I got yer groceries right heah

Hey, makes sense to me—come on, little Dude, pick it up.


Head bow to Nancy F. who found this on China Daily via Neatorama.



  1. blueberries4me says:

    Poor little doggie.

  2. blueberries4me says:

    Hopefully, it’s not too heavy for the little guy. Cute picture anyway. Blue and orange are complimentary colours!

  3. She works hard for her money.
    So haaard for it, honey.

  4. A pug as a draft dog?

    When I get my newfie, I’m going to have him haul home my groceries. They’re heavy! My weekly load from the farmer’s market always includes about 5 pounds of carrot tops and fennel tops for two certain long-eared creatures I won’t name, and since it is now Fall in California–yeah, we are two months behind the rest of the world–nowadays it includes some rather hefty pumpkins and winter squashes, as well!

  5. Cute or sad? that’s the question.

  6. Nice!
    I guess thats in an area where pups are allowed. Sorry to be a downer…I just get so upset when I learned about the fate of thousands of people’s pet pups in china due to 2 cases of rabies.

  7. Eeeeeeennnnnnhhhhh.

  8. what a sweet dog. at least he does a lot more than some dead beats out there

  9. I nub pugs! And trisha, that’s the first thing I thought of, too. 😦

  10. I like that the dog is not the first thing you see in the photo. It looks more like a scene of Japan and then you see pup–sort of like Where’s Waldo.

  11. I love the reaction shots on the other folks. Cute is a universal language.

  12. That is one hard-working pug!

  13. he’s all, “I’m haulin’ onions people, move out the way!” LOL!

  14. Might wanna inspect your cart, there, puggle… looks like it’s sprung a few leeks.

    (Well, nobody else had said it yet.)

  15. velcrotrainer says:

    oh the one hand i’m like “awww. kinda sad for the little dude to pull a heavy load.”

    but on the other hand i’m thinking “my mom’s boston terrier could drag ME when we go for walks. and pugs have similar builds.” *tuuuug tuuuuug*

  16. Man, those are some LAZY people, that’s all I gotta say. There they are, takin’ Sunday strolls with their hands behind their backs, la-de-da’ing down the street, and there’s this tiny pug, hauling a friggin’ cart of vegetables! WTF?

  17. Sweet Lady says:

    *sung in lounge-lizard fashion*

    She works hard for the money! So haaaard for it, honey! She works hard for the money so you better treat her right!

  18. He looks like he’s prancing along. I think he’s very happy to be pulling his weight.

  19. C’mon – look at the reactions he’s getting from people around. Lil pug’s loving it.

  20. Doh dee doh, time to cart tha onions. Doh dee doh.

  21. Such an industrious little guy! I initially thought it was a peke, not a pug!

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    Cesar Milan “The Dog Whisperer” says that ALL dogs are happiest when you give them a job and make them work for their food and affection. It could be as simple as carrying your water bottle for you when you go for walkies. And it does seem to make them better behaved (at least on his show it does). I Love Cesar!

  23. I wish we had a closer shot of his wee little face. Or better yet, a vid of him tugging along the onions.

  24. I’m sorry, but exploiting animals for food or labor is never cool! It’s one thing to have your dog carry his own water bottle…it’s quite another to strap him to a cart and make him carry what looks to be a quite heavy load of veggies. Look how much bigger than he it is!

  25. Better to pull the groceries than *be* the groceries. (*ducks*) Hey, the joke was inevitable.

    And Mona, that’s China, not Japan. The writing in the corner is Chinese; the vegetables are Chinese; and the people are dressed in Chinese styles.

    All not look same.

  26. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Our pugs’ tails uncurl (i know, SO cute) when they get really tired. This little guy’s curly-cue is up like usual, and he does seem to have a spring in his step, so maybe he really is okay with it. Sled dogs practically beg to be able to do their thing…it might be unusual but there’s no reason a pug can’t have the same industrious personality 🙂

  27. His human ‘rents are giggling. I don’t think this is actual work, peeps. It’s a cute setup. It’s quite like teaching your dog to fetch the newspaper. Yes, you’re perfectly capable of getting it yourself. No, you aren’t lazy. So why have your dog do it? Because it’s CUTE!



  29. yep. Dogs do love having jobs. This is one of the cutest pix I’ve seen on CO in a while.

    Punkpie, your comment summed it up wonderfully for me!

    XOXOXOX, Meg!

  30. Oh, hey, the display here isn’t too wide any more. I lose the very ends of the stuff in the right column, but I can see all the words for to click upon them. w00t!

  31. Except, of course, as soon as I posted that, the entire right column disappeared. Baroo?

    Well, at least I’m not pulling veggies through wintery streets for a photo-op.

  32. Kelly…for cryin out loud….IT’S A DOG! DOG.

    Dogs LOVE to have a purpose. That is one happy pug!

    Read about the real dogs abuses in Asian cities, then you will know what constitues abuse…

    A++++++ to the Pack-Pug!

  33. lurkertype – Maybe you need to a new year’s computer resolution.

  34. lurkertype – second attempt:
    “Maybe you need to *make* a new years’ computer resolution.”

    (frakkin laptop)

  35. Sorry to post a sad-hammie threadjack, but Javi has posted that Nana has passed away. See http://www.baruchito.com.

    Now who will fight the evil curtains?

  36. The Guy Over There says:

    At least I see one dog that’s not suffering from obesity like most of the lil’ guys I see around here. Kind of funny to think about since China’s starting to notice an issue with weight problems.

    I personally think it’s cool that he’s doing something so awesome and glad he’s not doing other things that some of these pampered dogs used to do instead, like catch diseased vermin.

  37. Laurie C. – Hugs.

  38. love the non-us-centric photos 🙂

  39. Crap. Nana’s passed on? Poor little thing.

  40. oh damn, I’m sitting here crying over a little hamster a half a world away…
    just imagine what I’m like when one of my own kittehs crosses the rainbow bridge…

  41. sorry for the threadjack.
    Qte little working doggie!
    My animal communicator tells me that cats like to feel like they have jobs too. So when I leave the house, I tell my dominant male kitteh to watch the house while mama’s gone. >^o.O^<

  42. This is fantastic. What a great dog.

    My brothers and I tied our black lab to a sled when we were little, thinking he’d pull us around in the snow. Instead, he sat down on the sled, too, and we had to pull him around the yard. He wouldn’t have been very good at hauling groceries.

  43. Yeah, Ceejoe. I tell Elvis to do the dishes and vacuum up his hair while I’m gone and nothing ever gets done. Lazy old cat.

  44. Theo – This pug in Peking
    Has a cart leeking?
    Or is he, a deliv’ry boy
    Bringing home, the bok choy?

  45. LOL! At first I was like WTF? Then I thought … no wait … he’s wearing a tee!

    What a cute lil’ delivery boy! I’d give him a large tip!

  46. Ceejoe,
    i’m tearin up at work in Ohio over a stranger hamster in Japan!! I’ll have to be sent straight to the funny farm when Maximus Decimus Bunnius passes over the bunny bridge….

    BUT, he’s still goin strong at 9 yrs old!

    SUPREME leek joke!

  47. Nice to see that pugster is not welsh-ing on his duties.

  48. Opt2 Adopt, that is the power of the internet. I feel so attached to Javi’s hammies. It’s also the power Javi has to bring us into his home with them.

  49. I’m on the road,
    stealing ur groceriez.

  50. Laurie C – exactly! That’s why I’m crying, I think, because of how much Javi loves them!

    Or maybe it’s because I’m just a big emotional crybaby… :o)

  51. omg, it’s so cuuuuuute!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!! >_<

  52. It’s pay day today! Yippee, I think I’ll go get the really cute T-Shirt I saw a block behind.

  53. Oy! I am sooooo very sorry. However, Teho started it:


    And for some real fun, try opening up two windows at once.

  54. Sorry CP—you are completely right. Not everyone looks and is the same. I should be more careful when i make a comment!

  55. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    omg, the dog is soooo fucking cute!!!!!!! 😀

  56. Ahhh so – It’s a reek-shaw.

  57. that is soooo cute but so sad, poor pup has to do all the pulling. 🙂

  58. I’ve heard of working critters becoming depressed when retired or ‘rescued.’ They think they weren’t doing a good job and got fired.

  59. We had a bunbun (Ricochet, who had the best name for a bunny *evar*) have a heart attack on us just two months after we adopted him. We were both a wreck for a week. I think it hit hardest because he was in pain and he just didn’t understand, and there was nothing we could do.

  60. Of course, looking at the happy puppers is certainly good therapy!

  61. “Nice to see that pugster is not welsh-ing on his duties.”

    LOL, Aubrey!

  62. I know when my “old man,” Oscar my gray horse, had to retire because of arthritis, he was not a happy camper. Finally we moved him to the front of the ranch where he had a job… greeting all the folks coming and going… and it really improved his attitude! I think animals do like to have a job… whatever it is!!

  63. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Not only is he pullin’ home the veggies, he’s also makin’ people smile! Us included!

  64. This reminds me of skijoring with my Bernese Mountain Dog. We use to put a harness on her and go cross country skiing, and she would pull us. Very quickly. She absolutely loved it too.

  65. Errata, speakiing of the bernese, my hubby and I are going to Bahrain tomorrow and spend the holidays there with the in-laws who have 2 gigantic Berneses that they shipped all the way from Toronto when they moved to the Middle-East. I can’t wait to see the dogs since they are shaved down completely so they can withstand the heat….although it’s not so hot over there at the moment. I can’t wait to see just how funny they look.

  66. Peg of Tilling says:

    Does anyone want to say “the puppy took a leek on his walk?” No? Okay then, we won’t.

  67. What’s the deal with the smilin’ dude? Help the poor little pooch out!

  68. Errata, I am crazy jealous! I wanna giant hugmonster! Though I have my heart set on a newfie!

    One was posted on the daily puppy recently:

    And here are some monsters I was ‘adrooling over a few months ago:

  69. Alright… as an owner of three drafting dogs, that is just ridiculous. Unless that cart contraption weighs a lot less than it looks like, that is WAY too much for that little pug. Small breeds should never pull more than twice their own weight. Large breeds can pull three times their own weight or more.


  70. Ok, I retract my previous statement. I didn’t notice that the box is actually cardboard until I looked at the bigger view.

    PS: Drafting is an awesome job for dogs of all sizes and super super fun!

  71. either the owner is lazy or just doesn’t to work as hard as the dog. Having gone back to the “Motherland” several years ago, based on first-hand observation, the Chinese government is a bunch of crooked, evil peons!!! They say they’re cleaning up the country for the 2008 Olympics. Clean up my ass!

  72. aflilly, WAY OT, but I agree with you. I am American-born Chinese, living and working in the Silicon Valley, which by racial makeup resembles the UN. I am appalled that in this mad rush to woo Chinese business, no-one seems to care that China has some serious human rights violations under its belt, including censorship of the press (and not just opinion pieces! I mean, ordinary news!), and no freedom of religion. It baffles me that on-one even talks about this on the radio or in the political columns. I mean, here is a country that mistreats its own people, and we’re anxious to hop into bed with them–why?

    That being said, what does this have to do with the pug? Yes, the Chinese government is a mess; are you saying that that is reflected in the morality and behavior of individual Chinese people? Careful there.

  73. Amy H, your lab’s job was “Personal Trainer”. 🙂

    I also tell my dominant (female) kitty that she is in charge while we are gone, to watch the apartment, and make sure the little boy kitty is good. We also call her “Dr” Megumi, because of how she takes care of me when I’m having a flare up.

  74. sandy p., we must see photos of the shaved Bernese. Please send links to pictures once you get there!

  75. Laurie C., will try, these guys are super hyper, I am hoping I don’t get crushed!

  76. LOL!! That makes me think of the joke I made earlier today before going to buy my Christmas tree. My suggestion was to bring my dog with us (a Chihuahua) and strap the tree to his back and get him to truck it home. Needless to say, this didn’t happen.

  77. I’m trying to teach my Golden Retriever to fold laundry. It’s slow going. Maybe I should stick with “pulling things in a cart.”

  78. I think we found out where the Taco Bell Salmonella outbreak came from…hehe.

  79. OMG, David K…
    [schadenfreude LOL]

  80. Why so many green onions? Do the fellow and his pug run a restauraunt togeter or something? Which would be awesome. Think of the teeny pug-chef–little white coat, little white hat…

  81. “Why so many green onions?”

    ‘Cause it’s a great album!


  82. Martha in Washington says:

    My dog won’t clean house either. And I always have to remind her that she is not allowed to have parties while we are gone.

  83. Martha in Washington says:

    Goldie, when you figure out how to get your dog to fold the laundry PLEASE let me know so I can teach mine. Laundry is my LEAST favorite job in the house!

  84. minnesnowtah says:

    “…in this mad rush to woo Chinese business, no-one seems to care that China has some serious human rights violations under its belt…”
    Posted by: Arvay

    Arvay, not just human rights violations, how about being humane to animals?

    News on the one dog policy in Beijing:
    Dog slaughter, NOT for emotionally sensitive peeps (the picture made me cry) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14139027/

    Peeps, do not think all Chinese mistreat their dogs. Many dog-loving Chinese are against what their government is doing. But how can they protest? Some Chinese even hide their dogs and risk trouble with the all-powerful, human-rights-violating law.

    This dog has people who love him, and that makes him very lucky.

  85. There are many aspects of other cultures with which we don’t agree, and of course I’m violently opposed to animal abuse, eating dogs, etc.

    But anyone who has tried to give a Pug a bath can attest to the strength in that little fat body! I doubt that the Draft Pug above is undergoing any undue stress from his little load of, what, onions?

    Just my two farthings worth.

  86. aww thats a bit harsh

  87. this is a cute or sad pic.
    lol, i’m just wondering if there’s anyone with her, like making sure she gets to where she’s goin…but then they’d probably just carry the onions themself, thus eliminating the need for a canine employee.

  88. The Guy Over There says:

    I never understood why people consider this sort of thing abusive when dogs used to be more than the resident household buddy. I also wonder why politics has to get in the way of this guy’s livelihood when it’s obvious that doegie’s far from mistreated.

    In the meantime, let’s hear it for equal opportunity employment!

  89. minnesnowtah, that is so sad and heartbreaking. :*(

  90. minnesnowtah says:

    loulou, the pug’s owner is the guy in front.

    Hey peeps! I found more pics of our pug! SO CUTE!


    The cardboard box he’s pulling looks mostly empty, like they only bought leeks (are they leeks?) but the leeks were too long to fit inside. Now if that were a box full of APPLES, I’d never let the pug pull that.

    My dogs like working. Work makes them feel important.
    In comparison, my cats prefer to be unemployed. THAT makes them feel important. 😀

  91. origamiart says:

    Aw, he seems proud of his job. Thanks for posting more pics of the little dude minnesnowtah!

  92. @minnesnowtah

    China’s Human rights?

    lol wtf.

    Pudgy there is co cuuuuuuute. Wish my dog could be as hardworking. Her daily routine consists of eating, sleeping, and pooping, then sleeping somore.

  93. ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

    poure thing is he or she oh cay I want to cry

  94. lol, the caption MAKES the photo.

  95. My grandmother’s pug is very stubborn and “alpha”, and he grumbles at her and pees in the house when he gets mad. Next time he does it I think she should show him this picture and a plane ticket to China.