Seal: "Hmmmm. We kinda look alike."
Pup: "Yeah. But your nose-to-eye-placement is cuter."
Seal: "True."




  1. Gaaaaa, I actually snort/laughed out loud!!!

  2. First first!
    *Does the bleen dance, shakin’ my bleen in Teho’s face*

    BTW, Teho…where ARE ya? We want kitteh news and mews!

  3. Ok, now I took time to read the little conversation between pup and pup!
    Three comments in a row, I am done! 😉

  4. Oh! We have a new layout. Veddy nice, Meg. I think we need a bit of tweaking though…mine’s cut off a bit on the righthand side…

  5. HOLY LOL!!!

    Lauri, looks like you’re up before everyone else. 😉

  6. It looks like they’re in a race. A slow, on the belly, flopping along race.

  7. Lauri — busy busy day here. But all Maya updates will be on my Vox (until there’s CO-worthy material available, e.g. brand-new ktnz) which is here:

  8. toughbubble says:

    That looks just like my dog.. what kind is it?

  9. This puppers looks like the one at the laundry mat yesterday who was helping his mom do the laundry!

    I have now discovered that puppers at laundry mats makes waiting for a stupid machine fun. All laundry mats should have cute critters. Hmmm…pocket pets in a dispenser next to the selection of soap and dryer sheets.

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    I have a sneeeeekin’ suspicion that they used that muppy to buff those floors to a shiny gloss.

  11. Mighty cute! I think that the seal is relieved to have a break from being kronshed by the puppers.

    You know that that is why the muppy looks all tuckered out!

  12. Tony James says:

    Looks like that seal is plum tuckered out from clubbing all weekend…

    [yea yeah, I’m sick – but come on, it’s what y’all were thinking anyway… :p ]

  13. That pup is a westie for sure! I’d know that adorable giant chocolate chip nose anywhere! I have a Westie and he hardly sits still long enough for pics!

  14. I really don’t think that’s what I was thinking, TJ.

  15. The layout is still too wide, and your “statistics” on the average user are really no excuse to hide behind. Basics of web design should have told your developer that the page should be flexible to accomodate multiple resolutions; it’s really sort of insulting to push something out that only works with a huge resolution and then tell your users “most people have bigger monitors so get used to it.” The truth is that with all the new tiny (and CUTE, by the way, so they should be of great interest here) laptops people ARE still going to have small screens with smaller resolutions, which need to be kept in mind.

    Additionally, all the UI training I have is balking against the site navigation being COVERED UP for people who have to side-scroll. Put it back on the left and find a way to integrate your adds between the posts if you feel you need to make them obtrusive; they should not make the site harder to use, and they most definitely do that right now.

  16. Amalo — patience. We’ll get this ironed out.

  17. now that’s good cute.

  18. Lol, okay, teho! But, I see you weren’t too busy to “bleen”! 😀

    Don’t work TOO hard! I’ll head over to da Vox for da updates! 🙂

  19. GahahahaahaHAHAHA, TJ.
    Really really awful, but funny seal joke! Urrrrgh!

  20. i don’t know, i think it could be a maltese. looks kinda like my pups. in fact, we always say they look like baby harp seals, so this made me chuckle.

  21. Tony James says:

    Teho – ok, point taken. Maybe you weren’t thinking about that, but try spending the next 10 minutes NOT thinking about a blue-eyed polar bear :p

  22. Omg how cute he looks like my cousins dog 

  23. I had a cockerpoo named Shawn Paulette who looked just like this pup!

  24. TJ — suddenly I seem to be envisioning alligators. Weird.

  25. Aww… puppies and plushies… -huggles them-

  26. TJ!!! That was DARK, dude.

    *laughing shakily*

  27. meg, i tewdally LURVE the new wallpaper. very hamtastic in a flying sort of way

  28. That’s definitely a Maltese. Looks just like my dog that we had to put down this past weekend. 😦 Thanks for the pup. 🙂

  29. *trip*

    *THUD!* oof…



    Holy Groovalicious Layout, Batman! I go to sleep and someone rearranges the drapes and sofa on me!

    BTW the seal-doggie-twinnieness is kah-yootie! *LOL*


  30. GAWD!! what a face!!!

  31. Tony James says:

    Alligators All Around, Teh-0?

  32. hiii~ her name is bella and she’s a mix! we don’t know what she is…we always say she’s half harp seal. =) she must have some kind of poodle, terrier, maltese in her. thanks so much for all the comments! bella is so excited to be on cuteoverload!!

  33. Jan Spencer says:

    CUUUUTE…my Brandii (she is over the Rainbow Bridge) looked just like this dog, and she HAD to have her puppy when she went to bed at night. If she went outside to go potty, she had to take her puppy with her, because puppy had to go outside too. She was attached to her little stuffed animal.

    “sniff sniff” I miss my Brandii!!

  34. little gator says:

    The fur looks too soft and curly for a Westie. Malteste maybe, but I was thinking Bichon. Does anyone know?

  35. I do believe there is some schnauzer in that cute little ole’ thing. We had a mini and her face structure looks the same. When schnauzers aren’t trimmed they are very furry and curly.

  36. ka9q's wife says:

    jenny she is a cutie and I really would love to kiss her widdle nose and tell her so.

  37. I have a schnoodle that looks just like her/him! I think that’s what the pup is..

  38. Awwwww… looks exactly like my puppy did (I just lost him last month). It’s kind of surreal though, because I used to have that exact same seal pup, but my puppy ate it when he was little. 😛

  39. it’s a scruffulent FLOOR MUPPY!!!!!

  40. Bella is such a great name, perfect for this beauty!!

  41. TJ.

    Come over here.


    Better. Let that be a lesson to you.

    Now – about this photo. I have to remark on that shiny floor…but it couldn’t be anything else, with two such prosh Moppets!

  42. Aub — I noticed that too. I think it’s laminated bamboo. It’s nice stuff; sort of an earth-friendly hardwood replacement.

  43. Aubrey – does this mean I’m sleeping on the sofa tonight..? 😦

  44. You on da bamBOO, T Jay.

  45. I own that seal! One down, one to go!

    And wouldn’t it be great if that image were available as a desktop wallpaper?

    /me covets

  46. Yay, Jenny! Little Bella is a darling!

    *Kisses Bella on the nosle, and snorfles seal’s face right in*

  47. karen in toronto says:

    Baby seal walks into a bar.

    Bartender: “What’ll you have?”

    Baby Seal: “Anything but Canadian Club.”

  48. T. – is that what it is? Fancy. I expected to see a basketball team running past.

    TJ – I’d answer, saying maybe that yes, tonight would indeed be Get To Know Your Upholstery Night, but something about this photo told me to floor glare.

  49. /threadjack

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  50. Now that is a double dose of the cute! I bet Miss Bella is so soft and silky, I just wanna ruffle those ears!

  51. Miss Bella is a beauty, Jenny! 🙂

    (And the gorgeous flooring is making me sthewiouswy jeawous…*envy green*)


  52. Aubrey – floor glare? Is that bright spot on the floor in front of the puppage’s nose a reflection of…
    …your YEEMS? 😮

  53. So cute!!!!

    And..forgive me for being nitpicky….Teri, dear, its a laundromat, not a laundry mat.

    *giggles* Sorry, its the downside of being raised by an English teacher! I always envision little wrestling mats with laundry on them.

  54. “…and welcome back to the WWE whites v delicates summer smackdown! DressShirt has got FrillyKnickers in a stranglehold and OOH! FrillyKnickers just put a hurtin’ on DressShirt…”

    [must must MUST stop reading CO comments late in the afternoon during a muffin-induced sugar rush…]

  55. I have that stuffed animal

  56. TJ, I think you’ve been attending too many Diva lingerie matches.

    (adjusts red contact lenses)

  57. I think the puppy is cuter…

  58. so very, very cute! sealed with a kissable pup!

  59. This doggie looks EXACTLY like mine! I posted this picture as my wallpaper and my boyfriend thought it was our Teddy! He asked me where I took it because we don’t have wood floors! We have no idea what he is.. we think poodle, schauzer, maltese or bichon mix. Did this Bella come from the shelter?? Maybe Bella and my Teddy are long lost siblings!

  60. LOL! XD Ahahahahah! How sweet!

  61. little miao says:

    awwww, so darling. 🙂

  62. terrierhead says:

    ::snorgles pup:: This one’s cuter than the pug, hand’s down!

  63. BWAHAHA! karen in toronto, belated appreciation for your joke.

  64. Wrong. The pup’s nose-to-eye-placement is cuter.

  65. KnowTheFEAR says:

    which one’s real?! lol

    luv the new background, btw

  66. OMG, is that The Cuteness again!?!? Second proshest minischnauz evar – the first being my Phoebelicious, of course.