Pocket Snoresville


Pet ’em!




*Cute Overload X-Treme Close Up

Thanks to Heather A.



  1. you guys r silly says:

    be vewy vewy qwiet……
    him’s a teeny tiny honk-shu-er…..

  2. you guys r silly says:

    the wee tiny leggy hanging out in the back cracks me up…&:o)

  3. you guys r silly says:

    just realized that people are so busy flipping out over boobs that no one but ME is checking out Teh Qute and commenting HERE, but ME!

  4. you guys r silly says:

    is it possible that TEH CUTE finally DID make everyone else’s head explode and I’M the only living cuteologist left in the world?????

  5. you guys r silly says:

    and Teho:
    Please note that NOT ONCE did I say “oooh!!! First”
    or “oooh!!! SECOND!!!111”
    etc etc.

  6. you guys r silly says:

    [*sound of crickets quietly cricking…*]
    this is weird….
    is anybody else out there?

  7. You focus on the face, but the dangling paw is the adorable bit.

    Well, the whole thing is adorable. I miss my hamster. . . good thing I have two cats and two rats. 🙂

  8. AuntieMame says:


    I’m here, ygrs, but I just got up. Hopefully all the whiners got tired and went to bed.

  9. you guys r silly says:

    Hi AuntieMame!
    the whining and preaching is all still going on over in the bosom bunnies post…
    But HERE we have wee Hammie Legs!!!

  10. It’s still kinda early for some of us for a Saturday am.

    However, the cute little hammy is a great pick-me-up.
    I’d pet him, but I don’t want to interrupt the honk-shus.

  11. Awwww…such a sweet honkshuing hammie. Makes my heart happy.

  12. Oh and tell the peeps at bosoms & bunnies to simmer down…they’ll wake this widdle guy! 😉

  13. [rubbing eyes]

  14. *whispers* Good morning to you, Good morning to you…
    Me wants to reach out a finger and pet his wee widdo head, but I don’wanna wake him up! *Gently adjusts pocket like banky*

  15. Looks like a tiny sloth.

  16. ok
    whatsort of animal is this one??

  17. Denise in Nebraska says:

    What ARE you, sweet fuzzy thing with slit eyes??? Oh wells. Doesn’t matter. *Gingerly takes flailing right paw and tucks it underneath jeans pocket: closer to its body, for more warmth and comfort*

  18. Wolverine Librarian says:

    Soooooo Cute! Teeny Tiny honk shus! The children’s library assistant is gonna explode when she sees this!

  19. I think this is one of those über-hamsters that I don’t know much about.

  20. *yawn
    Oh, little hammie, it’s okay. It’s Saturday. You don’t have to get up and go to school.

  21. Now that is the correct way to display a pet in a rack?

  22. I think we need a new category called “Pocket Pets in Pockets.”

  23. Peg of Tilling says:

    Rodentia or lagomorph
    He sleeps so sound
    I’ll call him Snorf

  24. Is this the fabulous sleeping Glitter Rodent? I’ve never seen one quite so shiny before.

  25. astrogrrrl says:

    oh my, what a little ball of fluff!

  26. YAY! It’s the return of the POKEPET™!

  27. CrazyDiamond says:

    Tooooooooo adorable!!!!!!! It looks so comfy!!!

  28. *POIT*

    I’ll take three, please.

  29. omg, that’s just tooooooo sweet! It’s making my teef hurt! adorable little darling that!

  30. moon over MY hammie!

  31. oh dear! i love the dangly-paw!

  32. He’s a syrian hamster. The paw is my favorite part!

  33. [*Pokes head in cautiously*]
    [*Waits a moment*]
    Anyone in here?
    [*Waits another moment*]
    Whew! No one here to disturb the pursuit of hamminess (eek, I know, terrible pun; I just woke up).

    Awwww, the beautiful and peaceful teeny hammie asleep with the dangling paw …

    And not a single mention BY boobs OF boobs. Gotta love that.

    Honk-shu on, leetle one.


    Dang, that’s cute.

  35. I’m the hammy’s mom too. 😉 He’s a teddy bear hamster. And the sweetest little guy. He can beat me runnin’ up the stairs. 🙂

  36. Did he fall asle in your pocket, or did you put him ther once he was already asleepy?

    Either way, trés cute.

  37. Wow…see, it’s a chest shot – but it’s nothing like yesterday’s chest shot. I totally dig this. Back to “yay!” again. 🙂

    How funny that people whined and barked about others expressing their opinion — just because we didn’t agree with THEIR opinion. LOL.

    Anyway..I love this little baby fluff..thank you! 🙂

  38. BTW, Meg: A few people seemed to _assume_ yesterday that people expressing a negative opinion of the girl yesterday – as us insinuating that you’re not doing a good job. Wrong.

    You rock & you bring lots of smiles to the world. Any of us whining about the rack & bunnies yesterday means something else totally, does NOT mean you’re not doing a good job. 🙂

  39. To quote Jessica Simpson, “I don’t know what that is, but I want it.”

  40. That little guy is so cute!!! I love how is little head looks all sweaty and disheveled. I want one too!

  41. I love the C.O.X.C.U. that’s there, but I wish there was another one of the dangly paw, too.. awwww…

    And, good grief, that ruckus is still going on? I think I actually read 300 comments (decided my input was certainly unnecessary), and now there’s another 150? Whoa..

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    Baybee seepin’!

    Oh, I love the color of that little head! (and I, too, could do with a close up of the dangly paw…)

    My pockets never have anything interesting in them any more. One of my kittens-of-the-past liked to ride around in my jacket, or in my pocket (side pocket of a jacket, big enough for a kitteh) but any time I check nowadays, there’s only maybe a little bit of fluff, as if someone’s maybe been there and disappeared. I wanna find a furry baybee teddy bear in MY pockit. Pleeeeze? I’ve been good. And it’s nearly my birfday (but not til Tuesday)…

  43. He’s so vewy owange. Sound aslepp…

  44. Speaking of ham-shuus–check out Javi’s vdo of little Nana having hammie dreams.

  45. juggle geese says:

    theo, don’t you want to bring up merkin again ;o)?

  46. He was already snoozin’ when I tucked him in my pocket. After all, it was the middle of the day; time to sleep for little hammy man.

  47. *head explodes from cute overload, literally*

  48. Thats a hammy? Wow, can of…flufy!

  49. [threadjack]
    For those unsure of what to get for that special someone on the christmas list, We Recommend…
    You may now return to your regular thread.

  50. TJ — eeeeEEEEEK!

  51. Look, if “I shall leeck you” has warranted its own category, shouldn’t the C.O.X.C.U. have gotten its own as well?

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

  52. I looooove the precious little dangling paw!

    Y’know, I used to do that with my hammies, and I’d invariably end up with, uh, little droppings of love in my pockets… Occupational hazard, I guess. 🙂

  53. Sooooooo cute!

    Looks quite comfy… ^_^

  54. Peg of Tilling says:

    TJ, Box o’ Yeems…I laughed so hard I think I pulled something. Ow. But still laughing.

  55. what the H is that thing?

  56. That is so adorable! (But not as adorable as my FIRST-EVER GRANDDAUGHTER THAT WAS BORN THIS AFTERNOON!!!!)

    Just had to add that. . . *grin*

  57. Oh my, oh my indeedy!
    He looks so comfy it makes me want a giant pocket to sleep in myself.
    *Has crazy design flash of inspiration and goes off to sketch it…*

  58. Congrats on your first baby granddaughter, Sissy!

  59. Thank you, Heather!!

  60. Congrats, Sissy!

    I want to tuck hammie’s lil leg in too.

  61. Awwww, Sissy! A granddaughter!!! Sooooo cute! Congrats!!

    As to this ham……d’aaaaaeeeeeaaaaawww to him, too! Very good COXCU!

  62. I am assiduously avoiding the buns ‘n’ bosoms post.

    Figure it would be a waste of my and everybody else’s time.

    Awww pocket ham…and LOL, Teej! Box o’ yeems, indeed! That is the most inspired piccy I have seen in a long time…

  63. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    omgsh!!!wewt!!!lew!!!so awesomeness!!! ..gipinniper…KITTIES!!!!!=riina 0_0
    btw, i hate that “face,” if you can even call it that….(0_0)…ewwww…..anyway, hamster way 2 cute!!! must have!!!!!=annabelle

  64. Dear god, TJ, watch where you’re pointin’ them yeems, there. I almostbout died, y’hear, DIED!

    I’m ordering four boxes for my auntie.

  65. Sissy, aww! That’s wonderful!

    Cute things in pockets are fun. I have a plush smiling flower keychain that is very cute, and I enjoy it.

  66. awwwwww!!! she’s glittery up close!! what a cutie.

  67. Aw–new grandbaby *and* a floofly little hammie?
    what a good way to start my morning.

    I want to get a teeny comb and brush the hair on his widdle head.
    but we musn’t disturb the teeny honk-shus.

  68. ok..but what is that?????????

  69. OH FUU-UCK!! (whinewhine)

    now i need a hamster….

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That is one seriously sacked-out little dude! Look at how limp he is!

  71. cfhistorian says:

    OMG SO CUTE! I have 3 hamsters, including one long-haired (“Teddy Bear”) Syrian, like this ham is…she’s fallen asleep against my chest before, but never in a pocket!

  72. NebraskaErin says:

    Congrats, Sissy!! When she’s bigger you can get her one of these snuggly little guys and be the “favorite” forever.

  73. must… snorgle… teeny… hammy… armpit.

  74. It looks like the fox in the Firefox logo, or perhaps a tiny Sasquach (did I spell that right..)

  75. Congrats on your new little granddaughter, Sissy……..

    As for everyone else, who wants to start a clothing company that adds hammies to the pockets? Or kittehs? Or teeny tiny puppehs? Or a baby bunny?