwww

  69. GAH!

    (staggers, falls)

    (sprawled on floor, with empty puddin bowls)

    I wasn’t sitting down.

  70. Oh Em Gee. @_@

    That has got to be one of the cutest bunnies* I have ever seen!

    *ONE of the cutest because I maintain that my poor bunny Dr. Pepper (who died a few months ago) was THE cutest.

  71. Oh my! This is the cutest blog! Congratulations!

  72. Question – why isn’t this listed under “The Coveted Cuteness Tri-Fecta”?! Or is it because he’s got way more than three rules goin on here – its more like a million…..
    1. Small ear-to-head ratio
    2. Tongue out
    3. TOTALLY helpless
    4. Man’s hand making him look tiny
    5. Milk counts as food, right?
    6. Paws are up
    7. I see belly (is that even a rule? If not, it should be)
    8. teeny tiny tail
    9. Floppy limbs

    Can we create a super category for this supreme level of cuteness? I can’t stop thinking about him…..he’s sooooo totally prosh.

  73. Do I spy an inkling of youthful disapproval in picture #2?

  74. OMG LOOK at those FEETIES!!! I would have to snorgle them!!

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    Why does everyone keep asking for help with this CO addiction? It’s a GOOD thing! I would wish all my friends to have this problem. (Meetings could be fun tho. Handing out o’puddin’, passing the kitties for huffin’, heads aploding…)
    This bunbun made my morning.(And my afternoon and evening too, I’m sure.)
    First pic-is bunny going “pfthhhh” to the plain white milk. Perhaps he prefers chocolate.
    And there is DEFINITE Bunneh Disappproval in the second pic. They start that so young nowadays.

  76. Oh. My. GOD!!!!! I just had a cuuuuuuuute heartattack.

  77. NO EFFIN’ WAY!!!

  78. That bunny is too cute! I would like to order a dozen…


  79. JULIUSE!!!!! You’re the best!!! Hahaha! Love- your lil’ sis

  80. Floppity bun bun!!!! AAAHH!!!!!

    No, seriously guys. I just wanna pick him up and keep bunbun and myself in prime snorgle position. AAAhhhHHh!!! He’s so TINY!! And FLOPPY!!! And………. and…….. BUNBUNBUNBUNNEH!!!!! WAAAANTS!!! AAAHH!!!!
    *death. head splodes*

    Darn. All over my new sweater.

  81. Well i am so happy everybody likes my little Pipkin. I had to give him to a friend because my wife and i just had our first child, and i knew i would not be able to give him the attention he needs. I also have about 6 or 7 short videos and about 8 more pictures. Is it wierd that I feel like a proud father?

  82. Pipkin is now my official desktop wallpaper 🙂 I warn you however, that even catching a glimpse of that tiny bunny tongue is guaranteed to slow down productivity, let alone the feets and belly.

  83. I write on behalf of my late client Dewi-Casgwent, I must advise you that unless you pay this bahbee bunbun to his estate immediately this site will be reported to appropriate authorities for having an Image of Mass Destraction.
    PS is that a spot of posset in pic 2 from one satisfied bunbun

  84. Juliuse:



    We need bunneh videos!!!

  85. pyrit: “You can’t hutch this”

    2 moishe!

  86. origamiart says:

    Oh the cuteness makes me want to cry. The sweetness is overwhelming! I’m swooning.

  87. Okay, it’s official: this bunny has killed more people than that one in Caerbannog…

    (with great sharp pointy teeth!)

  88. Audrey

    Noooooooo we must not see the videos, imagine the devistation the humanity it could bring about internet 3 http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/images/mike_f_cheesedoodle.jpg
    or world peace. Second thoughts bring on the videos and the sunbeam naps

  89. Juliuse, you are hereby under arrest for mass head asplosions through terminal cuteness. You have the right to remain silent, unless you are wearing a bowl of fruit on your head; then you may sing “Cuenta La Gusta” and “Down South American Way” with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

  90. I think the emerging Disapproval in the second picture is the only possible antidote to the Qte of the first.

  91. I can never tell which is cuter – the anerable pics, or the ridonkulously cute comments by everyone – this whole site makes me smile – thank you!


  92. Fell



    *Need Resuscitation*

  93. *stepping back towards computer after spinning around in chair*

    THAT was just … OMG!


  94. *splode!* (unintelligent babble and baby-cooing at the cuteness for quite some time) oh, my gawd-there are *videos* of this little lovebundle?! Gimme, gimme, gimme NOW!

  95. Now I have the chills. And my heart is beating all sorts of funny.

  96. Awwwwwww teh cuteh bunneh-bun likkeh teh lipsheh <3 and teh tounge, peoplesh look at teh tounge Oh my GOD *SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE* *dies*

    *ekhem*… please forgive me… I was rather taken away by the cuteness of this here bunny bun and well… *looks at the pic*… *SQUUUEEEEEEEEEE* *dies*

  97. I don´t know which is better, the bunny or the fact he´s named Pipkin.
    Well, the bunny.
    But is he named after the character from Watership Down, Juliuse?
    Richard Adams is my hero! I mean, c´mon, talking bunnies? Delicious!

  98. Emily Anne — skim the comments under this old CO post:


    I can’t…I can’t….


    @_@ X_X

  100. Lagomorphy cute disapproval claims 99 more victims… hee!

    ( )
    ” “

    Psst, J – we wanna see the vids!

  101. If anybody would like to see the videos, or the other photos i have, just tell me and i will e-mail them to you. each video is under 7 MB. Thanks, Juliuse.

  102. acelightning says:

    BUNNY! bunnybunnybunnybunnybunnybunny! *B*U*N*N*Y*!!!
    {falls over}

  103. Juliuse — heck, if they’re under 10 MB each, it’s a cinch to upload them to YouTube or Google Video (I like the latter a little better, even if YouTube is part of Google now). Then you can just post the links in your comments.


  104. Ohhhhh. . . . . . . . .

  105. “At even such a young age, he disapproves…”

    Floofy Bunnikins is clearly showing infantile disapproval in the second pic. He will become a great disapproving rabbit when he grows up.

  106. TastesLikeChicken says:

    OK, dead now! Hope you’re happy Meg….

  107. Slain by the Cuteness says:


  108. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    oh my gawd! that is the cutest damn thing yet!!!!

  109. sadie_asher says:


    *head explodes*

  110. little snoo, I’m in love with you!

  111. Sweet merciful heavens….look at his fuzzy floppy feet.

  112. Cathryn Bauer says:

    That’s it; I am about to be cuted into oblivi…..

  113. seriously. bunny tongues are TOO much. i can’t stand it.

  114. Well, lemme just bandage my head before looking at this for a second time.



    *touches bandage gingerly*

    Ewwwwww. Didn’t work.

  115. Subhangi — ick?

  116. I;ve never seen anything so cute in my entire freaking life i think im going to pound myself on the wall for never able to touch the lil baby, actually wouldnt it be cool if it was a video???

  117. now that everyone has sploded..i am gonna steal the bunbun!! No one can stop me! you are all dieds! (insert evil laugh-grabs bun and runs!)

  118. [watches DaisyCat flee]
    [waits for it]

  119. *looking at pics the day after*


    I screamed so loud my dog had to see what was wrong.

  120. Ok ok… I just died and came back as a zombie just to post this.
    That first picture is just lethal. The lil tongals with the way it’s laying = instadeath.

  121. Videos?
    You have videos?

    …and more pictures?

    The Pipkin Head Asplode Corps (aka–The Peeps) must see!

    …although, seeing bebeh buns trying to hop around on the floor could possibly result in Double Head Asplodes…but it would be worth it!

  122. This is absolute toxic cuteness. Diabetic coma inducing cuteness. Infinity plus one cuteness. It cannot even be described.

  123. My head sploded.

  124. Y’know, I think just about every single active member of the Bunny Lovers Unite Flickr pool has dropped by to see these pics at least once… Someone created a discussion post titled “Do Not Look at Cute Overload” and they started having conniptions over the QTE – check here:


  125. [waves at the every active member of the Bunny Lovers Unite Flickr pool]

    hi y’all!

    [or to their remains, rather]

  126. Gah! Awwwwww!!!! I want to squeeze him! I want to put his nose in my eye corner! I want to pinch his witto ears and carry him like a baby and show him to everybody!

    Juliuse, you rock. Rock on.

  127. Cute. The tongue thing is like—– scary cute! ;D

  128. Usually I change my back ground every few days or so and put up a new c.o. picture, but hungry bunny has been my background for a good month now. I still scritch the screen with my finger to say bye when I shut the computer down.

    I want the bunneh!