Wall-To-Wall Pawsitude

Gracie here just HAD to lie down n demo her daintiness. These paws are practically rule #19. So close (pushing nose against screen) sooooooo close!


You are a lucky Gal Janna S!



  1. if i had paw pads, my feetsies wouldn’t hurt at the end of the day.

  2. ad-or-able. it’s something about the way they are laying, sort of pointed and flooped.

  3. I vote for not cute, crusty ol’ paws!Ewwwww!

  4. I want a bite!!!

  5. no way, halpas! they are a tiny bit dirty, and obviously walked on (as feet should be), but look at the fuzz. and the way the one on the right is pointed ever so delicately. it’s cute.

  6. Badly in need of a “pet – icure”, I’m afraid.

  7. Ewwwwww, NOT cute!

  8. Awwww, comfy cozy snorin’ pawpads! Cute! 🙂

  9. Boogie Woogie:
    One two three four
    hamburger patties!
    one two three four
    hamburger patties!
    one two three four (etc.)

    (We thought our beagle’s pads looked like hamburger patties and sang this to her all the time.)

    I love this picture!

  10. Ewww…so not cute. Crusty paw pads are gross!

  11. Puppeh might need a pad soak in some Paw-molive.

    Cute feetsies, none-the less.

    Gotta get back to work, today is the day I learned about my new responsibility: answering the phones! YAY!

  12. *sniiiffff*
    something smells like fritos.

  13. I think he just strrreeeeetched and then flopped the extended limbs down. You know how they do that?

  14. I think the paw pads are ADORABLE! ‘Course, my kitteh’s pawpads are even cuter — that’s why I kiss ’em. 🙂

  15. I smell Fritos!!!

    I love feets.

  16. I just wanna tickle the bits of fur sticking out between the toes! Tickle until puppers snorts and twitches and then give puppers a kiss.

  17. It’s definitely rule #20!

  18. pookiepuff says:

    black and white tootsie pads! ^-^ cute! cute!

  19. must…tickle…feets!

    Teri–I love to do that to our cats while they’re sleeping. They’re fun to tickle.

  20. layla – lol…yup, I do that to my kittehs too! The Dude gets annoyed and twitchy, Cujo catches your hand and washes it. But I simply cannot resist fluff between toes.

    In animals. ONLY in animals!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Eww. They’re a little grubby. I’ll bet Momma loves Gracie trampling all over the nice, clean kitchen floor right after she’s mopped.

    Does anyone else think it looks like cow hooves?

    Love the forced perspective!

  22. OMG, they look like hooves!

  23. I think CO has been hijacked…

  24. karen in toronto says:

    Random thoughts: looks like a boxer… crusty pads are not-so-cute… love boxers… is that an HDTV image or what? I thought my spectacles were suddenly enhanced. Fabulous lighting and clarity, like the wall colour too.

  25. doggie paw pads are ALWAYS cute, cause doggies are always cute (except of course the ones biting me)

    yes, tease the dog by sticking your finger between the pads….

    big or small, a pad is a pad.

  26. You should see the paw pads on my kitten with an extra toe on each paw! Even more pink jelly beans to love!

    Yay for polydactyl cats!

  27. It’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback I think. (Possibly a young Great Dane?)

  28. I agree, it looks like a Boxer. My Iggy’s feet look exactly like that. I love to tickle the fuzz between his toes and make him twitch 😛

  29. My kitteh’s paw pads are pink and dark brown!

  30. Cool picture, but when I saw the dirty paws , the first thing I thought of was that he’d stepped in some doggie doo doo. Yes, that’s gross. I’m truly sorry. I bet the rest of the dog is cute though!

  31. The nose and face on this pooch are too long for a boxer. Of course, it could be a Boxer-Rhodesian mix, but I’m mostly saying that to be nice and meet the boxer peeps half-way.

  32. Yaaaaay! I’m not the only one that thinks paws smell like corn chips!



  33. Needs exfoliating. But cute.

  34. I was watching my lab mix walk today. He looked so dainty on his paw tips for some reason, like he was tip- toing. But I am sooo gonna try and get a pic like this. His feet are so pretty! Thanks for the idea.

  35. Dirty paws – not really cute. Interesting shot though.

  36. I vote for cute. They are paws for a active pup. Active pups are always cute.

  37. jeez, you guys. they are PAWS! whudja expect, the ritz? by paw standards, these are really good, too. for serious. I have seen way gnarlier feet and still been able to love them.

  38. grossssss

  39. They’re crossed so daintily though, guys!!! They’re cute, ladylike, AND tickle-able!!!

    Tickle tickle tickle, puppy!!!

  40. If I spent all my life walking around barefoot, my feet would look like that too. C’mon, folks, they’re doggy paws! What did you expect, Kathy Ireland’s insteps?!


  41. That’s a very interesting shot – pretty good depth of field, and excellent detail on the fur on his paws! (OMG did you see the PINK fur on the right forepaw?!)

    Oh, and go easy on the grubby paws, people! As long as they’re healthy paws, I don’t think its a problem that they’re grubby (dogs are outdoor animals, after all.) Besides, healthy = happy!

  42. acelightning says:

    At first glance, I thought they were a pig’s trotters! (Not that there’s anything necessarily un-cute about piggy toes.)

  43. EWWWW. Dog pads are NOT cute!!! Theyre hard and crusty and icky. Cat pads are better! Soft and cute!

  44. minnesnowtah says:

    This is definitely an outdoor dog who did a lot of happy sproing-ing. And his feet look like what sproing-ing dogfeet should!

    I prefer soft pink feline jellybeans.

    Subhangi, you are RIGHTON about the pink fur.
    (goggle eyes and mouth agape) OMG!!!

  45. Her feet aren’t dirty, that’s just what color they are! And she’s a boxer.

  46. This is so beautifully composed! The wall color really makes it. And the footsies!

  47. Gracie's Dad says:

    I painted the wall, so I get part of the credit!

  48. so groes