As in The Littlest Cutest kitten EVAH! Are those really PINK FOAM casts? Really?


I dont know who sent in Manukka_post_op but I’m givin you a chest bump high five right now. 



  1. Awwww – poor little kitty!

  2. He looks all broke and sad!

  3. poooooor kitty

    what happened? I wanna hug her and rub her little nose and tell her that nobody will hurt her again!

  4. China's Mom says:

    OMG! Poor baby! I bet it could use a good cuddle!

  5. I was going to say this was for the “Cute or Sad?” category. But it’s really “Sad, but happier now, soon to be cute.”

    Oh, I could just cry. Sniff… Yay, for kitty being rescued from its previous situation.

  6. taurasuzanne says:

    OMG!!! someone just earned their way into heaven for this good deed.

  7. OMG… what little maternal instinct I have just went into overdrive…
    I wanna take care of poor widdle Manukka!

  8. I just pulled several ladies from my office over to my desk to see this picture, and all our maternal instincts went through the roof. Even though I’m the only one not in menopause.

    Poor fuzzy baby. Looks like you’re in good hands now though, taking you to the vet and helping you get better. *kiss kiss*

  9. between your maternal instinct and my maleness to pummel what ever hurt that kitten, his biggest worry would be getting enough sun light everyday

  10. *sniff*

    ….If there were a “cute but sad” hall of fame this would be at the top of the list.

    Poor baby!

  11. Poor baby! I wonder what happened?

  12. Oh dear! Da poorest little witten. Even though my heart is bleeding over him, he looks redonkulously cute in his wee little casts.

  13. Hmmm…kitten is a little on the dirty side, so maybe he/she got trapped somewhere and the casts are a result of the getting trapped/being rescued?

  14. OMG! That has “Stupid Homo Sapien” written allll over it! Thank Gawd for whoever delivered this baby from h#ll!

    (stupid people)

    (sorry, after 10 years in rescue, your tolerance bottoms out…)
    (stupid people)

  15. KnowTheFEAR says:

    *sniffle* poor kitty… it looks a bit like a stray that’s been rescued. ceejoe and cbc, i know exactly where your both coming from. i’m positively angry with sadness!!!

    and is it just me, or do the kitteh’s eyes look cloudy? 😥

  16. useta hada kitteh says:

    Awwwwwww! poor baybee!!

    Not ezackly a happy-birfday-to-me kittn like I wuz hopin’ for, but it is a kittn.

    I hope some day there’ll be a picture of this baby all healed and clean and happy. …pats his wittle head ever so gently…

  17. Looks like a street cat or at least an outdoor kitty judging by the filthy coat and dirty paws.

    Maybe something like a slip ‘n fall happened before she was rescued?

  18. mouse girl says:

    Aww, poor kitty.

  19. [still sniffling…]

    Whatever kittum’s story is, the other chapters were dark and dreary. We turned the page and now see him in the rest and recovery phase. I can’t wait to read the other chapters where he’s loved, cherished and spoiled rotten.

  20. The eyes might be cloudy due to medication…I know when my girl was on a course of meds for her bladder stone and UTI, she was right out of it and I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry. So could be pain killers, after effects of a sedative or something along those lines.

    Poor wittle baby. *kiss kiss* Have some treats.

  21. people and things that hurt kittens are evil. yeah, i said it.


    Definitely cute but sad. Looks like she’s been rescued though (hope) so that’s a good thing.

    C’mere lil one, I’ll take care of you.


  23. What’s with dirty animals today?

  24. pookiepuff says:

    Oh no! Little Kitty! What happened to you! The poor thing looks wet too. Oh kitty! I would take care of thee!

  25. Whoever did send this in had better check in and reassure us … and if they can’t, they’d better be prepared to be lambasted by the peeps. If the vet left that kitten so dirty, that in itself is an outrage; if the owner/caretaker is letting it go outside with casts on, that is a bigger outrage. Better than dying an injured stray? No doubt. Getting the best of care? Clearly not.

  26. *sniffle* that is the saddest thing ever!!!

  27. aww…poor widdle bebeh kitty!

    i want to feed her some milk and pet that little head and tummy until there are purrs of kitteny bliss.

  28. marsheeeee says:

    Teri, menopause does not end maternal instincts at all. Mine are kicking right now because I too want to cuddle this little sweetie. And make sure she gets cleaned up, and gets whatever meds she needs to take, and gets loved back to good health. A pox on whatever did this to you, little one.

  29. mother of bears says:

    We call what his little saviors did a MITZVAH! That’s the best kind of good deed…yes, I hope they check in too, with pictures later of him happy and clean — but warm and safe is a start. Wouldn’t we all donate snurgles and kisses and tidbits??

  30. Um, hate to mellow the harsh, but sometimes it isn’t evil haters who hurt animals, but nature, like storms or floods, or it could be people who are actually worse off than the animals themselves and are doing all they can.

    At least our wee kitness is getting care now. I hope all will be well.

  31. Kitten could still be dirty at the time of the pic because fixing the ouchie was vastly more important than a bath, which will likely come later.

    Breath folks…lol…yes, you have every right to be outraged at animal abuse and neglect, but without evidence of such, you kinda have to do the whole ‘innocent before proven guilty’ thing.

  32. useta hadda kitteh – Happy Birthday. You got the best kitteh of all. Maybe its’ name is Tough Stuff, or Braveheart.
    (I think it is wet from being cleaned up at the vet’s. Not dirty. It is resting on clean, soft bedding and being well cared for.)
    So, useta! Where’s the par-tay?!

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Boy, people are making a lot of assumptions today.

    Maybe this photo was taken AT the vet’s office, and they’ve addressed the injuries (important) first and will worry about giving the cat a bath (not so important) later when he’s healed up a little.

    And there is no evidence whatever that this is a deliberate injury. Maybe the cat got stuck in a vent or fell down the sewer or something.

    Sometimes kittens do get themselves into trouble, you know.

    Let’s lighten up on the automatic condemnations, huh?

  34. marsheeeee – Yup, you’re right. I stand corrected…lol. Cause my menopausal mum can get fiercely maternal! Instinct is instinct, and menopausal women become grandmas, a new facet of mommyhood.

  35. Poor wittle kitty!
    Thanks to the wonderful person who rescued/cared for this poor baby. I hope she gets better soon.

    She looks just like my pepper who passed almost 2 years ago. She was my baby, I’d had her since I was 2 and she was 21 when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.

  36. pyrit – I agree. Looks like kitteh is just wet, to me. They always look so pathetic and sad when they’ve been cleaned up.

    I’ll add to the outcry for a check-in, though… I want to know what happened to the poor lil guy. So sad.

  37. I luv tuxies! It looks like my kitty Armand around 16 years ago.

    Poor little kitteroo. I hope he/she is on the mend.

  38. Poor kitteh needs a friend to keep it company. Anyone see Pollux around?

  39. Lighten up on the automatic condemnations, huh? OR THE MOD WILL GET YOU! BOO!!

  40. Boo indeed. Thppppt.

  41. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    I was wonderin if it was an old pic of a Katrina Kitty. That would explain the wet and the boo-boos.

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    pyrit — partay’s right here, as usual! Bring on the puddins! (And give this little guy a little lick of sour cream, from over at sour cream kitty’s house).

    I think you’re right, pyrit, this kitteh’s name is Braveheart.

  43. yeah — my aunt’s very well-loved outdoor keetoom (a Maine Coon) recently hurt her leg by falling out of a tree. My poor aunt has had to supervise the kitty 24/7 while she recovers to make sure that she doesn’t re-injure the leg.

    Hurray for people who take good care of keetooms! This one is adorable and I hope she’s on all fours again soon.

  44. NebraskaErin says:

    Awwwww! I’m glad kitters is getting the care she needs! (I say “she” because she’s rockin’ the pink casts.)

    I would take her in an instant and give her love and snuggles and TLC.

  45. This photo seems to come from this clinic’s site: http://www.celiahammond.org/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=4&MMN_position=12:12

    Since it illustrates a paragraph about low-cost or free treatment for poor kitties and strays, I think the guess about a stray cat with a cast put on but before a bath is right 🙂

  46. mmmmm… cute and sad. Poor lil’ thing.

  47. Jeez guys, google is your friend.

    The image is from this page


    although there’s no story on the little cat or how he got into this state, at least he has now been taken in by a rescue centre and is being looked after.

  48. Oops, Beth got in there before me whilst I was trying to read that damn captcha image 🙂

  49. poor little kitten critter…this pic made me go cuddle MY kitty just in sympathy. Now if I can just get my eyes to dry up…

  50. Happy Birthday Usetahada!

    Kittens with casts are just all kinds of of cute-sad. Years ago at the vet, I met a very wee kitty who had some bone malformations in his front legs and needed some assistance. So the vet had made him splints using popsicle sticks. He bravely walked across the office with his non-bending, memories of summertime splints.

    I had to be restrained.

  51. anonymous coward says:

    whoa. that kitten looks quite roughed up. it’s as if it was not cleaned whilst it was taken care of…

    and what’s the eyes? (i hope i did not ask a… faq — sorry) is it zonked out from medication and such or something worse?

    i really hope it/he/she recovers asap. let’s hope we get to see happier photos of our young patient.


  52. AC — as far as the eyes, kitten eyes almost always look a little sleepy/cloudy… but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some anaesthesia fading, here, as you suggest.

  53. Hmm, that picture is from a British clinic site. So it’s a British kitty! A Britty! 😀

    Never fear, guys, I’m sure we’re just seeing one stage here of a very complete clean-up and recovery. 🙂

  54. Take another look under the low-cost treatment header at the Celia Hammond site: http://www.celiahammond.org/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=4&MMN_position=12:12.
    See the small photo of a blond woman with a black and white kitty beneath this photo? To me it looks as if that is an after shot of this injured kitten. Anyway, I like that version of the story, so I’m sticking with it.

  55. Awwww, I hope the little fella’s getting plenty of Pounce treats and cuddles now! *long-distance snorglies*


  56. Any bets as to if we crash their server?

  57. Happy birthday, useta hada kitteh!!!

  58. Did anyone notice that the clinic’s address (at bottom of page) is Barking Road?

  59. Cheryl bailey says:

    Please! I must know the rest of the story for this little one. Please keep us informed.

  60. ::sobs madly:: Kittens in casts make me cry all the time. They have the ‘cute-but-pathetic’ factor that always makes me cry, even if they are perfectly happy at the time. Ikkle kitten! I huggle you! ::blows nose on kitty:

  61. The cloudy eyes are not a sign of sickness, its what happens with dogs & cats in photos sometimes, similar to “red eye” in peeps photos — animals have green eye. Very common.

    The casts are actually available in all different colors too — its a bandage type of wrap they put over the cast on animals. Years ago when my late dog was just a pup (about 1992..) the first day we had her she went out on the front porch on a summer day and nobody was with her for a minute — wouldn’t you know she got curious and tried to wriggle through the railing and fell down to the concrete sidewalk resulting in a broken leg. She had a purple cast — very pretty but nothing sadder than a pup or kitty with a broken leg. 😦

    Glad to see this little cutie is in good care now.

  62. ka9q's wife says:

    i wrote the email form on the bottom of the page. Hopefully we will hear something in return.

  63. Da widdlety rumplety kitn… awww… wescued tuxedo bebe…

    The combo of cute and sad and hope for future has overwhelmed me. My whelm is over. I must lie down.

  64. When I was a kid we had a small marmie cat who was regularly trounced by a huge, malajusted Tom in the neighborhood.

    He’d get these awful, awful abcesses, and come back from the vet all stitched up and groggy, with soft casts like these on whichever leg (or legs) it was.

    Then he’d sober up and go for the bandages.

    Usually got them off the first day, the better to pull out the steel stitches with his little front teeth.

    It would be a battle of wills for days.

    I think we usually did manage to keep a few stitches in to be removed by the vet.

    But, ouch!

    This little guy looks like a better patient.

    I think he’ll let people wait on him foot and paw long enough to heal.

  65. OMG….so sad..what happened?

  66. aww. he’s def been abused

  67. ShelleyTambo says:

    Erin, I thought the same. Color pattern on the head doesn’t quite match, but who cares?

  68. RE: Anyone see Pollux around?
    Um, Aubrey, that was really astronomically bad. STARtlingly bad, in fact.
    (n.b.- Pollux’s twin was Castor… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castor_and_Pollux ) BTW- I don’t think the cat with the woman is the same as Manukka – no black R front leg.

  69. Jessara, my reasoning was a bit cloudy, I’ll admit. But after weighing the pros and cons-tellations, I decided to give my comment a go. I climbed Mt. Par-NASAs, consulted the Muses, and they said, sure – fling it out there.

  70. Yeah, I’m one of those viewers that jumped right to animal abuse assumptions. Not sorry for feeling that way. Humans can be very scummy.

    At any rate, I hope the kitty makes a speedy recovery. It breaks my heart to see animals this way 😦

  71. /threadjack Theo, do you know how to fix the PayPal link to the C.O. Tip Jar? In the meantime, I’ll go over to http://www.cafepress.com/cuteunder#apparel and check out your redonk shirts and stuff. Sooo kewt! *hugs Theo*
    /end threadjack

  72. Erin, that TEWTALLY looks like the same kittie. Good catch!

  73. Definitely a Cute or Sad candidate! I want to snuggle little kitty and put her in front of a warm fire!

  74. MC2 — sadly, no. The Amazon version of the Tip Jar seems OK. I will mention it next time I speak with Meg (whenever that will be).

    You sneaky masked threadjacker you.

  75. I feel soooo.. sorry for the lil’ baby! are those actual casts, ot were they just fake? cuz either way, it looks like they way a ton!!

  76. I checked the “happy endings” on the site that the ladies linked us to, but didn’t see the sweet lil moggie there. So I used the “Contact us” form and told them the baby’s picture was here and asked them politely for an update. (with a link to CO, of course, to make it easier to find) Hopefully, if someone there has time, they’ll drop us a line.

    I’m not sure if it’s the same kitten that the Erin pointed out because the white goes higher on her back leg on the big kitty than it does on the little one. I hope it is though, because she looks so happy.

  77. Oh my goodness, I want to hug it. Very gently.
    And to Querida- the white markins being a bit different does not necessarily mean it’s a different cat– my kitten has grown a lot in the 4 month that we’ve had her, and a few of her markings have changed. Her brother has also developed a few calico-looking spots. So markings change as the grow. Maybe it IS a picture of the same kitten… happier, healthier, and grown a bit. ^.^

  78. Awww… Poor little one… Right now, it doesn’t matter if it was nature or humans, all that matters is that this little sweetheart gets the best care she can (I think it’s a girl, no self respecting boy-kitten would allow those pink casts!)

    She’s a lovely little kitteh.

  79. poor sweetie…..This on top of my search for Ceiling Cat. I feel bad now…

  80. Aaaawww…this reminds me of how Sid looked after the fire!

    Years ago when my house burned down, aside from the loss of everything, the worst part was that the kitten was missing. The firefighters said he couldn’t possibly have survived, and had probably crawled off somewhere and expired from smoke inhalation. So we looked in all the nooks and crannies but couldn’t find him anywhere. We went off to sleep at my sister’s house but came back every day to deal with the mess and look for Sid.

    Three days later, just as we drove up in the truck, my mom (our neighbor at the time) came out saying, “The kitten! The kitten!” Apparently he had dragged himself up out of the gully out back just before we drove up. He was mewing like he knew we were coming. Who knows how he got out, because the windows had been all closed – he must have flown out just as the firefighters broke down the door and they didn’t see him.

    Sid’s little paws were all burned and his fur was all singed, so we rushed him to the vet. Some of his little paw pads actually looked melted, and they had bits of gravel stuck in there. Poor little guy. The vet said he was at risk for respiratory problems and vision loss, and checked on him all through the night. (An excellent vet, by the way, he also reconstructed a three-week-old kitten’s face for free after a dog bite but that’s another story.)

    We got Sid back with his little feet all bandaged up and, yes, the outer bandages were this same bright pink! We snuck him into the motel room the Red Cross had put us in. Sid couldn’t walk or do a thing for himself, so we transported him everywhere he needed to go. It was like he understood. He’d say, “Mew!” and we’d place him in front of the food dish so he could eat. “Mew!” We put him into the litter box so he could do his thing. “Mew!” Okay, out of the litter box and onto a comfortable cushion to rest. And so on.

    Sid grew up to be a fine and happy cat, amazingly well-adjusted despite his early trauma. He mentored little Nancy when we found her, and taught her to not be afraid of people. His paw pads even looked normal. The only sign that he had ever been in a fire was that his little bobcat-style ear tufts, which he had as a kitten, never grew back.

  81. Awwwww, da poor widdle dumplin’! What a brave little kitty – hoping he’s doing better now. Also hoping that this isn’t abuse – some kitties do show a remarkable lack of self-preservation skills and wind up getting into all kinds of scrapes – he looks kind of bewildered, though, like “What the $*#% happened, dude!”
    Checked the clinic’s website – did anyone else read “Low Cost Treatment” as “Lost Cow Treatment” or is that just me..? Given that it is right next to Mr. Owie’s pik, I was wondering if they were referring to him as Lost Cow (given the markings)…hey, it made sense to me at the time, alright?!

  82. ACK! Just checking the Rescue Stories and happened upon Baby Bunting! Quelle QT-Pah!!!:)

  83. I say we “bribe” the rescue group with lots of donations (and supplies, if anyone happens to be in the area…) in exchange for the scoop on our little brokelegged buddy. Here’s hoping it has a happy ending…


  84. OMG Mitsu, that story made me teary. God forbid that ever happens to anyone, but I’m glad it turned out right in the end.

  85. *sniff sniff*
    I’ve been shamelessly sobbing since I saw this little cutie. I SO want to believe in a happy end. But whether it is bad or good, I REALLY want to know a little more.

  86. Awwwwww, this little ‘un reminds me of my Yuki, when my sister found her in a polythene bag! (Yuki was in much better condition though…)

    TJ, you didn’t splurge on sugary doughnuts again, didja?

    Anyhoo, snorgles to the lil’ patient!

  87. Mitsu, thats a really touching story!

  88. Thank you, thank you. Some day maybe I’ll tell the story of little Nancy, Sid’s girlfriend. I’ll have to wait until CO posts a picture of a tiny black scaredy-kitten though.

    As for this little guy, I had the same reaction as everyone else. Same thing with the exploding maternal instinct too, which I usually have barely any of whatsoever! You know, reading those rescue stories makes me want to donate to Celia Hammond. I think I might just do that.

  89. Mitsu, a beautiful story, with a happy ending…the only kind I’ll accept.

    Do you have photos of your brave kittehs?

  90. Thanks, Aubrey. 😀

    I have photos of all my cats, somewhere, I think. I know I have pictures of Nancy, I’m sure I have some of Sid. I’ll look.

    Question: I used to be able to host pictures on my own server, but that’s gone now. Does anyone know which of the various websites is the easiest / best way to put up pictures that I could link to?

  91. I’m in tears, Mitsu!

    I use Photobucket for my image hosting. Flikr is also popular.

  92. acelightning says:

    Oh, I just want to give that poor little sweet thing the gentlest cuddles in the world! I hope this is an old picture, and Manukka is all healed up and healthy, and in with humans who spoil her utterly rotten with love!

  93. The black and white cat in the photo below the kitten on that site is not the same cat as this kitten. Too little black on the second, adult cat. Im sure this little guy got good treatment and recovered fully.

  94. minnesnowtah says:

    The kitten isn’t dirty, c’mon, he’s obviously been cleaned up with a cotton ball. Lucky kitty! Today is the first day of the rest of your happy life.

    The kitten looks like,
    “WTF? Gotta remember I’m feral… no purring…
    Hiss-hiss, my momma said don’t trust people!
    I’m feral!
    I’m ferrr–prrrrrrr….(Oops)”

  95. Erin, I think I need to dissapoint you. The face markings of that cat are similar to the kitten, but the white on the front paws goes way up in the bigger cat, and the kitten has mittens on the front paw, but not such a high line looking like boots.
    I am 100 % sure though, that kitten is well now, and has found a caring home to be happy in.
    This clinic looks like they know what they are doing concerning animal rescue.


  96. Aw, this made me so sad and teary!! *Smoochy-smoochy* for sick little kitten.

  97. so sad….i hate to see an animal suffering, it seriously upsets me….thank goodness somebody helped this poor kitty. looks like the little guy needs a good bath, too!

  98. Man, are black and white kittens on some sort of self-destruct mission?

    Exhibit A: http://melle.ca/wp-images/zen39.jpg

  99. Nana, I noticed that too, too late to un-comment. But I’m sure you’re right, he’s probably a 20 pound lap cat right now!

  100. OMG…What happened to the little baby!? I just want to give it a bath and feed him fancy feast :[

  101. Poor bebe!
    My bebe had a pink cast once it was so cute/sad. She would try and sneeeeeeak up on us, and the clonk of her cast on the floor made her very conspicuous (NOT SNEAKY) but it was so cute we all just pretended.

    Whoever hurt the bebe will face my wrath. He better hope that kitty survived a natural disaster or something, because no one puts baby in a corner, and if you do, I will get alllll Chuck Norris on yo ass

  102. you guys r silly says:

    Natassia: Speaking of Fancy Feast — did you notice they have a * GOURMET * LINE * of Fancy Feast available now?!
    For 89 cents a teeny can (in PA) there are things like souffles with specialty meats and garden greens and veggies in “special sauces”, etc…
    My kittycatter LOVES THEM! (Kittehs are WORTH *spoiling*!)

  103. Poor,poor kitty, but it seems like he has ben lucky after all-somebody is clearly taking good care of him!

    Speaking about casts and animals awakening the maternal instinct: how about this widdle bunny? http://fatcat.vox.com/library/photo/6a00c2252569968fdb00c2252b2051604a.html
    (I’m *sure* I’d nicked this pick from CO, but I can’t find the post)

  104. Here is a picture of Sid and Nancy as grownups, playing pattycake:


  105. Fatcat — nope, that’s never been on CO. From my POV, you’ve got yerself a scoop.

  106. PS to Fatcat — good grief, is that a CROCHETED cast on that rabbit?!!!

  107. NebraskaErin says:

    That is one gorgeous floofy tail that Sid has!

  108. sid and nancy are a beautiful couple. love the name too!

  109. Thanks!

    During that same time period, my boyfriend and I were at the flea market and ran into a friend who told us that she had a cat named “Sid and Nancy.” Just one cat. I thought that was more clever actually.

    Nancy ended up going into heat unexpectedly and got out, got pregnant…this was before I knew you could spay cats while they were pregnant, so she had the litter (and then got spayed)…we kept one and named him, of course, “Johnny Rotten.” He later came to be called, among other things, “Johnny Sidecar” because he was so affectionate, I’d look down and just constantly have this big cat glued to the side of my leg!

  110. vet tech student says:

    Hey 🙂 just so you know it’s pink because of the covering material they use called Vetwrap! It comes in tons of colors and you can cut out shapes to stick to it 😛
    Now you know 🙂

  111. Oooooh, the poor little one in the casts!!! What happened to him/her??
    And re: the Gourmet Fancy Feast — yes, of COURSE the kittehs are worth spoiling — our boy-kittehs don’t care much about the Fancy stuff, but our little girl-kitteh LOOOOVES it — ooops, gotta go — I’ve been brought a toy, and we must go play now. I’m sure y’all understand.

  112. Very pitiful, very sad, not cute.

  113. That poor little kitten. I wish I could love on em’.

  114. Oh. God Bless This Innocent Sweet Dear Hearted Baby! I am praying for you little babe. I love you Kitten, we all love you! You will be just fine sweet angel. God Bless you, LOVE you and KEEP you. Sweetheart <3<3<3<3<3- infinity

  115. surely the leg casts could have been made a bit smaller so the puss could have some dignity?!

  116. nimcfluffersons says:


  117. Lil — dignidy ain’t somethin that kitns got much innerest in. Ah tell yew whut.

  118. Most of the stray cats that come into my vet hospital with fractured limbs have been hit by cars by accident. Some cats just have poor car instincts, and the people who accidentally hit them feel horrible and bring them in right away. It’s all speculation in this case, but try not to judge anyone. Sometimes accidents just happen.

    I imagine most vet practices vary a little bit with how they wrap pet casts but we do ours by splinting the limb (if necessary,) then wrapping it heavily with a cottony bandage material called “cast padding,” and then covering it with a flexible non-adhesive bandage called co-flex. It sticks to itself, but not to fur or skin.

    It’s the same stuff they wrap your elbow with if you have an IV or donate blood.

  119. Aww. Poor baby. This is so sad. Kinda looks like my tuxedo baby.

  120. The Celia Hammond Animal Trust rescued stray kitten Manuka after she was terribly injured in a factory where a pallet had fallen on her and crushed two of her legs. She had open fractures which our vets splinted and bandaged. Yes, she was dirty – but we cleaned her properly later, as she was suffering from shock when she arrived. She was with us for several weeks receiving treatment, but eventually made a full recovery. and was homed with a lovely family, where she is very happy. Manuka is just one of the numerous sick and injured animals CHAT treats on a daily basis. You may be interested to look at our Website: http://www.celiahammond.org, and maybe support our work.

  121. Celia Hammond Animal Trust —
    Thank you so much for the update! Are there any recent photos of Manukka available?

  122. Awww I wonder who could do such a horrible thing to such a poor kitty. I love animals and I have a cat of my own. POOR KITTY!