Winston eats mashed potatoes

People, Winston the cat is workin’ this one. Just look at his smoooshed up face and ability to soft-kronsche his mashed potatoes. Let’s hear it for him [Thunderous applause]

click to DOWNLOAD video... (don't ask; we don't know)

Thanks to sender-inner Corin W. 😀 and of course Rich & the gang at FourFour.



  1. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Very zestful enjoyment. Those scrunched-up faces can convey a surprising amount of enthusiasm!

    (Cringing in anticipation of virulent posts criticizing indulging a cat with potatoes.)

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    The other night, my cat passed up fresh salmon in favor of mashed potatoes. I really don’t get her.

    Is Winston a shaved/clipped Persian? He’s got the smooshy face, but not the silky locks.

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    And I just love the cooking-show commentary in the background. Methinks Winston’s something of a gourmand–he probably likes his cilantro (and lots of it) too.

  4. There is no doubt… cats are funnier than dogs!

  5. Yummy!

  6. I love that the other cat is like, “Non, merci,” and Winston is all, “Maybe I will and MAYBE I WILL!”

  7. You should send a link over to Rich Juzwiak’s often hilarious blog. Winston’s his kitty.

  8. gloom raider says:

    Reminiscent of a game I play with my cat called “Do Inkys Eat ____?”

    And why do I fear this cat’s smooshy snout is going to send us running for our anti-Nuff hard hats ere long?

  9. Winston might be an exotic. Exotic what? you ask. That’s the name of the breed and it is ‘the lazy man/woman’s persian. They are identical to the Persian cat except that they have short hair. (And Exotics are a recognized breed and it is separate from Persian.)

  10. heh, last night my feline snatched a mushroom slice from my pizza .. . . i wonder if she likes mashed taters.
    My mom puts chicken broth in hers. . .

  11. Hahah! that was so cute, and it looked like he was crying at the end, he loved his taters so moische!

    look again, I think those are tears of joy.

  12. Ha ha! Winston’s lip smacking noises are hilarious. He sure lurves his taters.

  13. OMG…can you hear me laughing?

  14. Spudderly delightful!

    (and with a wonderful, smooshie face like that, is it any wonder that Winston would feel drawn towards mashed potatoes?)

  15. That’s winston from!! He’s wonderful. 🙂

  16. Winston – I wuv you man I wuv you I wuv you so much you hate mashed puddytoes compared to how much I wuv you!

  17. Karen in Toronto says:

    Kohlrabi. Not the flesh, just the peelings. Kronsche, kronsche. And only Handsome Stranger, not Peabo or the Wicked Stepsisters.

  18. Elizabeth B. says:


    In my family, we call these ‘hit the wall’ cats. But we do it lovingly.

    Mine licks the coating off hard candy. She loves lime runts.

  19. This is… um, cruel… and stuff… potatoes. Yeah. I mean look what they did to the cat’s face.

  20. sorry, but i think that’s the ugliest cat i’ve ever seen.

  21. What I love is that he grabs at the hand every time it *might* be pulling the lovely stuff away!! Miki does that with the ice cream bars.

    Cilantro? That stuff makes everything taste like dish soap.

  22. lab mixes rule says:

    That’s “Daisy Cooks,” starring Daisy Martinez, in the background: my favorite cooking show! And she never, ever prepares duck.

  23. Foom — I think that’s the potatoes you’re looking at.

  24. Now theeeeere’s an interesting cat food fetish…

  25. I’m afraid I have to agree with foom.

  26. OMG! It’s the cat from one of my other favorite blogs– FourFour!


  27. I love the way he takes a bite then his eyes widen as he realises how nice it is and he panics a little thinking the rest is going to be taken away. Awww.

    (I may be reading too much into this)

  28. I dunno… those kronshes don’t look all that soft. Still, I like the nose-lick action.

  29. wow…. Winston sure loves his taters! I like the elbowing the other dude out of the way action.

  30. That did not look like a soft kronsche to me. I could feel the phantom pointy teeth crunching down on my own finger


  31. Eeeee! Not just for Winston-kitteh, but for Teh Qte making CNN today!

    Site redesign just in time to have the new logo on the teevee! w00t!

    (video on the CNN homepage)

  32. Lurker- I can’t find the video, do you have the link/title?

  33. MEG!!!!!
    lurkertype! Thank you. I saw that on CNN earlier but it didn’t load fast enough so pfffft. Since you mentioned it I just tried again and it’s awesome. CO is majorly featured.
    CNN Homepage “The Science of Cute” Jeanne Moos video.

  34. My cat used to lurve mashed potato mixed with gravy. He also enjoyed fromage frais and fruitcake.

  35. little gator says:

    I used to have a cat who would pass up fresh cooked chicken to eat bread.

    But try to crawl down my friend’s throat when the friend had just eaten salmon.

  36. Found it! Titled: “Is the Brangelina baby cuter than a panda cub?”

    Congrats again Meg!

  37. I’m having a crappy day and needed a Cuteness Fix ™. This did the trick. Thanks!!

  38. I’m a little late here – but ditto to that, shanchan.

    Cilantro = yucky!

    However, I can say

    Spuds = deeee-lish!

  39. my cat is really good at soft kronsche. However, she does NOT eat potatoes. LOL

  40. Love the schlurping noises!

  41. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ha! That CNN piece turned me on to Ugly Overload. That alpaca vid is hi-larious.

  42. Oh, it’s, gag, I just, gah!
    This thread is giving me fits.

    In random order:

    Winnnnnnnnstonnnnnnn ! Twu wuv!

    My orange tiger loved potatoes too.

    CNN London and CNN in one week! (I first heard of CO (and SOMC) on NPR’s homepage months ago.) If CO is this popular, wouldn’t it be great if one day we didn’t even need CNN, etc. anymore. The only news was Cute? If we only had Cute news?

    And cilantro!? If you don’t like cilantro then you can’t like pico de gallo and you can’t eat grilled salmon topped with pico de gallo for breakfast! What?!

  43. Peg of Tilling says:

    Finding cilantro tastes like soap is genetic, kind of like being able to curl your tongue–and who knew, cilantro haters have their own little corner of the web:

    I, however, am all for cilantro. And Winston. And C. O. on CNN–yay Meg!

  44. i love Winston! He has the same name as my Mini Schnauzer…

    As for Cilantro.. my husband and kid think it tastes like Metal.. I don’t get it.. I love the stuff. I think it’s a genetic thing too. Metal?!

  45. Winston!! What a perfect name for this guy.

  46. Winston!! What a perfect name for this guy.

  47. Winston!! What a perfect name for this guy.

  48. Winston!! What a perfect name for this guy.

  49. Winston!! What a perfect name for this guy.

  50. Winston!! What a perfect name for this guy.

  51. Okay, this is just the most amazing thing. I love that cat and the cat loves mashers. Perfect.

  52. Golden – I’m starting a Cilantro Alloyance.

  53. Man. I love cilantro, and so does Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus.
    Remember him?

    Miss Millie B. Doofus, however, is kinda “meh” on cilantro, and their (human) dad doesn’t like it at all.

    Peg must be right–it must be genetic.

  54. Pyrit!

    I’m sure we will win alumimmunity

  55. dang.. my first stab at “pun” and I screw it up..




  56. Cilantro in moderation is okay, but too much of it takes over the flavor of the food and is a little nauseating.

    I saw the Brangelina/Panda link but I didn’t click it because I have no interest in looking at Brad Pitt’s spawn, but if I had known it was a CO hook, I’d have been all over it!

    Or I would have done if I was at home. My work ‘puter blocks vids. So I haven’t seen Winston eating his taters yet.

    (What’s taters, eh, precious?)

  57. I feel I must stand up and be counted amongst the pro-cilantro throng.
    But FRESH cilantro, definitely.

  58. They make Cilantro Thongs?

    oh.. nevermind.

  59. Golden, if that’s what T. w-Ore Ida have to leave this site.

  60. Aubrey..

    You’re good.

  61. Aw, Aubrey always gets all the precious complelements.

  62. Cats with smooshed faces eating taters? Like kronshie treats?! Unheard of! Actually, that cat would be better off licking the taters like ice cream. Unless they really didn’t mash them, then ya. They are kronishie.

  63. Pyrit..

    You’re good.

  64. I’d buy the idea that like/dislike of cilantro is genetic- my twin sister hates it too. And my mom. But my dad likes it.

    That said, I love the dingle dingle of the other cat shaking his head off camera, all, that wasn’t tasty.

  65. Golden – You’re, … golden.

  66. AWWWW


  67. Another vote on the cilantro-hating being genetic. Everyone I’ve talked to who hates it says it tastes like soap. The lovers can’t taste that.

    I love pico de gallo, though. I just eat around the cilantro.

    And those are *not* soft kronsches from Winston. He’s about .001 foot-pounds from removing the fingertip.

  68. Do Winston’s whiskers – curled upwards – remind anyone of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s whiskers?

  69. That’s what my Aria is like!

    She sits on her daddy’s shoulder and tries to intercept the spoon/fork and bring it to her.

  70. I love when kitties use their paw to pull you/food/a toy closer… like “don’t take that away, I want it!”

  71. i heart winston!!! i think he’s my favorite cat on the intranets. what’s even better is that someone was inspired to make an actual stuffed animal of him. check it out on rich’s blog:

  72. Heh…that was just too, too mosh! It’s like Cujo with vanilla yogurt or vanilla ice cream. And is it just me or is Winston totally looking like a living plush cat? That fur must feel like velvets.

  73. browntabbycoon says:

    James Shimi, have you forgotten to take your medication?

  74. OK, so I thought I read somewhere that potatoes were bad for cats. Is that true?

  75. Tiffany — otherwayround. Cats cause panic attacks and severe allergic reactions in spuds.

  76. Ok, after I watched this, I had to go make mashed potatoes. Sadly, though, we just dropped my kitty off for boarding at the vet’s this morning–we leave for our trip in the morning. I don’t know if she’d eat the spuds or not–she does like tortilla chips though (the salt)!

  77. browntabbycoon says:

    Oooh, the hatefulness seems to have disappeared. What a wonderful world is CO. No wonder I luv it!!! Loving potatos is enuf to calm the jangled nerves of the entire week. Oh, yeah. Tgif and kittehs who luv spuds.

  78. LOL I love his name!!! And he looks hilarious, like he’s perpetually pissed off.

    Pro-Cilantro Peeps: Toast a poppadom in the microwave, top it with a spread of chopped tomatoes, onions (and a bit of chilli powder if you like it spicy) and garnish with cilantro. Mmmmm.

  79. I used to think Persians were rather ugly cats myself, but after adopting a tabby that’s part-Persian, with an eensy little nose, I find them irresistible.

    Winston is damn cute!

  80. I love the last few licks, where he’s like “Okay, I know there’s a little more on my mouth, I know there is!” *lick lick lick*

  81. DOn’t knowifthe Fuzzy FOlk would eat mashed potatoes (though I suspect I put enough butter in). Onyx was trying for my broccoli last night….weird kitty….

  82. violetgreen says:

    Winston: Hmmm, what’s this…Oooh, ahhh (closes eyes) oh deliciousness!
    Other kitty: FEH! I don’t know what you see in that stuff.
    Winston: HEY! Where ya goin’ with that hand? Come back here! Ahhhh! MMMM! Again!

  83. “There is no doubt… cats are funnier than dogs!”

    Someone ALWAYS says something like this… Peeps mostly divide into “Cat people” and “Dog people” but why do some people have to stomp all over other people’s preference? Can’t we all just get along? Hug each other? Love each other? Maybe all start to take off our cl… no, sorry, that was too much.

    Anyway, just because I’m a puppeh person, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate Mr PersianPants with his sensationally grumpy face and passion for taters. Thank you.

  84. michellemybelle says:

    Winston’s whiskers remind me of a handlebar moustache – and we all know cats with handlebar moustaches love taters. It’s been scientifically proven.

  85. AuntieMame says:

    I finally got to see Winston enjoying his mashed taters! I thought for a moment he was going to take off a finger. 🙂

    And nobody is stomping on anything, Kate. It was just a randon, off-hand comment. Try not to take offense where clearly none is intended.

  86. Peg of Tilling says:

    Subhangi, what’s a poppadom?

  87. okay, just imo, smooshed-face kitties aren’t all that cute

    (and, peg, a poppadom is an indian flatbread, like a crispy tortilla made of lentils or similar starches; giant poppadom is fun and cute because it makes you look tiny!)

  88. Beauregard says:

    Ok, I just have to ask, does anyone read fourfour? Because Winston is on all the time, and Rich’s articles/recaps are the BEST.

  89. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks Blair! A giant poppadom makes you look tiny…so they come the size of satellite dishes then? A restaurant near Atlanta makes 6 foot dosas (dhosas? sorry–thin crepes/pancakes wrapped around a tasty filling) so why not a 6 foot poppadom?

  90. It wasn’t just that comment, AuntieMame…’twas a cumulative response to many little things I’ve noticed over months and not said anything about.

    I appreciate that no offence was meant, and indeed none was taken… just having a mild grump.

    *hands conciliatory puddin’s round to all, including F.A.V and AuntieMame*

  91. Peg o’Tiling: Blair’s right about the poppadoms. Dunno about the six-foot ones, tho.

    (And btw, it *is* dosas.)

  92. Oh yeah, that’s the reaction I get too when offering ‘people food’ to my furry children. They are, however, very picky, a la ShelleyTambo’s feline(s). Mine will pass up salmon! And tuna! Though they LOVE the “juice” from the tuna can. Maybe because the fish is cooked?

  93. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks Subhangi–I like your recipe–kinda sounds like bruschetta.

  94. Jennofur, only the shoots/sprouts of the potato plant are poisonous to cats. Not the potato itself. Best to get all the info before posting false info. I’m jus’ sayin’

  95. Kate –

    ..etc… XD

  96. OH! I love! I cry from The Cute!

    sorry, over the hedge kitty named tiger is so that kitty

  98. your freindly internet thinker says:

    having like iron chef party and then goofing off with the cats? sounds fun

  99. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The little smacky-smacky noises he makes are killing me! I also love the paw-hook over the arm–“Bring that back, I’m not done with it!” And of course, as someone else has noted, Winston is the PERFECT name for this guy.

  100. 😀 😀 😀 Fantastic cat/dog clips, Mitsu… thank you…

    *serves up an extra-large helping of puddin’ for Mitsu*

  101. that cat is scary looking, mash potatos or no

  102. Pudding, yay!!

    I am a “cat person” who likes dogs and appreciates their good points, for the record.

    Maybe it’s because of the household I grew up in – we had a dog, Suzie, who ended up raising several litters of kittens. Only to be rewarded by them pouncing all over her head and biting her tail when they got big enough…lol…mom cats have to put up with a lot after about six weeks.

  103. I’m not sure what’s cuter, the fact that the cat is eating potatoes or that his name is WINSTON!! 😀


  104. AnotherElizabeth says:

    Winston is too adorable. **smack smack** Must snorgle!

    Golden, cilantro tastes like mildew to me, or that foul reek when you leave the laundry in the washing machine for a week. My mom thinks the same thing– it must be genetic!

  105. Winston is Rich’s cat over at fourfour Check it out. he posts lots of hilarious videos and pics of Winston and his other cat Rudy.

  106. ShelleyTambo says:

    mc2, I offered the fish precooked and she still didn’t want it. Peanut butter, yes; potatoes, yes; macaroni and cheese, hell yes; fresh fish, nah I’ll pass, thanks.

    If you like kitties that reach for food,

    ’round about :52. Makes me laugh every time.

  107. :/ It looks like he might have a lil bit of an eye infection goin’ on with that left eye of his ;_; I just got my bebbeh’s eye flushed at the vet….now he’s all mad at me, hehe! He came out of anesthesia all grumpy.

  108. Oh, she’s so cute. Njam, butter.

  109. kwaller79 says:

    He looks like an old English man named Wellington.