There is no prosher pug alive…


Come on—I dare you to find a cuter one.

Don’t even try, because you CAN’T


Might wanna sit down for this one OMG EDIBLE EARS




Lindsay G., you win. I’m just gonna lie down now. You WIN!



  1. LAmonkeygirl says:

    I can’t stand it! I must eat the cupcake-faced dog!

  2. awww… puglicious!! pugs and kisses!

  3. Holy eyeballs batman!

  4. One of two breeds of puppers I’d actually get (the other being German Sheppard).

    Not a dog person, but I certainly can appreciate the cute many of them posess in spades!


  5. O


  6. I want a pug!

  7. *SQUEEEE*

  8. Cuuuuute! And “cupcake-faced dog” made me snort!!

  9. Not to mention…


  10. NebraskaErin says:

    Holy mother of ear flops!

    I would like to neeble them.

  11. I must kiss his muzzlepuff!!! Are you sure this much cute is legal?!

  12. He’s ugly! He’s cute! He’s ugly! He’s cute! I wanna smooch him!

  13. you guys r silly says:
    * how * PRECIOUS *!!!
    and that 3rd pic — it’s hard to say whether Stubby McPuggerson is practicing his/her coy, innocent “who, ME???” look, or if the wall eye is just a’wandering off somewhere all on it’s own…

  14. Walleyes! SQUEEEE!

  15. as a general rule i’m not a pug fan. the bug eyes freak me out. that being said, this little fella is adorable. i feel a pug-conversion coming on. okay, maybe not. but i still like this one.

  16. The ears are simply Delectable!

  17. I think in 3rd pic Puglette is actually giving a warning walleye, to say, “Don’t even think of nibbling my ear floppage.” Too late, little pugger. Already thot it.

  18. Yep, you are right again, Meg-o. No sense trying. THIS pug is The Cutest!

  19. This pug….
    Is too good for me…
    She really makes me squee-ee…
    This pug wants a snorgle now.

    Oh oh and…
    THAT pug…
    Won’t be happy
    Just to sniff you
    Oh no no no and
    THAT pug
    Won’t be happy..
    Til he weewees on yer shoo oo oo …

  20. Pawsitude. Sheer pawsitude.

  21. Omg a puggie! *squeels over the cuteness*

    I can almost hear the snorking in the 2nd photo if I get really close to the monitor…

  22. My husband works with jr high kids who are dealing with autism. They have a “therapy pug” in the room and she looks JUST LIKE THAT. Awww!

  23. Christine B. says:

    I’m sorry, but this pug is cuter:

  24. Hey folks. This pug is super cute, but I had a hard time seeing him. In Netscape, the site loaded really slow, and I have to scroll down multiple screens to get to the good stuff. I’m also have the problem of sideways scroll.

    Hope y’all can get this straightened out so we can enjoy the cute with no problems.

    (and for the record, I also prefer the ads to the right hand side. )

  25. Too much cuteness….. must take nap.

  26. Lauri.. it took a few seconds for the old Beatles tune to kick in.. but then oh my gosh the memories!
    As for the puglette, I’m also one who would not have considered them cute nor considered getting one ever.. but this little guy is working his magic on me… definitely adorable.

  27. OMG that is the cutest pug puppy i have ever seen…so adorable!

  28. /threadjack

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  29. FYI – The Paypal link doesn’t seem to be working. Try the Amazon link. Thanks everyone!

  30. pookiepuff says:

    Oh little pugsley puppykins! Why must you be so cute and prosh?!?! ^-^

  31. Princess Di? These are Jean-Paul Sartre eyes.

  32. Safari’s having the same problem with the page that the guy above mentions with Netscape. The left column is all you see until you scroll down about five screens.


  33. Well Gryph, it loads just fine for MY Netscape.

    Maybe you should download IE or something.

    Though I suppose expecting all websites to cater to YOUR every whim is also a good tactic.

  34. Oh good grief. Sorry.

    SOMEONE was having a snarky moment under my name.

    *glares in roommate’s general direction.*

  35. ugh…there is nothing more unattractive than a pug…well, maybe an affenpinscher, but pugs are a close UGLY 2nd!

    even the pug puppy isn’t cute…and that’s just sad!

    i tried to see the cute…but alas…all i see is Marty Feldman with fur….

  36. I think pugs are SO ugly that they’re adorable!

    Much like English Bulldogs. They’re SO ugly that they’re absolutely adorable! I *squee* everytime I see one.

    And pugs are SO SOFT!!!!

  37. oddly, i LOVE Bully’s!

    maybe i have hidden Pug issues…..

  38. I loooooooooooooooooove the pupishness!!!!! His eyes look like they’re saying ‘I cannot live without you or the huuuuuuuuuuuuugs!!!’ So so so so so cute!!!!

  39. o.o *eats*


    I… I couldn’t HELP it…

  40. Brak_Silverbone says:



    *nawm nawm nawm* (chewing on ears)

  41. I’m not normally one for pugs, but this one is a cutie pie! I loooooove him and want to snuggle!

  42. OMG! That’s the cutest pub I’ve ever seen. The last picture is my favorite 😀

  43. I am obsessed with pugs. As soon as I get a place that allows more than one dog, my lab is getting a pug sister!

    Oh, and Meg, I LOOOOOOOVE the new layout!

  44. Omgsh look at his eyes. Pugs are funny but this one is cute 🙂
    Love your site;; so many cutey stuff..

  45. I think pugs are the ugliest dogs, but this one is sooo adorable!

  46. holy pupcake!!

  47. ka9q's wife says:

    um i kind of thought Marty Feldman was cute.
    I think pugs are the Qte too.

  48. Pepper_Imp says:

    I want, nay NEED a therapy pug!! They should be standard in all houses!!!!

  49. at least one pug escaped from the pugnog tureen! must’ve been the one reaching for the ladle….

  50. Pups and thighs?

  51. It’s eyes are going in two different directions in the second picture… creepy…

  52. OMG!!!! i am not worthy…

  53. OK, back to site loading problems – same here, on XP, using Firefox. (“Same” meaning very, very, very sloooow.)

    Looks to me like it has a lot to do with the stuff.

  54. I used to think pugs were ugly, and then I hung out with one. My boss had a pug, and as his Executive/Personal assistant one of my many tasks was playing with the dog/keeping the dog quiet during an impromptu meeting. They’re VERY smart, strong, and FULL of energy. And those EYES, people!! You’ll do anything for them!

  55. minnesnowtah says:


    Why can’t I post to the Qte?
    Teho, what ees dees “sorry, your comment is spam” thing since yesterday?

    I can’t badge in to CO headquarters – help!
    Do I need a new badge(r)?

  56. minnesnowtah says:

    Okay, my comment got posted! Woot!
    So why did I get that message all day yesterday?
    Something like “We did not post your comment because we think it is spam. Sorry!”

    On topic…
    Pugs like that should not be allowed in cars.
    Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road, you know. 😉

  57. I think he looks adorably annoyed in the last picture. The expression reminds me of the pug (percy, maybe?) from Disney’s Pocohantas. Something tells me his owner hasn’t stopped taking pictures of him since they picked him up. Heck, I definitely wouldn’t.

  58. I keep coming back to this pic – I don’t comment much but this is seriously one of the cutest ever!

  59. Squee!! She’s gorgeous! Much too prosh! Oh, and believe me, the ears get no less edible with age 😀

  60. Minnesnowtah — TypePad has changed the wording on their anti-spam Captcha validations. The way it works is the same, though.

    Behind the scenes, there’s been a heck of a LOT of spam in the comments. More and more, lately, too; you wouldn’t believe the garbage I’ve had to clean up, and THAT’S only the stuff that got through the filter. So that’s my guess as to why the validation has been cropping up more often: There’s simply been more junk to block.

  61. Oooh, she’s lookin’ at me!
    No, she’s lookin’ at you…

    What pretty girl.

  62. Theo – Tell those ‘spamsters’ to ‘buzz off’. Show them just *who* ‘wears the trousers’ around here!

  63. Pyrit — um, OK.
    Buzz off, spamsters.

    [goes to put on some trousers]

  64. Theo – The greatest flying hamster (buzzz, buzzz) of them all, saves the day yet again. Oh, next time, (whisper) put your trousers on *first*.

  65. Hmmm, a vision of Theo with wings on his back and wearing little hampants just flitted through my brain. Not good, folks!

  66. Um, I beg to differ on the cutest puggles EVAR…check this out:

    This whole collection makes a puddle out of me! Meg may want to go through these…

  67. Theo takes a stance
    When spamsters in rants
    Attack hamsters in pants
    For meowzers and bowwowzers
    Theo wears the *right* trousers.

    (nod to Wallace & Grommit)

  68. Melissalovespugs says:

    Awww, I want to keeesss this baby’s ears.
    My pug is awfully cute too though, I must say:

  69. LOL this puglette is a real diva.

    Pyrit – May the Gods of Cute shower their choicest puddins on you.

    And yes, lots of “Cheeeese!”

  70. OMG I love pugs. 😀 Love the layout.

  71. Geico Pug!! Ahahaha!!

  72. Ms. Pants – Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So funny! Um, wait,

    Geico has a gecko
    You mean chameleon but what the hecko
    A gecko has normal eyes, for a lizard
    But we don’t expect you to be a lizard eyes wizard.

  73. Melissalovespugs: I have to agree, Henry is a “cuter than the average pug”…I think pugs are cute in general but there are some really UGLY ones. He has great proportions and is very cuddly-looking, I must say.

  74. Pyrit, we know you’re the master,
    ‘Coz no one can type poems faster,
    But go easy please,
    When we’re in the midst of squees,
    For an head asplode can be a disaster.

  75. Subhangi, I have always admired your comments
    To your latest I take no offense
    (a master at faster disaster is OK)
    “I got a million of ’em” as they say,
    All the restraining orders are so hard to obey.

  76. Ear floppage!

  77. O Pyrit, must you be as ruthless as your name?
    And take pleasure in putting others to shame?
    No offense intended; I merely opined
    That for rapid-fire poetry, few brains are designed;
    Therefore, restraint is a must in a one-sided game.


  79. Ack.

    Subhangi, I believe you are India-pendent
    And your prose is resplendant
    You can write poems about me
    You can rhyme poetry
    And your country you very well representant.

  80. (Was anyone attendant
    that I misspelled resplendent?)

  81. So many rhymes
    So many stanzas
    OMG, this $#!%’s bananas

  82. *blushing*

    Thank you for the kind praise,
    To your skills a toast I raise,
    But it is past midnight here,
    So to bedtime I must adhere
    And may your poetry never cease to amaze.

  83. (I wonder if
    That sleigh of Santa’s
    Must use reindeer… how ’bout pandas?)


  84. …yeah that was a bit random. Sorry.

  85. Good night, to you poet Sub,
    Sleep tight, Bengal tiger cub.

  86. you guys r silly says:

    no one is yellin’
    about your misspellin’:
    it’s cute & it’s quirky
    and keeps the prose perky.

  87. All right! Who wants leftover turkey??

  88. you guys r silly says:

    here’s a thought…
    how about a new category:
    Pugs & Jugs???
    sorry…my little Shoulder Devil made me say that…)

  89. But you aint seen nothing yet
    Because should I be upset
    By musicchick2’s hints that we are in debt
    There are, shall we say, more creative cigars
    To get money into Meg’s CO tip jars.

  90. Cigars? Wha huh?
    You’ve lost me, Pyrit.
    My mind’s a blank, I can’t denyrit.

    I may betray another way
    To get some gelt to Meg today
    Hit CafePress
    And wrap yer chests
    In shirts galore which all say “YAY!!!”


  91. Theo, that’s awesome! I *luf* it!
    There’ll be one runnin’ around lovely mid MI next summer!

  92. Theo – Sss-mokin’!

  93. Teho, my charge card is begging for mercy.

  94. T: Awesome! I lofs eet!! WTG!

  95. Charlotte Smith says:

    Here’s my pug puppy Steve McQueen – to me, he’ll always be the cutest!

  96. [humming]
    All I need’s a fast machine
    I’m gonna make it all right…

  97. useta hada kitteh says:

    Dis puglet is cute, but I needs me some KITTNZ! Cuz it’s my birfday! Kittnz, pleeeeeeeze!

  98. Charlotte, your pugpy is adorable! But pugs always look so worried or distressed or guilty or something!

    If I had one, I’d always feel guilty for having scolded him, even when I *hadn’t* scolded him!

  99. eeeeeeee! Charlotte, he’s adowable!
    The little ear squishage is quuuuuute!

  100. karen in toronto says:

    Charlotte, he’s a squee-baby. And those nice oak floors! (Oops, wrong thread.)

  101. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo, I just found something else to add to my Christmas list…YAY!!
    You know, I tell everyone about teh CO and it makes my throat sore sometimes but if I get one of these fine apparels I can just point to the shirt and save my aching throat! YAY!

  102. serious cuteness!! 🙂

  103. Charlotte Smith says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I don’t know if Steve McQueen is as cute as the puglette above (who is adorable beyond all human comprehension, and even the comprehension of some robots), but he’s my little baby puggie-pie. The look he has makes me think of someone saying (in a small voice): “Whut? Whut did I duu?”

    Oh, and I love the new merch!

  104. WooHOOOO! How did you know I needed a tote bag for haulin’ my crap to work, Theo? My old one was getting holey and I was wondering what I was to do!!!!

    I ordered a longsleeved tee AND a tote bag! YAY!!!

  105. Steve is one adorable hunk, Charlotte! I lurve him!

  106. oh geeeeeeeeshe… I dint even *see* the tote bags!
    I only ordered a tee…
    Now Lauri’s gonna be more fashionable than me…
    /pout/ /sulk/

  107. lurkertype says:

    AND you can buy the CO shirt FOR your puppeh! (and your kids, and your coffee)

    I was just thinking yesterday that I needed me another long sleeved T shirt. w00t and YAY!

  108. Useta:

    Kitteh jodphurs on The Daily Kitten. Trust me.

  109. useta hada kitteh says:

    Aub — thanks for the kitteh alert — cutey baby for shure! (and I always trusts you, Aub!)

  110. Aubrey — Red Bull gives you wings. Trust me.

  111. So that’s how we got the new design, Teho? Putting Red Bull in the leeeck bottle?

  112. OMG OMG


    The ears…no, the eyes…no…the little legs!!!

    Noo…it has to be that expression… or…..

    JUST TOO CUTE!!! I can’t make up my mind over what the cutest little part of this darling wee one is….

  113. oooohh my gosh how cute can I have your dog

    please,please,please, mail the dog to me

  114. that dog is nasty its eyes stick out and if u want a dog that small get a cat and frm a resuce place e.g rspca