One boxed kitteh, comin’ right up

Since kittehs like boxes soooooooooo moishe, how about sending a kitteh to someone this Holiday season? Make sure to punch breathing holes.


Thanks, "ShadowBud" and Kitteh "Shadow"



  1. michellemybelle says:

    Do they come in other sizes/colors? What’s the shipping cost?

  2. Oo, pretty kitty.

  3. Love the face.

  4. meg, you got balls, baby.

    commentroversy commencing in 3…2…1…

    …and, NUFF!

  5. me finks you need a beeger box…or not as mooch floof on zee ketteee.

  6. bunnajenny says:

    Boxing Day is suddenly a *much* better holiday!

  7. Federal Expurress charges furty dollars.

    Brown paper packages tied up with strings and whiskers on kittens are a few of my favorite things.

  8. And I believe you have to sign-amese for this in purr-son, pyrit.

    If you please.

  9. It’s disguise.

    Step 1 find box that fits all molecules, no more, no less.

    Step 2 squish into box

    Step 3 get wrapped in pretty paper

    Step 4 lie low while placed under tree.

    Step 5 Giggle quietly as humans wonder where kitty has gone

    Step 6 wait til dark adn humans give up and go to bed

    Step 7 Have fun in Xmas Tree without being harassed by boring old humans.

  10. There’s nothing like an American Seal point. And the smartest, most manipulative ones I’ve run across.

    But that tail is confusing. Doesnt look like a siamese’s tail.

  11. Kitty:”This will do, until I find a smaller box, hopefully one filled with bubble wrap and packing peanuts!”

  12. That cat looks like a beautiful creamy cappuccino with blue eyes. Yum.

  13. How *do* they fit into such tiny spaces. What did the Doctor call the Tardis? Dimensionally transcendental? Cats and physics, man…

  14. Cardboard box… $2.00
    Packing materials (biodegradable starch) $5.00
    Overnight Shipping: $20.00

    Cat in box: priceless.

  15. Rafael’s comment reminds me that ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is on tonight.

  16. Signed, Sealpointed and Delivered!

  17. OK, I want a boxed kitteh for christmas.

  18. Kat-
    The tail doesn’t look as if it matches the cat?
    Maybe there’re two of them in there.

  19. Ooooh, what a gorgeous Siamese! Pity the cream part is covered by the box. What a great gift for the season!

  20. I waaaaaant one!

    We used to have sealpoint siamese in my family growing up, I miss them!

    I think this kitty just has a bit of floof in his genes, and it’s manifesting in the tail (where it often does).

  21. I changed my mind – I want THAT *points* for Christmas!!

    Sweet little bundle of joy in a box.

  22. Oooo! If I send you my address, can you make sure I et one of those?

  23. Ooh, now I know what to tell my family to get me this year! They have been asking.

    Though I wonder if there’s a boxed hammie option…

  24. Sweet little bundle of mischief, more like! I seem to recall some sealpoints bouncing off the walls and launching at the Christmas roast, ninja-style. I’ll never forget the time I caught one halfway to the back bedroom with an entire ham in his furry little jaws.

    I seriously thought all cats were like these special ops food bandits until I started getting me some tabbies. I’m still amazed that I can leave meat out in the kitchen and my cats don’t jump up on the stove and take it. Good ol’ tabbies. Still, I kind of miss the siameses.

  25. “Signed, Sealpointed and Delivered!”

    and sealed with a hiss – although this beauty looks pretty content.

  26. Gary Fixler says:

    You know what that box needs? Racing stripes.

    Maybe some sweet flames.

  27. Gary, yes – a Soapbox Fur-by

  28. Beautiful cat! And I’m sure quite mischievous as well.

    I have to say, all of you posters on this one…the comments are first rate! You all deserve some kind of blue ribbon or something for proshest comments for a pic. Thanks for making me smile, everyone! 😀

  29. OOooo Oooo…. on the cutetracker…if any of you can see it – the big fat cat with the remote? He’s mine! *sigh*

  30. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Whatever IT is, you can find IT on eBay!

    … sorry, it’s 7:10 AM, that’s the best I can do…

    *tucks arm and kitty under box, tiptoes away for a snorglefest*

  31. Love his face!


    The cutest bird EVER!

  32. Oh – you guys – please check out my kitty in her box:

  33. Gorgemouse!

  34. that cat looks pretty uncomfortable in that box

    maybe someone could get it a smaller one so it can squish up properly?

  35. Nonie–
    so cute, esp the sort of zombie quality to the whole scene once the dog decides to investigate.

    blair: ha, best set-up ever. That’s like a Bob Hope gag–i was all, “Waddaya mean that cat looks uncomf….oh, hee hee i get it” 😉

  36. [sort of on topic]
    The cat shelter I volunteer at just flew a kitty to ALASKA (and we are in Michigan) to his new forever home! He went in a carrier on the plan, though – not in a cardboard box.
    Love the clever comments – and yay to no nuffinghams!

  37. Manekineko says:

    Siamese colors and floofty tail? I’m bettin’ it’s a Birman…

  38. That is SO what my cat does. Especially when I’m trying to box up for shipment stuff I’ve sold on ebay. The cat hair my buyers receive is free-of-charge! 🙂

  39. teughcats – Alaska, wow. That lucky shelter kitty will have a white Christmas.

  40. It’s like trying to wrap presents here, only make the cat MUCH bigger, and the box MUCH smaller. And yet she still fits.

  41. I own a family of these, they are not Siamese, but Balinese!
    Note the furry tail. His face indicates that he must be about a year old. His mask will get darker around the ears.
    These are extremely smart and mischevious cats.

  42. NebraskaErin says:

    An important point: Make sure you poke holes in the box BEFORE you put the kitteh in it. Trust me, you don’t wanna learn that one the hard way.

  43. you guys r silly says:

    heh-heh…you r BAD…&:o)

  44. Hey your box looks cozier than mine!

  45. My black cat will ALWAYS try and squish herself into boxes, no matter how small! (Think 10 lb kitty standing in a teapot box, trying desperately to ‘circle’ in). She currently naps in a strainer, since she outgrew her fruit bowl!

  46. Teughcats –

    Excellent! Kitteh will be a Nome-ad forever!

  47. Silence Dogood says:

    Remember, folks, punch the holes in the box BEFORE you put the cat in!

  48. Silence Dogood. says:

    I see you beat me to that one, NE Erin. Sowwy!

  49. If I didn’t know I had our camera at my office, I would swear my 3-year-old Balinese Minka was taking pictures of herself and sending them to CO! It’s amazing how small these cats can make themselves, isn’t it?

  50. Beautiful pic of a gorgeous cat! Kitties love boxes, and they can fit in them regardless of size.

    And I see hints of a very fluffy tail on the Siamese-like beauty.

  51. Oh pretty! I like Siameses that are shaped like ordinary kitties, and are not all pointy!

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ve been asking Santa for one of these! I believe! I believe! I believe!

  53. This kitteh could be the long-lost Miao Brother!

    (little m, back to the papers or I shall send Prof. T to YEEM again)

    Me too, Arvay. The scrawny rat-like meezers aren’t attractive to me. I likes my cats to look like cats.

  54. Carolina,
    Animals actually like small spaces. It makes them feel safe. I had a bunny and we made a little house out of a shoebox for it. It chose to sleep in there everynight!

  55. Carolina,
    Animals actually like small spaces. It makes them feel safe. I had a bunny and we made a little house out of a shoebox for it. It chose to sleep in there everynight!

  56. I love cats in boxes! This one is especially beeyouteeful.

  57. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “*tucks arm and kitty under box, tiptoes away for a snorglefest*”

    Um, okay. Obviously I made this comment BEFORE I had ingested any caffeine.


    Good gravy.

  58. other shadow friend says:

    so it’s a little after 10 here and i’m about ready to go to bed. i scan cute overload’s pics for today…and see shadow! this cat actually isn’t ours, but he visits everyday. there was a box lying around in my room and shadow just climbed right in it even though he doesn’t quite fit! when it was time for him to go home, i had to literally pour him out of the box. we sent meg a series of shots to try and show how big he was compared to the box and all…this is definitely a good one.

    some of you were inquiring about what kind of kitteh he is and we know he has some tabby stripes and his brother looks nothing like him (very tabby-ish).
    anyway, i loved all the comments. you guys are hilarious!

  59. Ah, just as I suspected, this is a mixed-breed kitty with a floofy gene and a stripey gene. And a handsome gene. And a box magnet gene. And a mischief gene. And another handsome gene.