This is CuteNessNetwork…

…[James Earl Jones voice]

Thanks to CNN London employee Kasia K., who suggested the title "Cute Overload" for a CNN story on baby tigers. Below, see anchor Charles Hodson began reading the story with "Cute Overload… in a Hamburg zoo" and then continue with the story of five little lion cubs on their first public outing.

Rokkin’! [Air guitar]


Ahh—Cute Overload and Nobel Peace prizes—two great tastes that taste great together… [See news ticker below title]


Thanks, Kasia… 😉



  1. baroo?!

  2. Baroo.

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    I think Meg, the Goddess of Cute should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. If the cuteness she serves up for our enjoyment everyday can’t end world violence than I don’t know what can!

  4. infiltrating the mass media, are you?

    rock on, meg:)

  5. Should CNN now stand for “Cute News Network”?

    All Cute, All The Time!

  6. Amazing!

  7. I guess I´m off to the zoo then. I´ve never thought to check CNN for what´s going on here in Hamburg.
    Great shoutout. Well deserved.

  8. Peg of Tilling says:

    Meg, I hope you’re getting an agent and a book deal and a line of stuffed toys–thank you for bringing us the cute!

  9. useta hada kitteh says:

    Lemme see, today is Purrsday, so there should be kittinz… Wow. Those are *big* kittinz! All the more to love. Purrrrr.

    Y’all are familiar with the days of the week, right? Cuz most peeps learn ’em in kittingarten. For your edjumacation, I present Funday, Runday, Chewsday, Wetnoseday (hence the poldar bears and otterses yesterday), Purrsday, Pryday, and Scattersday.

  10. I second that, alcarwen.


  11. Wow! just…wow.

    Today CNN, tomorrow the world?

  12. Chewsday? not Baroosdays? I also vote for Shyday or Sighday 🙂

  13. Rah-thah, I say, jolly good. All hail, Queen Meg!
    Cheears wuh-wuh and awll.

    Score 1 to CNN London.
    Nil to BBC (Baroo?Baroo?Corp.)

  14. My vote is for ‘Flyday’, to showcase feathery, fluttery, flying forms (yay for alliteration?) of cute.

  15. NebraskaErin says:

    Cute Overload: Taking over Teh World, one news network at a time!


  16. WTG Meg being happy with the use of CO elsewhere, rather than going all “it’s copyrighted OMG I’m going to sue…”

  17. is there a better picture of the baby lions? (am I incapable of googling hamburg zoo lions? apparently!)

  18. Here’s one picture of deh babeh lions –

    AND… while I was looking, squeeeeee!
    baby roo –

  19. useta – I vote for coldar, boldar poldar bears.

    A thinker – But who would Meg file cute against? Who would she prosecute? Would it go to cute or be settled out of cute?

  20. It’s the religion that needs no prosyletizing.

    pyrit–yr. too much! She’d have to get the best baroo-ster in the UK to settle.

  21. AuntieMame says:

    At first I thought they were calling the Nobel-winning economist cute. Wha???

    But then I saw the lil’ cubbies. Awww!

  22. WHOO HOO!!! ‘Tis time for world dominay-shon!!!

    Sharpen yer clawz, peeps.


    Sorry to ruin the happiness, folks, but this came in from Slashdot:

    The White Dolphin, found in the Yangtze River of China, has been confirmed as effectively extinct. 😦

    So long, cute one.


  24. I knew that one day doing a degree in German would be useful!

    “Kuschelige Löwenbabys” = “Cuddly Lion Babies”!

    Since the 13th of August there have been cuddly baby lions to gaze at in wonder – Tembesi the lioness brought 5 balls of wool into the world [that’s how it translates!], the first baby lions at the zoo in 11 years.
    The five siblings were blind at birth, weighed only 3 pounds and were about the size of a housecat. Since they they have come on in leaps and bounds, growing strong and already their colours are coming in, although their coats still have lots of spots that will only later fade.
    The young cats were christened by their godmother, TV news anchor Laura Dünnwald. Little Tawanga and her brothers Nibalo, Naju, Nawiri, and Nelson are on show in the lion house for visitors to the zoo.

  25. ::poit!::
    I just asploded from those pictures, TJ! Tanks!

  26. Ack! Teeny catling spotziz!

  27. Wait a minute.
    James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, Mufasa, and the (satirical) US Government… saying “Rokkin’?” And doing air guitar like Bill and Ted?

  28. Sub – Yes. Read it yesterday. The organization I work for did some of the research. 😦

    Tony Jamezenegger – I look in zee creestal ball and der vill be much silly German talking today. Have funningruben all you peepschnitzels.

    Wittle roary-roars to teh funf behbeh wions.

  29. OMG TeeJ – teh SPOTS!!! Too moishe!!!


  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    Thanks for the suggested updates to the days of the week, peeps! I’m updatin’ my list to Baroosday and Flyday. (my original list was made up BCO — in those bleak days before I knew about Cute Overload, and they were just cat days. Only appropriate to include other sources of Teh Cute now.)

  31. The Guy Over There says:

    I’m wondering why Patrick Stewart has to work for CNN. Not to say that he isn’t cute, in a thespian Cojak kind of way.

  32. Five balls of wool! Teh cute!

    I’ll bet that news anchor loves having his face over a caption that says “Cute overload”. His wife probably won’t let him forget that any time soon.

  33. What you do everyday is so wonderful for so many. It’s about TIME CNN caught on! Yay~!

  34. cute overload on video! the science of cute (right after “puppy chews off baby’s toes” :-/ yikes!)

  35. OMG, you posted my photos!! This is, like, the bestest Christmas present evah!!

    *Must* *stop* *squeaking*

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah I made it on Cute Overload, yeah yeah yeah!!

    Yes Meg, world domination is certainly yours. If not now, very soon.

    Always at your service, *tips nonexistent hat*