Bok-KEEEEE! [Say in bird voice]

Leave it to the New Zealanders to create a twist for ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’.

That little feathery dude is sooo prosh.


Wake up, People, it’s Monday morningks! YOu too, Chelsea W. 😉



  1. What rack?

  2. Yesh, monday morningks; and CuteOverload won best Photoblog, w00t!


  3. LOL, Sara!

    Nice contrast of the bright orange & yellow bird with the black tank top, and matching black beak & eyes accents. 🙂

  4. I was just kidding. The lady has a nice rack. Plus, who doesn’t want a lovebird in between their lovebags?

  5. LMAO!!!! After restraining myself from backhanding a couple of people here in the office who have made the mistake of irritating me needlessly with their whining on a Monday morning, a cute and funny pic like this is just what I need! Haven’t even scrolled down to see what else was posted before it. Just love the wee bright orange head peeking out looking totally content!

  6. What a pretty accessory! This is far better than a brooch. But how is he staying there…?

    (I’m in ur shirt, warming my feets!)

  7. Ok, I’m one of the usual detractors on the side of anti-cats-n-racks… but I must say this one is pretty funny. Maybe because it’s so unexpected? I’m not sure, but I did laugh when I saw this one.

  8. this whole putting animals in your shirt thing is stupid. and not cute.

  9. NebraskaErin says:

    He looks so cozy and content. Just chillin’ in the rack.

  10. vansassanova says:

    There’s a cockatoo in your cleavage.

  11. Wow! No way I could do this with my little birdie – he’d kick up quite the fuss!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s a sun conure – great colour, BIG voice!

  12. “I tawt I taw a purty bird! I didt! I didt! I didt taw a purty bird!”

  13. Love the beautiful bird! And love Courtney’s comment–“I’m in ur macaronis…” That post was one of my all-time favorites.

  14. Wow what a pretty coloring! Does anyone know what kind of birdie this is? 🙂

  15. you guys r silly says:

    * ‘KEETS ‘N’ TEETS * !!!

  16. you guys r silly says:

    p.s. I THINK it’s a Lorikeet (or else a Sun Conure???)

  17. you guys r silly – you r funny!

  18. Sun conures love hiding in Mom’s shirt, they really do.

  19. Awwwww lookit that orange b1rd1e!!!!

    Now for the geek part: THIS is the best “Pets n Racks” photo I’ve seen in a while. The little black dress (decollete neck showing just a leetle hint of rack, both sexy and cute) is the perfect offset for this bright orange birdie! Full marks to Chelsea W!

  20. you guys r silly says:

    And don’t CONURES in general have *THE* loudest shreiks *EVER*!!!??? OIt
    ‘s AMAZING for such a SMALL bird!
    My Nanday Conure’s SQUAWK was EARDRUM SHATTERING!!!

  21. i’m in ur cleavage, poopin on ur belleh button…

    I’d need a bigger bird to fit in mine. Something on the order of, say, a hyacinth macaw…


  22. Wow i use to come to cuteoverload to see fluffy wuffy adorable stuffs, but are we gonna have to see Racks on a daily basis here TOO ? I mean, cmon girls give us poor, lonely, male websurfers a break, we see boobs in banners and pop-up almost WHATEVER site we go to, how possibly can we think of anything else than BOOBS ??

    I just want to browse pure, innocents pics of bunnies and stuff for christ sake arg*@-!

  23. chet's momma says:

    hey everyone, please check out for an update on poor Nana the hammie. she needs our prayers and loves.

    love the purdy bird, he is soooo happys!

  24. Is that a parateets?

  25. oh my, what pretty colors! i love that birdy!

  26. Ohh, nice colors on that birdie.

  27. The Guy Over There says:

    Uh oh, poor Nana. 😦

    Despite my annoyance at the latest C&R, I concur with Subhangi. This one actually *looks* cute to me. The color is nice and I like how the birdy looks like he’s in a game of “Whack-a-mole.”

    Actually, you know what it reminds me of even more?

    It reminds me of the face peeking out of her cgi top.

  28. Oh, poor Nana.. thanks for the heads up, chet’s momma.

  29. I must say, this post is a disgrace. Why do people think they can get away with sending in pics of unrevealing clothing? It’s a disgrace, I come to CO to see exposed breasts, not stunningly adorable sunny birdies on modestly clad sheilas!

    That is a freadorable birdie~

  30. The Guy Over There says:

    And just in case geocities blocked the photo:

  31. nightbird1962 says:

    This little fella looks just like my Jenday Conure Jasper…and YGRS? Yes they are extremely loud. Jasper has been heard at the neighbors house across the street when everybodies doors and windows are shut including my own.

  32. About time the pet and rack focus is back on the pet!

  33. Has it been announced here yet that Cuteoverload won for Best Photo blog?

  34. Oops…Almost forgot….


  35. NOT CUTE.

    (I be neither a bird nor cleavage person.)

  36. “i’m in ur cleavage, poopin on ur belleh button…”


    I must say, very few conures could have made a noise that rivaled the whoop I let out when reading that post. 🙂

    Birds skeeve me right the heck out, so I salute those that are brave enough to stuff an evil death machine into their dainties.

  37. [singing in cheesy lounge-singer voice]:
    The looooove bird
    soon will be making
    another deposit…in your bra.

  38. jen barnett gets the Comment of the Day trophy for the “parateets” pun. *groan!*

  39. If I did one of these shots, it’d be called “Bunns ‘n bones” 🙂

  40. Until this pic, I didn’t know conures liked it, but my little parrot lurvvvvvves to snuggle inside clothing, bedding, under pillows – any place snug and warm. This little sun conure dewd is obviously content as all get out.

  41. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Do I see a parakeet between your pair-a-teets?

  42. I’m in-between your teets, warmin my feets!

    Sorry if this has already been done.. I didn’t have time to read the comments .. Just had to say it.

  43. hahhaa.. Jen B. parateets!!!

  44. I agree with Sarah. I think this is tacky. In some ways it takes away from the innocence of the bird.

  45. Must. Not. Respond. To. Nuffs.

  46. I agree with Mona. Boobs take away the innocence of things that would otherwise be so cute and sweet. Mothers should stop breastfeeding. It totally destroys the cute babies, to expose them to breasts.

  47. Maybe we should hide that Justice statue behind some nice curtains, too.

  48. One time during moving season at college I saw a very attractive young woman walk by with a brightly colored bird (think it was a parakeet) snuggled in her cleavage. My friends and I did a definite double-take, and agreed that the bird seemed very happy there. :p

    So yeah, I got a laugh out of this pic.

  49. I had no idea my breasts removed the innocence from my cats when they cuddled up close. I shall henceforth stop my innocent kittehs from snuggling until such time as I can afford the surgery to remove the offending bits so that snuggles can be safe.

  50. mouse girl says:

    It’s cute and funny, but I wish we could see her face.

  51. Love this site, but enough of the ‘animals in racks’ already. You are losing your innocence. Lost innocence isn’t cute.

  52. bees on pie says:

    I gotta say I’m in the “don’t like the pet n’ racks” category. I’m not offended by it or anything, I just don’t see what’s so cute about stuffing animals down your shirt.

    But to each their own, I guess!

  53. We’re PG-13, CuteFan. Plenty of less-innocent stuff out there.

  54. “i’m in ur cleavage, poopin on ur belleh button.” D2D – LOL!

    TGOT: “the birdy looks like he’s in a game of “Whack-a-mole.” TOO FUNNY!

    BEST PHOTOBLOG!!! GO C.O.! Go Meg! Go Theo! *hands Theo those manly sized pom poms I gave him on my Vox earlier today*

    And, oh yeah, VERY purdy boid. This C’nR isn’t so commentroversial. I likes it. But wouldn’t those boidy feets scratch you all up in there?

  55. Well I posted this picture and for all of you nay sayers, it’s a Sun Conure and he goes down there on his own accord. And he will stay down there all day if I let him. Nothin’ wrong with a bit o innocent peering out from a singlet top. He holds on with his little claws. 😛

  56. …pompoms?? Er, thanks, MC2…
    [goes looking]

    OK, so it seems that I have manly pom poms. Lemme help cheer Meg on for the photoblog props.

    (Oh and peeps — don’t forget there’s YAY merchandise at )

  57. ¡Yay Meg! ¡Yay Teho!

    Now, how about some bunnies?

    ( )
    ” “

  58. catburglar says:

    Chelsea, your bird rules. If only all cats ‘n racks were this well done, I might like the category!

  59. Yeah I must admit I thought I’d put a lil’ twist on the usual.. it wasn’t exactly hard since he flies around the house after me tryin’ to get down there all day!!!

  60. Yeah I must admit I thought I’d put a lil’ twist on the usual.. it wasn’t exactly hard since he flies around the house after me tryin’ to get down there all day!!!

  61. Jupiter Star says:

    Heeee…and here I thought my little buds were the only ones that did that sort of thing! I have six parakeets and three of them for some reason think it’s just a grand ol’ time to crawl up under the hem on my shirts and peek out the top again. One of them likes it so much she sometimes won’t sit anywhere else on me but in my cleavage…which is certainly a nice ego boost, seeing as I have next to none, but apparently the birdies think otherwise!

    Now, if only I could stop laughing at the tickling long enough to get a picture…

  62. NebraskaErin says:

    I can practically hear him purring!

    Chelsea – he’s absolutely gorgeous! What’s his name?

  63. Jupiter Star sez: “Heeee…and here I thought my little buds were the only ones that did that sort of thing!”

    Huh? WHAT?!! Oh, you’re talking about your BIRDS…

    *ducks thrown objects*


  64. AuntieMame says:

    Chelsea, I hope his little claws are holding on to your shirt, and not your rack. (Ouch!)

    He’s very pretty and looks very comfy.

  65. Looks rather uncomfortable.

    Okay, so I guess nobody is ever going to address the possibility of a “Pups n’ Pants” category. Fine. Just ignore me. Have your “Buns n’ Racks”, “Cats n’ Racks”, “Keets n’ Racks” – etc. racks, racks, racks.

    It’s very sexist, but that’s fine. Don’t let me put a damper on your fun, here.


  66. Of course it’s the shirt! He would go slipp slidin’ out the bottom otherwise. Less grippage on skin.

  67. Oh and his name is- surprise surprise- Sunny! He has a little brother called Chip who is sadly too gumby still for any shirt clutching.

  68. Jupiter Star says:

    Denita: …or AM I? *Insert suggestive look here*

    …oh, wait. Yep, meant the birdies. ^_^.

  69. Peek a boob?

  70. Its just a pic, not that serious! Chelsea, if the bird likes to nestle there, then whatever is comfy right?

  71. Talk about feathering the breast…

  72. While the lovebird isn’t being crushed like other animals in shirts, I still don’t care for the whole “in racks” picture series. What’s the point?

  73. Like someone said before: tacky. And not cute.

  74. Stop complaining about it, seriously – it’s not going to change, no matter how many times you say “IT’S NOT CUTE NOT CUTE NOT CUTE.”

    With that said, the birdie is adorable… and s/he looks to be an oddly tame little thing, at that. Not many other birds would not submit to being stuffed in a bra!

  75. This is done correctly. Can’t say she is underage, no part of boobs showing, animal not squished, no signs or banners showing etc. and the bird is CUTE CUTE CUTE.

    I think animals like racks because besides being warm they can hear our hearts beating.

  76. Complaining? Gee I thought it was called people giving their opinion. People don’t assume the picture is somehow going to change just because we don’t find it adorable, don’t be so condescending.

  77. My Jas luvs to go “sleeve climbing”…he goes up my shirt sleeve (if there’s enough room between my arm and the material) then he crouches down at about my elbow and I peek down from the neck of my shirt and go “peek-a-boo” he snurfs (honest to God, that’s the sound he makes), rubs his beak on the material and then proceeds to climb the rest of the way up, pops his head out of the neck of my shirt and there I am looking like some strange two headed critter.

  78. I’m not being condescending – I’m just saying, it doesn’t need to be repeated a thousand times. People seem to be under the impression that they can somehow get the site to stop posting “Racks” photos, which just isn’t the case.

  79. Tis true. Sorry for calling you condescending 😦

  80. Positive Jube says:

    Love the birdeh.

    Hope that girl is over 16 (ha!) *ducks*………*winces*

  81. I love that little bird! Not so much the rack…

  82. ’tis alright, hzl – it sounded a bit harsher than originally intended. <3

  83. The CO Justice League has missed, and continues to miss the point. There is no innocence lost to a bird sitting comfortable in a stately bosom. There is nothing crude or gulity about it unless you feel that way about your own body.
    This is a -personal-, if popular, weblog. Its like the mother who wrote to JK Rowling asking her to change the books because it might scare her child. She said bollocks to that.
    If you dont like an image, you have but to scroll up or down away from it and put it out of your mind. Your already making it worse for yourself by protesting it and keeping it fresh in your mind. :\

  84. girlistiredofallthetitpics says:

    The boob thing is getting old! How about some equal time guys? Or don’t you have what it takes?

  85. I’m 22! And I don’t mind if you don’t like my rack! I don’t like yours either!

  86. Hehehee

  87. Chelsea, you’re built a lot like me. I like it. 🙂

  88. And… guys don’t actually have what it takes to pose for a “rack” photo. That is to say, guys don’t have racks… are you that innocent? Yeesh, no wonder you are shocked!

  89. Can’t wait for all the rack haters to finally notice the lingerie ad featuring a semi-clothed model and promoting The Panty of the Month.

    Cute bird. Cuter rack.

  90. Tank, I am trying to avoid looking at that. Who only changes their undies once a month? Ew! 😀

  91. Lone — “CO Justice League?” That sounds really cool, actually. I call NOT AQUAMAN.

    Your point is well stated & quite valid. Speaking for myself (though I suspect others will agree) I haven’t exactly missed it… I’m just tired of making it. Even in psychic fish language.

  92. Anne On A Mouse says:

    Boo on all the naysayers on Chelsea`s rack! If I were a parrot, I would be down there all day. Or, I suppose, if I were any other type of lifeform

  93. At first, I thought someone had gotten away with boob post on Cute Overload. It took me a good 10 seconds to notice the love bird (that lucky lil bastard!)

    Cute bird

  94. Can’t wait for all the rack haters to finally notice the lingerie ad featuring a semi-clothed model and promoting The Panty of the Month… < --- too true!! I wondered that also!

    P.S. – Gorgeous Sun Conure, Chelsea. I have a Cockatiel myself and I’d be rather afraid of the headline on CO if he were to snuggle inside my top *waggles an eyebrow*

  95. Haha yes if it was anyone else but me, someone would be 2 severed breasts to deal with. Sunny is a mommy’s boy!

  96. verrryyy cute birdie! I’m not a huge fan of the racks series mostly because I don’t really get why they’re cute… Not saying they shouldn’t be posted, I guess I’m just not sure what about animals in a shirt makes them any cuter than the animal on their own??

    nonetheless, lovely birdie, and lovely rack

  97. bird shmird… Nice skin tone!

  98. Is there a rival cuteoverload somewhere with similar content WITHOUT the * and racks photos? Or a way to filter them out?
    I feel yucky looking at the picture of little animals stuffed inside shirts.

  99. Soo-ooo sick of these.

  100. acelightning says:

    *I* wouldn’t be too thrilled about bird poop in my bra… but that’s between the bird and the woman, and nobody else.

  101. to all those offend by, or uncomfortable with the Cats ‘n’ Racks™ pictures i say: “Lighten up, Francis”.

  102. Could always try cuteoverlord.
    No anything in racks there.
    Or if there were, it would be a different kind of racks

  103. *sigh* And here, I thought that with another “racks” photo, I might finally FINALLY have the chance to be in the glorious state of “offended” that so many here seem to enjoy.

    But alas, I find myself feeling nothing but “cute vibes” from this particular picture.

    I am truly hopeless.


  104. If Sunny goes down there by himself then that is pretty cute(You should make a video :p).
    I just don’t find anything cute in animals being stuffed in a shirt againt thier will just to take a cute picture.

  105. SuperFluffy says:

    What a lovely cute birdie! And what a patient owner!

    PS Why have all these trolls come out today? Shouldn’t they be busy being offended on some other website? You know like something actually good to be offended about; like lack of gun control or domestic violence?

  106. “In some ways it takes away from the innocence of the bird.”

    Hahahaha! What do you think animals DO in the wild? For that matter, what do you think they do in captivity?

  107. Having had lots of birds in my lifetime and knowing how tempermental they are, I would be wayyy to scared to do this.

  108. Teho–TMI. I don’t want to know about how you like to hang out. 🙂

  109. Why were the last cat n’ racks pics removed? Just curious.

  110. Who do I let know that animals down girls’ shirts are not cute?! It’s trashy. Keep your animals out from under your clothing. Seriously, people. I know I’m not alone on this. I’m tired of the animals crushed between breasts.

  111. Robin does not find critters down tops cute.

    Teri does find critters down tops cute.

    So who gets their own way?


  112. SuperFluffy says:

    Sigmund Freud would have a field day with some of these anti-rack posters.

    They scare me. The Daily Mail (UK) reading anti-rack posters. Not the rack.

  113. LessDenied says:

    That bird is, without a doubt, the cutest bird I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s so BRIGHT!

  114. Lucky bird 🙂

  115. i have a friend who has a few birds, and they all seem to enjoy the practice of climbing in hers and her hubby’s shirts.

    it’s downright cute.

  116. My birds do that too! She may not have even had to place him in there; my parrot will wiggle her way down any low-cut shirt I wear. Parrots and their smaller relatives like being in warm, semi-enclosed places where they can feel safe, and it just so happens that a lady’s rack suits their purposes nicely 😉

  117. Doubleclick says:

    Still no end in sight in the Rack War…

    I really, really don’t see what the fuss is about. Just another nice animal tucked in a shirt.

  118. Have the people who complain about the animals in rack photos being “crushed” inside shirts ever owned a small animal? Unless your animal is uncomfortable with you to begin with, they love it. Many animals live in small, tight burrows because they’re safe. The body heat is warm. The physical closeness helps the bonding in both directions between animal and human.

  119. Louis blockenbock says:

    I thought I was gonna see some darn cats???

  120. Louis blockenbock says:

    I thought I was gonna see some darn cats???

  121. Pickle's mom says:

    Our dusky-headed conure, Pickle, loves to climb into our shirts and poke her little head out. She’ll also snuggle into our pocket, so only her tail protrudes. It’s classic conure behavior, and adorable.

  122. Little suggestion: There should totally be a ‘Pets and Pecs’ section for the ladies lol.

    I don’t if anyones mentioned something like that before, too many comments to go through! But it’s a good name for it, yes?

  123. I agree with Jumpy, Chelsea’s skin tone is B-E-A-utiful!

  124. Kelly (male) says:

    It’s amazing, after so many years of checking out women, I can tell that this is the most beautiful woman in the group, without even seeing her face. Bet ya $1000. I wish I had this ability when I was 20.

  125. Here’s my remix of this adorable pic: