Too many goslings, not enough wing

Um, could this goose have MORE goslings? The answer is none. None more goslings. I love how a bunch of them made it safely under the wing, and some are all heads up "baroo?!"-ing. It’s like a crowded elevator car.


Nice photos, Stu W.!



  1. aww they should take turns under mama’s wing!

  2. Gosling 1: I CALL WING!

    Gosling 2: *Whines* You always get under the wing.

    Mother Goose: If I pretend I’m not listening, will they stop? Or do I have to beat them then revoke wing privileges for all?

  3. Awww! So many little ducklings, so little time.

    That is probably one harried mama!

  4. This is a clear demonstration of the importance of bird conrol.

  5. hrh.squeak says:

    Suda Nim – Bwa haa haaaaa!!

  6. :]

  7. mmm, is that a spinal tap reference i detect?

    spinal tap + lil’ geese = amazing

  8. Cauliflower says:

    I think it’s cute how one of them on the left is using siblings to sleep under. If I can’t use mommy I’ll just use you people.

  9. “I’ve got you under my wing –
    I’ve got you surrounding each side of me.
    So prosh that Meg’s chosen our photo for all to see
    I’ve got you under my wing.

    I’d tried to teach you to swim –
    I said, ‘see those ducks – surely you can swim as well’.
    So why should you try to resist ’cause, babies, I know so well
    I’ve got you under my wing?

    I’d sacrifice anything come what might
    Just so I can keep you from fear
    When I need to warn you
    Since you can’t yet take flight
    I’ll repeat, repeat in your ears:
    Don’t you wish, little fools, you knew how to swim?
    Use your webbed feetsies, and your floatibility.
    But each time that I see
    You swimming from me
    Makes me stop before I begin
    ‘Cause I’ve got you under my wing.”

  10. Aubrey – Applause! Beautiful!

  11. too cute – those babies look so soft and fluffy!

  12. acelightning says:

    That sure is a lot of ducky fuzz!

  13. Oh my! Such a lovely bunch of well behaving little goslings.

    Wings up for the Momma Goose!

  14. juggle geese says:

    Maybe she should wing wean them?

  15. fuzzie duckies!

  16. I wonder if they’re all really hers? Geese have a “child care exchange” system. Adults take turns watching/leading all the babies while the other adults keep a lookout and/or feed. I’ve seen one adult with TWENTY babies at a time. Nothing cuter than babies!

  17. Mother Goose is thinking: “How DID I honk myself into this?”

  18. The Kin Beneath My Wings
    By Bette Waddler

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    What a still photo can’t show is the goslings are actually moving the momma up the hill: “We wanna go Chuck E. Cheese! We wanna go Chuck E. Cheese!”

    Really. They’re moving her like Egyptians moving blocks to build the pyramids. Really.

  20. See, here’s the thing. I of course come here for the cute, which is vital and necessary, but over and over again I’m caught by the referential humor, some of which is pretty damn obscure. Meg: your Spinal Tap reference made my whole damn day. Were I of an officially academic bent, I’d be inclined to pry into the question of whether an inclination towards the cute is somehow related to an inclination towards Spinal Tap, MST3k, Freakazoid, Monty Python, etc. “Omigod, stop it, Valerie, you’re freaking me *out*!”

    Only don’t ever stop. Pleeeze.

  21. It’s the avian equivalent of a clown car!! *LOL


  22. As Susan above mentions, geese share child care responsibilities within the whole flock. Look at the different sizes of the chicks under the right wing. These were not all hatched from the same clutch.

  23. Ha – nice Spinal Tap reference there.

  24. Its a duck overload! I love the idea that they are all moving the momma duck up the hill Peg. I laughed outloud cute thought

  25. “None more goslings” pretty much makes me want to cry with joy and appreciation.

  26. “None more goslings” pretty much makes me want to cry with joy and appreciation.

  27. So cute!!

    But people, please…if you aren’t going to read the captions, at least try to recognize the species!!!

    Those are NOT ducks!

  28. If them babbies aren’t careful they’re gonna push Mrs Goose flat on her face.

  29. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I wouldn’t want to mess with those babies, I have to say. The only thing scarier than a goose is a goose protecting goslings.

  30. GreenEyedHawk says:

    ….they are awfully cute and fuzzy, though.

  31. I usually enjoy this site and all, but frankly it’s ridiculous and indicative of some seriously poor web design that there is a horizontal scroll bar at 1024×768 resolutions. I run at 1600×1200, but most people (and I do mean most, even people with nice big screens) run at 1024×768.

    Web Design 101: You’re creating a website for other people, not yourself. You need to test in different browsers, at different resolutions, not just your own and assume it will magically work out for everyone else.

  32. this is so fuzzy and adorable! it’s funny though, only animals could get away with this. Imagine if a human mommy was trying to keep her kids warm by sitting on them??? Child protection services would be on the way instantly!

  33. Shotgun!

  34. Orphaze: How about you email the site owner, rather than stand on the corner loudly shouting your personal displeasures to the world at large, hmm?


  35. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    I kind of have to agree, I do have quite a bit of this yellowish-greeny (can’t think of the crayola color equiv.) to the left of everything that wouldn’t need to be there.

    That being said… Gooseses are mean critters. I wouldn’t have gone that close to take a picture, unless of course, you had a good zoom lense to work with.

    We have ducks, and I’ve sent pictures of them in doing cute, adorable things, but they aren’t cute and adorable enough for the Big “M” apparently (not whining). Maybe this will open the door to more avian related pictures hmmmm???

    I agree, great Spinal Tap.

  36. Orphaze — what Denita said. It’s a known issue. Also, C.O. is a site developed in Meg’s free time only (and she has precious little), and currently the horizontal scrollbar isn’t actually preventing you from seeing the right-nav, even at 1024×768 res.

    Patience, please.

  37. These are my ducks… last summer eating in our waterfall.

    2 are gone now 😦 RIP Buzzy and Millie


    ummm that was supposed to post I thought.

  39. Momma Goose needs to be on birth control. Hee.

  40. Oh, they’re cute now, but wait till you see how much goose poop this many geese can make. The parks along the lakefront in Toronto and surrounding communities are thick with it. Though it’s funny to watch wedding parties tramping carefully through it to get their photos done at the park sites.

  41. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Haha Carrie…duck butts!

  42. Putting poop aside (if we only could), I ADORE Canada Geese.

  43. 1) I’m really ashamed to admit I can’t find the Spinal Tap reference…


    2) I’ll counter with one of my own. I had my first concert today with a woman’s choir. I joined late in the season, so I was just in the last two numbers. I was to sit on an aisle seat, then join the file as they went up the aisle for the final songs.

    Minutes before the concert, we had last backstages words, then most left to go onstage, while I was to go to the lobby and go to my seat.

    This was an *incredibly* labyrinthine backstage that I had only been in once before.

    I’ll spare you the details except to say “HELLO CLEVELAND!”

    Everything worked out, tho.

  44. Suda, they were discussing their latest album cover:

    “How much more black could it be?” And the answer is, “None. None more black.”

  45. Orphaze – Maybe you could fix it with Duck tape? Or find some other use for it???!

  46. Somebody got goosed.

  47. “We’ve got armadillos in our trousers.”

  48. Suda, speaking as the patron saint of quality footwear, I approve of that comment.

  49. I think the color you are looking for is pistaschio.

  50. Suda Nim, curious what kind of women’s choir?

  51. Selianth – Yes, pistachio, with hints of celery and incandescent algae, fresh grass illuminated by peridot, a yellowish green but leaning toward yellow, almost khaki moderated by hues of ecru and fresh turtle shells.

  52. If that is the mother, I hate to see what the babysitter looks like. All the goslings would probably be running all over and she’d be yelling, “Now, kids, time for bed… please?”