Doin’ The Puppy Paw Slide

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Athena A., nice worrrrrrkzzzzzzzzzz



  1. That is hilarious!

  2. it’s like me, in class!

  3. I love the little faceplant he/she does towards the end.

  4. Oh my. He lays down and then is all like, “BUH-WHAAAA?” Sorry, I think I nodded off there for a minute. I’m listening… I’m… listen…zzzz”

  5. It’s so funny that baby things try so hard to stay awake and don’t just lay down and give in.

  6. rotflmao… really…
    and I thought nothing could top the kittehs falling asleep!

  7. That’s exactly what I look like right now.

    Must! Stay! Awake!

  8. [ker-snork] I’M AWAKE!!

  9. “puppies will make you sleeeeeeep…..”

    Puppeh is inclined to sleep, because all of its floof is making him warm, and restful; yet how can anyone relax with that spectalular sofa pattern going on behind him?

  10. So tietie!

  11. Too flippin’ cute!

    But, what kind of puppeh is that? It looks almost too floofy to be real.

  12. OH MAN! too funny. I feel your pain little puppy! I do that all the time!

  13. I love at the end when he’s like “I’m up! I’m uh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    So sweet! What kind of pups is this?

  14. Me: There’s no way that can be a real creature. Oh, wait, look at it getting up again, ok maybe.. AWWWWW the eyes! Sooo cute!

  15. HAHAHAHA reminds me of me during my college days…

  16. oh lord! he looks like and EWOK!

  17. squeeee! unbelievably, impossibly cute! and obviously it’s simply exhausting being that cute. come here, you lil fluffball, you can sleep right here in my lap. i’ll let you know if you miss anything.

  18. VERY cute!!!
    its like when a kid wants to stay up and watch tv but keeps nodding off.

  19. Hee! Little bear-puppy has over romped and frolicked. Zzzzzonk.

  20. YAY! New layout is working on Firefox now.

    [whispers] I see hamster pants…

  21. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ooh, puppers, I know how you feel! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing all afternoon at my ‘puter!

    Come on, pupperzzz, give in to the honkshuzzzz. You know you want to…

  22. awwwww! thats how i feel right now!! stupid college finals week!

  23. I showed this to my co-workers and we were all in tears. That faceplant is the best.

    He’s so floofy! Like a Puffalump. [Squoooosh!]

  24. yay for new layouts!!! such a cute movie

  25. I don’t know what kind of puppeh that is, but I want one! Too cute.

  26. oh my goodness!
    that face plant is premium!

  27. No f*ing way.
    Serieusly this has to be CGI or an alien dressed as a doggy, it’s TOO cute!!!

  28. What kind of dog is that?

  29. OH!! Poor Spudgy! “Must Stay Awake FOR SANTA…MUST…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  30. Spudgy look like Ewok! Spudgy go “jub-jubzzzzzzzzz…”



  31. Oh My God! It is Wicket W. Warrick!!!!!

    Good CALL!!!

  32. it IS an Ewok – Husky mix!!

    My goodness.. I need that today.. feeling down .. in..the..dumps.. in Atlanta on business and I’m LONELY!!!

  33. and did anybody notice that lil tooth stickin up ??




  34. Totally reminds me of Rusty the narcoleptic dachshund —

    Heeheehee… Puppy sleeeeepy…

  35. I totally can’t watch the video…. it won’t load….oh the humanity!!

  36. Please, please install the non-slip carpet. Think of the puppies.

  37. Aww, he looks like a Pom Puppy! Da Pom! With fangs! There must be something super interesting going on to keep him doing the sleepy dance for so long. Who’s got the kibble?

  38. He doesn’t want to miss SANTA

  39. oh, what have we done? CO is a WMD. I emailed this to my friend who promptly emailed back with cute vid of sleepy cat. I emailed back with scottie fold kitty lying on floor. He emailed back another cute cat. It’s WAR, I tell you. We’re pummelling each other with teh Qte!
    ::ducks at sight of fuzzy baby bunny::

  40. This, CG, is why we will win.

  41. don’t we have a new category here?!?!?!? There’s gotta be something worth organizing about the multitude of videos of animals trying to stay awake… struggling against the cosmic field of drowsiness their own cuteness creates around them… we need these all in one place. Cue the music… “Things that make you go Awww”

  42. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    What’s with sleepy animals that just makes them so Qte?
    The faceplant! Oh, man! [giggles]


  44. His name is perfect – that is about the spudgiest pup I’ve ever seen.

    There can be only ONE Spudgy.

  45. JuliaJellicoe says:

    I’ve had days like that at work …

  46. as for breed, i’m thinking keshond or possibly bermese mountain.

    anyone else out there want to have a go?

  47. ShelleyTambo says:

    Looks like a keeshond?

    Whatever, he’s just too cute.

  48. haha… what is he trying to stay awake for? what else does a pup have to do but take naps all day?! too funny.

  49. that is awesome!

  50. blueplasticstraw says:

    Oh puppy, I know how you feelzzzzz

  51. i agree with lizzy – this is definitely a new CO category!


  52. That baby is so meemee! Time for beepies!

  53. ok, has anyone seen this one…?

  54. officeboundprimate says:

    This is me riiight now. It’s my second day back from a long holiday in a distant timezone.

    I wish I could curl up next to the pup and we could surrender to the sleep monster together.

  55. O-M-G! So totally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! What a cuddly ball of sleepy fur!!

  56. He’s fading…fading…crashes, goes to Bahamas for a second..then “I’m back!!!” Hilarious.

  57. The coloring is slightly off, but I’d also vote keeshond, or keeshond mix. The fuzz is right, the face shape is right, and although he doesn’t have all of the markings he definitely has keesie in him. Fuzzbutts rule!

  58. I can’t take it. I am having THE worst day ever and this guy made me laugh, HARD, out loud. ‘lil munchin butt is too much.

  59. That’s how I feel in class.

  60. LOL I’m AWAKE! I’m AWAKE!!! LOL

  61. I have also been having a royally craptastic day (finals, working, boys, parents, the list goes on…) but I literally lol’d at this and feel like maybe life is worth living.

  62. Pomeranian?
    Whatever he is-he’s ADORABLE! You just have to scream, don’t you?

  63. Sleepy Puppy says:

    Oh, so tie tie. . . Legs turning to rubber. . . Melting into the carpet. . .Honk shu

  64. This is SOOOOOO cute!! I feel that way around 4pm every day. Must….take…nap. *grabs Theo’s totally redonk custom tshirt for a pillow and slides slowly down to sleep*

  65. Pssst…. if anyone wants to see Theo’s super-secret supply of tee shirts & other fun stuff…you can go here…

    Shhh! It’s a secret….

  66. Heh, MC2. Only the COOL kids know about it. 😉

  67. The next time I have to explain what having narcolepsy is like, I’m just going to show them this video.

  68. Oh I have always wanted to see a puppy or kitten at the exact moment the faceplant happens!

  69. so cute! Pretty sure Spudgy is an aging adult dog, not a puppy. And probably a spitz-type breed. Maybe a pom or shiba mix? I checked out her website and she has the most insanely cute belleh ever! Not to mention she sings and blows bubbles out her nose!

  70. i’ve never had kittens or puppies that did this!

    i, on the other hand, do it all the freakin’ time. (thankfully not while driving)

  71. I can’t deal with that.

  72. omg, I love him. He doesn’t want to miss anything in his new life 😀

  73. OK, that was so totally me today at work; filing, copying, and data entry. Zzzzz. Did I mention the time spent staring at the copy machine?

  74. NebraskaErin says:

    I’m not tie-tie! I’m not! I’m….not…tie…tzzzzzzz….I’m up! I’m up!

    Little sweetie cuddlekins.

  75. pookiepuff says:

    He’s such a grizzly puffy pup! He must do this often for his owners to be ready with the camera. hehe!

  76. Martha in Washington says:

    Maybe it’s like a contest to see who can stay awake the longest. I think this poor lil guy lost. Love the face-plant–is that why his nose is slightly smooshed?

  77. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    omfg, this is so fucking adorable!!!!

  78. freetomato says:

    I’m with Michelle on the Pom-mix thing… howl-fest looks very pommy. Old/young….still majorly cute!

    And hey! I emailed this link to Meg late last night and Athena got the cred. That’s cool (I sniff huffily)….at least paw-sliding puppage was shared with the adoring public. Get outta my head, Athena!

    I just adore the stoic, brave expression that lasts about 2 seconds before Spudgy gives in to the heavy lids. That video could have gone on for one more minute for completion!

  79. I love that so much!!!!

    I’m like that at work… I want to lay him down and bury my face in his furries and snuggle and kiss…. such a sweetie!!!!

  80. He’s like one of those push-button toys. You know the kind that has a little man on the top? You push the button, the man goes slack, you release the button, the man perks back up. It’s just like this!

  81. No idea what kind of dog this is but itd sit just fine next to that little thing in Dark Crystal. Wraw wraw

  82. Lone–you mean Fizzgig? HEE! You’re so right!

    –TwoDragons (who is a flaming leaping honking pirouetting slobbering Dark Crystal fan!)

  83. LOVE

    Carriegood, that pug falling asleep just about killed me.

  84. OMG my poor husband hates me right now.
    It’s 1:00am (almost), he has to be up in 4 hours for work and I CRACK UP at the face plant…. waking him up 😦

    The puppy is just… I…
    *watches again*
    I can’t stop laughing!!!!

  85. I was giggling and “awwwing” hysterically the entire time. Quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

    His effort mimics my effort to stay awake during an early morning lecture on Canadian politics

  86. That was hilarious! I love this video…he is so adorable.

  87. Awwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzz. Thish ish me when I’m slaaaaaypy…

    *Snuggles upto puppy and goes to sleep*

  88. He’s a pure bred pompom, and he’s not even a pup! He’s TEN! But still damn cute, I must say!

  89. I followed one of the You Tube links above and found this gem… I almost died laughing at it!

  90. It makes me think of a melodramatic death scene in a movie. Too funny!

  91. Maureen – I’ve seen that one before, but watching it again made me almost fall off my chair laughing..
    thanks for posting it again!

  92. It sure must be exhausting to be that cute!

  93. AuntieMame says:

    There are a boatload of talking dogs, too:

  94. I have an elkhound (v. close to Keeshound) and I agree the color is off – I think this might be a chow mix. But does it really matter? It deserves it’s own breed – chowlicious.

  95. LOL…tooo freaking cute! 🙂

  96. OH MY GAWD! Totally redonk. Excrutiatingly cute. Too, too much.

    Thanks for making my morning.

  97. oh, what have we done? CO is a WMD. I emailed this to my friend who promptly emailed back with cute vid of sleepy cat. I emailed back with scottie fold kitty lying on floor. He emailed back another cute cat. It’s WAR, I tell you. We’re pummelling each other with teh Qte!
    ::ducks at sight of fuzzy baby bunny::

    Posted by: CG

    The only thing wrong with this is that you should be getting paid for it.

    I’m jealous of Meg.


  98. Wow. “Baby animals trying to stay awake” seems to be developing into quite the theme, here.

  99. marsheeeee says:

    oh man. This was me in that math class immediately after lunch when I was in college. Bless her heart. Thanks for making my morning. Adorable!

  100. i wonder w/ these videos why the animal tries so hard to stay awake – esp. a puppy like this one. maybe someone is MAKING IT stay awake?

  101. what a cute puppy

  102. MaggieBelle says:


  103. that is the cutest bear i have ever seen

  104. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this video. So cute!!

  105. I can’t explain what this clip does to me. I guess you could call it a ‘cute’ seizure.

  106. What kind of puppy is this? I need one!!!

  107. One of the cutest ever!

  108. Too cute 🙂

  109. Too cute 🙂

  110. Man I remember that act from boot camp.


  111. Brak_Silverbone says:

    TIMMMBERRRRR!! *pup falls over*

  112. nimcfluffersons says:

    I zzzzzzzz am soooooooozzzzzz
    AWAKIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I will not rest till I get….my…zzzzzzzz

  113. A Pomeranian, according to the YouTube video, he/she is actually 10 years old, not 10 months…hmm.

    Still, probably the cutest “falling asleep” video ever.

  114. I loved this video. I was watch the 9 channel on the webpage and thought how cute when I saw this! I have a dog and he sometimes does what the dog in the video was doing.

  115. toooooooooooo cute!!I wanna have one~~

  116. veronica jones says:

    Looks like a nurse on the night shift hahaha

  117. Awwwwwwwww, so sneeeeeepy!!!

  118. actually thats not a puppy. Its 10 yrs old

  119. Does anyone know the code for this video (embed)??

  120. chelsie says:

    That reminds me of me after
    14 hours of tavel!