Qwack qwaaack

Will you please check out this duck-billed platypus. I mean, not only is he half-prosh, half bill, but makes the most anerable sound when annoyed:


Take a listen! [156KB]



Jake B., I think you just got some attention for your favorite animal…



  1. I just learned this week that the platypus has echo-location sensors around the edge of its’ beak! Like it needs to be any wierder! But CUTE, def. CUTE!

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awww, sorta sounds like the trilling my kitter does.

  3. I agree with the sentiment that the platypus is proof God (or whomever you believe in) has a sense of humor! Too prosh!

  4. tehehe it looks like it is wearing like, a halloween duck mask or something.

  5. I love it love it love it!!! It is soooooo cute, and weird. How much more cool could it be??

  6. “The duckbilled platypus, it looks like a duck, but it’s furry!”

    10 points to whoever can place that quote.

    …my God, that thing’s cute.

  7. OMG, Ive always loved duck-billed platypi. They are TOO CUTE!!!

  8. PS I even love the gold chain in the background. Too hip!

  9. Heh. In the show South Park, God is a duck-billed platypus.

  10. My husband makes that noise in his sleep. Well.. minus the water sounds.. thankfully..

  11. um.. it looks kind of like a woodchuck with a strap-on duckbill.. like a Halloween costume.. or a secret spy-fighting disguise or something.. “Nobody will recognize me in THIS getup!”

    Poor little funny-looking thing!! 😉

  12. OMG platty! I wubs ’em!

  13. and the boy platypus all go ‘hwaaaaaaaah!’

  14. OMG! It’s so precious! I want to snuggle the bitty platypus under my sweatshirt!

  15. awwww x3 so unhappy sounding! cuuute.

  16. Careful Katy, they’re cute but have mildly poisonous spurs on their back feet. Defense against too much snorgling, I guess.

  17. And the males have venomous barbs on their back legs. Females lay eggs, and then when the eggs hatch the mamas feed them by secreting milk out of the skin on their belly.

    Weird, fascinating little things, and also cute!

  18. fancyclaps says:

    Another thing to make them even weirder, they are one of two mammals that has its babies in eggs.

    They are also the most poisonous mammal, they have barbs on their back legs that males stick each other with during mating season.

    “Their venom causes intense pain and local tissue damage in humans. The venom is composed of various enzymes that have a paralytic effect on the affected body area. Swelling develops and the victims may be unable to move their limbs for days.”

    Still extremely cute!

  19. Platty! The lands down under have some interesting critters! Just think about it… Kangaroo, Koala, Kiwi, Plattys.

  20. Andrea DuBois says:

    this pic is so cute! it looks like a dog with a halloween costume on 🙂 still adorable!

  21. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awww… Look at he little one on the guy’s hand! [tiny honk-shus]

  22. First look at baby in B 7w photo the baby bill all stumpy, bet lovely to stroke and snorgle, and bet they don’t use their spurs except to keep the snorgle going.
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  23. WOW… just..WOW!

  24. Very cute. Love that noise- my kitties make a sound similar to that when they want to wake me up for pets at night. And Beamer’s mom made that noise when she wanted the kittens to check in with her- Prrrrrrrrt? And three little mews- Mew! Mew! Mew!

  25. Went looking for pics of baby platapi and guess what they are called PUGGLES, PUGGLES cute even a cute name

  26. Oh, man! I LURVE these little goobers! And the sound effects, I swoon! So that’s how they sound when annoyed? Not sure how effective it would be for your “back off” sound to be almost as cute as you are! Seems like the worst it would do is incite a snorgling riot in the pond!

    HOORAY for the Platypus post! Thanks, Meg!

  27. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’m working on a toxicology book right now, and there are chapters on treating bites/stings from poisonous marine life, venomous snakes, and poisonous arthropods. I want a chapter on platypuses (per Merriam Webster, that’s the preferred plural form–weird)!

  28. I love it. I love the noise. Really cool.

  29. Am I the only one who thinks the platypus looks like a totally reasonable creature?

    I look at it and think, “Yeah, sure. That makes sense.”

  30. Their venom causes intense pain and local tissue damage in humans. The venom is composed of various enzymes that have a paralytic effect on the affected body area. Swelling develops and the victims may be unable to move their limbs for days.”

    Still extremely cute!

    Posted by: fancyclaps

    Hoookay! Notions of snorgling this little billed butterball just went out the window! Well, I’ll just looka heem an’ smile.

  31. That water noise has the distinct ability to make a grown woman almost pee her pants. I need that noise on tape to torment my husband on long car trips, although I suspect the plan might backfire. But it… Depends.

    Ba dum bum… psh.

  32. Oh, now that’s just NOT FAIR. Too cute. It does sound like a feline “Prrt?” but you can definitely hear the annoyed edge.

  33. Bwa-ha-haaaa! Between this and “boob tube” and a couple of others, it’s been a real LOL week on C.O. thank gourd.

  34. It ain’t right!!! It’s against nature!!!

    Come on, people, isn’t it obvy that this freaky little bastard is the product a duck and a beaver getting it on?

    Still cute.

  35. Peg of Tilling says:

    My brother says platypi are what God made from the parts left over.

    As they’re cute but poisonous I imagine snorgling a platypus would require a strict code of etiquette: remove top hat, bow from the waist, respectfully touch one finger to the beak…

  36. definately proves that the almighty divine one of your choice definately had one hell of a sense of humour..

  37. I’ve been waiting for the day I saw one of these things on here^^

    Gund (the stuffed animal company) used to make a really great stuffed platypus called Webber. If you check out my link, you’ll see the shirt that I made for mine…

  38. *raises hand, jumping up and down* Constance, I know, I know! -“The duckbilled platypus, it looks like a duck, but it’s furry!” This was a commercial shown in the mid to late eighties on Nickelodeon and I also believe USA. At that time, USA was aimed at a younger audience than it is today. This commercial featured some kid dressed in safari clothes opening up his Wild Life Card kit & reading facts about different exotic animals. Parents could call a 1-800 number to order these cards. I remember the kid pulling out the platypus card and saying, “The duck billed platypus has feet like a duck but its furry.”

  39. My sister and I always called the Platypus a “casserole animal” – made out of the leftover bits…

    LOVE them!! This guy is now my background picture, in all his adorable weirdness 🙂

  40. Sounds like he’s peeing.

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  42. Hey Constance….what do I win? *bats eyelashes, looking hopeful*

  43. You know who the platty sounds like? Marge Simpson!

    Let’s just ignore the water sounds, shall we?

  44. I remember fighting furiously with my 7th grade teacher to convince her the platypus was NOT a bird, but a mammal. Of course, this is the same teacher who tried to convince us all that dinosaurs were really the “dragon” and “leviathan” found in the Bible (catholic school).

  45. The subject is on the wrong side of the shirt, but this comes pretty close to being a “Plats and Racks” entry.

  46. Platypus males are only poisonous during mating season. I wrote an excellent paper on them once…

    BTW, Kestrien – Behemoth from Job was a dinosaur, Leviathan was a dragon. 🙂 If you look at the descriptions at least.

  47. FINALLY! Platypus… *strokes bill* I never could find any photos cute enough for CO… ;_; THANK YOU!

  48. My-Kat-My-Mews says:

    Omigawsh! So cute!

  49. Ode to a Platy

    Platypoo, Platypie,
    Such a furry lil guy,
    Wid a bill and a webb
    Feets, can I have a try?
    At a snorgle on a Plat,
    Even better if he’s fat,
    Can I ruff his little fur,
    Or will he spear me wid his spur?
    Weel he snap me wid his bill,
    And will he really try to kill?
    I doan care, Mr. Plat,
    Gonna snorgle your fat,
    Little Platty Platty
    Platty Platty Platty Platty Platty Plat.

  50. NebraskaErin says:

    So prosh!

  51. Anne Packrat says:

    I played the platypus sound effect and my kitty trilled back to it. ^_^

  52. *giggles*

    It sounds like a slightly peeved young lawnmower!

  53. Oh my lord that black and white pic…the snorgle bill!

  54. acelightning says:

    Let’s hear it for monotremes – animals that can’t decide whether to be reptiles or mammals! There are only two kinds of monotremes, platypuses and echidnas. They both lay eggs, then feed their offspring with milk that oozes from special patches of skin. All monotreme young, whether platypus or echidna, are called “puggles”.

    I have a friend in Australia who belongs to a wildlife rescue organization. He’s currently hand-rearing an abandoned echidna puggle. They’re a whole lot less adorable once their spines start to grow in…

  55. Platypuses are the bestest animals EVER! Yay monotremes!

    Hey you know if you guys are afraid of the spurs you can always restrict your snorgling to female platypuses.

    Does anyone know if there is a platypus in any zoo in the U.S. (or Canada for that matter)? The Bronx zoo had one years ago but not any more.

    Though, and I know this is nuts, I also think that Tasmanian devils are really really cute; they’re all whiskers and attitude and these big crazy grins (which, it’s true, are usually blood-soaked). They’re these stocky little black things, and one book I’ve got from the 50’s claims they make great pets. I can’t imagine that to be true.

    Australian critters just have the best names: quoll, quokka, kangaroo, wallaroo, wallaby, wombat, koala, kowari, Tasmanian devil and tiger, cuscus, cassowary, bilby, bandicoot…

    I went through an Australian animal phase in like 7th grade; lately I’ve been doing research for a painting of the Australian Goddess Yhi, who was said to have created all the animals. I figure She must be a nutball who really loves pockets!

  56. Hehehe, I always wondered what sound an annoyed platypus would make.

  57. oooooo my goodness! too adorable. a handful of honkshooing puggle!

  58. you said it makes that sound when it’s annoyed? much too cute, i wanna hear the sound it makes when it’s happy! and oh yeah, can someone give me a platipus for christmas? please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Somebody said something about the trilling sounding like Marge Simpson: I thought the exact same thing! That thing is too cute!

  60. Horizonpurple says:

    Courtney – nope. But as an Aussie, most all of our animals are a little strange when you give it some serious thought. Kangaroos, which I adore and am lucky enough to have living around me – just get weirder the more you think about them.

    I think it was the platypus that was deemed a hoax when a stuffed sample was sent to England from Australia in the 1790s.

  61. attackbunny says:

    The face is adorable. The feet are adorable. Even the pissed-off noise is adorable!

  62. OH my GAWD! I played the sound and my cats went into overdrive! They were sniffing at my computer all fluffed up! It was a SCREAM!

  63. I bet that fur is super soft!!!

  64. Awwww what a Platypie!!!! YAY!!!

    *sings the Kookaburra song*

    Thalia – you are SO right about ’em cute Taz devils!!! They look a lot like raccoons with the colouring on reverse! And what are those critters that are black with white spots? I forget their name – they’re gorgeous!

    Tasmania has the weirdest marsupials evar, not found anywhere else on earth – I saw this on one of Steve Irwin’s episodes.

    LOL about “bandicoot” though – that is actually from the Telugu word “bandikokku” which means “pig-rat”! (Telugu is one of the ancient South Indian languages.) But I’m not surprised, given that the native Australian tongue sounds very similar to the ones here. (Ok, this is going OT …)

  65. That’s the sound of them annoyed? At first I thought it was cooing. The little eyes look cute and more than a little mischievous

  66. Squeeeee! Cuutieeeee!

    OMG, now I want one of these too.


  67. I want it as a ringtone.

  68. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Yay, platypussies!
    One of my favourite animals in the world!
    It’s so good to finally see some on CO <3

  69. Subhangi said:

    “Thalia – you are SO right about ’em cute Taz devils!!! They look a lot like raccoons with the colouring on reverse! And what are those critters that are black with white spots? I forget their name – they’re gorgeous!”

    I believe you are thinking of a quoll, though they are dark brown, not black. Their spots go all the way down on their *tails*, unlike just about any other spotted critter; usually spots turn to stripes. But quolls just continue with the random spots.

    On my huge list of projects to do someday, I want to make a hyper-realistic stuffed animal Tasmanian devil. Actual size, and super detailed, to the point of making little fimo teeth to set into its mouth. Someday. Of course I also want a life-sized thylacine, too. (And I firmly believe they do still exist in Tasmania, and that they’re just really good at hiding by now. If the ivory-billed woodpecker can still be around, why not the thylacine?)

    And I did know that about the bandicoot’s name; I just forgot!

    Here’s a great site on Australian animals: http://australian-animals.net/
    (though be warned, the background colors are eye-bleedingly bright).

  70. Heheeehee! My day was crap but seeing my favorite animal on cuteoverload really helped! I *heart* platypuses! awwwwwwww-
    wwww awwwwwwwwww awwwwwwwww

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again–isn’t nature wonderful?

  72. Please look after the endangered platypus Australia. They depend on you. They are unique and, therefore, should be cherished by all.

  73. I’m a dumb American. What does “prosh” mean?

  74. FINALLY! My favorite animal gets some lof on this awesome site. <3

    Absolutely adorable~

  75. Wow! I had no idea platypi were so plushy. Eeeeeeeeee! Plushy platypus!

  76. Debra,
    According to the CO glossary…


    Precious + Posh. Yikes.

    (NOTE — I might be wrong on this one… I’ve been told that “posh” isn’t actually part of it. You know how “Freshman” sometimes gets shortened into “Frosh?” Ergo, “Precious” –> “Prosh.” I’ve never seen “special” –> “sposh” though… anyhow, I like Lewis Carroll’s portmanteau method better; f’rinstance he invented “Chortle” by mashing “Chuckle” and “Snort” together in the Jabberwocky poem. – Theo)

  77. E. Miller says:

    I know somebody here has already taken these words right out of my mouth, but the platypus is living proof that God has a sense of humor. And I had no idea they made such a squeal-inducing sound!

  78. Kookydoll says:

    OMG, I love platypuses too!