Hover Ham


[nyerrrrrroooooooow!] (Fly by sound)

[teeny paws wiggle]


Now that he’s landed, he’s far more dignified…


Pass the salt, would you please, Brandon?



  1. OH MY GAWD.
    Little grab-able hammie tuft AND a hammie dinner table?
    I think I’ve and gone to cuteness heaven.

  2. First?

    Is the ham being gripped by his back? It looks like a rather large flap of furry skin…

  3. LOL tooooo cute!!! i love this.

  4. Better put out some more place settings, everyone’s going to want to eat with that ham.

  5. pookiepuff says:

    Pluck! hehe!

  6. pookiepuff says:

    I’ve plucked my hamster who looks just like that. Except not by his skin. I plucked him around his middle with two fingers and he stuck out his legs really far like he was Super Ham. hehe!

  7. I never thought I’d say this, but…


    The little feet! A DINNER TABLE!

  8. Um. Ah. This is so cute it’s almost sick, people. SICK. Oh, and it’s bad manners to leave your chopsticks in the bowl. Someone should tell Hover Ham.

  9. Omg. Omg. Omg. I can’t say anything. THE CHEEKS.

  10. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    [nyerrrrrroooooooow!] (Fly by sound)
    [teeny paws wiggle]


    [is dead]

  11. Where can I get a tiny set like that?

  12. wow, just WOW.

  13. …First person that says it’s cruel to pick up a ham-ham by the scruff of it’s neck gets it.

    In other news: I am dead. Killed by teh cute.

  14. I dunno.. the first pic looks kinda.. not nice. I feel a little bad for the hammie.. The second one is very very cute though!

  15. now if that pic doesn’t make everyone smile, i don’t know what would. sooooo cuuuuuute!

  16. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    BTW, am I the only one who imagines little helicopter sounds in the first picture?

  17. I was thinking more like a zooming airplane. lol…

    teh cute… I love the little table! Oh and can’t forget the hammie!

  18. Oh my word! A little hammie dinner table. How cute is that?!?!?!? *keels over*

  19. I don’t think that hamster is hovering — you can clearly see a thumb and forefinger holding it up.

  20. OH. MY. GOD.

  21. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    CP: “I don’t think that hamster is hovering — you can clearly see a thumb and forefinger holding it up.”

    OMG, you’re right! Well, these pictures are ruined for me now! Ruined, I tell you!!

  22. Vrrrrrmmmmmbrbrbrbrbrbr
    ^Hover ham sounds

  23. First pic: “Sugoi!!!!
    Second pic: “Oishiiiiiiii!”

    This hamster Japanese food funtime brought to you by the makers of very tiny Japanese food replicas: http://www.jbox.com/SEARCH/re-ment

  24. acelightning says:

    His dinner appears to be either _sukiyaki_ or _nabeyaki udon_, so wouldn’t he be asking “please pass the soy sauce”?
    Both the hamster and the toys are severely adorable…

  25. TOOOO cute

  26. The hammie-at-Japanese-restaurant-table is going into my download collection! But what’s that on his/her plate — a tiny little sunny-side-up egg?? Good thing you can include photos from Japan, such cuteness is surely ILLEGAL in America!

  27. Okay, once again, the Japanese are pwning us in Teh Qte!

    They got flying hammies that use chopsticks!

    it’s soooo teeeeeny! all of it!

  28. I’ve never left a comment here before, but I just have to say that this lil guy is tooooo adorable!

  29. Hams have one corner of the Cute market! But, that still leaves three corners….and buns have to get one of those! 😉

    This little ham is flying in for dinner. He must be one of those multimillionaire hams!

  30. Would you just look at his wittle paws in the second pic? And the nose! Too adorable for words.

    Am I the only one who noticed how different the hamster looks in both pictures? They can’t be the same one dude.

  31. I think you’re right, they do look like two different hammies. Oh well, double the cute!

  32. oh yeah… didn’t think of that… the one has brown highlights and the other is gray.

  33. little gator says:

    Hamster Man, Hamster Man,
    does whatever a hamster can….

    (flapping cape noises)

  34. !!!
    Paw dangle!

  35. “Hams have one corner of the Cute market! But, that still leaves three corners….and buns have to get one of those! ;)”

    You assume the cute market is a square. I picture it to be a star 😉

  36. Picking up an animal, like a hamster or a cat, by its’ scruff isn’t mean… Its how Momma Ham would have carried her tiny ham bebes! I’m sure he isn’t objecting. I know in kittehs, scruffing them usually relaxes them a bit.

  37. omg! That’s just too funny. 🙂

  38. Well, it is actually unkind to grab grown cats by the scruff of their necks because their rears are proportionally much more heavy then they used to be as kittens. You should only grab a grown cat by the scruff if you absolutely have to.

  39. Note about cats and scruff: I went to a vet who told me that I should always carry my cat like that, because “it is a dangerous animal and you should hold it far away from you”. Needless to say, I stopped going to that vet and took my cat home to snuggle her.

  40. Wow! That’s just crazy! Why did that person even become a veterinarian?


    /keels over


  43. astrogrrrl says:

    well, first hamster is flying in for his date with second hamster. but b/c he’s late, there’s no place setting for him yet. don’t worry 2nd hamster, your date is coming!!

  44. ok, first squeee from me ever! Flying ham is the best…. it’s raining ham!

  45. Tony James says:

    I do like how the lines on the wallpaper create the illusion of speed in the first pik – it’s almost as if Leedle Hamsterooni is performing a VTOL maneuver…in fact, now it has become clear: what we’re seeing here is Jamester Bond (you need to pronounce the J as you would in Spanish to get the full effect) – in the first picture he’s making a daring escape from a narrow squeek (sorry), while in the second he’s dressed for dinner and is awaiting the arrival of a delightful young lady with whom he will be exchanging groan-making puns (and possibly merkins) later in the evening.

  46. Peg of Tilling says:

    Jamester Bond: (suavely) A gherkin…or a merkin?

    Delightful Younglady: …this doesn’t mean we have to get married or anything, does it? And has that been washed lately?

    Jamester Bond: One moment– (speaks into cufflink) Q! You said girls love merkins!

    Cufflink: (maniacal laughter) It is not Q–it is I, Goldenhamfinger!

    Jamester Bond: I suppose this means you want me to talk!

    Cufflink: No, Mr. Bond, I want you to fly!

    (Enter Giant Hand, picking up Jamester Bond by the scruff…)

  47. From the darkness into the light, it’s… Ebichuman!


  48. ShelleyTambo says:

    Lauri, scruffing a bebeh animal isn’t mean, but it can be painful for adults because they don’t really have a “scruff” anymore, as well as for the reason Meggie gave. I tried to hold a 20-lb cat to have blood drawn last weekend–scruff with one hand, hold one back leg and tail with the other. Kitty didn’t mind being held down, but as soon as he was scruffed, the siren wail could be heard on the other side of the building.

  49. My thoughts on grabbing by the scruff:

    My step-father has always insisted on picking up animals that way, but even he will not carry a fullgrown animal like that for more than a second. It is generally recommended that you carry a larger small animal (like a cat or small dog or bunny) by supporting the hindquarters with one hand and the upper body with the other. Rabbits should face away from you unless you know they will be calm and that they enjoy being held–unless you LIKE sore ribs, that is. An animal as small as a rat or hamster can be picked up by the scruff, but it’s best to basically let them climb into your hand and scoop them up. As an added bonus, they look super cute sitting in your hands. Of course ratties won’t stay there long…

  50. P. Erasmus says:
  51. That hammie is so darling and the furnishing and little bitty table with bittier (is that a word???) Japanese dishes – GAH – I think I just ODed on cuteness.

  52. Does anyone else think that Hammie #1 is going “OOOO major wedgie!!!”???? heehee
    He’s so adorable… so teeny!!! And #2 is like “Late for dinner again! He’s always out late flying!”
    I die from the cute

  53. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww, WAY 2 cute!!!!!= annabelle so cute it should be illegal!

  54. …….aaaaaand for the second time today:


    …. aaaand for the second time today:

    TEEJ. I about died back there at “Jamester Bond.” DIED, I tellya.

    Maddest of props to Peg of T, as well.

  55. LOVE that fly by sound!

  56. hrm. perhaps 3 drinks are too many, but when I looked at the first pic, I was all, what? hoovers are vacuums .. . OOOHHH! Hovers!!! aww ky00t.

  57. I would like some sweet and sour chicken please!

    Too cute!

  58. acelightning says:

    Andee, there are several Japanese dishes that consist of a casserole full of noodles, broth, and bits of this and that, and one of the bits is quite often a poached (not fried) egg. You can put the egg in the smaller soup bowl and break the yolk, then dip the other bits of stuff into the egg yolk as you eat them (the food is supposed to be hot enough to cook the film of yolk on each bite), then eat the cooked white afterwards. Or you can just eat the poached egg whole, with the spoon.

  59. Another Angela says:

    Where is the sake????

  60. Holding a little hammy by the scruff for a few seconds doesnt hurt, but a full grown, large cat probably wouldnt like it.

  61. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    ouch >< that looks like it hurts ;___;

  62. Oh MAN. Lookit that cuteness.


    TEEJ and Peg o’Tiling – you are SO gonna pay for that tummy ache I got from laughing.

  63. perhaps we should not say that ham #1 isn’t in pain until we ask her.
    “Hamsters should never be picked up by the scruff of their neck or by any appendage.” ~http://www.petstation.com/hamster1.htm

    “There are four recommended ways to lift your hamster, but most importantly, never lift your hamster by the scruff of the neck.”

  64. Well, sarah, try giving an injection to a hammie without grabbing him by the scruff. I dare ya. Been there, done that, but will never do again, since I like my fingers intact.
    In other occasions, I prefer scooping them.

  65. hrh.squeak says:

    Scruff? Scruff? I could never grab that hammie by the scruff, because I would be way way too busy tickling hims puffywuffy muzzlepuffs. I lof him!

  66. Dickie Twinkles says:

    I don’t care what anyone says but that IS cruel!
    I have several roborovski hamsters myself and they are FAR too small to pick up that way!
    Someone sent me this picture before and I winced when I saw it.
    I’d been told to pick them up that way myself and the first time I did they all screamed/squeaked in agony.
    They’ve got very lose skin and it does look like you’re meant to pick them up that way but you could seriously damaged their tiny spines D:

  67. this is just too much. ze flying hamster’s teeny legs and ze cheeks. oh my.

  68. It’s just the cutest! Flying hover, then sophisticated hamsize diningroom! Nicely done liddle hammie xxx

  69. AuntieMame says:

    The decorative screen is the best.

    He’s having a traditional breakfast. Where’s his tall glass of OJ?

  70. i love this!!

  71. DT, you sure you were doing it right? You can’t just grab whatever amount of skin makes its way into your hand and deem that a scruff. (Not saying you did but after watching my boyfriend attempt his first scruffing I’ve realized not everyone know’s there’s a bit of a trick to it.)
    Also, remember these guys are prey animals. You swoop them up they’re going to scream because they think you’re going to eat them! It might not have been an agony scream but a “holy crap don’t eat my cute little toes, beady eyes and snuggly muzzlepuff”

    As for cats…scruffing a cat on a table is fine and giving it a little “jiggle” at the same time is great. (Not to the extent of shaken cat syndrome..it has the same effect of tapping their nose or other part of their body to distract from the painful or annoying procedure.) It sort of mezmerizes them and they forget that you’re trimming their very sharp claws or poking them with a needle.

  72. vansassanova says:

    He is at Denny-hana’s and has ordered the Moons Over My Hammy special.

  73. chica con gatitas says:

    Eeeee! I lubbe eeeet! Teeneh tynneh hamstah at teenie tiny sushi bar! Must have sake in that suck straw!

  74. “He is at Denny-hana’s and has ordered the Moons Over My Hammy special.”



  75. I scruff my kitty when she jumps into the window sill, because its the only way I can reach her without pulling on her legs or tail.

    But, she’s not quite full grown, and a small kitty anyway…and I only hold her like that for as long as it takes to bring her up close to my chest. She’s never complained though. She just gives me this look like, “Damn! Foiled again!

  76. OMG Moons Over My Hammy!

    Well I am relieved! I saw it and after I was done putting my head back together after it splode from t3h Qte, I was thinking, OH NO I BET A BUNCH OF PEOPLE ARE SCREAMING ABOUT HOW CRUEL IT IS.
    But, like I said I am relieved. Only 2 so far.

  77. One Skunk Todd says:

    That first ham is flying. The reason you see a hand there is that he’s been put in a “holding” pattern. 🙂

  78. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Someone needs to photoshop out that hand and replace it with a set of helicopter rotors! *chopchopchopchopchopchopchop*

  79. Tony James and Peg of Tilling:

    Laughing so hard I’m crying. I think I sprained something in my midsection.

    The hamster(s?) are way cute, then reading your comments was like, gravy.

    Or soy sauce, given the Japanese-themed dinner table.

  80. ABSOLUTELY Hilarious!!!!

  81. i don’t want to give a hammie a shot 🙂 that’s y im not a vet. and that also doesn’t make it humane.

  82. mouse girl says:

    Ok, I don’t care if I get slammed for commentroversy, but you should NEVER hold a rodent like that.

    That being said, the second picture is ADORABLE.

  83. Scruffing ferrets almost always makes them yawn. And I’m bothered by the fact that the J-Box link above is blocked by my company’s filtering software under the category of “Lingerie and Swimsuits”…why??

  84. Ok, I don’t care if I get slammed for commentroversy, but you should NEVER hold a rodent like that.

    That being said, the second picture is ADORABLE.

    Posted by: mouse girl

    Is it OK if I hold him in my mouf?

  85. That’s a lotta squidge. 🙂

  86. agreed to all the anti-scruffers, I have 4 roborovski hamsters, and that one in the picture is definitely an adult. Had to hold Croissant (Mr. Alpha Male) by the scruff once to apply some skin medicine since he was losing hair on his chin, and he freaked out so much, he played dead. They’re extremely easily-frightened animals to begin with and “flying” one like that in the photo may cause a heart attack.

    And isn’t “extra scruff skin” on a dwarf hamster a sign of dehydration? sigh…

    Mr. Campbell at Samurai Feast, however, is one of the greatest Kodak moments ever!

  87. ka9q's wife says:

    does anyone else make fly by noises and put yer arms in “Superman” position everytime they scroll by this pic?
    I do.

  88. Michele — yeah, same here. How sad is it when you can predict where the Nuffinghams are gonna congregate?

  89. And perhaps I should also comment on the pictures. Both got me squealy, but it’s that second one. With his little paws folded.


  90. well some people are concerned about how the hammie feels, not just how cute he is. sorry i don’t think potential pain is cute.

  91. SOOO I have a question everyone: How does one in the U.S. obtain such a robo hamster??? I’ve looked quite thoroughly online for some breeders, but I can’t find hardly a thing specific enough to do anything about! A little help?

  92. is that bibimbop? yum! (so tiny tiny!)

  93. Okay, first picture has me concerned…..

    That being said – the second picture is *so* adorable!

  94. Sarcasta, you ROCK!



  95. OK. Where can I get lessons to make wee food. I got 9 gerbils that will love me forevah if I made this.

  96. Okay, viewing the first pic here with the new layout is too moishe flying hamster cuteness all on one screen.

    I think I sprained something.

  97. Hamsters, like cats and other animals, have loose and tough skin on the backs of their necks and can easily be picked up with not a trace of hurt being transferred to the little critter itself.

    I also hate to ruin anyone’s fun, but he’s not being “flown”. If you look at the orientation of the wallpaper, he’s obviously just being held up to the camera, likely not too far above the floor.

    Everyone calm down, no cruelty here.

  98. And still the really burning question remains unanswered.

    Where are his pants?

  99. The pants are concealed by the camera angle & the little table. That is all.

  100. these pictures are adorable…. does anyone know what kind of hamsters these are?? … someone in the thread mentioned roborovski

  101. The first hamster is a Roborovski hamster. The second hamster is a Dsungarian dwarf hamster. I used to have both, I must say the Dsungarian ones are very curious, you can also touch them. Robos look cute, yes, but they are fragile and most of them (exceptions may be there) don’t like being touched. They are adorable but I’d never get a Robo again, they can be very shy or bite when they feel stressed. If you want to watch your pet, you’ll be happy with the Robo. If you want to touch your pet every now and then, you might be disappointed.

  102. Yes, that probably is bibimbap, rather than sukiyaki, now that I’ve looked up both. Bibimbap would be more likely to be accompanied by sunny-side-up egg. So where do you get miniaturized Korean chow?

  103. that is soo funny

  104. why? picture 1 … i think she must be hurt! OH ,,what a pity!