Yogurt Kitteh Before and After


And, oh, the aftermath…


Rebecca F. received these in an email. Too—too moishe…



  1. tooooo cute! omg.

  2. i want to give him smooshy keeses!!!

    the eyes + the whiskers = TOO MUCH CUTE.

  3. What a messy eater! Very cute.

  4. he’s v.v. sweet! My cat was that cute once- now he’s a bit of a control freak. At the moment he’s keen to check that the automatic door opener still works (that would be me!!)

  5. OMG the little tail between
    the legs,the spotted tummy
    and the teeny claws.OY VEY!

  6. AuntieMame says:


    At first I thought it was a clear plastic spoon because it looked like the kitteh’s nose through the spoon in the first pic.

    And the blob on his forehead is too much!

    Food is so much better when you can wear it, too.

  7. OMFG I wanna poke his pudgy little belly so bad I poked my monitor for like 5 minutes while giggling insanely! So adorable! Little tongue and the blue eyes and the tips of his ears that curl a little bit! *nuzzlenuzzlenuzzle* now I got yogurt on me. Baby kittie can lick me clean.

  8. MEG!!!!!! THEO!!!!!!!

    You’ve got to see this!

  9. mmmm…yogurt-y goodness…
    I’ll bet that little round belly was happy and purring too.
    I wanna nuzzle that little belly! And those content blue eyes. They seem to say “aw yeah. that was nummy.”

  10. he’s content alright 🙂

  11. YES!!!!!!

  12. OH MY GOD!! I’m getting a heart attack from the overwhelming cuteness of this kitteh!

    Nummy Yummy Tummy!

  13. Yogurt baby…so tiny and so precious!

    Sylvia…the Scottish fold in the link you provided would melt anyone’s heart.

    I’m concerned, the baby is far too young to be without mom, yet I didn’t see a hint of her.

  14. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I just had yoghurt for dinner!!!! 😀

  15. OH MY GOD. The second pic just finished loading …

    Look at that EXPRESSION!!!!!

    *Weeping with joy*


  16. Oh my god, I want this kitty. I love tabbies, and all the colours, and the yogurt, and the eyes… mine mine mine!

  17. I bet mama cat is waiting for her yogurt treat, which she will slurp off bebeh kitteh’s face. Nummies.

    Oh, and ya gotta go see the Scottish fold video Sylvia linked–the rear paw floppage as kitteh walks is killer.

  18. OMG…put this little ‘un on KittenWar and he’d be the Winningest Kitten in a day.

    Deb, I wouldn’t fret over the absence of Momcat in the photos. She’s probably down on the floor lapping up her share of the treat.

  19. cute! Looks like ‘nilla yogurt..hee

  20. neural_jam says:

    I never thought I’d see an ugly kitten. But there it is, in the second pic especially… geez! lol
    still an amusing pic though

  21. haha HAHAHAHAHA ahhhh ha ha haaahahahaaa!!!

    What a happy little handpuppet.

  22. Such a well-behaved and modest kitten! That tale is very well placed 🙂

  23. Jaye, I realized I should have been more specific in my concern…I didn’t see a hint of Scottish fold’s mom.

    Moms absence while it meowed, and the fact that the tiny darling has its own bed, has me thinking it has been taken away from mom too soon.

  24. I’ve been visiting CO for about a year now and this is the CUTEST PIC EVER.

  25. Too cute!

  26. i hope this kitteh doesnt have lactose intolerance… yikes!

  27. That second pic is so “Got Yogurt?”

    Tee hee hee! Great pics!

  28. LOL! The Yoda ears in the first pic!

    He needs his leetle face wiped off.

  29. I was unaware that kittens could eat yogert…Though it is made of milk so I guess that makes sense

    You learn something new every day.

    *The “the more you know” them plays in the background”

    Too freakin cute! I totally want one, and I’m not what one would call a “cat person” (more of a rodent and puppy girl m’self)

    ::consults mail order manual::

    Dang it! I’m never gonna be able to get offended.

  30. Hey Neural_jam He is not ugly at all, he is the sweetest bebeh evar!!!

  31. Way cute too, with momma cat napping in the backround.

  32. =O FUZZY!!!

    So cuuute. ^_^

  33. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    oh my goodness so freakin adorable

  34. My kitteh LOVES yogury. strawberry especially..and yes, she frequently ends up looking like that.

    She likes oatmeal too.

  35. Yogurt kitteh says “put me down, you. I was enjoying that.” I can hear the little grunts from here.

  36. Actually, “Tejföl” means “sour cream” and not yogurt… 😀
    Nice to see a hungarian picture here.

  37. I can’t decide what’s cuter. The tail, the little claws, the tongue still lapping at the yogurt, the unfocused gaze, the belly dots. That really is a “Cute Overload” pic.

  38. AlbertaGirl says:

    Highly adorable aftermath!

  39. that’s it, cuteoverload.com is officially out of business. you cant get any cuter than this!! zomg! so ADORABLE!! they should make a wallpaper out of this! I would love to see it on my screen every single day! i’m also surprised that there are so few comments to this piece. I thought for sure there would be 100 comments within the first hour or something!

  40. I have now offically made my first ever Squee sound, frightening my own cats, and I think my head is about to explode from the cuteness here!

  41. PeaceNLove
    They been saying stop as nothing can be that cute numerous times but Meg always find cuter


  42. So cute!!!

    Reminds me of when my Morganna was a baby and she was having er, “digestive issues.” The vet told me to give her some plain yoghurt. Apparently the acidopholus has the same beneficial effect on kitties as it does in people.

  43. Deb:

    From the sheet draped in the back and the muliple camera angles, I would say that it looks like a “photo shoot” for the Fold. Those are probably not his real living quarters, so there is a high probability that Mom was just not in the shoot. You know, like when people photograph babies.

  44. DARLING Kitty! Ohhhh, I want ‘im! Just look at that itty bitty tongue. Too sweet!

  45. adorable!!!!!!!!!

  46. Deb, I just watched the video…it looks to me like both shoe and basket were set up for a photo shoot. You can see it especially with the shoe, which is on a cloth-covered table in front of a backdrop. I don’t think those are kitty’s permanent digs. But I’m sure he would snorgle you for your concern!

  47. Sylvia…love that Scottish Fold vid. One day, when I can afford it, I want to buy one of those little darlings. I loved the one shot towards the end, the close up of it’s sweet little sneepy face. Adorable.

  48. Threadjack
    Sorry to put a downer but Lauri has posted a message on here VOX weblog Her Dad is in Hospital ICU. Sure we all wish Him well and best wishes for Lauri.
    Sorry about Threadjack

  49. OMG I submitted this! Wow, there it is! The liddle ears, the liddle tailie, the liddle spotty belly! My name is Rebecca “V” though, not F. But whatever, that’s not important. What is important is that I told the woman who sent me this that I would die if I looked at this little kitten again…and now I have, more than once…I must prepare to depart this world, I’m being slain by the power of Cute. …Does this mean I shouldn’t bother with the laundry today?

  50. i love danone yogurt. it looks very delicious, mmmmmmm kitteh flavoured yogurt, bit furry but nutritious

  51. a Hungarian kitty!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and yes, she is eating sour cream, not yoghurt. (for the historians who will write the college textbook: Cuteness in the Digital Age – a Brief History of the Most Influential Tailstubs and Earflaps in World History)

  52. It’s sour cream, people, not yoghurt (as stated on the label, it’s in Hungarian). Ubercuteness!!!

  53. omg!!! look at that little tongue! love him!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Thank you, Edem and vera, for the clarification. I actually spent some little time wondering, “Is it sour cream? Yoghurt? Or possibly whipped cream?” Now all this little guy needs is a little paprika.

  55. ::Huggles::

  56. sarah beth says:

    edem and vera beat me to the hungarian part…
    but no one beat me to…

    that’s a hungary kitteh!

    (cracks herself up.)

  57. vansassanova says:

    Hungary sour-puss!

  58. I luuuuurve how round his belleh is. It makes me remember how much FUN it is to pick up ittle rolly poly kittehs!!

  59. His little belly is killing me. It’s good they’re starting him w/a spoon at a young age…otherwise when they get bigger and you try it, they slap at the spoon and you end up with banana pudding everywhere.

  60. Heeheehee, I love the way his teeny tiny little whiskers are poking out from around the sour cream santa beard in the second picture…I just noticed that….

  61. Cute Overload: Dairy dose of cute

  62. Oh, to have that kitteh—and their garden swing!! So lucky. 🙂

  63. Wolf Plushtoy says:

    Adorable, but I fear what evil purposes the less savory websites out there on teh intertubes are going to put the second picture to use for.

  64. I was thinking more like he was trying to be Santa Claus.. hehehe… don’t you see the little beard!

  65. Me too, I was thinking, what, like photoshop in a little pipe so he looks like an old man?

  66. this is it. This is the cutest picture of a kitten I have ever seen.

  67. OMG…..
    That’s sooo cute!
    How old is the kitty anyway?….? man! I am not a kitty person…. I think I might want to change my mind now…!


  68. Anne – I’m guessing about 5 weeks or so. Just before the “pouncepouncepounce” stage begins.

  69. Santa, baby….

  70. What a precious and adorable bebeh!! My Tipper was like that as a kitten, Yoda ears and all. Even when dey gwow up dat striped widdo tummy is soooo snorgable! *goes to snorgle my baby*

  71. Sylvia! that video was AWESOME!!

  72. To enlarge upon Dewi’s comment, it’s Laurie C (the fabled rescuer of Boxcar Kittens) who has the dad in the hospital and will be sans computer for a while.

    Sylvia, you have KEEEEELED me with that video.

  73. The cutest pictures I´ve ever seen in my life! I pity blind people for this!

  74. cuter than bill gates:


  75. I can just hear the kitteh licking at the spoon….

    waaay too cute. i wish i werent allergic to kittehs… thats why i lerve boids!

  76. ShelleyTambo says:
  77. pugmamatimestwo says:

    OMG I think my skull just cracked open. Seriously, this is, like, violently cute. I lerf the kittie sooooo much! *dies*


  79. Just when I think it can’t POSSIBLY get any cuter ..

    my goodness.


  80. OMG. Absolutely ridic. I LUUURVE him and want to chomp on him!

  81. BlurpleBerry says:

    I just DIED from the cuteness.

  82. Deb – There is a second scottish fold video from the same poster, where you see momma cat 🙂

    Otherwise…oh man, the cute.

  83. It’s squeeable.

    It’s too cute to be believable.

  84. I shall leeck heem* clean.

    * Or is it a “her”? Can’t tell be’cos modest kitteh has wisely covered its itty-bitty business (must have seen the fallout from the “bunnies and bosoms” thread).

  85. Eee, I should be studying for finals, but studying the cuteness of this kitteh is way more important!


  87. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a jellybean toes sighting!

  88. This is so God-aweful adorable that – even though I already have 6 cats @ home, I want to go out and get another kitten – eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  89. This just proves my theory that there are very few things that sour cream can’t improve. Kitty cute on his own. Add sour cream and just delicious!

  90. Thanks for posting this picture. I was in a really bad mood because of finals, but seeing this kitty made it all better.

  91. I just don’t think this kitten is that cute. And who feeds a kitten sour cream???

  92. its not even yogurt, its sour cream. it says so in the box behind the kitten (in hungarian)

    i have to say in hungary its a cats everyday and favorite dessert. cats would do anything for it. 😛

    sweet photo.

  93. In my opinion, this picture would be cute enough for the website even without the yogurt. I just love the look on the kitten’s face in the bottom ome. “Yes, I am being held completely immobile in an unbelievably adorable position. How’d you like them Mets?”

  94. I love the lil tailio and the tongue going “ehn ehn ehn must reach nose!” and of course the round spotted tummy.

  95. Tzatziki-tteh! I love Greek food!

  96. the kitteh even has a smackeral on his front left leg. 🙂

    I didn’t know it was sour cream for I don’t know the Hungarian language. hmm..

    Never knew kittehs liked that stuff.

  97. Omigosh – we suddenly have a whole new look! I like it.

    And, kitties loooove sour cream, along with butter, whipped cream, ice cream, and just about anything dairy. Only a taste, though, because then they might get pukey.

  98. Awwww. This kitten is so compact. The tail kills me, as do the eyes. So bright blue.

  99. Goatee kitty.

    Must fall on fainting couch before heart pounds through chest.

  100. Formica Dinette says:


  101. i think i just died

  102. poor violet says:

    UrrrGH! Gimmeeshke meeeewannakittehmemehbebehbooboo!

    (This is the closest literal translation of the actual noises I made when I saw this)

  103. Such a little baby – such a big mess! Hasn’t it oc-curd to Rebecca F. that children should not Yoplait with their food?

  104. I can’t stop looking at these pictures! I’ve looked at it at least a dozen times today, and I keep coming back for more and I giggle and go “aww” every single time! Easily my favourite picture on here, but I can’t wait to see what tops it, because something always does. 🙂

  105. cute, but doesn’t dairy give them the squirts???

  106. NebraskaErin says:

    Too, too moishe indeed.

  107. I love it when kittens are so small you can hold them like that- so presh. I want to cuddle him, yogurt and all.

  108. The power of the cuteness has depleted my powers, I feel weak. Must. . . not. . . look. Auhhh. You have crippled me cuteoverload. You win once again your cuteness, but there is always next time. Until we battle again.

  109. Love the speckled belleh on the wee McTonguersons.

    samantha- it’s okay to give them stuff like sour cream and yogurt because bacteria have already digested the lactose (squirt-causing agent). You don’t wanna mess around with straight milk, though.

  110. Weeee! Milk-faced kitty! Note how, despite the indignity of being held in a helpless position with a yogurt-coated muzzle, his stripey tail is curled discreetly over his little privates! Modest baybee kitt-un!

  111. Just watched the Scottie-fold keet-une vid!

    GAAAAHHHH! Wobbly lil steps, sleepy-eye, precious bay-bee news!

    I want that paw on my nose and I’ll die happy.

    I don’t care where it’s been

  112. Richard Balichek says:

    I luvv this kitty. If I lived in the state of Massachutsets I would marry this kitty and we would raise dozens of half man half kitty evil mutant hybrids that would rise up and destroy the world.

  113. Kittens always look a bit feral to me. But I still wanna squish ’em in my face!

  114. I think it may just be impossible to have a non-cute picture containing both a cat and a non-solid dairy product.

  115. Kitty Porn!!! Hahaha!! JKJK

  116. Wow, never heard THAT one before…

  117. TracyFlick says:

    This is simply dreadful etiquette.

  118. TracyFlick says:


  119. mmmmmmmmmmmm, num, num, nummers!!

  120. Looka his widdle front paws just a-straining while he licks that spoon. They get so intense about eating.


  121. i just cant stop looking at these photos!! what is it about kittens with food-filled furs? he’s so cute i tried to grab at him through the screen! sad? I think not! my sister printed it and has taped said photo atop her wall :)!! We’re all just waiting for the day (GOD knows when that will happen!) when we’re allowed to get a kitty.

  122. Please peeps, hold kitteh under the little bumtocks. Holding freshly filled baby kitteh in manner displayed can cause tummy upset.

    That is all.

  123. useta hada kitteh says:

    Way back a hunderd years ago or so (like yestiday), Brak Silverbone said “we have a jellybean toes sighting”. Not just jellybeans, Brak Silverbone, but BLACK jellybeans, my fave’rit. Num. Black jellybeans with prickles. Hmm– how shall I nawm them safely?

    Back in my skinny days (also about a hunderd years ago, for really), I used to eat sour cream on anything that seemed a good idea at the time, including just putting a blob of it on the plate and slurping it off my spoon. I never knew you could put sour cream on kittehs! Even with sour cream on, I still don’t think I’ll put him in my mouf. It’s those dang prickles… and the furrr…

  124. I think maybe sometime soon I’ll put a sour cream goatee like that on myself and see if everyone goes nuts over me too. Maybe I’ll even get another marriage proposal!

  125. can’t breathe… too cute…

  126. Sour Cream on Kittehs, cont’d:

    Kitt-oon Burrito?


  127. He’s already read to be “manged”

    He’s topped with sour cream! Well, sorta.

    Think I’ll take a bite.

  128. My kitty was once that small and even the same colours. I had to hand raise her from when she was about four days old. She is still momma’s baby kitty and soooo spolied.

  129. how adorable!

  130. KnowTheFEAR says:

    LOOL! i LOVE the semi-drunk eye half closed look! it works so well for the kittie…

    are you meant to feed cats yoghurt?

  131. Me wan makum skeetskeetskeet on teh ketteh’s head WITH KISSES, lol@kewt

  132. Immawannacutielilkittehohmigaaaawwwwshhh!!!


    Yeah…. that’s about close to the noises I made when I saw those pictures… My boyfriend has been dragged over many a time to see the lil sour cream kitten.

  133. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    I LOVE this little guy

  134. I can’t figure out if it’s the perfect markings, the couldn’t be any cuter face, the toy like qualities, etc…this baby has got to be one of THE cutest I have ever seen!

  135. Isn’t the point to make the cat look like it has rabies?


  136. This kittie is so adorable!!!!I wish I had one for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!