A very alert reader finds more curled up paws

Alert reader Sheri has pointed out an InterWeb site called CuteOtters.com. It’s full of deliciously slimey tiny-eared Dewds. Below are a couple of faves.


And check out this McSchlumphersons. He’s all: "Harummph, my bruthuhs." [Followed by heavy eyelid blink]


Sherimabob, I’d crack open a shellfish on my chest for you if I could.



  1. oh oh oh oh oh its teh OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS AGAIN!!!!

  2. sea otters!!! Hooray! Fuzzy and fabulous.

  3. cute! 🙂

  4. YAY! Otters!

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    The first one is praying! Probably for fishes.

    The second one has not yet found Teh Lord. Or he’s just finished playing kickball with Teh Lord and is pooped.

  6. Woohoo! Ottersottersottersotters 😀

    Has anyone EVER seen an uncute sea otter? They have a 100% record of total cuteness.

  7. Sea otters?? See otters!! YAY! 🙂 Pik 2 is definitely a case of Teh Wennsdees – know how he feels…

  8. ODDERZ!

    Yes, they are all cute. Every one of them.

  9. There have not been enough otters! We at CO do not believe in otter motteration!


  10. useta hada kitteh says:

    Otttttterrrrsssss! I luvs me them otttttterrrrrrsssss! Please give the top one a somethin’ to eat so he can smash it and eat it and roll over and thusly not have to do dishes. I wanna be an otttttterrrrr when I grow up.

  11. I think this one is the best (from CuteOtters.com)


  12. attackbunny says:

    Slimey?! No sir! They are magically wet and fluffy at the same time. That’s why they’re so cool!

  13. PigPigPigPig says:
  14. Looks at
    more! more! more!,
    Notes lack of cuteotter.com.
    Assumes this oversight will soon be corrected!

  15. Oh! Otters! My Elvis kitty schlumps on the arm of the couch just like the guy in pic #2. Awwww!

  16. Threadjack
    Laurie C has put an update on her Vox account, but still won’t be looking at us too much while She is at Her Dad’s bedside. So please give her and Him your best wishes.
    Threadjack over thanks

  17. DavidBoBavid says:

    “Why do people to cut down trees for tables when they have perfectly good tummehs to eat off of?”

  18. The bottom otter is me, by the middle of the week.

    Is it Friday yet?

  19. “Is it Friday yet?”

    No, it’s it’s Wetnessday. That’s why we have OTTERS!

    (runs very very fast away from the better punners)

  20. That otter at the top looks like it’s meditating. Maybe it’s a devotee of TM, in which case it’ll start levitating above the water any minute now. I’ts otter nirvana!

  21. “better”… “punners”… ???

  22. I can *so* identify with Slumpy McOttersons in that second picture.

    As for the first widdle guy…
    *beep* on the nosie!!

  23. Otters are indeed 100% cute. It is impossible for an otter not to be cute!

  24. This otter has broken its’ shellfish ways and is praying for a wottery baptism. Sea the look of clam on its’ faith?

  25. For the love of jauntiness says:

    It makes me happy to imagine the second otter wearing a tiny cap and footed pajamas.

  26. These are little cuties. Just one question: does anybody else see a resemblance between the picture of the top otter and that pre-Raphaelite portrait of some dead chick floating in a stream with her hair all spread out? Don’t know the name of it.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to get all morbid and all. I was just curious.

  27. Ok, maybe not. I just looked up the painting, and the dead woman’s (Ophelia) eyes are open. Ok, back to teh qte. Love the little curled up paws on the first picture.

  28. Well, NOW I understand why “PigPigPigPig” posted the Ophelia link, up there.
    [makes cross-eyes]

  29. Claudia, we actually wait for Immerse-days, which of course leads to Dry-days.

    pyrit, otter is obviously on his way to the cl-oysters.

  30. “some dead chick floating in a stream…” Yes, Ophelia. Hamlet’s Ophelia who descended into madness and instead of getting herself to a nunnery as she was instructed, she got herself to a body of water instead.

    Perhaps Otter #1 is practicing for an audition in the Community Pond Shakespeare Theater production.

  31. Oh I Hate Cute Overload!!!!!

    Me thinks “Wahoo! I’m going to get to leave work before it gets dark!! I’ll just peek at CO right quick….OTTERS!”

    …45 minutes later…IT’S DARK!!!! CURSE YOU!

  32. btw…i find it much easier to blame others for my weakness. =P

  33. Theo – the better punners know who they are. Fortunately, they are tolerant of lesser punners.

    The comments about Shakespeare are making me imagine otters in costumes for Hamlet.

  34. Claudia – How about cats doing Hamlet instead?

  35. Cathead Theater = major sock rockage. maaaajjjorrr. I can’t explain how happy it makes me to combine cute animals and shakespeare. the top otter is tooootally Ophelia, and the bottom one… how to cast him? Maybe he is Polonius, rehearsing the scene he is killed in.

  36. Awwwwwwwwww I want me an otter! I’ll name him Otter MacOtterpants and he can live in my bathtub. And whenever I have shellfish for dinner he can open them for me.

    Whenever I see otters it makes me think of that Denis Leary bit, about how people only want to save the cute animals.

    “What are you?”
    “I’m an otter! I float on my back and do cute little human things with my paws!”
    “OK, you you may live. What are you?”
    “I’m a cow.”
    “You’re a baseball mitt! Get on the truck!”

    (Sorry to offend any PETA persons or whatnot….. Of course I don’t condone the slaughter of non-cute animals… I just lurve Denis Leary.)

  37. I can see him being all “I am slain! zzzzzzzzz”

  38. Oh my goodness! I love otters! These are just too cute!

  39. acelightning says:

    My old friend Margie was mad for otters – in fact, what she secretely wanted was to become a were-otter. I wish I could send her all these otterlicious pictures… but she’s been gone for ten years. I hope she got reincarnated as an otter…

  40. ooh i can finally see the fairy hamsters!!! yaaay! so cute!

    and as for the otters… can i cuddle one?? x

  41. This is way way by far the cutest on the site:


    3 for the price of one!

  42. Because no one has done it yet, I shall.

    Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!Otters! Otters!

  43. And I suppose it’s up to me to stoop so low as to announce that they creatures are… a-hem… otterly adorable.

  44. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks for the link, Kestrien–those three baby otters look like characters about to hit the highway, helping people and having adventures–you know, like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza team up with Kwai Chang Caine, except they’re all fuzzy and bumbling. You can picture it, can’t you?

    If there’s an otter version of Hamlet can we call it Omlet?

  45. AmyH – Sad state of affairs here; I cannot see any videos at work and I don’t have a home ‘puter. Work also filters out Webshots, youtube and many other photo and video cites. They haven’t discovered Vox yet. I’m hoping Maya gives birth before they do. I missed all the videos of the last foster kittehs.

  46. I can’t think of a b-egger suggestion, Pet o’ T.

  47. This is the cutest otter video:

    Otters in love…

  48. What an honor it is for my humble little otter site to make the front page of the best cute site ever! I hope that you’ll all take some time to check out CuteOtters.com!

  49. LAmonkeygirl says:

    Chocolate McSchnozzlesons on Otter #1!

  50. useta hada kitteh says:

    Bookworm — I hafta ask ya, please don’t be shellfish, please share your food with Mr. Otter MacOtterpants! Ya shouldn’t otter just use him for a can opener! 😉

    P.S. If you get a Otter MacOtterpants to come and live in your bathtub, can I come to visit? Pleeeeze? I won’t even make any cracks about your shellfish ways. I otter know better.

    (ducks puddins and scuttlefishes away…)

    (what kinda puddin is ducks puddin????)

  51. What I want is a video of how these little guys got so otterly tired out.

  52. I like it better when it goes otterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotter
    – but at least fancyclaps beat Teho to it!

    And Otterphelia – I can see it now – a languid otter drifting downstream, an ethereal (or watereal) expression on its little furry face.

  53. GAH! Fuzzy McSleepersons there at the top is way, way too much.


  54. Peeps, I give you:
    Hairy P. Otter and the Clammer of Seacrets

  55. Useta, ducks pudding invariably comes in a flutter-scotch flavor, and the indivdual servings have to be placed all in a row.

  56. Jemima puddleduck pudding?

  57. Beatrix P. Otter?

  58. From Scotterland?

  59. postpostpostpost! says:

    The Roly-Poly Pudding?

  60. freetomato says:

    Cute otterkins. A while back, MSN listed the 50 greatest animal movies, so I got myself over to netflix and rented “Ring of Bright Water”…has another ottercentric flick ever been made? Adorable movie but have your hankies handy. I luv them paws and the blissful expressions…

  61. Usetah, OF COURSE you can come visit! I’d be otterly honored – and I promise I won’t be shellfish one bit. If I do, you have every right to get “steamed.”

    Mmmmm, steamers. I needs to gets me back to New England, post haste!

    I actually think the top otter (topotter!) is practicing for her next role, the Lady of Shallot.

  62. chet's momma says:

    Peg of tilling–*snort* hahaha! Omlet!

  63. useta hada kitteh says:

    Firstest, I love all the duck puddin varieties!

    Secondest, Bookworm, I thank you very much. You are not shellfish at all, and I will clam up now, and not be crabby any longer. And if you drip anything on you while partaking of the lovely oceanic delights, with Otter MacOtterpants and me, I will not point out the drips, saying “See? Ur chin has drips upon it!” No, I promise I won’t do that.

    And furthermore, Bookworm, I was just now thinking about the Lady of the Lake, and lo and behold, you’ve already mentioned the Lady of Shallot! (I had to read the poem again after that!) Whiskers whiten, otters quiver… That *is* how it goes, isn’t it?

  64. Hey Core. Scroll to the top of the comments. FancyClaps beat whom to what?

  65. useta hada kitteh says:

    ooooh! Teho! You were first comment! ooooh! And you did indeed say OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS! No one can beat teh Teho!

  66. Not only that, Useta… CuteOtters.com has been stealth-linked in the C.O. Glossary for many moons already. (I am just so effing smug.)

  67. useta hada kitteh – Oh!
    “Ur chin has drips upon it!”
    Frame that! Woah, my head!!!

    OK, I’m going to potter off now and get abalone sandwich.

  68. Oh.

    I want 10 otters in my bedroom. No, make it 20.


  69. one of the otters at the georgia aquarium has a nervous habit of sucking on her paw while she swims around on her back. so cute it’s unbearable.

  70. oy, these guys are making me want to fall asleep instead of writing this paper.


  71. That’s how I looked this morning at 8.30 AM. (Except I don’t eat shellfish. Heck, I can’t break open coconuts on my chest either.)

  72. Eeep! Ya’ll are killin me today. First the polar bear hugging his barrel and now a sleepy otter?!?!?
    Stop the Madness!

  73. Awwwww, they look like I did after I got off of work today. Except I was also snuggling a puppeh. 😀

  74. Oh, and by the by…

    Otters otters otters otters otters otters

    Shellfish shellfish

    Waaaave! Waaaave! It’s a waaaaave!

    Otters otters otters otters…

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    Ok…I waded through ALL these comments waiting for it and NOBODY has said it yet so I guess I get stuck with it
    Otterphelia…Get thee to a punnery.
    Sorry, I didn’t want to but SOMEBODY had to.

  76. Pardon the blatent and ridiculous threadjack, but Theo, you’re in Minneapolis or somesuch, right? ‘Cause I sign up for an aurora borealis (northern lights) alert and it said there is likely going to be “high auroral activity” for the next couple of nights, and the northern lights should be visible “as far south as Minneapolis”. So I thought of you (as the only person I’m acquainted with in MN). So go look outside!

    Okay, ending the threadjack.

    Oh and damn but those otters are cute!

  77. @_@ The cuteness consumes me…

    No really, OTTERS ARE EATING ME!!!

    ^_^ Very cute.

  78. useta hada kitteh says:

    pyrit — thanks for finding a way to use abalone. I was at a loss. And, at the risk of becoming otterly obnoxious, I wish to point out to you that because of the way the words wrapped, the full effect of “See? Ur chin has drips upon it” was lost. The “see” is an integral part of the experience. Just thought I otter let you know.

  79. Peg of Tilling says:

    The “see” was lost so it was abalone-ly.

    This pun is so bad it’s full of abalone-y.

  80. I am rendered speechless by both pics. I can think of nothing clever to say as my brain is currently stunned by teh overwhelming cuteness of these little dudes, just doing what they do, minding their own business.

    It’s not like they’re even *trying* to be cute, it just comes so naturally. They’re all like “yawn, yeah, I know I’ve got it goin’ on, least that’s what they tell me. Actually, it’s kind of exhausting, all these people squeeing over me and the paparazzi and all that. *sigh* Pass me another shellfish, willya? I’m beat”

  81. PofT – I’m no Puncing Queen but was Abba lonely?



    (Sorry, just had to.)

  83. Thalia — will do, thanks! Now if only the cloud cover cooperates…

  84. Peg of Tilling says:

    Yes they were, Pyrit, so they flew away in a ba-looney.

  85. They are no more or less cute than Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas!

  86. Oliver Otter says:

    The second one up there is Biko, an African spot-necked otter living in Phoenix, AZ. And a dear personal friend of mine.

  87. Whoa Zach… way to roll out the obscure references. That came before the John Denver Muppet Christmas special, didn’t it?

  88. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ooh! Zach! I’d completely forgotten about Emmet Otter! I’m gonna have to go google him (although I got an instant picture in my mind!)

    Thanks for the reminder!

    (not so obscure for some of us, Teho — guess you just had to be there…)

  89. useta hada kitteh says:

    Jim Henson (of course). 1977 on HBO, 1981 on ABC. Here’s the Wikipedia link:


    I’ve gotta find it on DVD and watch it this Christmas!

  90. useta hada kitteh says:

    And Yay! I’m pleased to learn that I’m not an automated robot. Something I did set off the alarm on that last comment, but I passed! I’m not a robot, or Pinocchio, I’m real! Yay!

  91. I *was* there, Useta.

  92. Total, otter (mmm, utter?) fatigue! TGIF!!!

  93. This guy is cute, but he reminds me of the South Park episode. And, I think river otters are cuter. You should check them out

  94. OMG! that is sooo… cute! I want those pictures for my screen saver! Your website is awesomw! I go to it whenever I can!