Um, hello tiniest piglet EVER

Um, T.P.E., perhaps you could answer a few questions for us?

Like how you managed perfectly manicured piglette nails?



I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, T to the C.



  1. Ahhhhhhh first post!! I blove eeeen! So cute!!

  2. Oh geeze! That is just ridiculous! 😀

  3. Oh, that strong jaw, such character!


  4. this little critter is in very real danger of beeing eaten. alive, of course.

  5. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwww… piggie… [snorgle] He’s got a cute little pointy ear!

  6. OK that teensy pink snout is BEGGING for a snorgle.

  7. …or your wonderfully well-shaped chin chub.

  8. Why is it whenever I see a tiny pink piglet I want to give it a bubble bath?? Wish they could stay that size forever…

  9. This piggie is clearly porkloined and should be returned to its rightful owner–moi!

  10. He looks a little camera shy to me

  11. and THIS is why I can’t eat pork!! who could even think about eating that cuteness…unless you were partaking of a soft kronsche to the earsies. nyam nyam nyam… 🙂

  12. Lilith, the snout is bacon for a snorgle.

  13. I usually try to stay away from all pigs feet but geez.

    Those look so cute I wanna kiss & pet those teeny hooves.

  14. This lil piggy went to market, this lil stayed home, this lil piggy had roast beef, this lil piggy had none, and this lil piggy went squee squee squee all the way home.

  15. awwwwww HUNNY!

  16. Just in time for the Charlotte’s Web remake! A new Wilbur for the new millennium. Some pig!

  17. NebraskaErin says:

    I lofs eet! It looks to be about the size of the Beanie Baby piglet sitting on my monitor!

  18. I’ll never eat bacon again!!!!

  19. Piggy fuzz! My nose tickles.

  20. Aya! So cute the little piggles.

    Just an aside, I’m just so happy I can’t keep the news to myself. On Monday my oldest cat Coco went to the vet’s for a lumpectomy although I could see they removed her nipple! Anyway, I’ve been biting my nails waiting for the biopsy results and it came a few minutes ago and it was negative!!!!! I was really nervous since 85% of the time when they find lumps in cats’ nipples, it’s cancer and very aggressive at that. Pretty happy right now, couldn’t ask for a better christmas present 🙂

  21. and THIS is why I can’t eat pork!! who could even think about eating that cuteness…unless you were partaking of a soft kronsche to the earsies. nyam nyam nyam… 🙂

    Posted by: daisycat

    Me 2! Done with meat! But an ear nib would be nice. Also would like to snorgle the snout, there. Don’t know how well that would be received . . .

  22. such a CUTE LITTLE PIGGY!!!

    i love the look in his eye… “i know something you don’t!!” or some similar cute smugness 😀

  23. oh yes! the snout must be snorgled and the ears must be chomped…just a little! oh now I want my own little piglet!

  24. *Big sigh of relief* Sandy! So happy for your kitty and for you!

  25. gloom raider says:

    Love the world’s-youngest-grandpa gray eyebrow on this piggie.

  26. Ummm…is that a little pink piggie eye capsule I see???

  27. I LOVE PIGS!!!

  28. EEiieeeeee! *squeals with joy*
    I saw less-than-a-day-old piglets and took pictures, and they were in an adorable lil piggie pile, unfortunately in a less-than-cute-looking pen at a state fair..

  29. Sorry to lie- it was the piggis a couple days older that were actually in the cute pile. The fresh batch was uh.. newborn looking. Cute tails, though. If the pens they were in weren’t so small and filthy, I’d submit the pics..

  30. piglet! whoot!!

  31. So glad to hear this, Sandy!!! I was holding my breath reading what you had to say about your kitty….

  32. I love the look he gives. He’s wise beyond his yea… months.

    Kinda Yoda-ish.

    “Hmm. Porks cute, yes. Porks must you not eat. Hmm. Yes. Hmmm.”

  33. jenniflower says:

    Look at his little schmile!

  34. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Sandy P: Yay! I’m glad your kitty is ok. Merry Christmas, indeed. ^_^

  35. You all should read “The good good pig : the extraordinary life of Christopher Hogwood” by Sy
    Montgomery. It’s non-fiction about a woman who adopts a piglet. I’m not a shill trying to get you to buy! Go ahead and try your library.

  36. Yay! Healthy kittehs for a Happy Cutemas!

    And the piggeh looks like like its wearing tiny delicate shoesies – wearing high squeals?

  37. minnesnowtah says:

    WHY do I find this pig so sss-sexy? She/he is a B-A-B-E! Like Miss Piggy! (and I don’t eat pork too)

    Merry Christmas, sandy p.!

  38. does anyone else remember the tiny TINY piggie in “the unbearable lightness of being”? or were you too preoccupied with all the nazis and sex and that tortured sexy actor i can’t remember….

    of course i do remember the piglet tho, in detail. he wore a red ribbon to their wedding…

  39. I’m so glad to hear your cat is o.k. Sandy!

  40. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Sandy P., great news about your dear kitty.

    I want to kiss and cuddle this little piggy! I want to tuck her/him in with a doll blanket!

  41. OMG! The Ears! The Ears!

  42. the word “piglet” is infused with so much cuteness as it is. a perfect word for such a precious animal!

  43. i must snorgle the piggie!!!! Really, the look in his igh is too much.

  44. The ears and “eyebrows” remind me of Sarek:

  45. “That’ll do pig.
    That’ll do.”

    I bet Piglet McSnorty is super-soft, and has a nice round snorgle-able belly.

    Sandy–yay for healthy cats! Give ’em pets and snorgles from everyone!

  46. i want to give this piggy a raspberry on his tum-tum. and then chomp on his ears.

    he is so clean and pink! ng’awwwww!!!

  47. Yey Indeed….just got back from the vet’s to get my copy of Coco’s pathology report and it says what she had was a “Basaloid Mammary Gland Papillary Cystadenoma”; Dangerous name for something so benign. 🙂 Have a great holidays everyone! Mine already started a few hours ago 🙂

  48. AWWWLOL what a tiny lil’ dude!

  49. It’s the porcine verion of Jay Leno! Look at that CHIN, y’all! *LMAO!*

    < --puddle of squee


  50. D2D: could piggeh be just one of Jay road hogs?

  51. acelightning says:

    Gee – the other day I said that the big (and somewhat grimy) dog feet looked like pig’s trotters – and now we’ve got honest-to-Wilbur piggie-toes! Very prosh piggie, too…

  52. good old whatshername says:

    Aubrey, yer killin’ me. High squeals, indeed. 🙂

  53. Bacon bits up there has better nails than I do =(

  54. holy jeebus!! that right there is the definition of precious…

    the word “piglet” along is enough to make me say aw… Too bad other baby animals aren’t referred to as -lets. Doglets, catlets, birdlets…

  55. Aack! He’s so wee! with that Mona-Lisa-esque smile to boot. How can you see this picture and not turn into a vegetarian? New Year’s resolution, ahoy! Who’s with me??

  56. Sweet Lady says:

    Awwwww!!! A baby Wilbur… in honor of “Charlotte’s Web” perhaps? 😉

  57. Anne Dudfield says:

    Sandy I”m so happy for you and your cat! What great news, you must have been so worried…

  58. I wanna snorgle this little sweetumpie!
    Emily, go for it! I’ve been a vegetarian for 16 years and it’s easy – better for you, the animals, and the planet.

  59. That is SOME PIG! BTW, Morningstar Farms makes a good croonchy veggie bacon.

  60. Morningstar Farms makes alotta good stuff!
    Being veggie is not alot of work – go for it, peeps!

  61. NebraskaErin says:

    anon wrote: “the word “piglet” along is enough to make me say aw… Too bad other baby animals aren’t referred to as -lets. Doglets, catlets, birdlets…”

    Agreed! I call my niece and nephew “kidlets”. And my mom’s dog is a “puplet”. It just makes things cuter!


  62. Mmm…bacon. Heh.

  63. Hey! This little piglet CO page just showed up on CNN! 🙂

  64. That’d be CON now, Moneypenny.

  65. Holy crap! I took this! When I e-mailed it in, it gave me an error so I didn’t think it made it through. And I just saw it on the screen shot from CNN’s video of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt vs. a baby panda (duh, panda). The video at if anyone’s interested. Lots of cute baby animals and Cute Overload is on it 🙂

  66. It’s a no-wonder there are so many comments on here. That piggy is adorable! *hug*