Le Sigh

Sender-inner David K. writes:"This is Bert in socks. My parents just got a new floor put in and didn’t want scratches. Thus the socks and hilarity."You’re tellin’ us.


Le sigh, Bert. Le sigh. 😉



  1. Poor doggie. He looks so
    What have I done to deserve this?”

  2. I love the look on that pup’s face. So prosh!

    PS. I’m delighted that CO now displays properly with Firefox on my new iMac — huzzah!

  3. I think poor Bert epitomizes the “Cute or Sad?” designation.

    “Cheer up there, puppers! At least you look good in red!”

  4. Oh – my – god!

    This is so sad. And cute. Definitely cute.

    He deserves loads of hugs and treats for this one!

  5. The forehead nubbins, with the up-tilted walleyes and the sad lip droop all combine to make what is known as a “Doggy Sadness Trifecta.” When used properly on a human pushover, this trifecta can result in things like, hugging, belly rubs, bacon, etc.

  6. Hey! Didn’t I just see this picture when I looked up “puppy dog eyes” in the dictionary?

  7. Hee hee–I can practically see that evil new floor in his shiny widdew eyeses! *LOL*


  8. …too freakin much!

  9. What a pouty, disgruntled puglet! Don’t blame him one iota.

  10. Aww, poor lil’guy ):

    I love his eyes so, so much!

  11. ka9q's wife says:

    I am in love. I am also a pushover. I would be giving him hugs and belleh rubs and bacon.
    yep pushover and i think it is written on my forehead so only dogs can read it.

  12. Guh…I can’t believe that poor dog has to wear those socks for the rest of his life whenever he’s on their precious new floor. Way to love your pet.

  13. michellemybelle says:

    I would have solved the problem by carrying Bert everywhere – his little feetses would never have to touch the floor!

  14. I’m with you CP. Hoping the situation is temporary, for instance, until they can get the poor guy to a groomer or the vet for a little nail trim.

  15. Positive Jube says:

    *whistfully* we once had nice, shiney, smooth, lickable polished wooden floor boards. We also have Jess, the Kelpie/Malamute who loves to chase balls down the hallway, thrown by my husband…. We now have a not so nice floor (but happy husband and dog).

    We also ustahada galah called Bert… he flew away *still sad*….

  16. Aw. Bert is one blue puppy. From my experience on hardwood floors, he’ll only need to wear those sicks for a little while. Once the finish sets, no worries. I spent a few weeks of my life wearing socks all over the house in order to protect the floors.

  17. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    That’s just totally so so sad. 😦

  18. Puggy!

  19. That poor little guy.

    He looks like he just had a wipe out on that new floor! Those socks are probably worse than ice skates!

  20. I love this puppy so much.
    I really do.

  21. The second I saw this I exclaimed “AWWWW”! Poor baby!! He looks so sad. I hope Bert isn’t condemned to wear those red socks forever! He is an adorable little guy!

  22. pookiepuff says:

    Ohhhh Bert!

  23. Cathryn Bauer says:

    That picture should be in the dictionary next to the word “dejection.”

  24. Hahaha! That is the greatest facial expression. And the socks look like boxing gloves.

  25. Awww, poor puggacious puppy.

  26. i give this a full-on “sad”

    i mean, who buys scratchable floors when there’s a pup in the house?

    these people are mad

  27. Aww, poor sad little pug. He just doesn’t understand why people can’t just accept him for who he is, scratchy toes and all. *sniffle* Come sit by me, little pup – I’ll love you no matter what!

  28. I thought they were boxing gloves at first, too–which would (of course) make him a pugilist pug.

  29. Oh that FACE! That WONDERFUL face! And those EYES! And the pouty lip! *grabs chest dramatically* I am killt! *drops to floor*

  30. Gwa!

  31. Bert has the look of “You are cruel, cruel humans. Please, the joke’s over, get these things off…”

  32. I can only imagine him trying to run around with no traction. Hi-larious!

  33. LOL, reminds me of “The Moog” from “Willow the Wisp.”

  34. The socks are cute-ish, but the poochie looks like a saaaaad paaaaanda (I hope you all get the South Park ref.).

    Bert’s parents should check out http://www.softpaws.com. Soft Paws are tips you can glue on to your dog or cat’s claws to prevent scratching. I got them for my kitteh, Siegfried, because he would play on the leather couch and scratch it. Now, with soft paws– BLUE soft paws– he does not scratch anymore. I highly recommend for all pet owners!

  35. Aww, poor sad puggy. Come to Melissa’s house where pugs go barepaw!

    The poster did say his parents put in new floors, maybe he doesn’t live w/ his parents and it’s only when they visit…? Just a thought.

    Bert is precious. Pugs are very good at making pathetic sad faces. My Henry Pug does it sometimes for no apparent reason.

  36. The Pergo cat sold them those floors.

    Bert is so not pleased by the Pergo.

  37. P. Erasmus says:

    Nobody’s sad over the fact that society makes me wear underwear.

  38. P. E.
    You worry me.

  39. Pugs are ugly dogs.That aside this is the cutest/sadest looking dog I have ever seen he is just pitiful. I want to hold him and tell him that everything will be alright.

  40. I luff this puppy. I figure he’s visiting, so he has to wear the socks. It could also be that the floors still have to cure.

  41. OMG! What a precious puddin’ – that face is too much!

  42. Oh poor Bert!
    Come and live with me little pug, I have no hard flooring just loads of cheap carpet for you to run about on, sockless and free!

  43. Then there are people like MY parents, who when putting in new flooring, put in something that “already looks like dog footprints”.

  44. Call me a nuffer if you will, but this is sad. You don’t get hardwood floors (or anything scratchable and expensive) if you have an active pup running around. You shouldn’t do this to your poor poor adorable puppy 😦 He can’t help the fact that he has nails, but you can control what ends up on the floor…

  45. BlurpleBerry says:

    I love this little dog! The face really made my day.

  46. I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him till he cheers up.

  47. snoopysnake says:

    Awwww….so sad! I agree – I just want to cheer that puppy up and spend the rest of my life making him happy.

  48. That is the most pitiful face I have ever seen! I had to laugh, because it’s just so darned piffle ^^ Hee!

  49. trin – Flooring with paw prints? Baroo?

    We have pine floors. They are scratched and dented all over. Pine is a soft wood. Gives the floors character. Our dog is fetch-obsessed. We are constantly kicking and tossing the ball for her around the house. As I type I am tossing the ball every 23.7 seconds (sometimes I toss it down the stairs to get an extra 30 second break.) I know I could hide the ball.
    No basketball court here. No paw mittens. Happy dog clickety-clicks. And the floors just get better and better.

  50. “saaaaad paaaaanda (I hope you all get the South Park ref.)”

    Sarah, all I could remember was “Sexual Harrassment Panda”, whose theme song is now running through my head.

  51. pyrit, it was some sort of vinyl tile with multiple browns and golds in overlapping circles, just about the sizes of the various dogs’ toe prints. It hit EVERYTHING, including the occasional spill or drip. Which meant cleaning a broader area when you knew you dropped something. I haven’t been back to the house in some time, but 5 or so years ago they still had that flooring.

  52. I meant “It HID EVERYTHING…”

  53. Yay for camouflage flooring. With all the knots in our pine floors, it kind of looks like dog foot prints too.

  54. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Oh, that is THE saddest looking pup I’ve ever seen! @_@

    He even pulls a better sad look than my Cavalier 😮

  55. all the anthropomorification just keels me!

    people…this dog looks like this all the time. believe me. even if he’s happy, he looks dejected. that is the plight of the bug-eyed, apple-headed dog (see also boston terrier).

  56. DLT – sorry, pugs don’t always look sad. A friend of mine has 3 and you can very very clearly tell their emotions based on their faces.

  57. He’s all “You will suffer the wrath of Pug!”,
    except even Pug wrath is drop dead cute. Poor little guy can’t win.

  58. Plenty of cute pugs here, along with assorted other distorted-lens cuteness:


  59. I love his pug-eyes!! So cute!!

  60. He should look into soft paws for dogs:


  61. NebraskaErin says:

    My lab mix used to make this face, accompanied by a huge SIGH when things weren’t going her way. The sighs just got louder and louder until they were actual whines. Then she usually got her way.

    Methinks Bert’s socklets will be gone PDQ.

  62. Po’ pooch!

  63. Karen in Toronto says:

    My first thought on seeing the picture was, “Boxing gloves, cage match, TKO — and he went down for the count.”

  64. Aw Bert! It’s okay! I will bring you Coco and a treat to make you feel better!

  65. This is actually my pug Bert. This photo was of his trial run with booties. I’m visiting my parents for Christmas. And yes, they have new hardwood floors that need to dry and cure. To reassure everyone, the boots are off when the floor is dry. (Or when we’re at our home).

  66. the caption says it’s his PARENTS’ floors, not his, and thus the situation would be temporary.

  67. David K: Your Bert is adorable, please give him lots of pug hugs from me!

  68. This is our pug Bert….sad puppy dog eyes. To assure everyone, we have hardwood floors and he pitter patters about happily without the socks. He’ll be at Dave’s parent’s place for Christmas so for this one time while the hardwood floor dries(new floors), he will have socks on. And to also assure you, he gets plenty of hugs, kisses and bacon treats….very well loved indeed! Merry Xmas!

  69. to Bert’s folks, thanks for commenting, as you see your little pug won many hearts and we’re glad to know he only has to wear mittens on occasion. He’s adorable!

  70. gloriamour says:

    oh I’m Bert’s auntie… This cute rascal of a pug will need to keep these socks on at all times so he doesn’t jump anywhere there is a scent of biscuits, chocolate, pastries, scones, graham crackers, cake, ect. The socks will also help him clean up all his crumbs. Behind those sad puggie dog eyes is a very happy hyper piggie of a dog… awwww….

  71. He’s also a manipulative little boy. He put on the sad face for treats (it was after all the only way he would stare at the camera). Suffice it to say, he had his face stuffed with cookies shortly after this picture. I think he actually likes his socks now.

  72. Bert’s so anerable I can hardly take it. He does look awfully sad – glad to hear he gets yumyums from his family and he’s enjoying his wee socks.

  73. ooooooohhhhh so cute but look at those eyes so cute but sad

  74. Poor Bert … so pitiful yet so adorable!

  75. Oh my…
    Poor guy. You can see he hates the socks, and if he and his owner live with those parents, he has to wear em till kingdome come.
    That is way way WAYY sad.
    Right now I’m either hoping mom’s shoes make scratches so the puggie can get rid of those socks, it no matter no more, sort to say.

    and to everyone who reads this: if you want non-carpet floors while owning dogs/cats… take tiles. No scratches, easy to clean, looks good, and is animal-cruelty free.. unlike these wooden floors.

  76. Like tile.
    Hate grout.

  77. Stephanie says:

    Doggies can only sweat through their tongues and paws. Be careful~!!

  78. you know if you’re concerned about your floors\furniture you probably shouldn’t have a dog.