There is like, nothing on right now

OMG, who is asleep at the wheel on the remote? How many times do I have to hear Jack Bauer whisper-yell into his cell phone? [Does Jack Bauer imitation holding paw up as ‘cell phone’] "I repeat, Chloe! get me a VISUAL ON THE BUILDING NOW!" Will someone please fast-forward this crapulence? Frak!


Olga L., pass the remote



  1. omg, I snorted right out loud!

  2. OMG!!!! Cujo does this! So very adorable. (She gets kissies and huggles when she does it too)

  3. Check out those ears! And belly fluff!

  4. Is this my tail or am I just happy to see you?

  5. Teehee! Something about the eyes and the posture sends me into giggle fits 🙂 As does “frak” every time I hear it.

  6. HEY now kitty… don’t go insultin’ Jack. 😉


  8. Wow. That kitty is just the exemplar of feline grace. 🙂 He looks like my nephew, in color and “poise.” Only my nephew has sticky-uppy ears and a look of pure ebil. He is ebil.

  9. ooh! kitty a battlestar gallactica fan?! cutie! hehe
    he looks so adorable sitting there with his eyes so huge and that glazed look in his eyes! makes me wanna pinch and prod 😀

  10. I don’t get the caption on this one…I mean, I guess he looks like he could be looking at a TV, but you can see the photog’s feet in the corner.

    It’s super cute, but the captions had me confoosed…

  11. i want that kitteh. NOW!

  12. Note to “Hmm” —
    Funny you should mention captions… because, well, see for yourself:


  13. The Guy Over There says:

    !!! IT’S HAPPYCAT!

    Someone must be hurting a cat right now. 😦

    NEDM, baby!

  14. omg. i love scottish folds. i must have one.

  15. L-O-ELL!! What *is* it with Scottish folds and the funny upright positions?


    (There was another one on CO a while ago, but my cross-link patience is not as tortoise-like as Teho’s)

  16. The pose is too cute. Kitty reminds me of the “I made you a cookie but I eated it” kitty 😉

  17. OMG! Teh face! Something about the Scottie Fold face that just melts. But then the POSTURE here, the combination of the two, it’s just too much REDONK.

  18. Heh.. 24.

  19. TEH FACE: Brit Shorthairs, Brit Blues and Scottie Folds, all have that same round, smiley face. GAAHHH! Eet keels. I swear, my youngest has the same face, no lie. There was a distinguished daddy in the batch somewhere.

  20. I don’t get this at all..remote where? Jack Bauer how? over my head meg…

  21. I must teekle heem!! Such a cute belly!

  22. Kitteh wants to know if Jack will scotch the terrorists’ efforts once and for all. Of if he’ll fold.

  23. Wow! What a beautiful little Scottish Fold. Why do they have a penchant for sitting upright? I don’t know, but I don’t want them to stop doing it. How lovely.

  24. Once again, Aubrey’s gone & kilt ’em.

  25. posture! kitty, posture!

  26. FRAK?!! I love it. I wonder if this kitty can smell cylons…

  27. Yeah, I see the fluffy belly. It’s just a trap.

  28. ouch, aubrey.

    i’m with greykitty here, i’m SO TIRED of jack bauer this, jack bauer that…bleh.

    maybe i’ll just join that puppy from a few posts ago and take a ….zzzzzz.

  29. C.O.: Please edit out the red, beefy man-foot in the pic. It has no place being next to something this cute.


  30. This made me laugh out loud, what a hilarious expression on that kitty’s face.

  31. Careful what you wish for, Carolina. And *how* you wish for it. ‘Cause I could easily splice in a bit of the photos from an earlier post, involving 2 rabbits….

  32. Looks like he’s trying for a meerkat imitation. So cute. Love the belly.

  33. HE is NOT watching ’24’ -OBviously —he/she is transfixed by the latest developement in the ongoing saga “Nine Lives to Live” : Francinie has just been set loose by her evil, cat-hating captors, in the hopes that she will lead them back to Franco – who they REALLY want for his involvement in foiling their latest attempted take-over of the multi-million dollar complex -Pug Central. (????????)
    Those ridiculous soap opera type shows NEVER make sense ….

  34. OMG… that commentary is GREAT! Look at the look on his little face!

  35. Loooove the Battlestar ref.


  36. Stop acting so tart-an, T. I’d see to it myself, but I don’t think I clan.

  37. jennifer11 says:

    gads! i want to nibble that belly!

  38. Absolutely hilariously adorable, and sort of looks like how I feel today –

    “Meh. I too tie tie to care about Jack, or anyone; just pamper me, puhlease.”

  39. Frak?? Did I spot a Battlestar Gallactica fan around here?

  40. NebraskaErin says:

    Weebls wobble but they don’t fall down!

  41. Our kittehs don’t care about BSG at all. Mildly interested in 24. But they looooooove The Amazing Race.

    I’m wondering why this fuzzy snookums doesn’t just stomp upon the remote. But I guess he’s polite and is asking first.

  42. My Scottish Fold sits like this too. Like they need to be any more adorable……

  43. I think kitteh is high on nip and he’s watching Teletubbies.
    “Dooood, I think that little purple guy *is* gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  44. OMG! That cat’s body is collapsing on itself! Did someone remove its bones?

    Luv the expression on its face. He he he!

  45. I’d rather drink booze in Caledonia
    Than be a confused catatonia.

  46. That mesmerized expression is to LOL. So very “What? What happens next?? Whaaaat!?”
    funny funny cat cat

  47. That was a redundant bit of rhetoric on my part.

  48. heeheehee, s’wonderful! now, is kitty using “frak” as a BSG fan or a Veronica Mars fan?

  49. I believe “crapulence” is being drunk.

  50. Paul D — that makes it all the more fun, doesn’t it? Fast-forwarded drunkenness?


  51. That cat is just too fraking cute for words. I love his amber eyes!

    I’m loving all this BSG love! First I hear X-to-the-Z Xzibit say “Frak” on “Pimp my Ride,” and now here on C.O.! Geeks rule!

  52. 24 and Battlestar Galactica references. 😀

  53. Fat bottom pootie!!!!

    Too fraking much!

  54. Megumi’s favorite shows are, Meercat Manor, Funniest Animals, and Pokemon.

  55. For the love of jauntiness says:

    This cat is all, “Please sir…may I have another?” Who can deny those eyes, not to mention that delicious globular tub of a tum tum! I just want to put this little guy in my pocket and save him for a rainy day!

  56. Thanx for the linkie, ceejoe. Yes, that one.

  57. useta hada kitteh says:

    For the love of jauntiness sez “I just want to put this little guy in my pocket…”

    FTLOJ — you must have some BEEEEG pocketses! (What has it got in its pocketses? A kitters! Preciousssss.)

  58. I don’t know who Jack Bauer is. I do know “frak”. I’ve been saying “frick’n-frack’n” for a long time. As in, my computer is so frick’n-frack’n slow.

  59. violetgreen says:

    It’s so wierdly cute! Do Scottish folds always have those spooky eyes? And what a beautiful color!

  60. O.

    That’s it. I’m officially a (converted) cat person now.

    HOWEVER – I’m *still* here if anyone wants to gift me a puppeh. 😉

  61. Is that sitting position normal? It looks kind of uncomfortable… Very cute expression.

  62. minnesnowtah says:

    Meg, your caption was hilarious!
    That’s exactly how I feel when there’s nothing good on TV.

  63. This cat looks traumatized… what did you DO to it? ;_;

  64. “I’m waaaaittttinggg!” for whatever comes this way and is in reach of my very relaxed paws. Such an adorable little kitteh face!

  65. Sweet Lady says:

    Frak! Bwahahahahahaaa!!

    It’s so awesome that this kitteh’s into Battlestar Galactica….

  66. YAYYYYY YOU PUT IT UP!! weeee teeveee

  67. That cat has the most interesting, um, shape.

  68. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That is one seriously limber cat!

  69. I love that this cat cusses Battlestar Galatica-style. That cracked me up even harder.

  70. Looks more like he’s doin the zen-lotus position and meditating on a mousie:^)
    loves that tummy tho,such a klibanesque kitteh if i ever saw one..



  73. Dat is just OMG sooooooo cute !!!! Its sooooooo fat

  74. “Poor kitty, nothing on? Frak!

    Hey, want to cuddle and watch Battlestar Galactica with me? I have Tivo!” 🙂