Ham Head Spin

i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat


UHN! S.M to the G



  1. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awww, she looks so happy break dancing!

  2. break hammin’ fluff!

  3. awwww so cute and retro 80’s!

  4. Oh no.
    My nose is too big to snorgle this belly.

    Must snorgle furry belly.


    Maybe I just won’t inhale…



    And thanks – now I can’t get that outta my head! 🙂

  6. useta hada kitteh says:

    There’s gotta be a way, lauowolf!

    Hammie hammie! Tickle tickle! Snorgle snorgle!

  7. the only things missing are a little piece of cardboard for breakin’ and some sweet velour pants!

  8. that ham is a better dancer than i am!

  9. That is a teeny tiny hammie tail.

    I am keeled.

  10. That is the funniest cute thing I’ve seen all week. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Meg, I needed that!

  11. I think this is from Breakin 2: Hammie Boogaloo.

  12. OK, this is a SHAMELESS threadjack, but I can’t help it. I’m so excited – my beloved bunny Blossom (who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2000) is now appearing on the Disapproving Rabbits website; she’s on page 8, 2nd one down, billed as “Frosty the Snowbunny” – I’m so proud!!!


    Now back to your regularly scheduled cute…

  13. squeeeeeeeeeee!

  14. OMFG I am peeing my pants! Thank you for that, Meg. You da bomb!!!

  15. Stop! Hammie time!

  16. “You betteh be hippin’
    You betteh be hoppin’
    You betteh get out
    And do your shoppin’
    “Cause Hamstah Claws is gettin’ on down!”

  17. i lol’ed!

  18. Hammie’s Delight!

    We don’t mean to brag
    We don’t mean to boast
    But we like hot buttah
    On our breakfast toast!


  19. TheLoveOfIsis says:


  20. Kris in NE sez, “Blossom (who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2000) is now appearing on the Disapproving Rabbits website; she’s on page 8, 2nd one down, billed as “Frosty the Snowbunny”

    Kris, that is awesom-o! thanks for sharing. you know that Blossom is, as we speak, disapproving of both the picture and its being posted. you need to post to your VOX about it.

  21. NebraskaErin says:

    *Dead from the cute*

  22. Ew! I hate to say this people, but he looks, um – you know, dead.

  23. Kris in NE–thanks for the extra laugh! OMG, all of those laconic lagomorphs just crack me up.

  24. Mariser & Jaypo – thank you! I feel like a proud parent with her child’s first report card – and it’s all straight A’s.

    Oh and Mariser – done – http://reflectionsbykris.vox.com/library/post/caution-massive-disapproval.html

    Meg, thanx for allowing the threadjack.

  25. Wheeee! A white ham! Looka her go!

    *tickle belly, tickle belly*

  26. martha in mobile says:

    Speakin’ of dead, C.O is still broken in Firefox v. Just so you know…

  27. Well, you can tell by the way I move my nub,
    I’m a hammie’s ham,
    Ya love my stub,
    You can see,
    My hammie dance,
    Gonna get own down,
    Don’t need no pants.

    Ahh, ah, ah, ah,
    Stayin’ alive,
    Stayin’ alive

  28. Diggin that paw going ehn! to the side over there. yoga ham! where’s the other back leg?

  29. fridgedicebunny says:

    (Where’s his right rear leg??)

  30. Get down little hammeh!

    Oh meg, you’ve out done yourself.

  31. Yay! Hammie’s Delight. I lol’d.

    I’m gonna be mumbling Rapper’s Delight to myself all day now.

  32. Punkpie, what’s missing is a pair of MC Hammer pants!

    Kris, CONTRATULATIONS!! Frosty disapproval!

  33. Jan Spencer says:

    I have the “Rappin’ Granny” going through my head now! Remember her at the end of The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler??

    LOL Oh that’s what that rap reminded me of!

    CUUUUTE Hammie! My co worker thinks he looks like he had too much to drink!!

  34. Teehee! Matching hammie-floof and towel-floof.

  35. Oooohhhh, all this ham needs is a teeny gold chain and a fanny belt! Right on!

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  37. Hammie parachute pants, I say!

  38. Do hammies let you kiss their bellies?

  39. ummm…she looks dead?

  40. Yeah lazyj… I thought the same thing upon seeing the pic. Am worried about that too…

  41. Doesn’t look dead to me — looks like you can see motion blur around the feetses.

  42. I agree with above couple of people…I’m noticing a pattern in random cute hammies lately that look dead…>_> I’ve never seen my gerbies do this! With their eyes closed at least..

  43. This is a rappin’ hammie, not a Deadhead hammie!!! For which, to Meg we are Grateful.

    Missing leg? I don’t know.

  44. Dis hammie’s my homie.

  45. I cannot believe you just spelled out all of the lyrics there meg. Argh. That was delightful 🙂

  46. This RODENT… is MISSING… a FOOT.

  47. wheres the fourth leg?!?

  48. I found my beloved Gilbert like that once. Only he wasn’t break dancing. 😦

  49. Awww! Looks like my new albino dwarves!

    Incidentally, because they were part of PetCo’s adoption program, nobody bothered to properly sex them. I could only sex one because the other was too ornery and wouldn’t let me pick it up and so I assumed they were both males.

    I adopted on Tuesday.

    Woke up to hamster babies on Wednesday.

  50. eee!
    hammie feets!

    The other foot looks like it’s just tucked underneath.

  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I thought the world couldn’t possibly get any sillier, and then I find a photo of a break-dancin’ hammie on CO. Once again, I’ve been proven wrong!

  52. We need more diagrams showing where the fourth leg is.

  53. AuntieMame says:
  54. Uhhh… thats not a foot, nor a leg. I am a little worried about the missing appendage on teh widdle dead lookin thing.

  55. OMG Kris in New England. She was AMAZING! So pwitty and fluffy and chubby. Thanks for sharing.

    Hammies break dancing? Now I’ve seen everything! LOL And the teeny tiny feets! They’re sooooo widdo! ACK!

  56. Having seen quite a few in my time, I can tell you, that picture AuntieMame posted was DEFINITELY a photoshop!! That red outline is NOT in the original picture!

  57. Ok guys, what is circled on that photo, is this poor hamster’s private parts. Hamsters do not do this, it is dead, and that is really really sad that this is on the main page amongst the rest of the cuteness.

  58. I don’t think Hammie is dead. I had a dwarf hamster that used to flop over on its back from time to time, with its upper and lower half twisting in opposite directions (maybe that’s why hammie looks like one of its hind legs are missing).

    It would look like he was having a fit, b/c he seemed to do it only when I made him do things he didn’t want to, like hold still to get his nails clipped, or when he was in his running ball too long.

  59. uh..my hamster flips on his tummy all the time to sleep or have belly scratches. They just do this when they feel really relaxed and safe (since exposing the tummy is dangerous)
    Either that or the owner flipped hammy over and took the picture when it’s trying to get back up. Either way, it’s not dead! Geez

  60. Hope-

    As someone who has had rodent-hunting felines let me reassure you.
    Hammie missing a leg would usually be, um, much messier than this.
    Seriously uncute, with fluid and ragged bits.

    Unless you were speculating on congenital problem or surgical removal, long post-op.
    Both of which seem far-fetched to me.

    This is a cute hammie with one leg not quite showing.
    (There was a remarkable, seemingly three-legged cat at one point too.)

    Also, look at blurring whiskers vs focussed belly fur (oh the belly fur) and terry cloth loops.
    Someone wasn’t staying perfectly still for his photo.

    Nope, not a dead or mangled hammie. just a cute, slightly squirmy hammie

    (Though I am the person who has disturbed the neighbor’s dog TWICE because he was sleeping out by the curb and seemed disturbingly still.
    So I can hardly snark at you about this….
    (Poor dog gives me odd looks now))

  61. This is the best hammie pic + caption!

    I used to sing that song to my gerbils, but I would sing, “Up jump the GERBIE!”

  62. heather Heil says:

    Guys, that hammie looks not quite alive. There is no color to the ears or the paws.

  63. ShelleyTambo says:

    Kate, gerbies tend to not like lying on their backs in the same way hammies do (leastways, none of the 40-odd we had ever did–and yes, we had an issue sexing as well; in my defense, I was 10 and the vet was wrong, too) so not seeing them like this wouldn’t be strange.

  64. Well, he is a little white hamm-let! Plus the whole photo is kinda washed out, so the lack of color isn’t really that suprising.

    Man, what a cute little groovin ham!

  65. Very true, ShelleyTambo. The only times my gerbils would be on their backs were when:

    –it was really really hot out.

    –one gerbie was sleeping on top of the other, then woke up and moved away, leaving the other one, still asleep, with his belly exposed (which I could never, ever, leave alone).

  66. ShelleyTambo says:

    Courtney, yep my gerbies slept on their backs only when they were part of a pile. They never stayed belly side up for very long after the one on top left, though. The babies we had were better for that, and so so cute (about the size of a pretzel bite)!

  67. Just my two cents worth. As someone who has been finding recently deceased mice all over my house…(You can thank living out in the country and have two ever vigilent catsies…) that the rodents are forever found lieing(?) on their sides. (Of course that’s not to say that the cats didn’t pose them like that for my benefit.) But, as I was saying, never have seen them with their little toes turned up in the air.

  68. DrBuggaloo says:

    Yes, we in the breakdancing community call this particular maneuver THE ONSET OF RIGOR MORTIS

  69. Donut (no, just kidding) says:

    AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!SO ADORIBLE!!! SO fuzzy and waaaaarm….. =) I have 4 cats and mine never breakdances.(jealous huff) oh well… FUZZY FUZZY FUZZY KITTY!!!!!

  70. My apartment window looks over a line of garage roofs across a lane. Yesterday, there was a dead squirrel lying on one of the roofs, all four paws up, looking almost cartoonishly dead. All he was missing was X’s in the eyes. He appeared that way rather suddenly, like he was running past and flipped over from a coronary, or like he was dropped by a large bird from on high.