Listen Honey, this is how you wear a hat

Always wear a hat close to your brow, Honey.

No matter how slimey it is. Trust me on this one. [slurps own face]

// Photo removed at request of owner//

Theresa C.—sure we trust you [shifty eyes]



  1. [zombie voice]: Yes, my vacation on the planet of the brain slugs was wonderful. You should go there, too.

  2. With the power of my antenna eyes I shall take over your little frog brain! Bwahahaha!

  3. chumblefuzz says:

    I love it, a frog in a tiny snail flapper hat! Too cute!

  4. Well, this is the first snail-on-eyeball action I’ve seen so far, so that’s gotta count for something.

  5. Snail: There’s something different about this rock I climbed…

  6. Was the snail just about to finish a 1000m-run?

  7. Chumblefuzz – so that means that froggie flapper should be wearing its hat ‘cloche to its brow’.

  8. I’d say more like a 1000mm run.

  9. White’s tree frogs are so cute… I used to have a few.

  10. Oh my gosh! Amazing. Two slimeys, enjoying a friendly moment…

    And as a photog, I’m loving the colours, composische, and DOF on this one. A winner artistically as well as Cutistically.

  11. Wow, this may actually knock Jon Stewart off my computer’s background…

  12. you know–I never would have called a frog/snail combo cute.

    until today.
    that is too funny!

  13. Just amazing!!!

  14. Oh, yeah, this is going on my desktop for sure!!!
    Soooooo cute!!!

  15. How stylish and smart! Aubrey, we’re waiting for your unsurpassable fashion commentary on this 1940’s remix…

  16. eeep! sorry, Aubs! didn’t see your above comment!

  17. I have always wanted a Dumpy Tree Frog…I wonder if the hat is sold seperately!

  18. NebraskaErin says:

    I feel a childrens’ musical coming on.

  19. Little Miss Froggie McRibbet in her snail-like pillbox hat, a la Jackie O.

    Unbelievably, amphibiously sophisticated.

  20. Snail:”Scuze me Mac, can you pull over here? I needta stop and get a paper, leave the meter running…”

  21. Snail is leaning down, looking into Froglet’s eye, saying ‘H’lo’ 😀

    ‘Bout time we had another froggie on CO. Rah.

  22. EEEEEEE!!!!


  23. It’s an escargot chapeau!

  24. I like how happy the little froggy looks with her little hat ^_^

  25. Actually JP, this could be something Elsa Schiaparelli might have designed in the ’30’s. She was influenced by the Surrealists, and she would have loved this Dali-ng caplet.

  26. Lol, Dustbunny!!!

  27. No way! 😀

    This photo is certainly inspiration for a childs storybook!

  28. Is that a French recipe book illustration?

  29. Hmmmm…. “Froghat”….weren’t they a mustache-rock band back in the 70’s?

  30. Schiaparelli, yes! One of my favorites. Other favorite–Balenciaga.

  31. cool_catnip_buzz says:


    ‘Froghat’ – Yes, they were… and their best known song is “Slow Ride” – kind of appropriate in view of this pic.

  32. Laurel- [lol] Nooo! You’ve just brought up flashbacks of my days in the kitchen of a french restaurant.. the escargot preparation for hours at a time was awful, but serving frog legs? Now that left a permanent psychic scar..

  33. Maybe instead of a snail, there was a peach?

  34. lurkertype says:

    Where, today, can a young couple go out and…

    This photo is a children’s book waiting to happen. “Frog and Snail”.

  35. Ooh, is that a white-lipped tree frog??? I havn’t seen one of those since I was Down Under!

  36. “But what are we going to do on the brain slug planet?”

    *zombie voice*: “Nothing, just walk around for a while without a helmet”

  37. I think I am obsessed with this photo. I love the way the frog’s feets are curled up and he’s like, “Ah, a head snail. Life is good!” and the snail is all, “Oooh, neato!”

  38. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Frogs are always stylin’! And hey, is that Snailio Inglesias??

  39. And I’ll bet this hat stays on in a windstorm, too. 🙂

    I love frogs. They’re so happy looking.

  40. This is a new top-tenner in Theo’s C.O. Photo Faves. Just a damn cool piccy.
    Also like the blue barrel polar bear an awful lot.
    And that breakdancing hamster kicks ass.
    Sleepy puppy rocks my socks. (And I do wear socks.)
    Sittin’-up Scottish Fold Cat made mah Schmoop do Google image searches on “Scottish Fold Sitting Up” (try it, it’s fun).
    Otters otters otters, otters; otters otters otters otter & other otters.
    CO pwns CNN.

    Overall I’d say it’s been a darn good week here. And it’s all Meg, peeps; I haven’t had to post anything since Kimchee’s “Sup?” kangaroo. (That was fun, though. SCHNORF)

  41. one of the best and most unexpected pictures on this site.

  42. Hat designed by: Escar-CoCo Chanel (for CO, exclusively).

  43. Thanks, Daner! I was feeling like no one else was amused by the Futurama reference.

  44. michellemybelle says:

    Any Futurama reference is amusing – keep ’em coming!

    This frog is ready for Ascot.

  45. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    thees is just the sweetest pictures… I love little green slimy things almost as much as fuzzy wuzzy things

  46. Très raffinée madame grenouille! Un chapeau par Escar-Co-Co! C’est le dernier mot, très chic!

    “We go now to ze horses in Deauville, allez!” (The Grand Dame sniffs, all haughty and shit)

  47. …what?

    *laughs helplessly*

    This is truly awesome.

  48. Excellent! Every year I write a story for my niece for christmas, and this year I was drawing a blank on story themes— and here it is. I can so do somthing with a snail and a frog. And maybe a turtle, then I can work in my favorite joke… What did the snail say as it was riding on the turtle’s back?

  49. wealthy frog. wears golden hat!

  50. compy-saur! says:

    “Libbet libbet. Zoo ah teekwing me eye-bah.”

    (“you are tickling my eyeball” in fwogspeech)

  51. Perfect picture. Just perfect. My boyfriend likes snails SO MUCH and I LOOOVE frogs!!!


  52. so cute i could die! ahhh, snails.

  53. tartuffesmom says:

    technically speaking, this babe is a White’s Tree Frog from Down Under, White refers to a patronym, not a color.
    nicknamed Dumpy Tree Frog (Mexican cousin),and Smiling Frog
    (for its wide grin). Latin name Litoria caerulea: because it turns light blue-green for tree top basking, and brown for under tree camoflage. I own two of them and they are docile and lovable.