Lap Ferreeete

When the winter months git all cold and sniffle-y, it’s time for a lap ferret.

Just long enough to warm you up.


Just try not to eat his ears, Yukari.



  1. lurkertype says:

    Kinda big for a pocket pet, I think.

  2. I want to *BE* a lap ferrit! Talk about picture of contentment 🙂

  3. lurkertype says:

    first! first! I ARE TEH BLEEN MASHEEN!!!

    (ducks puddin flung by Teho) (too late)

    I mean, full-growed ferretage is bigger than my pockets. Except, like, the kangaroo pocket on my sweats.

    I don’t think a kangaroo would like having a ferret in her pocket, though — but it might look cute!

  4. AuntieMame says:


    Looks like someone dipped his tail in the inkwell while he was snoozing, tho.

  5. a lap ferrie is way better than a laptop, which is currently what is resting on my legs. can i exchange?

  6. lurkertype says:

    Yeah, AuntieMame, with the peeenk earses and nose and paw, you’d expect him to be all white.

    Somehow I think this guy has a disproportionately large honk-shu. I don’t know why, I just do.

  7. [sideswipes Lurker with a bowl of Creme Brulee when she least expects it. Hi-5s Teh-0]
    Is the urge to sleep in the fetal position common to all mammals? Are we hardwired to maximise the cuteness quotient?

  8. Very cute! I may sleep in something close to a fetal position today after marking 20 of 60 undergraduate essays….You would think they would at least know how to spell the word positive! 😛

  9. BC – I blame the parents… 😉

  10. TJ – the inclination to sleep in the fetal position might be common to all mammals, but that doesn’t mean it’s cute in all of them. I can’t imagine a human would look cute with its toes touching its nose, but this ferret manages to pull it off.

  11. Well as a write the second chapter of my novel I shall keep this little one in my thoughts. What a wonderful Xmas gift!

  12. Paaaaaws! And pink nose, and little eye-capsulage…oh it is precious. I’m going to have to have up my big lunk of a ferret and cuddle him. Ferrets are amazing when they sleep.

    Such interesting coloration, too! He’s so very white except for his tail, I’d expect a lot more dark guard hairs on the body. Neat-looking though!

  13. pookiepuff says:

    Honk…HONK!..AShooo… He has perfect little pink ears and a perfect little pink nose and he’s curled up into a perfect little ball of puff. I think I’m going to have to get myself a lap ferret! ^-^

  14. I’m usually not a ferret person, but that’s pretty darn cute. I want one. I can just see myself scooping it up while it’s still all curled up and sleepy, like I did with my cats when they were little. Sigh. Those were the days.

  15. Oh what a cutie. My little girl has a black tail and light body too, although her front legs are darker than this little sweetie!

    Time to go snorgle my ferrets before bed.



  17. By an amazing coincidence, I happen to be getting all cold and sniffle-y. So. I require a brulee that flames and a ferret that’s tame. Forthwith.

    And I’d like to point out that this ferret’s pink nose and ears matches the pink patterns on his most elegant blankie.

    And I’d also like to point out…good night.

  18. I just went “awww awww awww awww!” Came to browse CO before bed, and I’m greeted by this precious little ferret.

    Now, off to sleep I go, wondering if I look 1/100th as cute as this little guy. 😉

  19. oh. my. god. *beep the nose, eeeever so gently*

  20. Such curled-up sweetness! Looks like a young’un. I’ll bet even his sharp little ferret toothies are cute!!

  21. Awwwwwww, sweet sleepy ferret baby!

  22. belphebe- I thought you were going to tell us about your daughter’s pet ferret.. how silly of me, on this board. esp. since irl I refer to “my Riley” or “my Georgie” instead of “my cat/dog”. That is unless you actually have a light-bodied, dark-tailed human daughter…

    Not a ferret person, but awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  23. There should be a warning on the lap ferret: Steals jewelry and attacks toes.

  24. Wow, that looks (and acts) just like my ferret! The other day she was doing her ‘dead ferret’ impression so well, I took her out of the cage, put her in my lap, and she slept there for an hour before realizing she had been moved.

  25. Awww! and Awww! again. It’s a ferret imitating a warm roll. And a beebee one too! I’d like to be snuggled up with him.

  26. Gasp! I know that it is neither my place nor my modus operandi, but I must declare that fereeet’s nose indisputably beep-able.

  27. NebraskaErin says:

    Wrap ‘im up. Stick on a bow. Place under the tree for me. Just make sure to poke some holes in the package BEFORE you wrap it.

    And let me open it early!

    Julia2: You also have a “my Riley”?! I have a “my Riley”, and a “my Norm”. Is your Georgie a girl like my Norm?

  28. It’s Owen Wilson,,, sleeping. Good!

  29. OMG! Ferret nose! Squee! I want to kiss it!

  30. go to sleep… go to sleep… go to sleep little baby!!
    sleep tight little one.
    shshshshsh!! so cute.

  31. To RedZ for noticing–[beep] on yr nose.

  32. Ferret noses are most definitely beepable. What a lovely mustelid specimen! The thing they do that pushes my “aww” button every time is when they move their little cookie ears back and forth. For some reason I just can’t take it; it renders me helpless.

  33. Dang it! I totally miss having ferrets! Our former roommate had two, a brown one and a white one. My husband keeps making “Gonna get a ferret” noises, but we honestly haven’t any room for the great big cage with the polar fleece blanket hammock. This little fellow is just sweet.

  34. BEEP!

    Oh, that felt good!


  35. Ahh… the elusive lap ferret… only seen once play time is over – or has yet to begin…

    This little guy is just too adorable! Makes me want to snuggle mine 😉

  36. Is that a ferret looks like a stoat in Ermine

  37. If you beep or kiss a ferret nose, if the ferret is awake, you are likely to get kissed.

  38. OMG – don’t you just want to spoon him???

  39. SHHHHH – It’s getting its’ ‘ferrety-winks’.

  40. pistache268 says:

    Hmmmmmmm little peenk paws!

  41. It’s a fantasteek ferreete. And he’s slepping on a *red* cushion of fabulousness.

  42. I believe we’ve seen several red cushions of fabulousness. It must be an extension of the Blue Couch of Fabooness.

  43. If a dozing stoat goes comatose,
    Composing prose of toasty toes,
    Those supposed to beep on it’s nose,
    Are exposed to a cute overdose.

    (yes, lame, I knows. It has its’ cons & prose. That’s how it goes.)

  44. ahbahjabaja!

    Soooo adorable…I misseth my fuzzinesses…Colleges and their stupid rules about no pets in dorms. 😉

    Oh well. I’ll be home soon and then I can cuddle my ferretsees

  45. Ohhh sofft!

  46. I looked at that little pink nosicle and immediately thought “BEEP!”

    Nice to know I’m in good company here 😀

  47. Redz–
    After beeping nose, you must tuck his tail around to make him more circular.
    (See kitten in hat for perfect sleeping circularity.)

  48. Julia2 – sorry for the confusion. I’m used to people talking about their pets as “my little boy” or “my little girl”, so sometimes forget to clarify that I’m talking about “furkids” not human kids.

    Kit – I wish my current ferrets would do “dead ferret” sleeping. They always wake up as soon as I pick them up. I miss cuddling with them while they sleep.

  49. Judging from the comments here, this lil sweepy-willy will no doubt be the “most beeped” ferret nose in all cyber-history.

  50. Lotsa “ferret withdrawal” comments as well. Poor things. I never knew anyone who owned a ferret. Guess I don’t get out much. Awfully cute little goobers, though. Of course, whenever I see one I automatically think of the “Big Lebowski” scene with the Dude in the tub. Was that a ferret or some other similar critter?

  51. That’s a ferret the Nihilists drop in the tub in the Big Lebowski. But the Dude mistakenly calls it a “marmot”. Now, this here ferret? In the picture? Why is it so fuzzy? Puhleeeaze don’t tell me there are angora ferrets…I’m dying from the cute of this one Already As Is.

  52. I don’t know if there are angora ferrets, but my ‘silver mitt’ (similar coloring to this sleepy ferret) is extremely fluffy now that her winter coat has grown in. I’d never seen a fluffy ferret before.

    The sables have very smooth fur.

  53. Sable is the name for the most common ferret coloring.

    Check out the following to see sable and silver mitt ferrets playing together:

    The lighting isn’t great so the sable looks really dark.

  54. GreenEyedHawk says:

    And just yesterday I was lamenting the recent lack of ferrets on CO!

    Best ear-to-head ratio ever. EVER.

  55. There most certainly are such things as angora ferrets.

    On a slightly related note, I’d like to propose that there be a separate category for ferrets. They aren’t really pocket pets except when they’re tiny babies, and we all loves us some ferretude.

  56. But but but it says and looks like a lap not a cushion!

    I wonder do ferrets do the cat-thing of turning over on their backs and streeeeeeeeeetching? That looks like the next step for this lil one.

  57. I can just imagine Yukari (whom I imagine that lap belongs to) trying really hard not to giggle too loud and wake the little guy up before she got the picture!

  58. “Nice marmot”

  59. Sleeping ferreet,
    Fret not, my sweet,
    Tiny slip of snowy fur,
    Looks like he could almost purr,
    As warm and cozy as can be,
    Ferreet, ferreet,
    You make me squeee!

  60. i like that powm

  61. Awwwwww! He reminds me of my little rattie Owen who has passed on. Lovely pink nosicle gently contrasting with the white fur. This little guy needs ear scritches, stat!

  62. Hello everyone!
    Thanks for the comments! I’m glad I could make you happy with my little daughter Mei. She’s a DEW Marked, which means she is Dark Eyed White Marked, so that explains the tail!
    Here she was 9 weeks old! I Just love Ferrets!!

  63. priscila says:

    i want a ferret , were can i find one , please send me an e-mail and let me know @ thanks.