Um, how did we start posting pictures like this?

Whose IDEA was this ANYWAY?

First Cats ‘N’ Racks, and now this…

I mean, what is the deal with this site?! [Seinfeld voice]

[Photos Removed]

LOL! zzzzzzzzzzz [bunny snoringk]

Snuggles, Meghan B.

EDIT — she’s 19, peeps.  Getoverit.



  1. So would that be Buns ‘n Boobs? 🙂

  2. BlurpleBerry says:

    Seriously, Meg, what *has* this ‘site come to?

    The bunnies are adorable, and the girl in the pics is gorgeous, too.

  3. chilledcat says:

    She is cute and the buns are adorable, but she’s got that look that is sayin’ “I’m hawt with my bunny boobs”

  4. She does look very young, but the…wellness of her endowments…suggests that she is perhaps older than she looks at first glance.

    If I had two snuffulous bunnies, I can definitely admit that I would put them both in my shirt. That is utterly amazing.

  5. Oh, no, that’s just wrong! Hee! Hee!

  6. Hey, here’s a thought… if I smooshed those bunbuns down my shirt, I might actually have a rack! Lol!

  7. Tony James says:

    Nothing I can say can make me sound like anything other than someone who finds the thought of fuzzy bunnies in a cleavage somewhat alluring. Maybe I should seek counselling?
    Anyway, a big “w00! Yay!” for Friday’s SweaterPets (I told you, I need professional help…).

  8. lol how cute! just be greatful its not an 80 year old rack I’d say…

  9. Pleasepleaseplease tell me that girl is of age…

  10. Looks all warm and snuggly in there.

    Ahhh, but there it is: my weakness for bunnies and freckles.

  11. Haha…in the top picture the white bun has eyes that say something along the lines of “Oh how did I get myself into this again?”

  12. AuntieMame says:

    Me, too, ceejoe! LOL!

    And how many other read the first caption as “bunnies snorkeling”?


  13. gaw! girl too young! let those buns “choose life” and let them free!

  14. Oof. Ummmmmm…

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    With that fur and noses going a mile a minute, buns in the rack MUST tickle. How is she keeping a straight face?

    I’m often mistake for 10 years younger than I am–so she could be a lot older than she looks.

  16. one of my fave cartoonists:

    (cartoon reference for this post: Friday Nov. 24 2006)

  17. She will need the new VICTORIA SECRET Bras to hold them up…

  18. useta hada kitteh says:

    this category shure wasn’t my idea. sheesh. if it was just the bun-buns it’d be cute. but not like this. poor bun-buns.

  19. I think stuffing rodents in your shirt makes you look younger. Those anti-age systems have nothing on these three, that’s for sure.

  20. some person says:

    The white bunny is clearly thinking “let me out!!” from the second picture.

    Too cute!

  21. TJ – you are very normal, especially with pics like these. Rest assured.

    I admit, I too am a little freaked out by the bunbuns’, ahem, surroundings.

  22. gloom raider says:

    So cute…it’s like some kind of alternate Molly Ringwald scene from The Breakfast Club, only cuter!

  23. i can’t believe she missed the obvious opportunity to go for a “Buns & Buns” shot. i think that would make an excellent sister category to cats’n racks.

  24. LOL Alissa!

  25. I mean, what is the deal with this site?! And why isn’t there a whole lot more of this!??

  26. She’s a very pretty girl, and those buns look comfy. But in the first pics they look like they are saying “Ooof”.

  27. Cute bunny, the pro-life shill was unnecessary…

  28. This post is disturbing. That girl is way too young and the “My choice: life!” sticker is obnoxious (I like my cute animal photos without political messages, thanks).

    No more animals shoved into shirts, please.

  29. In the first pic, the white bunny is definitely worried about how big those things are going to get.

    Second pic: accepting his fate, like most of us who find their noses in cleavage. :0)

  30. Boy, ya’ll read waaaaaaaaaaay to much into simple photographs.

  31. Nice teeth!

  32. for the nuffs: how about ‘cats in pants’ instead?

  33. Is this really necessary? The bunnies are cute, but I really don’t need to see anybodies racks!

  34. Um, that girl is almost NSFW young.

    And I can do without the prolife political message.

  35. That looks like a dorm room, so I think she’s prolly old enough that we don’t need to worry on that account…on the other hand, zoom into the first picture and check out her posters. I wonder what she believes Jesus thinks of posting suggestive “cute” pictures of your boobs on the internet?


    Stop posting this stuff, a lot of people agree that you should stop.

  37. i don’t see the problem, its not like she’s being sexual. its just cute!! those bunnies look so cozy! with their little faces ooo!

  38. This is NOT cute.

  39. I’m gunna go with Teri. Get a grip, and relax. I dont know why anyone would be offended by a pair of not even nude boobs. There just part of the body. Everyone has a body. We’re all just people. Get over it already.

  40. I propose ‘Bunnies in the Bosom’ as the new category title for this type of picture.

  41. No, not cute. Tired of mammals ‘n mammaries. And bunnies look squished!

  42. The bunnies are tewtelly cute. So snuggly.

    I am choosing to ignore the “‘n racks’ part of the picture.

    Aw, though I love my big floppy bunners, I miss the times when they were little enough to sit on me!

  43. Awright, dat’s it!

    /Rant on.

    First of all, phoo on alla’yaz who are worrying that the, er, “bun supporter” is “too young.” I, for one, have no prob with this human young’un caring for bunrab young’uns in a manner which simulates the care they would receive from their own rabbity moms.

    The thing that is burning MY bacon (and believe me, you do NOT want to burn my bacon) is that, on a site where the visitation and comment stats seem to skew percentage-wise toward women, there is a category about “cats ‘n’ racks,” but NO category for us girls who love to see men who love Teh Qte wif, like, adorable animals nestling on them. WTF? This is a singularly distorted and one-sided perspective! I don’t know what it should be called [I never name names, ;o)], but it should be something with a *MASCULINE* word: “Chest” or “Pecs” or “Brawny Babies” (okay, DEFINITELY NOT “Brawny Babies”!) or … something. I am not good with catchy phrases, so someone else has to do that.

    I am of the opinion that the men who love animals and who resonate to Teh Qte[TM] are the most desirable and masculine men. Nope, not trying to make points here. I just know that, if they resonate to Qte, they resonate to all else that is wonderful in the world.

    And that is damned sexy, and I wanna see the men step up to tha plate and show us that they can cuddle the cute … and know that it only adds to their beautiful fierceness.

    /Rant off. [I shutting up now … aren’t you glad?]

  44. She’s not indecent at all! She may be young (I don’t think she is) but even then, she’s not indecent! There’s nothing sexual about this pic, as a guy when it’s cold in our house and my turtle tucks under his head lamp I take him out and put him in my shirt to keep warm, it’s not an unreasonable thing. Please people, let’s not turn this site into a “no human female skin” campaign, the animals are cute and there’s no reason to make issue over the person in the pic.

  45. It’s that pert little turned up nose and freckles that make her look so young, I think. Personally, I think the pics are cute – the gal is, and the so are the bun buns.

  46. ADORABLE! And I love freckles! 😀

    (But shouldn’t it be “WHOSE idea”, instead of “who’s”?)

  47. Egad.

    People In General are *painfully* predictable.

  48. Oh, God, just read the comments now. I can’t believe people are discussing the girl’s age. Let her be, forcrissakes! The pics are great.

  49. Here’s the thing about buns and racks, though. I kept guinea pigs for a long time, and that’s exactly where they wanted to sit. It’s waaaarm there. I imagine bunnies think similarly.

    But all rackiness aside, though…this is the definition of soft.

  50. P.S. — those are some nice teeth on that girl.

  51. tacky

  52. Not cute. As a bi woman I both have a rack and love the racks of others, but I just don’t see what they have to do with CO. At all. Putting an animal down your shirt does not make the animal more cute. I have a cat and he does plenty of cute things that do not ever involve my tits. I vote no on anything in racks!

  53. And there’s even someone who is pissed because of what is on the girl’s wall! Seriously, you guys should get a grip and stop being so ridiculous.

  54. Volvita, other people do see what they have to do with CO. The owner of the blog does too. She didn’t ask for people to vote for or against the category. Live with it. Ta ta.

  55. Wow, apparently I was writing my post before I realized how many people were taking offense at the photo. I posted a sorta humorous “rant” which didn’t take into account the problems some of the visitors had with the subject matter. I did not mean to seem glib or insensitive.

    That said, however, I’m still not sure there is anything inappropriate about the young lady nurturing the rabbit kiddees.

    I still believe that Evil is, after all, in the eye of the beholder (just as is Beauty).

    Commentroversy! (I think I hear Prince composing a song in the background.)

    I do hope this all gets sorted out, People. I am sure no offense was intended by the photo; therefore none should be inferred.

  56. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, I don’t usually go political in CO, but why in the hell would a pro-life sticker be obnoxious?!? Are we not all free to have our own beliefs?

    Or is it the typical “you may have any opinion you choose, as long as it’s approved by me first” baloney?

    Damn, people.

  57. A pox on the perpetually offended…


  58. AuntieM — for the same reasons some folks find pro-choice stickers obnoxious.

    And you’re right about the baloney bit.

  59. disappointed says:

    Ditto on the tacky. Tacky tacky tacky.

    Oh and since when is stuffing animals down your shirt in the best interest of the animal?

    Makes ya wonder what Cute Overload is really all about? And who (or what) is it exploiting?

  60. Did anyone else immediately flash to “The Todd” from Scrubs?

    He loves to come up with new nicknames for breasts and should be slapped for it, but this immediately reminded me of his gleeful appreciation for ** BLOUSE BUNNIES ** .

    And btw, as a woman I’m kind of wincing at how her breasts are folded up in the second picture. Lookit the right one!

  61. musicchick2 says:

    and the latest COMMENT-ro-versy rages on! *sigh*

  62. I think it is cute. Here we go again with the saga. If you do not like it move on. Freedom of speech and the internet means you can’t tell MEG what she can and can’t put on her page.. xoxo

  63. boobs are totally snuggle-able. those who have them and those who enjoy them can always agree on that. i’m surprised by the sudden outburst of prudishness. who among us has not reveled in the immeasureable pleasure of little fuzzy warm babies snuggled on your chest? no matter the size or age of the. . .erm. . .accoutrements.

  64. gotta say, those buns don’t look too thrilled. enough already with stuffing animals in peoples pants, shirts, bras, whatever.

    frankly, i don’t care how old the girl is. there’s nothing remotely sexual about the picture. they’re tits. get over it. be more concerned about the blood and guts people see on a daily basis, warping people’s minds.

  65. The Disapproving Rabbits have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat this crowd.

    Oh, and I just want to say I’d rather have a bun job than a boob job.

  66. I have four thoughts, not necessarily in this order:

    1) Does that bunny have BLUE EYES? Dayum, them be gorgeous! I have never heard of a bunny having blue eyes!

    2) Baby bunnies! How cute! Bunnies are so cute until they grow up and turn into savage beasts! (See Doofus, Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B.)

    3) Sofft! Baby bunnies are soooooo sooffft!

    4) Claws! Holy heck! You guys do realize that bunnies don’t have paw pads?!? They go fur–>bone. NOTHING cushions those claws! Claws! Claws against bare skin! YEEOWCH!

  67. Endless walk

  68. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this – a celebration of three beautiful creatures.

  69. some person says:

    It didn’t take long for this to degenerate into a pro-life/omgboobies discussion.

    Seriously, it’s a picture of bunnies. Humorously squished bunnies. Do we really -care- what her political opinion is? Leave her and her beliefs alone!

    And if you’re offended by certain female structures, I suggest you go to Toronto, where they apparently have people who walk their dogs without their shirts on (since it’s perfectly legal).

  70. At first (indirect) glance (while I was reading the caption and only saw the phot out of the edge of my eyes), the behbeh bunnies looked to me like a behbeh alligator.

    Seriously. Scroll so that the first photo is in the middle of your screen. Then look at the upper corner of your monitor. It’s an ally-gator!

  71. Oh, that sticker isn’t pro-life, it’s pro choice. She’s saying everyone has the right to choose, even if they choose life. She chooses life, that is her choice. Just need to clarify that, pro-life people forget that pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion.

  72. Less politics and racks, more cute animals. 😐

  73. raspberryjamba says:

    Dude, no. I come to this site to see pics of cute baby animals, not tits. The rest of the internet is there for that. Keep your focus on the pets! It’s what makes you unique.

  74. I always thought there should be a cookie recipe for bunsnboobs. (rolling eyes) No really.

    Cooked on a bunsenburner.

  75. Just FYI — don’t let this get lost in the hubbub, OK? Gunvor Nilsson just posted a name-link to this really nice pic, a few comments up (though the detail might be a bit small for a front-page post)…

  76. chicagoluvpeace says:

    Ya’all… I love this site and all, but SEXUALIZING CHILDREN AIN’T COOL. Take these photos down.

  77. Volvita, I’m bi, too, but gosh, I enjoy looking at other gals’ racks! No problem for moi.

  78. Any sexualizing being done is being done by those decrying it in this case.

  79. Also… her age is conjecture at this point. We don’t know how old she is. Obviously, sexualizing children is bad, bad, bad.

  80. An open note to Meg: I truly love your website; it keeps me sane and smiling when most of my days are fraught with stress. However, this photo with the ‘I Choose – Life!’ sticker on the wall is a glaring error. As anybody who has been active in abortion rights could tell you, that is not a pro-choice sticker – it’s an anti-choice sticker. Pro-choice activism propaganda runs more along the lines of ‘It’s your choice,’ not ‘Unlike you – I chose life!’ Whatever anybody’s politics are is up to them, but I cannot shake that image staring accusingly at me from what I’ve come to consider a daily antidote to all the bad things happening in the world today. I agree with the ‘Anon’ poster above – ‘Less politics and racks, more cute animals.’

  81. chicagoluvpeace says:

    Ah.. one more point. I gotta say this whole animals in racks thing feels to me like it’s turning this site into something like Maxim.. sexy verging on sleezy.. which really sucks cuz otherwise i love the site. Perhaps I should just avoid this site… I’ll chew on that…

  82. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    not that cute… the bunnies looked squished. the first picture of the white one looks sad… v___v look at the eye!! it’s like.. “ehh..!” ;__;
    let them out!!!

  83. Here’s the thing –

    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.
    Bunnies do not like to be held, ergo bunnies do not like to be squished.

    Do you get it now?

  84. Amalo —
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.
    Not true.

    Otherwise, I get it.

  85. lol… I had a good laugh about this. Two nice boobies… I mean… bunnies. And nice blue eyes.

    People who think these picture are not funny: get a life; did they run out of humour at the local Petco?

  86. She looks like my 12 year old niece. Even if she looked legal, I still wouldn’t find this cute.

    What’s cute about animals simply laying on boobs (unless you’re a hungry male)?? I was glad when the lame cats & racks photos ended.

  87. Arvay:

    Supreme thanks for pointing us toward and getting us back to teh Real, teh True, and Teh Qte[TM] with your ON-TOPIC (Is. Everybody. Listening?!?!) comments, which were mercifully free of nonsense.

    [P.S., side note: Thanks for the info on “dumbo rats” a/k/a “wingnut rats.” I viewed the fotos of your lovely boys. I would love to get me one of mine own one of these “somedays.”]

    Cheers, Arvay (if we can duck down ‘n’ say “hi” amidst all the “morality mudslinging”). Yeesh!

  88. chicagoluvpeace says:

    Ummm. no. The people calling this photo sexualized aren’t sexualizing. We did not post a picture of a child’s breasts for other to oogle. It’s so bloody wrong.

  89. chicagoluvpeace.

    Prove the age of the person in the photo.

    Then preach to the choir.

  90. Righhhtt, rabbits on boobs is just sooo funny. Puhlease. Thankfully, some people have more intelligence than that.

    Here are more people who would rather see true cuteness, instead of a young girl experimenting with showing her body off:

  91. I knew it.. As soon as I saw the soft bunnies and bosom there would be COMMENT-roversy. SIGH

    I love it. All three are lovely and warm and soft and I could just hug them all.

    I am somebunny who thinks that zee babeee bunnnay actually beelongs in ze rack.

  92. It be cute.

  93. I saw the picture, saw the number of comments, and I knew.

    Buns ‘n bras
    Cats ‘n racks
    Pups ‘n pecs

    It’s all good and cute and does anyone have an aspirin?

  94. According to the people in that live journal link who apparently think they can dictate to a blog owner what can and cannot be placed on her own page, we’re all horrible.

  95. chicagoluvpeace says:

    Prove her age? Look at her face. I think the probability that she is like fourteen is high enough that this website should’ve known better. Plus, like the other people say. This Racks shit is lame, lame, lame. Buy a playboy or go to thailand if you’re into porn or kiddy stuff, k?

  96. All the nuffs are depressing me… I come to read the comments because I enjoy the happiness and the wordplay that happens most of the time. Can’t we all just take a deep breath and be happy?

  97. and.. I’M sorry.. I have to say it..

    WHAT is she showing off? Nothing!! You can’t see a thing cept some curves and some bunny.. and I would have to concur..I saw NOTHING sexual about this photo.. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  98. chicagoluvpeace says:

    K… I’m over this website. It’s really getting gross here. I over checking it out til they pull the kiddie and lame-ass rack stuff.

  99. For those worrying about the young woman’s age — check out the crappy laminar furniture; that’s obviously a college dorm desk. She’s over 18.

    On the other compelling issue of the day: Count me in on the “less politics” side. I think of CO as a place where I can come and not think about politics. In part because the sticker is right in the center of the frame and in part because I disagree with the sentiment expressed, it was distracting to have to process my feelings about it. I consequently didn’t enjoy the bunnies very much. And you know how I loves the bunnies.

    That said: I’m a blogger myself and I wouldn’t want to be in the position of “telling” (suggesting) another blogger what to post.

    Meg does a great job, and whether she’s subliminally advocating a position here, or simply opting not to screen out a picture just because of a political message, it’s her party and she can do whatever the heck she wants.

    Round of applause for Meg, even if she is a crypto-fundamentalist wingnut < -- *kidding*

  100. I like these pictures, I think they are cute. But the animals in the racks are getting old. I don’t mind looking at the animals or the other girl’s racks for that matter, but the idea that once used to be creative has lessened it’s value.

    And about the sticker. I really don’t think she intentionally put that in her picture. She looks like she’s in her dorm room. If she did, who cares? That’s her opinion, you can share it or not. What’s the big deal?

  101. You guys are funny.

  102. chicagoluvpeace.

    My 27 year old cousin has very similar facial features and bone structure and is mistaken for a 15 year old on a regular basis.

    Therefore, unless you can absolutely prove that this girl is a) underage and b) being deliberatly sexualized by an adult in an abusive situation…..well….

  103. astrogrrrl says:

    Theo said:

    People In General are *painfully* predictable.”


  104. Are you guys seriously talking about this being an “abusive situation”..? HI GUYS. ITS A GIRL. WITH BUNNIES. IN HER SHIRT. OK?

  105. Dude. Peeps. Everyone.

    Seriously–you’ve all got to RELAX.

    One picture of a girl with bunnies and everyone’s finding something in said picture to flip out about.

    I thought this page was supposed to be about cute, and making people happy.
    Not starting a flame war or an “and ANOTHER thing that bothers me about this..!” war.

    Let. It. Go.
    Stop bitchin.

  106. My usual first thought, “Ow, don’t those things have claws? Claws to close to sensitive bits?” I didn’t notice the sticker but did think this was a college dorm room.

    Read through comments and had usual thought, “Boy, I wish I had so few other real and significant things in life to worry about that I could get all excersized about this. Must be nice/sad to have the luxury to be righteously offended at every turn.”

  107. Terri:

    Who said people there are dictating? They’re simply making their opinions known that they are turned off.

    As for me, i don’t care if she’s 18, 30 or 50…buns on boobs isn’t cuteness overload.

    Also, yeah, it is in the eye of the beholder. When I was 6-13 – – several different perverts came after me, unfortunately. To the majority, I wasn’t sexual..but to certain people this kind of stuff is. That’s what sucks.

  108. amalo,

    My two do not like to be huggled, but I’ve met some that do. *sigh* I want one. *pouts* Nobunny loves me….

    And zhandarg, thanks for your nice comments. If you like the dumbos, here are some more piccies for you (from my random-cute-word-googling, which I do when I need a break): (LOL! OK that’s not a rat, but it’s funny!)

    The first two particularly get me. I miss my big, sweet, gentle, huggable boyrats. I wish the doofi would let me hug them. Those selfish wabbits!

  109. Come on people she is NOT showing anything to worry about if she is “of age”. Someone needs the stick pulled out of, well you know.
    It’s a cute photo and that’s all.

  110. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    What bunnies? I don’t see no bunnies.

  111. Jes:

    It’s one r in my name, thanks.

    So I guess the comments about coming over here enmass with the unspoken idea of convincing the site owner to your collective viewpoint isn’t exactly ‘dictating’? Fair enough.

    Critters on boobs for me IS cute though, since I don’t see every shot of a woman’s breasts as sexualiztion personified. If they were fully bared breasts, you’d have every right to howl.

    However, it’s bunnies tucked into a shirt. Funny.

    And her age? Go peek at my comment about my 27 year old cousin. And by the way, I’m 33 and get carded constantly because no one thinks I’m actually legal to purchase booze.

  112. AuntieMame says:

    Occula, so what if it is anti-abortion? People are allowed to hold that point of view, too. People are allowed to hold ANY point of view they want, and if you don’t like it, tough.

    And as for the girl’s age, I looked like a 12 year old until I was well into my 20’s and started getting gray hair.

  113. Eeeww. That girl has the hairest chest I’ve ever seen!

    Oh wait, those are just bunnies. Nevermind!

  114. I’m always marvelling at the fact that “you Americans” (yeah, all of you 😉 ) consider boobies far more dangerous than weapons. Everybody can carry around firearms in the States and it’s okay – but boobies? Beware!

  115. Teri — hell, *I’d* card you. I’d want my nice 20% tip too.

  116. Theo: Silly boy! lol. It’s actually really bothersome, especially when it’s a *teenager* at the corner store carding you when you’re buying cigarettes. I mean…damn. It’s also freaky when you’re standing at the enterence to a bar in your wedding dress, while your new husband and your entire wedding party is inside, and the doorman won’t let you in because you have no ID and you don’t look old enough to get in.

  117. NebraskaErin says:

    The bunnies look cozy.

    And my friend Karen is 35 and looks fifteen.

    Even if this girl is young, there’s nothing sexual about this picture. If it was a three year old with a bunny peeking out of her shirt, everyone would “Awwww!” because no one (decent) sexualizes a toddler. Just because this girl *has* boobies, the Nuffs have to make it a sexual issue. Sweet Jebus. Cute bunnies. In someone’s shirt. Looking cozy. It’s cute, dammit!

  118. I love getting carded. And I also love that I’ve just started a new job, and people think by looks that this is my first job out of college. Chinese genes, baby!

  119. some person says:

    I’m in grad studies, and I frequently get mistaken for a 17-yo high school student. 😦

  120. Avery….that happened to me too when I started where I’m working now! I’m the Executive Assistant, and a couple of consultants questioned hiring someone so ‘young and inexperienced’. Heh.

  121. Loki's Mom says:

    Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO MEG!! Your site makes me giggle like a school girl and always makes my day. 🙂 And a big shout out to the peeps!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  122. Loki's Mom says:

    Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO MEG!! Your site makes me giggle like a school girl and always makes my day. 🙂 And a big shout out to the peeps!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  123. Loki's Mom says:

    Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO MEG!! Your site makes me giggle like a school girl and always makes my day. 🙂 And a big shout out to the peeps!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  124. Loki's Mom says:

    Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO MEG!! Your site makes me giggle like a school girl and always makes my day. 🙂 And a big shout out to the peeps!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  125. Loki's Mom says:

    Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO MEG!! Your site makes me giggle like a school girl and always makes my day. 🙂 And a big shout out to the peeps!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  126. Loki's Mom says:

    Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say WAY TO GO MEG!! Your site makes me giggle like a school girl and always makes my day. 🙂 And a big shout out to the peeps!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  127. My other half is ten years older and looks his age. I tease him that he should be “proud” to look a cradle-robber. But in reality, I think he is mortified. 🙂

  128. The people who:

    – complain about the sticker
    – are obsessed with the girl’s age (what is it? do they need to know the girl’s age in order to get comfortable with their own ideas of sex?)
    – tell Meg what she must post or leave out of her blog

    are just plain:

    d)need to have sex more often
    e)all of the above.

    There. I said it.

  129. Mine is 2 years younger and looks mid-30’s. We do get some odd looks sometimes…lol

  130. You know what I think is funny? The simple fact there was a sticker in the poor girl’s door sparked several comments pro-abortion/pro-choice. SEVERAL. And these are the same people who complain about the supposed politics going on in CO.

    Self-righteous people who see politics everywhere one day will ruin the world. They have somewhat, already.

    Oh, and have I said how adorable those bunnies are?

  131. I agree 100% with commenters Occula and CP. The (not coincidentally, methinks) centered pro-life sticker distracted me from what is normally a getaway from the negative stuff you can find anywhere else.

  132. some person: as for the topless in Toronto thing…the only topless woman I ever saw was a drunk lady dancing in the middle of the street. Trust me, not something I’d ever want to repeat.

    And, folks? Pro-life? It may not be a position you share, but surely it’s one that *anybody* has a right to express, just as you have the right to express yours. Including Meg, who may or may not agree with it, but that’s not the point of the picture here.

  133. A Thinker – lol…I guess it’s because I work on Yonge Street, but I’ve seen a few sober women topless around here! In the heat of the summer natch, else I’d wonder about them!

  134. Getting carded for buying cigarettes, however, might be a stretch for me. Don’t you only have to be 18 to buy cigarettes? (not a smoker here, so I dunno)

  135. Re: carding …

    Last time I got carded was at a “trendy” nightclub in The Hamptons.

    I was 36 years old.

    I was tewtelly flattered. (“Do ya think I’m sexy?!”)

    Back on topic: This thread is like the be-all and end-all of “stoooopid” (HOW many “o’s” in “stupid”? The answer is “none” unless yer unrelievedly stupid y’ownself, in which case it’s “infinity”).

    Wow. End the conflagration, People. ‘Nuff said, Nuffingsworths.

    I repeat: Evil is in the eye of the beholder (as is Beauty).

  136. Arvay – Well, yes, 18 to legally purchase them, and standard policy to card if you look under 25. I’m generally told I don’t look quite 18 when they ask. Then they get really redfaced when I hand them my license.

  137. Funny, Teri. I never did and am glad I didn’t. It would take some guts to walk down Yonge St. topless.

  138. “I agree 100% with commenters Occula and CP. The (not coincidentally, methinks) centered pro-life sticker distracted me from what is normally a getaway from the negative stuff you can find anywhere else.”

    Cokane, something tells me these same people who are complaining wouldn’t mind if in her dorm she had a pro-choice sticker on the wall.

    So, as AuntieMame said before, I think this is a case of “oh, sure, you can have any opinion you like. As long, of course, it is the same as mine.”

  139. huge fan of the site, but must say that i have never found cats & racks (or any other creature and racks) particularly cute at all.
    meg, keep doing what you do, but seriously, what is up with the under-age looking boobage, here?

  140. I’m getting sick of the racks but keep the animals coming.

  141. I should move to Toronto! I LURVE being nekkid outdoors.

    But I dress on the modest/Quaker side when I am dressed. I dunno why. I don’t mind when other women wear tighter shirts, flash their navels, etc. I just don’t do it myself. Maybe I’m a tad self-conscious because my industry is 90% male. Sorry WAY OT.

    Back to blue-eyed bunnies! Um… is ANYone discussing blue-eyed bunnies?

  142. Those freckles are cuter than the bunnies… how odd. 😀

  143. Sillygirl says:

    DUDe!!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to lighten up. And seriously, all the rest of the qte photos are gettin ignored today because everyone is too busy being all… you know…. stress-ballish about this!!!

  144. a thinker – I’ve never done it either…lol. Some of them would have been better off with some ‘support’ though!

    Which reminds me of one hot summer day a couple of years ago. I was walking down Queen West heading to the yarn shop when what jogged past me but a young woman wearing nothing but those satin shorts from the 70’s, sneakers, stripped socks and a baseball hat. I just about broke myself laughing.

  145. I don’t think Cats in Racks is supposed to be particularly cute. But it is particularly funny. As in humorous.

    Didn’t any of you get it when that one girl crammed her giant maine coons down her tank top? It was side-splitting! Well to me, anyway.

  146. Americans… so funny and self-righteous. You see, according to them (and gamine above would probably agree), these kids can have three-way sex, smoke pot, sniff cocaine, have abortions and whatnot.

    But stick some bunnies in their tops?! Show some SLIGHT ALMOST IMPERCEPTIBLE CURVE of their breasts? Smile at the camera? Commit the sin of being beautiful and being in a picture before a wall with a sticker which I find ludicrous?OH GOD NO! IT IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE!

    No wonder you guys talked about the Janet Jackson incident for ages. You guys scare me.

    All hail to Meg who doesn’t let the witch hunters tell her what to do in her blog.

  147. “when what jogged past me but a young woman wearing nothing but those satin shorts from the 70’s, sneakers, stripped socks and a baseball hat”

    Nothing else? Ouch! Must hurt!

  148. Sylvia….lol….yeah, that’s the thought that popped into my head after I finally stopped laughing! My own pair started to ache with sympathy!

  149. underage girl shows off boobs while shilling for pro ‘life’.

    oh well. other pics on this site are very cute.

  150. sylvia, quit pooing on americans in general based solely upon many of these ridiculous comments. the ones who make said comments are surely the same ones who demonized ms. jackson. however, they are not representative of the entire united states, which is by and large a country of sane, reasonable people. please look to teho, aubrey, meg and so forth for a more accurate cross-section of the people in this great country.

  151. That GIRL does not look a day over 14. YES, I know some people look way younger than they are (41:carded twice this yr. alone) but-that’s not really the point here)….. As a parent of 3 teenagers (1 girl), I would be horrified to see a pic like that of her splashed across the internet for the whole world – literally – to see. Maybe most of you really are sweet and innocent -awe, cute buns – and all that, but that’s not the reality of the internet world.
    Didn’t smile when I saw this – was dissapointed, and wondered if her parents took it. My point is – it IS cute – to be shown to friends or family, but on-line-?- Extremely questionable. Even if she is older….what kind of audience are you trying to attract here? Decent, intelligent people, who-repectfully, I might add -post their opinions against this sort of pic., just get ridiculed. Evil/beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I think most of us are adults here, and we should be responsible and aware of what other eyes are also around – looking at what we are, with NOT quite the same intentions. THAT, I believe, is what most of the “nuffs” are concerned with. So lighten up against them, will ya?

  152. Hey, don’t be lumping me in with the sane people, Juliette.

  153. quitwhining says:

    Stop whining. It’s not your website. Don’t like it? Shut up and don’t come back.

  154. re: teho,

    doh! :oD

    you come across as saner than most; forgive me.

  155. FWAAAahahaha! I oughta get me a Maine Coon! I heard that they are very sweet and hugglable, too. Poifect to be a for Millie and me!

    And then, when we get our newfie, my house’ll be poifect! Just poifect! 🙂

  156. Juliette, I apologise. I didn’t mean to offend all Americans. I should have made a disclaimer. And of course the great commenters in this site are American. I just meant the self-righteous-guys-with-a-political-agenda
    who think are sooooo democratic but
    want to push their views on others. That kind of American. 🙂


  157. ps re: quitwhining,


    HEE! <3

  158. Mmmm, wine & cheese…
    [drooling a little]

  159. re: sylvia,
    you are lovely, and i agree. thanks for your reply.

  160. Teri: ouch! jogging topless…mmm no.

    And: !!excitement!! Was it Romni Wools? Best. Knitting. Store. EVER!!!

    (Sorry, non-TO or knitting folks) 😉

  161. Yup, good ol romni’s! I always come out with more than I intended to buy when I go in. Hide the receipts from my husband too! LMAO. Heck, we’ve probably passed each other in the aisles and not even known it.

  162. Ok, so when do we get a category of “[cute animal] ‘n’ half-nekkid man”?

    Seriously. Those of us who enjoy looking at that sort of thing are getting TOTALLY neglected!

  163. Look, the bunnies are cute, the girl is cute (though methinks she needs a better-fitting bra), and the picture, on whole, is cute.

    It is the internet; if you don’t like what you’re seeing, there are a bajillion and one other sites out there for your perusal.

  164. About the political sticker: I bet Meg didn’t even see it when she posted it. I know I didn’t until everyone crapped their pants over it. I was looking at the cute bunnies. Such cute bunnies. I can’t believe people were actually looking at the wall! Bunnehs people! Bunnehs!

  165. Unfortunately, I’ve only been to Romni’s once. My “knitting rabies” habit (as Teho puts it) only occurs once in a while when I’ve got some extra cash to drop and that knitting yen…

    Also, I moved away from Toronto about a year ago 😦

  166. I just don’t see what’s cute about animals + breasts. The bunnies themselves are certainly adorable but I don’t think that animals stuffed down a shirt are particularly cute.

  167. Ah, see, I’m no where near that disciplined with regards to the knitting. I’m so beyond addicted there’s no help for me anymore. 😦 However, the kitties enjoy it. See? Cujo makes my yarn her pillow

    And The Dude guards a sweater sleeve.

  168. She is pro-life. I wonder if her Pastor/Priest/whoever.. would be proud of her posing like a little tramp for attention? What do you guys think?

    And if it wasn’t supposed to be sexual, why isn’t she wearing a button up shirt or something with sleves? She is wearing a tank-top. This is purely for her to get attention. NOT CUTE. LAME.

  169. ILuvPopsicls — my impression is that bras are engineered to accomodate boobs, not buns.

    Thinker — [shiver]

  170. she is not “of age.” that’s pretty clear. Just because she has decided to send in a pic of herself trying to be “mature” doesn’t condone its posting. this site has lost major points in my book.

  171. Jillian. First off, pro-lifers aren’t all button up shirts and sexual repression.

    Second, tank tops are not exactly sexy lingere, meant to entice. Unless you think all us gals with breasts wearing tank tops are tramps.

    And I’m more offended by you calling her a tramp than anything.

  172. Jillian — be careful what you wish for. You ask my opinion, you might actually get it.

    (duplicate removed)

  173. Teri — I SPY YARN YEEM!

  174. Seriously, calling people a tramp because of their beliefs. Why are you even looking at the wall? I’m not sure why people are spending so much time even looking at the girl enough to judge her so harshly. There’s adorable bunnehs there!

  175. Wow, some of you need to get out more. Enjoy the bunnies (some thing they’re cute, some thing they’re tasty). Relax a little. Read the sticker: “MY CHOICE: life” (emphasis mine). It’s HER choice. If it’s not your choice, sit down and just enjoy the bunnies.

    BTW, I want a picture with the dog in the background too. I have a soft spot for bulldogs, and he looked like a very attractive example.

    Just to appease some of you over-the-top types, I’m gonna send in a picture of my cat on my bare chest (where she really does like to lay). Then you’ll be sorry for making such a stink about the racks.

  176. Wow this is so rediculous. I come to this site everyday…looking at adorable cute animals. I saw these pictures of this girl and though “wow shes gorgeous and the bunnies are adorable”. I honestly would havent given any sexual context to this picture if nobody had brought it up. She is fully clothed, she in no way looks like shes trying to be sexy and the focus is obviously the bunnies not pimping out a girl. And being a girl who has always looked younger than i am…i guarentee she is of age not that it should even be a big deal. In addition she is obviously not wearing any makeup…and at a young age not wearing makeup actually makes you look younger, esp with her skin and freckles.

    People are so uptight and want to create at big deal over nothing. And as far as the political sticker. Seriously if that girl wasnt in the picture and it was just a picture of animals and there happened to be a sticker in the background i seroiusly doubt there would be as much discussion about it, the focus would be on the cute creatures which is what this site is about. I highly doubt the picture was intentionally taken for the purpose of just showing the sticker on the wall. Do people seriously need to basically black out the backgrounds of thier pictures as to make sure nobody is offended?

  177. Theo – really? Whenever I shop for new bras, I think to myself, “Hmmm…now could I fit two fuzzulescent buns in here?” If the answer to that question is anything less than “yes,” I know it is not a proper fit. 😉

  178. Teehee! Teri, that yarn looks like the exact same that I bought the one time I went to Romni! (Different colours, but…)

    And, just to clarify a previous comment which might be open to misinterpretation, “I never did and am glad I didn’t” refers to seeing someone walk up Yonge St. topless. This gal ain’t going nowhere in public topless. Nohow. No way.

    Just in case ANYONE was wondering.

  179. Jillian, it’s her life, her opinions, her dorm, and, I know it may come as a shock to you, those are HER boobs. If you have problems with sex or attractiveness, maybe you should take them somewhere else.

    And I do hope you never wear a tank-top and show 5% of your breasts in a picture ever in your life.

    Because, you see, people may call you “little tramp”.

  180. Smartypants says:

    Those freckles and that smile alone is cute enough for a post on cuteoverload.

    Now what’s this? stuff in her top?

    And super-uber-cutemaster-Meg, you’re the best!

  181. ILP — see, that’s your choice, as the end user, or consumer. All hail the free market [snicker]. IANAVSTW* but me feeling is rabbit harnesses will never be more than a niche market.

    (*I Am Not A Vickie’s Secret Trend Watcher)

  182. a thinker – tis a good warm wooly yarn and it takes all my efforts to prevent The Dude from eating it, as it’s a little ‘sheddy’. 🙂

    Theo – Yarn yeem???? Dang, I’m behind on my terminology…lol…but Cujo has been known to make dough on works in progress. Try knitting a sock while it’s being kneaded by a 17lb cat!

  183. Thinker — I read that as “Young Saint Topless”.
    Where on the calendar does THAT feast fall?

  184. LOL, Theo!

  185. Heed no bad grammar.

    The thing I hate more than the political sticker in the kiddie porn: refusal to use a colon in the sticker.

  186. FYI-
    I come here everyday to look at cute animals, not 14 yr old girls showing off. Thanks!

  187. Kiddie porn? Please. Ask any cop for a proper definition.

    reader – thanks for informing us. We were really confused before.

  188. Sylvia, please stop generalizing about Americans. It makes you seem ignorant.

    I agree with the commenters who want to leave politics out of CO. I don’t care if it was a pro-choice or pro-life sticker but it has a gratuitous placement in the photo. Probably would have been better if just the 2nd photo without it. It would be the same if someone posed with a cute puppy with a glaringly obvious “BUSH SUCKS” or “STOP THE WAR NOW” in the background. Different politics but just as unnecessary for a blog whose primary focus is supposed to be cute animals.

    These pictures are pretty borderline NSFW as well… not saying that they shouldn’t be posted at all, but a warning would be nice for those of us that work in professional offices. Looking at pictures of a young-looking girl with bunnies shoved into her busom is pretty questionable at best.

  189. teri,
    take a chill pill. i am posting my opinion.

  190. reader, did you miss the cute animals? There’s bunnehs there, just in case you missed them. Honestly, I didn’t look “at the 14 year old girl showing off” for more than a second, if you want cute animals, they’re right there. Look at ’em, aren’t they cute?

    I still can’t believe people are STILL looking at the wall. Who knew walls were so interesting? Meg, you might want to start a walloverload, because from the looks of things, it’d be popular!/end lame joke

  191. reader. I’m not the one freaking out here, so the chill pill is best served to you, not me.

  192. ya, saw the rabbits.

    can’t anyone express a difference of opinion?


  193. you jumped on me, teri.

    why do you care? unless that’s you in that pic?

  194. Teri — take a chill pill. i am posting my worthless opinion.
    which seems to be that capitalization sux0rz.

  195. Have any of you ever been to a college campus? There are hundreds of college students looking younger than she does. Leave it alone. And why does everyone have such a problem with a simple political sticker? I REALLY doubt she had that in mind when taking the photo.

    Annnnnnyways, these two photos totally made my day! My bun tries to crawl into my shirt all the time, I think it’s adorable!

  196. heh…reader….I didn’t ‘jump’ on you girl. I ‘needled’ you a little. THere’s a HUGE freaking difference. Look into it.

  197. Did everyone forget the greatest thing about America? That Meg can put up any damn picture she wants to without it trying to be anything other than cute?

  198. teri-
    you have pretty snotty ‘needles’.

    reader – thanks for informing us. We were really confused before.

    Posted by: Teri | Dec 08, 2006 at 11:34 AM

  199. LOL! “Young Saint Topless”

    I’m not sure, but I think it’d be in the alternate calendar version 😉

  200. You want to read it as snotty, go right ahead. I know the tone that was in my head when I wrote it and that’s all that matters to me. You want to be all upset about it, fine and dandy.

  201. Pat, I think you forgot that the greatest thing about America that allows Meg to post up any damn picture she wants also allows me to post up any damn opinion I want. 🙂

  202. [clearing throat]
    Uh… get a room, you two…

  203. OMG it’s a blue-eyed bunny! Have any of you ever seen one?

    I know that rabbit rescue sometimes puts “lavender eyes” in the descriptions of pink-eyed bunnies, but I’ve never seen true-blue!

    How fascinating!

    My Milliebun has pink eyes. 🙂

  204. Notice the plaque or label on the wall near the sign that has upset some people. And the layout of the photos on the wall. I think this is some kind of institutional setting. Looks like the office in a church, frankly.

  205. This site is degenerating into unbelievable immaturity. Was there a private club sign-up @ some point that the rest of us -just innocently checking out the cute animals – missed out on? ——– Thank God.

  206. Brett Scieszka says:

    Not so into the irritating political slogan.

  207. ‘look into it.’

    how charming. good luck with that.

  208. Wow — it’s Friday afternoon. Try us again Monday morning.

  209. reader – If I suggested that you look into it, doesn’t it mean that I already did?

    Man, you take a little teasing over your ‘fyi’ post waaaay to seriously.

  210. Btw, I assume that if the rabbits were unhappy they would squirm, claw, etc., so I assume they don’t mind being in that pose. I don’t own rabbits, so correct if I’m wrong.

  211. [clearing throat louder]
    …room? Hello?

  212. Natalie, is your bunny still a baby? If your bunny remained cuddly into adulthood, would you like to trade for a large, handsome grey and white one?


  213. I personally don’t think that ____ & racks are cute…ever. It always just looks forced and posed, and I feel sorry for the animals who are having to be stuffed down shirts-not that I’m saying it’s mean, but really, who wants to be forced down someone’s shirt?

  214. I’m just imagining how much it would hurt if one of those buns decided to bite!


  215. filmgirl77 says:

    There’s a person in the picture? There’s a political message in the picture? I was too distracted by the cute bunnies

  216. Still awaiting “Pups n’ Pants”

    **crickets chirping, crickets chirping**

    Didn’t think so

  217. Catherine says:

    Underage boobage mixed with anti-woman slogan: blergh. I am so finished with this site.

  218. oh fer crying out loud, you see more at the beach, so her age is pretty irrelevant.

  219. I have begged and begged you people to put up more Disapproving Bunnies.

    I guess the only way I’ll ever get to see another one is if it’s stuffed down some chick’s shirt.


  220. carolina…well, there was that kitteh tucked comfortably in the general crotch region of that guy wearing the pjs….

  221. I can’t believe the entire planet has RUN OUT OF CUTE ANIMALS so that we have to look at THIS?! Some random girl and her bra straps who just wants the world to look at her boobs, a poorly composed picture, and to top it all off, an anti-abortion sticker? Is this a joke? I think I’m done with CuteOverload if this is how it’s going to be.

  222. never even noticed the wall signage – but now that I know about it, I still don’t care
    never noticed the girl’s age or her parts – don’t care about these either

    *DID* notice the adorable soft bunnies though – the more I come to this site, the more I want one (and no, Arvay, you are not foisting one of yours on me!) 😉

    and what’s that Theo? I can barely hear you above the din….

  223. oh, and I’m glad there will be such an exodus of CO viewers now – more cute for the rest of us and less expensive for the lovely ms meg

    gotta love a good commentroversy on a friday afternoon when you don’t feel like working

  224. Oh, c’mon, arbed! I have a large, lovely grey and white one!

  225. missn, I’ve already apologised. Check my previous messages.

    Catherine, “anti-woman slogan”? LMAO!!! I know feminist pro-choice walks hand in hand with having problems with female sexuality (as in freaking out at the thought a pretty young woman poses for a picture showing 5% of her breasts), which, by the way, shows how some feminists are all for telling other women what they should do about their own lives when it comes to sex… but this is getting REEDICULOUS peeps! *makes disapproving bunneh face *

    And, hun, if you come to CO expecting to have your views on politics condoned or condemned, and not to marvel at TEH KEWT, I think CO is better off without you. Just a hunch, I may be wrong…

  226. [sidles up to Teh-0 in the lunch line…]
    You know, I didn’t want to mention it but…
    …I think someone left the Nuffingham light on and now we’re up to our ‘toxes in ’em. If I keep your place in the line can you go do your “iron hand, velvet glove” bit?

  227. Nice anti-abortion sticker.

    I wonder how BUST magazine would feel knowing one of their little darlings is OK with that kind of message.

  228. Catherine says:

    Sylvia: Heh. You’re kind of an idiot, aren’t you?

  229. What a dumb pro-life sticker. Choice implies choice, duh. It’s going to be awesome when you grow up, learn about life and lose your kneejerk reaction to your parents’ conservatism.

  230. As a straight guy over 30, Cute Overload is one of my secret “guilty” pleasures. I really get a kick out of coming here, and the comments from your regulars often crack me up.

    I just wanted to encourage you to ignore the PC assholes streaming in from that piece of crap LiveJournal, trying to bully you about this post.

    Not only is there nothing wrong with this post, it is VERY cute and only a semi-functional retard (or a leftist) would consider it ‘sexual’. They have an agenda, are organized, and are incredibly irritating. Don’t let them ruin your site.

    In fact, you ought probably just delete all the controversial replies from this thread – even mine. Their obnoxious junk isn’t what CO is about.

  231. The pro-liar propoganda takes away from the picture.

  232. fairywench says:

    Ahem….cuteoverload is supposed to be about cute. Those bunnies don’t look particularly cute in those particular photos. They look rather unhappy. Therefore, any cuteness is coming from where those bunnies are snuggling and the imagined softness of said snuggling.

    Okay, fine. But for anyone who says they’re nothing sexual about this picture, I refer you to the comments made by several of the male commentors, in which they commented upon the attractiveness of the rack and the girl. If this is a “cute girl” site, well, there’s already a zillion of those out there. Bring back the cute fuzzy wuzzies!

  233. NebraskaErin says:

    arbed: “gotta love a good commentroversy on a friday afternoon when you don’t feel like working”

    Amen! It’s kept me plenty entertained today.

    For cripes’ sake, people. Didja ever stop to think that maybe it wasn’t staged JUST to be posted on CO? Maybe this girl and her roommate were playing with the bunnies, they curled up in the rack, and it was so friggin’ adorable that they took pictures of it?

    I, for one, hope all the Nuffs who claim that they are “so done with” CO keep their word. More cute for the rest of us.

  234. Well, Catherine, I was told idiots are the ones who don’t have arguments but insist on the ad hominem tactics such as yourself. But I may be wrong, yes…

  235. No no no! We need the nuffs! I don’t want to work this afternoon either.

  236. Me myself and I says:

    I find it amuesing that people can not find any acceptance and/or tolerance of anything outside of there own little reality. Take off the blinders and welcome to reality. So what if ya don’t care for it. If thats the case skip the pic and move to the next or quit looking. As far as the statement in the background. 100$ says the ones bitching the loudest are doing so because they happen to have the opposition stickers etc. on there vehicles. Jeez get a life, get a grip, and grow the heck up.

  237. I want to see more cute young men posing with animals! Equal rights! Encourage our bretheren who might want to feel Qte Critters’ fur against their manly skin!

    (also, I think political stuff of any sort in photos shouldn’t be allowed — it’s going to bring out Nuffs of one brand or t’other, harshing our Qte.)

  238. John Edwards — plenty of folks with agendas all over the socio-political spectrum.

    Ton — see, I would, but I kinda like the chaos. And watching folks make asses of themselves. It’s my version of reality TV. Makes me feel all smug-like. [pompous smirk]

  239. zosterops says:

    I’d say she took the photo herself, holding out the camera, probably aiming for a post at CO. she might be 16 or 14 or younger, but looking at her face she knows what she’s doing and enjoying herself. of course its somewhat sexy, but in a very innocent way. is that so hard to take?

  240. Lord in Heaven can we NOT discuss who is or isn’t a feminist and pro or anti choice PLEASE.

    I didn’t even notice the sign ’cause I was looking at the bunnage.

  241. And for the folks begging for equal time for dudes, I might just have something for ya in the next coupla months. Teasers here:

    (Yeah, this is a *bit* of shameless self-promotion, but I promise to share anything that’s Good Enough with the Cute Overload crowd.)

  242. Yeah, about equal time for dudes: I remember someone once posted an hilarious ad with a guy who has a kitten… well, wouldn’t want to spoil it for you girls. Let me look for it then I’ll post it here.

  243. Oops, sorry about the “an hilarious” – let me apologise before the grammar nazis take me away! 😛

  244. EW! She’s like 13! That’s creepy and gross. You should remove her pictures.

  245. Actually, Sylvia, “an hilarious ad” is correct. You properly treated the “h” as soft.

  246. strange pic says:

    Yes, she took the photo herself (not a “dorm” -my, you people are simpletons)-As someone noted, my vote would be an office of some sort-homestyle, churchie -eh? Pretty funny, given the skimpy tank and white, lacy bra (that 2nd pic is creepy weird).

  247. zosterops says:

    we’re waiting!

  248. There you go:

    Theo, is it? Can it be both ways? English is not my mother tongue, so sometimes I over correct myself. And make mistakes too. ^^

  249. Eye Roller says:

    I find it interesting that the filenames of the photos are omg_puhleeease.jpg and omg_puhleeease2.jpg.

    Looks like someone agrees with us eye rollers.

  250. zosterops says:

    imagine it is a church office thing… ohmy, that makes me laugh. hope she doesnt get into trouble, though.

  251. Sylvia — your way’s the right way. Rarely will you see or hear the proper article before “h” words, though, so it’s not a big deal. What *is* your first language, by the way?

  252. Let me just say loud and clear that I am definitely glad that is not my daughter!!!

  253. Zosterops, did you see the link?

    Theo, it’s Portuguese. 🙂

  254. Hey, that’s me in the picture, and y’all are freaking crazy. In order to quell any more ridiculous conjecture:
    – I’m 19 (therefore legal), but that’s not the point of the picture anyway.
    – The buns were completely comfortable. I sit with them like that all the time while i study and they always snuggle down and fall asleep. They never bite or claw me. In fact, they usually groom me.
    -Oh, and they’re not bebeh buns, they’re full grown (3 and 5 lbs).
    – For anyone to imply that I did this for sexual attention is rude and offensive. I did it because when I found the cats ‘n’ racks pictures, I thought this would be an interesting twist.
    – The inclusion of the “My Choise: Life” sticker was not on purpose, but for you crazies who care, it is most definitely a pro-life sticker. Not that that should matter either, since this picture is about the bunnies, not me.

    In summary, I’m sorry for offending some of you, but it wasn’t intentional. Next time I send a picture in, I’ll keep my face out of it to avoid being personally attacked.

  255. Brazil or Portugal? (I’m from Ohio, living in Minnesota… midwestern USA to the bone.)

  256. Oh, Theo. I strongly disagree. (Ooh, now something worth getting riled up about). The “h” in ‘hilarious’ is hard. I’m noticing more and more the disappearance of the hard “h”. I’d actually like to know when people became “yuman” instead of “human”. Whenever someone says it with a “y”, I ask, “Are you talking about people from Yuma?” (Yuma, Arizona, that is).

    The “h” turned “y” is like nails on the chalkboard for me, but I’m serious in wanting to know how and why it’s becoming more prevalant.

  257. Nutmeg — what we REALLY want to know is, is that your dorm room??

  258. chimera17 says:

    The first thing I though when I saw this picture was, “Blue-eyed white bunny! Pretty pretty.” The second thing I thought was, “Wow, I wish I was allowed to keep non-aquatic animals in my dorm room.” The third thing I thought was, “Oh, that sticker and stuff on the wall’d be obnoxious if I were her roomate.”

    I’m pretty sure the girl’s over 18. I happen to be one of those people who looks younger than she is – I’m 20 and have a round face, big eyes, and I can bind my chest completely flat by wearing a sports bra. I can pull off 12 if I try. But seriously, who cares if she isn’t of age? You see fourteen year olds in bikinis at the beach all the time. Nobody throws a fit then, so why now?

  259. Oh yeah, his eyes are blue. He’s gorgeous.

    And it’s in my dorm room, not a church.

    And Those are my “hang-out comfy” clothes. Not my “try and be a sexy skank-ho” clothes (I don’t have any of those, thank you)

  260. You’re kidding–those are adults? And they are still so fuzzylicious? And they still love to cuddle? I am so jealous!

    Ah well, hopefully taking in Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus has earned me some karma points–just think; without me, he might have remained a stweet wabbit, dealing dwugs or pimping ladybuns!

  261. That’s just wrong. Please don’t post pictures of smutty girls with animals down their shirts. It’s not cute, it’s skanky.

  262. Meghan, you’re beautiful, the pictures are lovely, the buns are perfect, and you answer was just as perfect: very polite. Too bad the people attacking you here or in that ridiculous Live Journal entry have never known the forbidden pleasures of using a tank top, looking younger, having two adorable buns who sleep in your cleavage, being polite and not obsessing about your political views. Way to go, girl. 😉

  263. I don’t have a problem with boobs, but I do think it’s a lame pic. Cute fuzzies = good, cute fuzzies stuffed down shirt in attempt to be cute = teh lame. I’m allowed to look at cute things at work, but close up shots of things stuffed into a girl’s boobs is probably going to get the site blocked by our IT people. Oh well. 😦

  264. *waits for the comments of how are supposed to know that nutmeg is actually the person in the pictures*


    No im not asking the question either. Just wondering when the first post asking will be.

  265. Note – I’m not saying hilarious went ‘y’, just that ‘a hilarious …’ is right. At least I’ve always heard it with a strong h, not ‘ilarous as if with a soft.

    (The more I write ‘hilarious’ the more it looks like a fake word. Happens sometimes.)

  266. chimera17 says:

    You are so lucky! I wish I could have a bun or a ferret or a hammy in my dorm room. I’d actually pay extra for that option.

  267. So I’m right after all, eh? 😉

    Theo, I’m from Brazil! 🙂 And have cats too, but unfortunately they can’t speak English. So far.

  268. zosterops says:

    silvia,meghan: exactly.

  269. Keep trying, AmyH.

  270. Taking up the ‘h’ argument is keeping me from saying snarky things about a website *cough* LiveJournal *cough* full of zealots complaining about other websites. It makes me feel like a mother (which I’m not) who has to say, “go outside and play, get some fresh air”.

    And here I thought I was obsessive about CO and my vox. Looks I still have too much of a real life.

    Oh, there I go. Snippy twit, me. [slaps wrist}


    Where is Sir Theo, the Cute Overlord??? I saw negative words! OH GREAT MOD…DO WHAT YOU MUST!

  272. I actually agree with AmyH on the disappearance of the “H” sound from our language. Bring back the H! Just for that, I’m going to start pronouncing the letter the way my Irish friends do–beginning with the H sound. So there, Te-H-o! 🙂

    Incidentally, I do believe that the silent beginning H should be a glottal stop, NOT a Y-sound! Much like the apostrophe in written Hawaiian.

  273. netmeg, thanks for posting! Do not apologize to those folks who are personally attacking someone they know nothing about beyond two simple pictures, though. They haven’t earned that at all.

    What are the buns names?

  274. AuntieMame says:

    Nutmeg, don’t waste a single minute worrying about what the nutcases think about your photos. If anyone is offended–by your shirt or your sticker–that’s their problem, not yours.

  275. Theo said:
    “And for the folks begging for equal time for dudes, I might just have something for ya in the next coupla months.

    >> Yayyyy, Teho! Rock us witcha badself! We can hardly wait.

    Sylvia said:
    “Yeah, about equal time for dudes: I remember someone once posted an hilarious ad with a guy who has a kitten… well, wouldn’t want to spoil it for you girls. Let me look for it then I’ll post it here.”

    >> Thank you, Sylvia. I agree. Bring on the fierce gentle/men.

    And then Sylvia said:
    “Oops, sorry about the “an hilarious” – let me apologise before the grammar nazis take me away! :P”

    To which Theo properly responded:
    “Actually, Sylvia, ‘an hilarious ad’ is correct. You properly treated the ‘h’ as soft.”

    Sylvia … always treat your “h’s” as soft … and your men as [h]ard.

    Cheers! ;o)

    And now can we please move it along, People? Close de topic; hit am exa-HAUS-ted.

    Yikees! (not a typo; I always say “Yikees.”)

    What? Don’t you?

  276. nutmeg, thanks for clarifying. Although just because I don’t think the sticker is appropriate for this site doesn’t mean I’m crazy. I couldn’t help but notice it’s right next to your face in the picture.

    anon at 1:42pm, me too! If I couldn’t look at cuteoverload during my work day, I don’t know what I would do. It’s bad enough that they already blocked as a “chat” site!

    AmyH, I agree. Human isn’t be pronounced yuman! Although I suppose if enough people pronounce it that way, it becomes legit. Like how Miriam Webster recognizes “nucular” as a pronunciation of the word “nuclear.” Sigh.

    Sylvia, I missed your apology in the flurry of comments. My bad.

  277. Yay, Arvay! Whenever I hear someone write or say “an history” (h sound optional, apparently), I –
    1. die a little inside
    2. think of the South Park episode where the kids went to the “Plane-arium”.

  278. nutmeg: don’t let the jerks get you down.

    great photo, sweet bunbuns, strong sense of self: i think you’re on the road to a sane future!

    (unlike some of the commenters here…)

  279. re: “H” treatments — SAY them hard, but ACCESSORIZE them softly.

  280. So no, Sylvia – don’t ALWAYS treat your ‘h’ soft – but I do wholeheartedly agree with Z’s advice about men. 🙂

  281. oh the yoomanatee…

  282. Oh to be a manatee,
    and swim across the sea!

  283. The bunnies are Mickey Blue Eyes and Audrey Hepburn.

    They’re not actually allowed in my dorm room, but I couldn’t survive living without SOMETHING cute and furry, so I snuck them in.

    missn- I don’t think you’re crazy for noticing the sticker, i’m just saying it’s crazy for you guys to factor in my political and social views when considering the cuteness of my adorable buns 🙂

  284. When I was at UVA, we couldn’t have non-aquatic animals. Guess that explains the need to hide them. Tho a friend had a secret sugarglider. Shh!

  285. forgive me peeps for i have nuffed

  286. i knowed not whut i dun

  287. ‘a! My computer couldn’t ‘andle my wrath and shut me down. ‘eee! ‘ad to reboot teh Qte.

  288. “i’m just saying it’s crazy for you guys to factor in my political and social views when considering the cuteness of my adorable buns”

    …y’know, I’m pretty wordy, but I can’t think of any possible way to phrase that better.

  289. Wait, there was a commentroversy about what? Ah, that H thing was a nice diversion.

  290. hrh.squeak says:

    Nutmeg – Your bunnies are adorable. Thanks for the clarifications, I know some people were wondering. Alls I wanna know is, Blue Eyed BunBun? How did you get so lucky???

  291. Cheers to you and your buns, nutmeg. Thanks for sharing.

  292. and oh yeah I almost forgot — nice teeth!

  293. Here is a bunny with eyes of blue,
    straight from heaven, right to you!


    Straight from heaven, up above,
    here is a bunny for your to love!

    Major props to anyone who can name the source! 🙂

  294. source = Arvay, obvy.

  295. Your poems are from Dumbo 🙂

    I got him from a rescue, surprisingly enough. He had been adopted before, but returned because he takes a while to warm up to you. As you can see, we’re now the best of friends.

  296. Yay! Nutmeg rocks! 🙂

  297. I calls ’em like I sees ’em. Thppppt.

  298. wow. Some people will be offended at anything just to be offended. Seriously people, is being offended that much fun? well dang. I wanna be offended. Unfortunately, looking at this pic is just not doin it for me so I will have to look somewhere else to get offended. Boo! And it looks like it would be so much fun too.

    In other news. Cute bunnies 😀

    Finally: the girl has frekles, they probably make her look a lot younger, plus it’s not like she’s naked.

    *goes off to find this “offended” state of mind everyone seems to lurve so much*

  299. Damn! I just realized I missed an opportunity to say something witty! (though this happens very, very frequently to me!)

    At the way beginning of the commentroversy, I should’ve said, “I see ducks in her top!”

    But it’s lost its impact, now. :/

  300. What? This picture is not CUTE, it is disturbing. Yes it has two bunnies, but they are inside the shirt of an underage girl. I feel ill looking at this. ‘Cats and racks’ is pretty borderline meh to start with. Yes you get more traffic with questionable photos, but you alienate people who come here for genuine cuteness. Shame on you!

  301. hey sarah: try reading the comments..i’m not underage

  302. Constance — I find your lack of offense offensive. You suck.
    Suckity sucky super suck. Yuck.

  303. Nutmeghan — some people don’t like to read. (They suck.)

  304. I agree, Constance’s refreshing lack of righteous indignation is abhorrent. She is not allowed in the Nuffingham club.

  305. Wow… that girl is absolutely gorgeous!

    Nice bunnies, too. >_>

  306. Buns in Bosoms!! Please make it a category. That’s the second picture… if I had a bun I would put it in my bosom so you would have the requisite three pictures for a category. But alas, I have no bun : (

  307. I love seeing the pics here, I really do. But I’m starting to think that comments should be disabled because every time there’s a post SOMEONE comes along and starts bitching and whinig and it ruins the experience for me. Animals biting? ONOZ!1!1one Someone wearing a shirt they’d wear on the street, in their own room, with bunnies in said shirt? TEH HORR0RZ OMG!!!11 You’re turning everything into some controversy. The sticker’s there. Big deal. Maybe I’ll ask my pagan friends to come and start whining next time I see a cross because they aren’t Christian. It’s the same damn thing.

    Let’s face it – it’s not your blog, and not your choice what goes here. All the bitching and self-righteous preaching will not stop the pictures from being posted. Let me bring out Ye Olde Fashioned Clue-by-Four. Do you honestly think Meg never reads the comments for these? I’m quite sure she does, and guess what? The pics are STILL posted! Congrats, all you’ve done is waste your breath and make a lot of people who come here for cuteness and giggles unhappy. We appreciate it.

    I haaaaate reading the comments. It wasn’t like that six months ago. If you don’t like it, there’s a little X up in the corner you can click. Kwitcherbitchin and your ruining the site for the rest of us, okay?

  308. Nutmeg: Hey, totally cute bunnies. Thanks for sharing them.

    Kind of embarassed about the level of nuff-noise hereabouts.

    Glad you’re still following the thread and not running for the hills.

    Say ‘hi’ to Mickey and Audrey for us.

    Go Hoos: A “secret sugarglider”? That’s amazing!

    Definitely need more sugarglider pics here.

    CO, still *my* favourite site.

  309. Sarah, wake up and smell the roses. But watch out: they’re sexual organs! Isn’t that offensive? My Gawd, people sniff plants’ sexual organs! I’m offensively offensed at such an offensive thought!

    I just want to know where these people who get offended by the cleavage live. Saudi Arabia?

  310. Just to make clear, I was talking to the previous Sarah, not the Sarah who wants the buns in bosoms category. K, Sarah-2? 🙂

  311. Yay! Bosom Bunnies!

    Cute cute cute. nutmeg is beautiful, buns are redonk.

    ::hums a holiday tune off-key::

  312. Awright I’ve seen this go on for far too long not to comment.

    A: Girls age has not been proved.

    B. This is not pornography.

    C. There is nothing dirty or nasty about the human body. It’s the most natural thing on the face of the earth, we all have one under our clothes. GET OVER IT.

    D. Meg’s site, she’ll post what she wants. Meg’s site. MEG’S SITE. I feel like I have to repeat this because anytime anything that SOMEONE doesn’t deem cute is posted, it’s a huge commentroversy. Guess what, this site is not about what you think is cute, it’s about what MEG thinks is cute.

    E: If I had two small bunnies, I would shove them down my bra every chance I had. Similarly, I was cleaning my gerbil cage a few days ago, and one of my gerbils leaped down my shirt. My cat, as a kitten, used to routinely climb into my friends cleavage. IT HAPPENS AND ANIMALS LIKE IT. So…good lord. Get over yourselves.

  313. I’m not offended by cleavage- I’ve got plenty of it. What I would like to see for a picture like this is a slight NSFW warning on this so I can scroll very quickly past it and enjoy the other cute aminals here. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request, but it’s not my site so whateva. Though the fact that this site may warrant a NSFW label is really off-putting. This and are my only sources of happiness during horribly long work days.

    Ani-chan, you can take your own advice and not read the “negative” comments. Just because an opinion differs from yours doesn’t automatically mean it’s negative.

  314. Whoop. My bad, didn’t read all the way through, girls age has been proven. She’s 19. Not illegal. My bad, but I stand by my previous statements.

  315. those bunnies are adorable!

  316. Who doesn’t choose LIFE? Esp. when it involves shoving bunnies down my shirt. Although I’d choose to be bra-less.

  317. Racks and animals have been going on for almost a year now, so why is it that every time there is a picture posted from that category, there’s always a huge commentroversy? It isn’t going to change, it hasn’t in almost a year, and there’s been much more revealing photos than this. If it’s such a big deal, stop coming, because they’re not going away anytime soon. It’s part of the site and it has been for a long time now, so stop being appalled and aghast when more racks and animals get posted.

  318. not so cute

  319. Nutmeg, you kick butt. The photos are fantastic.

  320. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    Why is it that these boob pics get the most comments?

    I mean… 321 posts in less than 24 hrs!

    Personally, I don’t see what y’all find so interesting.

  321. Firstly, shoving animals in between one’s breasts or into one’s bra is not a welcome sight or practice for most people, and it’s actually really rather disturbing. It’s not cute whatsoever, and totally detracts from the Cute Overload experience. That said, I realize the author of this website and a few of its readers do enjoy these pictures, but for those of us with more indelicate dispositions, would you kindly put it under a cut, or link it so that not everyone who comes to your website has to be exposed to it? For all the commentors who claim that there’s nothing sexual about these pictures–the fact remains that in society at large, breasts are considered sexual organs (I have some of my own, and I like them on others, as well), and their juxtaposition with cute and fuzzy animals makes the whole situation uncomfortable and, sadly, possessing an air of wrong. I realize you may not want to stop posting these pictures, but please do your loyal readers not looking for smut the favor of giving them a choice to see them.

  322. CrazyDiamond says:

    nutmeg, my seal point mini lop Chatouil thinks Mickey’s eyes are too pretty!!!

  323. SMUT!? M, I hope you walk through life blindfolded, lest you ever see a woman wearing a cleavage bearing shirt.

    Fricken puritanical values. *Rolls eyes and marches off*

  324. [for T.]
    well, harrumph.
    I can post from home using TypeKey.
    so it is something with MPOWIP

  325. [for T.]
    well, harrumph.
    I can post from home without using TypeKey.
    so it is something with MPOWIP

  326. Claire, please actually read my post–breasts are fine. I have my own (sometimes even in cleavage-baring clothes!!!!!!1one one–as we are getting hysterical here, right?), it’s just the juxtaposition of fuzzy wuzzy aminals and boobs is really off putting. Please to be keeping your non-puritanical judgemets aimed at someone else. Also, not that I’m a complete puritan, but what’s wrong with having puritanical values? Everyone has a choice; I’m expressing mine, and I find “Animals ‘n’ Racks” gross. Glad that you’ve marched off with your sense of superiority, though.

  327. Heya nutmeg! Thanks for coming in and clearing things up, sorry about the nuffs who swing by and comment without reading.

    Your buns are just adorable!

    Ya know, I’d do a cat n rack photo, but with a 17lb and a 15lb cat, they’d overwhelm the rack part. Perhaps I’ll snap a photo one day of my hubby in his jockeys with one of the fuzzybums sprawled across his lap. Even if his tattoos offend folks. 😉

  328. billa bong says:

    i think this girl looks like she’s 10 and then someone is looking at her breasts hanging out and taking pictures of them.. she’s waaay too young. very uncomfortable picture

  329. Hey billa….if you take a moment to scroll up and view a post by the woman in the picture (nutmeg), you will note that she clearly states that she is 19. Not 10.

  330. I don’t consider myself a “Puritan” and don’t care about seeing *gasp* cleavage, since I have a bit myself. However, isn’t the focus of CuteOverload supposed to be on the ANIMALS, not the PEOPLE? I see people every day, and I come to this site to see cute animals, not more people. If the pic was zoomed in on the bunnies instead, you wouldn’t have the people commenting on how her face looks so young (though she’s 19) or about the big pro-life sticker on the wall (though I’m pro-choice, she has every right to express her views). Sure, you’d still have the cleavage complaints, but not the others.

  331. I wish there was a way that I could get the rest of the great pictures on this site without this stupid rack crap.

  332. Okay first sometimes people on here really disappoint me at how mean and judgemental you can be. It kind of hurts that some people on this beautiful sitecan be so ugly, and I am sure some of the things you all(generality I know not everyone it talking bad about her) are saying really probablly hurts these ladies feeling. It is her body she is beautiful the rabbits are cute leave it at that do not make fun and bring her down. 2ND POINT Do you ever realize how in any racks pic where you can see even a little rack there are more comments than all the other comments on the page or any other pic on this site for that matter. tisk tisk. They’re wonderful boobs women have them women are wonderful.
    Thank you

  333. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Smut? I don’t think so.

    And incidentally, M, I assume that you pay Meg large donations to keep this site going? Certainly you must make some major contribution which entitles you to dictate to Meg what she can and cannot post. Otherwise, your presumption would be well over the top.

  334. ObviousComment says:

    Look you whiners.

    Unless you have gotten off your lazy asses and made a large contribution to what is undoubtedly an extremely expensive website to maintain, SHUT UP.

    Those of you who also try to pull some free speech shit about how you can say what you want and go on to try and suppress what Meg can post are so hilariously hypocritical it makes me laugh and cry for the human race at the same time.


  335. Nutmeg, word up, girl!

    Now, I’ve been SO thinking about getting a cat and hiding it in my dormpartment, but the idea of BUNS hadn’t occurred to me. My friends downstairs hide a cat, but they have problems with meowing and Sir Pumakitten sitting in the window, to the delight of passerby. Now, BUNS. There’s an idea.

    ‘ey, Arvay. Can Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. double as a security feature? “Beware- Attack Rabbit Will Disapprove If Ye Be Comin’ To Search My Room For Booze.”

  336. Nutmeg…Theo has concurred several times with my statement…”nice teeth”!

    Keep smiling, you’re adorable!

  337. Zhandarg, as much as I appreciate your kind words to me, they strike me as ironic and sad. My silly prattling about the cuteness of a blue-eyed bunny is considered “free of nonsense” in comparison to these arguers’ harsh words. :*

  338. Cathryn, if you’d read my post, you would see that I took great pains exactly not to dictate to Meg what she can and cannot post–merely to suggest a way to keep on posting whatever she wants to post without offending quite a lot of people. And though it’s none of your business, I click on her advertising and I direct quite a lot of people here at every chance I get–which isn’t the same as putting hundred dollar bills in her hands, but in the context of this site and what I’m asking of her, rather enough, don’t you think? Your presumption about me and my intentions, in this instance, ends up over the top.

    And as for smut–that’s an exaggeration, but that’s how I write. Sorry you’ve all taken it so badly, but I really don’t come to this site to stare at someone’s boobs.

  339. M: Leave then, stop coming to Cuteoverload. Cause guess what, there’s a Cats’n’Racks catagory, and it’s obvious that Meg gets a kick out of these sort of things.

    She will never stop posting things she finds cute, no matter how many people are offended by it. The only answer I can see to this is to stop coming here.

    As for puritanical values? Don’t get me started, this isn’t the right place for it, but I could give you a million reasons that you sort of people need to open your minds and relax.

  340. Oh, and just to avoid being called an animal hater, my buns have more room in my form than I do. I lofted my bed just so they could have 36 sq ft of linoleum covered, fenced in space to run around! (That’s a lot considered i only have a 77 sq ft dorm.)

    That being said, I wouldn’t suggest hiding buns in your dorm unless you are willing to squish your things together for them. Mine were unhappy when they had a much smaller space, but they deserved to be able to hop around.

  341. Lookin’ around at our cluttered dormpartment… Mebbe I oughta be happy with Holiday House Sittin’ for my friend’s buns’n’kittehs.

    Oh well. Rawk on wit’cha bad self.

  342. Anyone who claims a pic like this or one of the “cats ‘n’ racks” photos is not sexual is simply in denial. The reason these photos are taken and shown is BECAUSE there is a fluffy pet near breasts. Seriously, do you not get that? It’s the only reason. Just look at the comments that came with this post.

    I suspect the site is doing this deliberately for attention. At this point, there’s no other viable explanation. It’s a bit disconcerting to me that the site would choose to post a photo of a girl who looks well under 18 smooshing bunnies in her tits just to get attention. The political sign in the background doesn’t help.

    Well, it helped CO, didn’t it? Got a lot of attention. It makes me wonder if I should continue to pay attention to a website that used to be about cute animals and which is now about pandering to the lowest common denominator just to jazz up ad revenue.

  343. My mind’s pretty open, and I’m prety relaxed (please don’t tell me you expect everyone to think exactly as you do about life, the universe, and everything, Claire), but I also won’t submit to any of the flawed reasoning that’s being put forth here. I know Meg likes these kinds of posts–I’m just suggesting a way for everyone to be happy with their existence. Also, what about when you’re in a situation where, say, I’m hanging out with my (gasp) puritannical family members, friends, or coworkers (as I often am when viewing this site–I like to share how great it is) and all of a sudden a boob slides into view? Awkward, embarassing, and easily avoided by a warning or a link. We all had to click to get to the comments here, so it’s not as if it’s an unbearable hardship.

    As for leaving? I don’t think so–I really enjoy the site normally, and have for as long as it’s been up. It’s the recent spate of animals n racks posts that has me going “not another one.” I long for the days of human free cute animal posts, that’s all. Plus, leaving is the easy way out–it would make some people too happy for entirely the wrong reason.

  344. astrogrrrl says:

    nutmeg: how do you get away with bunnies in your dorm room? back in college, I was in a triple for a couple of years, and me and another roommate really wanted a bunny but 3rd roommie said no (in retrospect, a *very* good idea). but bunnies were most definitely not allowed so we would’ve been really sneaky to keep one! me = jealous 😉

  345. I can’t believe all the people who are having apoplexy over boobs!

    The bunnies are adorable!

    Nutmeg is also adorable!

    It’s all cute! Get it?

    C U T E !


    Love it! Really! Mean it!

  346. violetgreen says:

    When are we gonna see a rack of lamb? It’s a pun that’s screaming to happen. Let’s get it over with. Somebody get down to a farm and stuff ’em down there!

  347. violetgreen says:

    When are we gonna see a rack of lamb? It’s a pun that’s screaming to happen. Let’s get it over with. Get to a farm and stuff ’em down there!

  348. I have to add my voice to the feminist majority – nothing is “cute” about anti-choice messages.

  349. Stacia: She’s 19, she’s posted in here multiple times under the name nutmeg.

    As for M, she’s not naked, and there’s not THAT much breast showing. When I wear tank tops the same about of boobage shows. Did you see the bunnies? Did you see the happy adorable snugglie bunnies? Did you notice the girl in the picture say that the buns LIKE being there, and often snuggle there while she’s studying?

    The human body is a beautiful thing, now, I’m calming down, but I still can’t see how cleavage is damaging anyone’s sensibilities. It reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where they put pants on the Statue of David. Or how about the free magazine on breastfeeding that put a picture of a woman breastfeeding her child on the front, only to be accosted by parents for being obscene and smutty. THIS is the problem I have with people who don’t have open enough minds. The human body is the most natural thing on the face of this earth.

    If nutmeg’s breasts were completely out, nipples showing, then I would think that it might be a little much, but this isn’t anything that anyone doesn’t see on TV on a daily basis. Except there are cute buns. And cute buns make everything better.

  350. astrogrrrl says:

    yikes, I realized nutmeg already mentioned how she gets away with the bunnies in the dorm room. me = slow
    I admire your dedication to the bunnies!

  351. Claire–I agree with you about the beauty of the human body and cute buns, but as my boyfriend has just reminded me of the futility and the wisdom of arguing with people in the internets, having made my point, I bid you goodnight and goodbye.

  352. Ooh, Stacia… that hurt.
    I know — I’ll have an Advil(C)!

    For fast, long-lasting relief from your online forum grief,
    reach for Advil(C)!

    Available at your local Walgreens(R).

  353. Claire — your latest comment must’ve pushed CO’s page rankings up 10 points all by itself.

  354. christine from livejournal says:

    I don’t know how it got started, but it should have already stopped. take the bunnies out of the shirt and take a pic of them hopping around, unrestrained by your too-tight top. lose the pro-life sticker centered in the first pic and then I’ll actually begin to think this is cute.

  355. I’ll pretend it was because of the quality of my argument and not the questionable words 😉

  356. I want a poster that says “Choose Cake!” …and that’s really all I had to add to this thread.

    Oh, yeah, and I agree with the individ’l who suggested a Men with animals category (Manimals? No. Animals Behaving Badly! Okay, no.). I may be a girl, but I frequent MetaFilter and other discussion sites primarily populated by the menfolk. Links to CO are posted quite a bit. By men. Just sayin’.

  357. Katy: Men like cute furry animals too. Don’t believe me? When my bf and I met, we spent two hours discussing pets.

  358. Hi Christine. LiveJournal and TypePad are both Six Apart services now, y’know. It was a match made in e-heaven. That makes you & me, like, cousins, or step-siblings. And heck, since you’re my sister now, we should totally feel comfortable around each other. I never dug that icky, tense Brady-Bunch vibe, did you? Bleccgh.

    OK, I’ll start: Shut your mouth or I’ll tell Mom & you’ll be grounded again. Brat.

  359. raspberryjamba says:

    the prblem isn’t really the boobs. Many a disembodied rack has been on CO before. The fact that we get a face though, is wrong. The cute chick with the nice rack distracts from the bunnies, which are cute. I’ve only been checking out CO for a few weeks, but I’ve never seen a face before. I thought it was a rule.
    It’s confusing: Are we looking at the cute pets, or at the cute chick?
    And I don’t feel comfortable looking at this chick with rabbits in her cleavage. animal porn is all over the web, I can just search for that. Please lets make a ‘no human face’ rule unles it’s part of the composition (like, an iguana crawling on your nose or something).

  360. To be fair, I also sent Meg two other pictures that were more zoomed in and only showed me kissing the tops of their heads (you couldn’t really see my face at all), but she chose to put these ones up because the buns are cuter. How’s that for making th buns more important??

  361. RaspberryJamba — it’s ALL about the cute chick.

  362. fairywench says:

    Wait….nobody’s pointed out the most offensive thing about these photos – the visible bra straps!

    I mean, there ANYTHING tackier? Can you spell “trailer trash”? There’s a reason it’s called “underwear” – it’s supposed to be UNDER your clothes, and not visible.

    And now I will probably get slammed, but you know what? I don’t care. Somebody’s got to take a stand against the rising tide of tackiness in this country! I mean, what’s next? Is Britney Spears going to start flashing her privates in public? Oh, wait….oops!

  363. (Nutmeg — don’t bother taking most of these comments at face value. Not worth it.)

  364. Just submitted a photo of a bunny stuffed down my pants. Please post asap. Don’t worry, he enjoyed it.

  365. fairywench: I was hanging out in my room in my pajamas…I can’t imagine that in your lifetime you’ve never shown a brastrap in the privacy of your own room. I apologize for not double-checking my wardrobe before posting the picture…blech.

  366. Britney Spears was never the picture of decorum and class.

    And Fairywench: I’d rather see exposed bra straps than see someone wear a tank top without a bra.

    But I’m done trying to talk sense into people. I’m going to go bang my head on a concrete wall instead. It’ll probably listen better.

  367. Just someone else who doesn’t find the racks pictures cute.

    If I wanted to see boobs I’d go to a porn site, kthx.

  368. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    I come to CO to see the cute “animals”, not people.

  369. fairywench says:

    You wear a bra with your pajamas?!?

    And Claire, may I present to you the concept of strapless bras? Or the concept of not wearing a top that you can’t wear a bra with? Really, what’s the point of wearing a cute top if the bras straps are gonna mess up the look, anyway?

    Visible underwear…a trend started by that paragon of virtue and class, Madonna. You know, the bimbo Britney models herself after…

  370. I don’t see a boob sliding to view. I see cleavage. And not so deep, since I’ve seen REAL underage girls who wear tank tops much more revealing than this one.

    I really want to know how these people who feel offended and think these pics are SMUT carry on with their lives. No, seriously. What do they do when a pretty girl in cleavage and mini skirt passes by? They avert their eyes? Do they close their eyes every time they see a girl wearing a tank top in a magazine or on TV?

    This is the only explanation. Only if they did live like this they should dare suggest such thing. I’m baffled. Honest.

  371. Claire: How adorable! 🙂 (But the “Men like furry animals, too” thing was actually the point of my comment.)

  372. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    Sylvia: I’m not offended by the cleavage and I wouldn’t think twice about this photo if the girl’s face wasn’t visible. Her “look at me” pose is what bothers me. It just isn’t what I expect to see when I visit CO. I thought it was about the animals no?

  373. freetomato says:

    Cute bunnies. Cute girl. Not the picture I expected to see, but I’m not going to berate anyone, much less the Mistress of this wonderful site, for posting what appealed to her. And Nutmeg sounds like a pretty squared away young lady, even if her beliefs do not mirror my own. Teri, please DO post the stud/fluff kitteh pic! I’ve scoured the web to find a hunk and pup pic to no avail! I’m not offended by pretty women, but I’d love to see a cute pic of cute puppage/kitteh/hammie nestled between hard man-pecs for some balance. Any takers?

  374. Arvay said:
    “Zhandarg, [[gentle correction here: it’s “Zhandarq.” Ends in Q, not G]] as much as I appreciate your kind words to me, they strike me as ironic and sad. My silly prattling about the cuteness of a blue-eyed bunny is considered ‘free of nonsense’ in comparison to these arguers’ harsh words. :*”

    >> I know, Sweetie. I was simply praising you for keeping “on topic” when all about you were losing their cool. This whole thread has gone quite mad. At the time I posted, I had no idea that some were going into The Dark Place.

    We started out being all about Cute, Proshness, and The Adorable Way, and now … gee, what a mess!

    I was simply trying to keep it light before I realized that … yeow! storm-troopers had entered CO headquarters. Did not mean to minimize what has turned into, as I said before, somewhat of a conflagration. Sad.

    But thanks to a heroine: Nutmeg … she is standing tall amid all this commentroversy. She spoke up. We will ALL take turns with you, Nutmeg, cuddling the little bunrabnesses (and kittehs and puppehs and hammies and ferretses and even the occasional pangolin, or whatever else needs cuddlin’!) near our HEARTS, whether we have “racks” or “pecs.”

  375. fairywench: Ifn ya want to make a righteous statement about the fashions of people today, try doing it without the highly insulting, degrading terminology such as ‘slut’, ‘skank’, ‘bimbo’.

    It’s language like that which contributes to the inequality between the genders.

    I’m not asking you to start liking the sight of a bra strap slipping (OH!! TEH HORRORS!!!). And I fully agree that Britney, Paris and Lindsey should have worn panties multiple times over. It’s the terms you use to express your disgust. They are unnecessary and counter-productive and frankly, are what make YOU look bad.

  376. freetomato: I’m certainly going to try. It’ll take stealth and secrecy! heh! But no man-pecs, me sorry. The cats are both HUGE (17 and 15 lbs) and would obscure the man-pec. But they do both love to sprawl on his lap with a smug look on their wee furry faces!

  377. useta hada kitteh says:

    Good grief, peeps! I admit I’m a little uncomfortable with the racks pics, but not like all these nuffs! Again I say, good grief, peeps!

    I’m glad Nutmeg made herself known to us (at least to those who actually read posts, and don’t just get their nuffs in a huff)…what I can’t get my mind around (besides the ‘orrible nuffingness of the universe) is that those bun-buns are grown up. ??? Those weensy little fuzzballs are grown up??? What were they like as babies, for pete’s sake? Nutmeg probably snuck ’em into her room in a thimble!

    Nice wabbits, nutmeg!

  378. Sometimes, Zhandarq, there’s mess. Yes. But there will always be Teh Qte™ after.
    It’s like dessert. Puddins. Catnip & butterscotch puddins.
    BALLISTIC puddins.

  379. useta hada kitteh says:

    Just readin’ your comment about puddins, Teho, and wonderin’ — has anybody ever invented marmalade puddin? Nice fluffy marmie puddin?

    Just wonderin’.

  380. As much as I would have liked to, didn’t know either of them as delicious balls of bebeh bun fluff. I rescued them both as adults. Mickey Blue Eyes came from a woman running a rescue from her basement (if you’re looking for a rabbit to rescue, she’s absolutely wonderful: Leo the Lop Rescue). Mickey is rally good now, but he had been given up on a lot of times. Audry Hepburn came to me from a breeder who didn’t want her any more because she couldn’t have any bebehs.

  381. fairywench says:

    I would think the sheer number of negative comments on here would make it clear that a high percentage of people find this particular post to have crossed the line. No one is saying that it’s porn, but they are saying that it’s crossed over from cute to sexy, and sexy is not what we come here for. Meg can post whatever she wants, but commenters can also make their opinions known. Then it’s up to Meg to decide if she wants to continue in this vein.

    And for the record, for those of you who are calling us puritans, etc. I happen to be a liberal, an athiest, and extremely fond of uninhibited sex. That doesn’t mean I want people’s breasts shoved in my face, though, unless we happen to be having sex at the time.

    And you can tell me if I don’t like it, leave…and of course I can..but as I said earlier, I didn’t think that’s what this site was about. If it is, well, then, I guess I CAN leave.

  382. Wow…

    Are you serious?!

    I loved this picture. Ador-ah-ble.

    And seriously… bra straps? Who complains about bra straps?! Grow out of the fifties… SERIOUSLY grow out of the fifties.

    I say, keep up the great work guys! I check this site every night after work and it always seems to make me smile. And guys, don’t post if you don’t like the pictures… really, ’cause it makes you look all like dunces. Why would you look at something you don’t like?

  383. fairywench: See? Wasn’t that hard for you to get your opinion across without the use of derogatory words against women, now was it?

    And I’ve noticed that most the the people posting negatively against it only post when they have something to post negatively about.

    And I’m terribly sorry that some folks focus in on the curve of a breast rather than two fluffy bunnys perched thereon.

  384. chunkstyle says:

    Loves the baby buns, barely even noticed the rack…
    Jeez, you people have minds in the gutter I tells ya! Why are women’s bits always “dirty”? 50% or so of the population has the equipment 😀


  385. Theo said:
    “Sometimes, Zhandarq, there’s mess. Yes. But there will always be Teh Qte™ after.
    It’s like dessert. Puddins. Catnip & butterscotch puddins.
    BALLISTIC puddins.”

    >> This time, d00d, smells more like THERMONUCLEAR puddins.

    Is it dessert time yet? I finished all my broccoli!


  386. fairywench says:

    Teri – I don’t discriminate. There are male sluts and female sluts. Justin Timberlake is just as tacky as Britney. Although as far as I know, he has never resorted to displaying his penis in public to get attention. It’s a sad commentary on the state of the world that women think they need to display their genitals in public to have any worth.

    And sweetie, I DON’T look bad…because I don’t run around deliberately displaying my bra straps. And those straps did not slip, they are deliberately displayed.

  387. fairywench: Frankly, the word ‘slut’ offends me more than any shot of cleveage and critters offends some of the folks here. And saying there are male and female ‘sluts’ is bad in my book.

    So yeah, it does make you look bad. Because language is the means in which we communicate, and on the internet, the ONLY means in which we communicate. So I don’t care if you’re in a nun’s habit and go to Vespers every night. You describe certain people as sluts and bimbos and that makes you, in my book, the bottom of society’s barrel.

    Oh, and btw…i guess you’ve never worn a tank top, because that’s exactly how it looks when I wear one. And I’m not deliberatly displaying it either. Fabric moves, especially when you have a layer of cotton over a layer of a slippery fabric like satin or nylon.

  388. Single malt says:

    Brastraps!! Pull yourself up by your own brastraps, that’s what I say!

  389. Ladies, ladies, ladies…

    Let’s not let this degrade into an all out war. I appreciate your efforts to defend my honor, and the honor of all tank-top wearing girls, but it’s really unneccessary. I refuse to take fairywench’s accusations to heart because I know personally that they just arent’ true. I agree that bra straps in public are tacky, and I probably should have considered that before submitting these pics. But frankly, I wasn’t looking at me when I was picking the cutest pictures I had. Sorry fairywench, for contributing to the indecency that so greatly offends you. Honestly though, you’re not going to win a war against pop culture icons by posting on

  390. AuntieMame says:

    Sheesh. And I thought I was square and old-fashioned. I’m all for modesty and decorum.

    I’m also all for being polite and keeping my nasty insults to myself.

  391. Well said nutmeg. 🙂

    My main annoyance is with an otherwise intelligent expression of opinion being littered with such hideous words as ‘slut’, ‘bimbo’, ‘skank’, and then trying to make those words alright by claiming there are male counterparts. So what? How often are those words used to describe men anyway? Not often. They are, and always will be, derogatory towards women. And when they come from a woman, it’s just sick.

    Heck, I’m in agreement that certain starlets should have worn panties, but I neither refer to them or think of them as ‘sluts’. I think they made a bad decision given the chaos that surrounds them, and a couple of them need an intervention badly that has nothing to do with undergarments. But ‘slut’? Please. Not a necessary word and should not ever be used by anyone of intelligence, and ESPECIALLY NOT by anyone trying to present themselves as classy because their bra strap never shows.

    And I’m off to bed. Take that as you will.

  392. Yeah, we get it, fairywench. You’re a bitter catty bitch. Not even 1/10th as funny as the girls from sites such as “It’s a sad commentary on the state of the world that women think they need to display their genitals in public to have any worth.”

    As much as I think Lindsay, Britney and Paris are trashy, you do sound like my great-grandmother talking about people tongue kissing. Now crawl back to your hole and stay there, o vile filthy bitter creature. Be gone!

  393. no, no, no. this is gross…and weird. but definitely not good, for lots of reasons.

  394. mungobungo says:

    lolzz at the hypercriticism. this place is catty (hahahahaha pun). i don’t gets it.

  395. The bunnies are adorable, and the picture is casual and silly, not smutty. Let’s just enjoy the cute.

    (Also: I, as a somewhat liberal Christian, think it is absolutely wonderful that there’s a girl here who is possibly a church/Christian-type person and who is also uninhibited, non-fearful, and balanced enough to realize that there is nothing wrong with having cute little bunnies snuggled in her tank top and taking a picture of it.)


    uh oh, 11.49 at CO, things are gettin’ risqué!

  397. Christine says:

    I’m not even sure HOW I feel about this first I was a little shocked. I just think overall I find it a little disturbing that the “regulars” over here seem to blindly defend whatever Meg chooses to post. She put the comments feature on her site to allow people to express how they feel- I would assume that that wouldn’t apply exclusively to positive comments.

    And finally, I am not sure I agree with the “It’s Meg’s site, she can post what she wants” argument. Now, THIS IS TRUE. She can post whatever she wants. It is her site. But- it is an EXTREMELY popular site, due in no small part to Meg’s own embrace of promotion via various media outlets. CuteO is no longer some small, quirky site that’s some “best kept secret” of the web. With this kind of popularity comes greater visibility, greater criticism and YES- greater responsibility.

    Anyhoo, the bunnies are cute, but the post itself was a little weird.

    And I’m done.

  398. Y’all are gonna have to stop making fun of me sooner or later right? I keep compulsively refreshing the page and it is proving to be a fabulous distraction from writing my 12 page paper. Oh well.

    Post On!!


  399. *****

    post No. 401 ???

    amazing rack reactions;

    luve the fluffy buns


  400. HRH — [ahem] that’s COMMENT #401. Rrrgh.

  401. Christine — for the record, and speaking for myself, I don’t “blindly” defend anybody.

  402. AuntieMame says:

    Nutmeg, this is nothing. Our best “commentroversy” ran to well over 1,000 posts. I hope your paper isn’t due tomorrow!

    Ah well, I wrote my best papers at the last minute.

  403. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    Hee–nutmeg, sweetie, you’re cracking me up. Your buns are adorable and your aplomb is admirable. You rock.
    …but speaking from painful past experience, and hoping that you’ll learn from my mistakes, STOP KIBBITZING AND GO DO YER PAPER. You’ll thank me for that tomorrow.

  404. Be glad that she is pretty, healthy and still young. Be glad that the bunns are well cared for and feel safe enough to fall asleep in a very comfortable spot.

    I’m not pretty, not healthy and gettin’ old.

    There are animals out there that are really being abused. That’s something to rant about.

    If I was pretty and young like her and had two pretty bunnies and boobs like that that is right where I would let them snuggle AND I would post a pic for the whole world to see.

    The photo is bursting with happiness and cuteness. Get over it.

  405. This would be COMMENT number 405? Amazing! I guess I’d still be considered a newbie, ’cause THIS is the highest number of posts I’VE seen. Before this, a cats ‘m racks phoro with an adult female who was vey well endowed earned a plethora of comments.

    How come the picture a couple of weeks ago of the guy in pajama bottoms with a kitten betwwen his legs caused only a very mild comment-troversy. And some of those comments were VERY suggestive. I was kinda surprised that people would joke like THAT on C.O. Cute Overload seems so G-rated and pure entertainment for people of all ages. I’M definitely not a prude, but I think those kind of comments are better left on other sites.

  406. speaking as a 26yr old “typical guy” who:

    a) gets carded going to a rated R movie at least once a year

    b) loves looking at/being with attractive women (i’m a pig, so?)

    c)loves the cute

    i noticed the bunnies first, because that’s what i came here looking for. then i thought “hm, she’s cute” and went on with my work day. my (also chauvinistic) 6′ 5″ mountain-man coworker squee -ed over the “eeee! 2 bunbuns!” while making no mention of the young lady.

    obviously, we’re depressed by what we see in the world around us, so we come here for cute-therapy.

    people looking for controversy and things-gone-wrong everywhere, who *tsk tsk* when i kiss my girl in public, who get all frothy at the mouth when they see a bumper sticker advertising an agenda other than their own, who publicly call out the owner of said bumper sticker, who go to a cute site and look at everything BUT the cute…

    these are the things that depress us.

  407. To assuage any fears, my paper isn’t due til Monday (Tomorrow is Saturday, sillies, no class!). Thanks for the concern, though.

  408. I actually think the little bunnies are cute! Nutmeg looks great (I would be ecstatic to have such a rack, girl!).

    Little Mickey reminds me of my first bunny – Mr. Buns, who also had mega blue eyes. You can check him out here:

    Anyway, I always find the controversy a little amusing – good luck with your cute little bunnies and with your paper, nutmeg! 🙂

  409. To the people who keep saying “relax” – no one here (from what I can tell) is foaming at the mouth, beating down the door at Cute Overload Headquarters, or filing any lawsuits. We’re all just sitting at our computers, typing. I don’t see any need to call people crazy. That’s just rude and lame, guys.

    I don’t see anyone getting hysterical over this. What I do see is a lot of concern, and I share in that concern.

    I am by no means a puritan. I come from a very liberal background. I’ve happily marched in protests alongside naked people with body paint doing cartwheels in the street. But I also understand that my upbringing is my own, and the people who visit this site come from many different backgrounds and therefore have different attitudes about nudity and sex.

    I’m all about opening minds and changing attitudes, but – and here’s the important part – I do not think Cute Overload is the place for that.

    People visit Cute Overload to forget about their troubles. When they scroll down and find images that offend them, what do you expect them to do? Yes, they could just move on and forget about it – but a more proactive approach would be to voice their opinion and hope that it counts for something, and I don’t see the harm in that.

    Same goes for the pro-life sticker. I laughed when I read the comments accusing people who complain about the sticker of “politicizing” it. It’s a political message. It doesn’t need to be politicized. And people don’t come to Cute Overload to see a political message. They’re not searching for it – it’s right there, in the top center of the image. It’s actually the first thing that drew my eye, without knowing what it was. That’s how stickers are designed – to stand out, to draw the eye, to be scandalous.

    Meg can post whatever she wants. That goes without saying. But if she wants to keep her audience – and I assume she does, since she sells advertising space and hopes to make money off her project – she needs to hear them out. Is Cute Overload a sanctuary, open to the public, regardless of your backgrounds, your beliefs and biases? Or is it only meant for certain people? That is the main issue at stake here, I believe.

    To nutmeg – Reading the comments here must be creepy, huh? That sucks, and I’m sorry it had to happen. I don’t fault you for taking the photos, even if I don’t think Cute Overload is necessarily the place for them. I do wonder whether or not your bunnies really are comfortable (they look a little frightened in the first picture). I also can’t imagine having rabbit claws stuffed down there is very comfortable for YOU, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

  410. 1.If she wears that get-up out in public, what’s the big deal with seeing her in it on a website? No wardrobe malfunction; the bunnies have got that… er…covered. Sheesh, it’s not porn!
    2. Let’s say that the pic was taken in her room/apt. She can have any damn thing she wants on her walls. If it happens to get photographed and then posted, that’s life. I don’t think it was necessarily intentional. I didn’t even notice it until somebody pointed it out. Sheesh, it’s not porn!

  411. Nutmeg, I am the puritanical conservative you’ve heard so much about. Just want you to know that I think you and your bunnies are lovely.

  412. birddog, thank you for posting some intelligent discussion about the matter. I think constructive criticism is something a lot of us are for, it’s the people that come here JUST for bashing the site and Meg and any little controversy that bugs a lot of people here. The people that never ever go to any of the stuff they pretend to want the site to be (the cute animals), but when there’s the littlest of problems, they’re right there, ready to defend the kind of site they apparently never bother to post on.

    I still don’t think it’ll change anything. Cats and Racks have been going on for almost a full year by this point, and with commentroversies much bigger than this, with much more revealing pictures than this pretty darn innocent one compared to some…it seems pretty futile. Meg’s going to keep posting them. Honestly, these things are probably forgotten pretty quickly by most, and cute upon cute animals by the dozen are posted soon after. I really don’t think masses are going to leave, because as much as these controversies happen, they’re greatly outnumbered by The Cute.

    The thing is, the core audience, the ones that actually bother to post here, the ones that seem to always be here, well, they’re pretty darn happy from what it looks like. The problem is differentiating the people who come here just to complain, and there’s a possibility it’s a lot, and those that actually do want to offer some constructive suggestions. It’s pretty hard to find the audience in a post like this.

  413. some person says:

    Speaking of racks of lamb, someone should totally get a cat to pose with a rack of lamb or something… mmm, lamb.

    I used to not eat mutton, but now I think it’s delicious!

  414. LessDenied says:

    I don’t mean to continue the commentversy (did I spell that right!?) but I can honestly say that I’ve seen boobs every day of my life (being female and all) and haven’t become a rabid serial killer yet, and that my fiance has seen boobs nearly every day for the last eight months, and hasn’t gone out unduely sexualizing anyone.

    Frankly, boobs just aren’t that exciting: if you only count women as having breasts, and you average said breasts out among the population, we all have about 1.6 of them, give or take, as there are slightly more women in the world than men.

    Psssh, long sentence. Anyway, point being, the blue eyed SWEETNESS of the bunny is my favorite part: and despite being a disturbingly political person, I’m really more upset over the fact that I DO NOT HAVE A BUNNY than the sticker…

    @nutmeg: I feel your pain with the whole hiding animals thing. I hid a kitten in my dorm for a week…ugh. Adorable, but SUCH WORK.

  415. The racks thing? Not cute. Didn’t dig it before but I was hoping it’d burn out. This picture was obviously taken just for this purpose, and yes, this girl looks like she’s about fourteen if not younger. This isn’t cute at all, in fact it really sort of aggravates me.

  416. Okay, so I just read through the comments and I realize now this girl is 19 (or so she says). Still, these rack pictures aren’t cute, and they’re getting really old. Any girl can take a picture of an animal stuffed down her shirt, so I don’t see what makes it so especially cute. Nutmeg I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to believe you’re 19. But that’s beside the point – the fact is I am so sick of these rack pictures and judging by a good number of these comments it seems that other people are too.

  417. That is a really gross picture. What is cute about a pre-teen rack and bunnies? Please. Stop. The. Ick.

  418. I really think that the rabbits and the girl are both lovely and photogenic, and that this picture would be adorable on, say, her own myspace page. WHY is it on a page devoted to the ultimate in cute? Remember the picture of the bunny and the fawn touching noses?! Remember when there was a whole bowlful of pugs?! Let’s keep the bar a little higher please, Meg, and not just post otherwise unremarkable photos because they show cleavage to create controversy and drive up your precious traffic. I mean I know this is probably a money-making venture and not a humanitarian attempt to spread cute imagery, but at this rate I would be better off typing “baby animal” into google than looking on CO for my cute fix.

  419. nutmeg, I’ll give you a break since you’re only 19, and therefore still very new to the ways of the world, but for you to think having bunnies between your boobs wouldn’t be taken sexually by someone is one of the more naive things I’ve heard in quite a while.

    Also, despite how you may argue, placing two rabbits between your chest is not normal, so don’t bother trying to make it out to be. I think it’s been indicated enough on these comments that it’s (at the very least) an odd thing to do.

    But hey, if cramming animals in your cracks and taking photos is what you enjoy doing, then keep on with it. There’ll always be an perverted audience for it in some neck of the internet…. probably fapping off to it, too! 🙂 You’ll be a superstar!

  420. HAHAHA, ok, if you think taking photos of your bunnies squished between your breasts is all well and good, the please feel free and do this experiment: send those 2 photos to your (presumably) conservative parents and see how well they react to your fetish. I think that’ll clear up how “normal” this is very quickly.

  421. Nutmeg, if you are the girl in the picture, it’s too bad you had to read insults about yourself, but here’s how I avoid that; I don’t submit potentially controversial photos of myself to major websites for online publication. Nobody ever talks about my boobs on CuteOverload, because I didn’t plaster them on here. That’s just the price you pay for fame, and also you got a hell of a lot of compliments as well, so I don’t feel sorry for you!

  422. LOL at nutmeg complaining at people “making fun” of her.

    If you’re gonna submit a picture of yourself with rabbits stuffed down your chest and bra straps showing on a very popular website… i’m sorry, but you’re gonna get crap. you wanted attention and you got it. take the positive attention with the bad. that’s the price of being an attention whore.

  423. says:

    i hate these “rack” pictures. they’re just cheesy and posed and not cute at all. the poor bunnies.

    i don’t really like thinking how she managed to get them in there, ’cause my imagination is seeing a fair bit of bunny-stuffage.

  424. Wauw, lighten up everybody.
    It’s a cute pic (referring to the bunnies) and you can hardly see the breasts so it’s a clean picture imo.

    I sniff some jealousy perhaps..

  425. Jealousy and envy. This girl’s sin is being cute and fun-loving and having 2 cute bunnies in her pics. And having to put up with prudes who, I suppose, never wear tank tops in their lives. And are probably fugly and repressed and can’t wait to point their finger at others. Ah, the weird sex problems some Americans have. The poor souls.

  426. useta hada kitteh says:

    This is still going on?

    The more I think about it, my main concern is that nutmeg has admitted that these are contrabunnd bunnies, and I sure hope the dorm bunny police don’t read this website!

  427. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Hey, nutmeg! Let’s go out for some dinner and you can bring your bunnies with you! (in your rack ….or not! 😉

    I actually thought lugging my kitty around in her own baby carrier to carry her in front of me. She’s old… thought’d about giving her some adventures she never experienced before she passes on.

    Nutmeg, the pictures are pretty and the buns are too. You did them out of innocence and fun. BUT it is a little bit titillating for us guys. If you were my wife, that would be ok but in PUBLIC and on the internet nonetheless, well, you already seen what that brings.

  428. teeheehee – too cute!! my daughter used to do this with her bunny too – she also had a rack like that at 13 – God Bless her, not sure where she got it tho. – lighten up people – Im sure that sweet little girl was just having fun – and the perverts out there that take this in a sexual content – you need help!! doesnt look to me like those bunnies are complaining – LOL …. I think your cute hun – and that smile – adorable….

  429. artschild says:

    Whoooooa peeps…ok… gonna be unpopular, here, but just food for thought…the breasts versus bunnies thing is really moot, in a sense… I mean, geez. If the problem is objectification (self-objectification, or otherwise *tips hat to nutmeg*) for personal, pleasurable use, then take a look around, peeps… the entire site is pornographic, in a way. We’re all just fighting over what kinds of objectification are allowable, and which sets of hormones are ok to trigger with pictures. C’mon, you don’t think that getting the warm fuzzies over the bunnies, alone, isn’t hormone-related? What about those fairly universal urges to smoooosh and snorgle and so on? There’s sex-porn, food-porn, and this, my friends, is Qte porn. The controversy is just that pics of this sort trigger more than one hormonal set in some of us… and being that there’s a human female in it, well, yeah, a lot of us are really tired of being objectified. Still, at this level, c’mon…

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go back to feeling the need to snorgle fuzzles. There really hasn’t been enough of that around here, lately.

  430. Okays…I liked these pictures. As for the girl’s age, I am 24 (f) and often mistaken for a minor. Do we even know? Even if, do we care? I sure don’t, she’s cute, the bunnies are cute, this is

  431. Oh, nvm, Meg would be 19. *learns to read previous posts*

    Oh well, grown-up enough, I’d say.

  432. Constance says:

    …woah. I go away into the real world (which is tewtelly less cute by the way) and I come back to see that I’m officially bannned from the nuffingham’s society *Cries* however will I become offended? HOW HOW HOW will I express my disapproval, do I even have disapproval? Oh woe is me. I was praying that the nuffinghmas would help me find some. Everyone seems to be having such fun with it!

    …I’m going to go drown myself in a vat of pudding to put myself out of my misery. Or, perhaps, throw myself to the mercy of the “kitten mosh pit”.

    On an aside..When did a “My choice- LIFE” sticker become anti choice? Choosing life is a choice just like choosing the alternative. Her sticker doesn’t say “My choice- Forcing YOU to choose life”. Honestly? I’m militantly pro-choice, but if you ask me MY choice for MY body? I choose life.

  433. Usta Hada,

    Considering contrabanned bun-rabs, I think she’s got the right idea of how to hide them.

  434. constance says:

    Wow. I promise I’m not some political soap box-ey person like the last part of my last post made me sound. I apologize, that came off a lot more preachy then I meant it. I guess, what I was trying to say is, that for me personally, I don’t care what someone’s personal views are, so long as they arn’t trying to force someone else to adopt them.

    Sorry! ^.^

  435. Single Malt says:

    I think the Cats’n’Racks category is just quirky and funny, like the occassional pink poodle, and dogs wearing sweaters. They all add to the interesting diversity of the site, and I like them all.

  436. Bob in Chicago says:

    A thought experiment.

    Imagine some different picture that we would all consider cute.

    (Here I am not taking any position on the person or pets contained in this picture, whether they are cute or cross some kind of line. Set it aside completely for the moment.)

    Let’s just say that this hypothetical picture, which is cute by consensus, also happened to capture a political bumper sticker, yard sign, person making sign language, you name it.

    Would you reject that picture? Is an instance of cuteness all of a sudden intolerable because an opinion is suggested in the background?

    If your answer is yes, then I suggest, for your own sake, that you let a little of the pressure out of your system before you explode.

    Politics saturates many aspects of our lives. If you allow politicization to affect you in this way, you’re in serious danger of trying to knife your differently-thinking sister-in-law at your next family gathering if she utters a comment that you find “unacceptable in this context.”

    Even if you can’t become more charitable and tolerant on the inside, endeavor to show it on the outside.

    And if you still find this random sticker is really sticking in your craw, perhaps you should reflect on the real source of your anxiety. Is it really reasonable for you to become upset about the expression of an opinion, incidental to the actual purpose in this case, in a setting where you are a guest? Or is it something deeper within you that is fundamentally uncomfortable with the position you have come to take, thereby making you allergic to anyone who suggests you think differently about life?

  437. I have never commented on CO before, but I had to in this instance. I have read all of the comments (incidently nutmeg, I also have a paper due, procrastination is the ‘bosom buddy’ of the student hehe) and I think that many of the commentors, on both sides of the argument, are just stating their opinions in the guise of factual information. This is a subject that will be impossible to get an agreement on, so surely that makes all of this pointless?

  438. Y’know, when I first saw these pics, I started laughing out loud. Guess you have to be a lagomorph fan to appreciate the humor, eh? 😉

    nutmeg, you rock, and so does Meg-moo! LOVE your account of how you rescued de buns + info. on the rescue organization where you adopted Mickey Blue Eyes.

    and yeah, how ’bout the gorgeous *blue bun eyes*?! (Tips hat to Arvay…)

  439. I just wanted to point out… Isn’t the ad for on this page much more sexual than nutmeg is being? And not only does this ad show a bra (and a gorgeous one too, might I add), but it also shows *GASP* a pair of *shudder* panties!!!!!

  440. Two cute bunnies, a very cute college girl, and I’m not offended, even though her sticker is different than my opinion.

    I’m offended by all photos of animals/pets wearing clothes, but others people find those cute, so what?

    As father to a 36-year-old (boy) and two daughters (30 & 16), I prefer not to see underwear (get off my lawn!), but I see it everyday, hundreds of times each day. Just as my parents disliked T-shirts under sweaters (on guys) without a shirt collar, fashions change.

    Very cute. And obviously, an overload on those who found offense in them.

  441. Cute bunnies, cute nutmeg.

  442. The pic is CUTE. She is cute. the bunns are cute. The rack is cute. It is all harmless and cute cute cute. It’s nice to look at someone so wholesome and happy looking. And that is how young people dress. She is not being sexy it is all G rated. Give me a break. Just enjoy the cute pic already.

  443. I am outraged! She could have at least matched her bra to her top!!!

    Won’t someone think of the children!?

  444. In response to darke, Monique, and LOL’s posts:

    I DID send a picture to my (yes, conservative) parents. My mom said “Poor bunnies, you squished them. But it is very cute.” and my dad said “Didn’t they scratch you? Don’t they sit in heir own poop? Yuck.” (He’s not a huge animal lover, but he tolerates it).

    Also, read my comment where I spoke about people making fun if me…it was said in jest because I’m trying to be very light-hearted about all this.

    I had no idea this would cause such commentroversy, since it (as before mentioned by many other commentors) is definitely not the most revealing post in the “cats ‘n’ racks category. But, since it has obviously made a lot of people upset, I’m just going to take it for granted that most of the people who are being mean are just looking out for the best interest of CO.

    Oh yeah, and I’m not an attention whore. If you’ll read my previous comments, I sent Meg pictures without my face, but she chose to post these ones instead.

    Much CO Love

  445. “There’s one r in my name. Thanks”

    Terri…Terri…whatever. I could care less how many r’s are in your name. I’ll call ya what I feel like calling you. thanks.

    “isn’t exactly ‘dictating’? Fair enough.”

    When someone says “You must do this” or “Go do that!”, that’s dictating. People were merely expressing opinions.

    “And her age? Go peek at my comment about my 27 year old cousin.And by the way, I’m 33 and get carded constantly because no one thinks I’m actually legal to purchase booze.”

    What does your 27 y ear old cousin or you being 33 and carded have to do with this photo? NOTHING. I’m 39 and thankfully still get carded. I can’t buy a lottery ticket or a glass of wine if I don’t have my I.D. with me, but that has nothing to do with this person looking about..oh…*12*.

    Look, youre complaining about people merely expressing their opinion. If it bothers you that people don’t agree with your opinion, that’s your problem.

    Back to the cuteness, I say!

  446. I’m cracking up at all you people who are whining about people expressing opinions that don’t match yours. “all this leave it alone!” baloney…why don’t you practice what you preach.

    I LOVE this site, and like many others expressed opinions. People here that supposedly want peace, are doing too much whining themselves.

  447. Attention whore, end of story.

  448. Wow.

  449. No, Nutmeg; not all of us are concerned w/ CO. Some of us actually care about people, too. And, as I mentioned before, as a mom, all I thought about was the ‘girl’ in the photo. You seem xtremely intelligent, but it’s not a smart pic for EVERYone in the world to have access to. (YES, hold off, everyone – I’m well aware there are other sights for that, but the sweet, innocent, unintentional is what seems to attract the most ‘perves’. Just scary, that’s all.) Be careful w/ yourself. Yes, you are adorable and precious.

  450. Sam — well, OK… since you say so.
    It’s such a relief whenever somebody saves me from having to think.

  451. Karin – you’re not being mean. In my book, dissaproval doesn’t equal mean. I don’t have a problem with commentors who show genuine concern, or even just dislike. I was talking about the people who are calling me a skank etc when the entire point of the picture was to show how snuggly the bunnies were that they like to be held so close to me and each other.

  452. Oh. I know, honey — I wasn’t even thinking about them …… They’re in a league of their own —-20,000 beneath –ha ha.

  453. karin: ‘adorable and precious’ and etc.–well thought out. Thank you for your consideration.

    nutmeg: Thanks for sticking with this one. Yes, the bunnies are very very cute. I like that they enjoy being held so close and apparently enjoy it enough to fall asleep like that too. Qte! Which is, last time I checked, the whole purpose of this truly splendid site.

    everyone getting insulting (to nut-meg and site queen-Meg): where the heck are your MANNERS?

  454. Sheesh. I knew it’d be a frenzy.

  455. frenzy? ….no frenzy here – we’re all just one big happy fam. – huh? Families have disagreements, ‘sall.

    Love, love, love …all we need is love, love, love ………LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (top of ur lungs, now) ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ….

    OK – warm fuzzy feeling all gone, now – thanks for letting me get that out of my system….

  456. do you think your cool or something, yea haha, lets stick animals in my nasty ass boobs, when little kids come on this site to see animals. freakin dumbass

  457. WInston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    Nutmeg, you & the bunnies are adorable, as cute as cute can be!

  458. WInston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    Nutmeg, you & the bunnies are adorable, as cute as cute can be!

  459. WInston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    Nutmeg, you & the bunnies are adorable, as cute as cute can be!

  460. WInston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    Nutmeg, you & the bunnies are adorable, as cute as cute can be!

  461. WInston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    Nutmeg, you & the bunnies are adorable, as cute as cute can be!

  462. WInston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    Nutmeg, you & the bunnies are adorable, as cute as cute can be!

  463. Constance says:

    iris, I bow to your eloquence.
    And of couse, to your brilliance in being offended. One day…One day.

    *golf clap*

  464. [snicker] …Constance!

  465. Nutmeg, you’re a lovely girl, and your buns are absolutely adorable. I’m sorry certain people have a problem with that.

  466. Love CO, love Meg, and Nutmeg seems like a sweet kid, but enough already with the tits spilling out of tank tops. That’s what the rest of the interwebs is for.

  467. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Nutmeg, if you decide to do an actual “Cats N Racks” pictorial, I’d be the first cat to volunteer! 😀 purrpurrrpurrrpurrr

  468. My choice — DEATH!

  469. I have a question.

    Is there anything on the site stating it’s “all about the animals”? The statement at the top just mentions cute, not any specific species.

    So what’s wrong with cute humans? (I’ve seen uproar in several places when us pinks were included)

  470. Nutmeg, I was suprised you thought of my post as judgemental. I was just pointing out that posting to cats and racks is kind of like posting to It’s like, you get compliments, you get insults, that’s what you really have to expect. And also, I’m sick of hearing that if you don’t think an animal in cleavage is worthy of being posted on CO you must be ugly and have sexual esteem problems. I just don’t think that posting humans (unless they’re babies, because babies are always cute) is a good idea. People are going to make nasty comments about pictures of women’s bodies, and whether or not that’s right, it is PREDICTABLE, so lets just leave it alone. But, as I said before, this site is not really about collecting cute pictures anymore, Meg is posting things she KNOWS from experience will offend people because attention= fame and fortune. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just don’t choose to visit commercial sites like this has become. I’ll go out in my backyard and put my OWN 2 bunnies (they are even cuter than these ones!) down my OWN ample rack, and not send it in to CO because honestly I’m not convinced her taste in what’s cute is that great anymore.

  471. Readers of this blog should note the irony that they enjoy looking at pictures:

    a) of animals; and of animals that

    b) are generally underage, if not, in fact, infants; and

    c) are wearing little to no clothing (Halloween excepted).

    This craving for pre-pubescent beasts, heretofore cleverly but unconvincingly masked by an affection for “cute,” now erupts as outrage, as roaring denial for what this picture actually suggests: human-beast love, a repressed craving which your daily pedo-scopo-bestio-philia does not ultimately satisfy. In your heart of hearts, it is always and permanently wabbit season.

  472. Her mewoness, I should point out that humans ARE animals.

    Theo- I do what I can. 😀

  473. Dalembert – that made me laugh so hard, and now my mum thinks I’m weird for laughing at the screen. Thanks a lot. *sigh*

  474. This is inappropriate. This site is about cute animals, not about a woman and her breasts.

    This website is becoming too “sexual”.

  475. Happy bunnies!!

    The only breast pic I had a problem with was the one with the kitten being smothered. It looked like kitty abuse! The bunnies in this picture look snuggly and happy.

    So cute. 😀

  476. This is really stupid.

    Yes, the girl appears to be too young.

    We don’t know if it’s a dorm.

    We don’t know if she wears the same sort of thing in public.

    I find it disgusting that everyone seems to assume it’s okay.

    Yes, it is borderline porn.

    I am really getting tired of this juvenile crap. I don’t think this is cute or funny at all.

    You do have a choice as to what you’re going to post here, and to do this just for publicity really tells me all I need to know about you.

    This site is supposed to be about pet animals, not underage girls flashing people, and not sick perverts thinking it’s funny.

    It’s not.

    Where I come, we have a word for this.


    You people need cold showers, to say the least.

    And I’m not reading this site anymore. I am not a slutty girl and I am not a creepy guy.

    I’m tired of this.

  477. LB in Cali says:

    Too obvious. Not cute.

  478. some person says:

    Ahem. Donna, you might want to scroll back up a bit. It has been stated SEVERAL times that the girl in the pic is 19 and it’s a dorm room.

    If you’re unwilling to even -remotely- give the thought that she’s telling the truth a chance, then maybe you should ask yourself why you persist in such opinions?

  479. Too late Donna, the commentroversy has died down here. I don’t think you can rejuvenate it. Let’s go over to the hamster picture and get people riled up about picking up hamsters by the scruff of their necks!

  480. “Um, how did we start posting pictures like this? I mean, what is the deal with this site?!”

    Might want to actually really start considering that, Meg.

    At this point, you might as well start a category called “cats in pants!” and let guys submit pics of animals in guys’ boxers! I’d love that!

  481. LB in Cali says:

    I am sure no one cares and it will impact this site exactly zero but as a person who usually views these pictures at work I am going to stop viewing Cute Overload.

    Pulling up pictures of women’s cleavages in the office is not cool. It could get your fired. Intended or implied these pictures are of a sexual nature. If you do not believe me, forward one to your HR department or CEO and see what they think. For the very same reasons most company policies prohibit these kinds of images, I find them offensive – whether I am in my office or at my home computer. To those of you who feel they are ‘just breasts’ you dismiss, but do not change the fact that they are displayed in a manner that is salacious, exploitive and demeaning.

    I know a lot of you feel that people like me are some kind of right wing extremists and all manner of other horrible things and that is your prerogative. I have a sense of humour but if I wanted to ogle women’s tits I would not log on to a site called Cute Overload that is advertised as being a resource for cute animal pictures. And while these pictures are not posted every day, they are increasing in frequency as is their popularity – a trend has been established. This is no longer something I want any part of.

    As was already posted, this is not a democracy; there are no rules save the ones Meg makes. She can popularize whatever and demoralize whomever she wants.

    Goodbye all.

    Aubrey you are a seriously, scary gifted with words. Pyrit and Teho, I will miss you both too.

  482. LB in Cali is worried about NSFW getting him in trouble at work.

    I agree. It’s very irresponsible for Cute Overload to risk LB’s job safety when he’s goofing off at work and surfing the internet on company time.

  483. LOL tank!! 🙂 🙂

  484. army_kitten says:

    nutmeg, you and your bunnies are SO ADORABLE! and you must be a wonderful rabbitmom to have such well-adjusted rabbitkids that they would snuggle you like that. my dorm room is large enough to do cartwheels in, but i have no bunnies to enjoy it, so thank you for sharing the major Qte! 🙂

  485. I’m not sure these pics would even be NSFW. The cat in rack one with the bra, yeah, and Meg might want to think about that, but this is really pretty innocent. Not a lot is showing, the focus is on snuggly bunnies in a silly position. If a boss freaked out, all the employee would have to do is show him or her the main page of this site.

    Nutmeg, kudos to you for communicating the truth that this picture was taken in fun and innocence. I hope you haven’t been too hurt by all the people taking this the wrong way.

  486. Also, I don’t think the statements that Meg is posting pictures like this to court publicity are really fair. The tone of the site is cute and silly, and the ‘n racks pictures are cute and silly. It fits.

  487. Christy — Meg *does* want the site traffic, and so do I, so sure it’s fair… to a point. If/when somebody asserts that’s the ONLY reason certain photos are chosen, THAT I’d call cynical and short-sighted. And unfair.

  488. I agree with whoever is offended by this, actually. I want to see cute things when I come to a site called “Cute Overload”, not random girls half-flashing me. I really like this site, but I’m also going to have to stop visiting it. Ugh.

    (It’s sad that this had to be my first comment after lurking for a while, but meh.)

  489. So, let me ask you all a question. Have you heard of “valium”? I hear it does WONDERS for people who are wound tighter then a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs (…this means YOU LB, Darcius, lys etc etc etc).

    Either that or stop arguing about teh Qte on the internet and get yourself “teh laid”. That might help too. Endorphans and all that..or eat some chocolate, snuggle a ham-ham, play with a wii, take a walk, snorgle a bunny (in any manner you find appropriate) ride a bike, jump off a high rise. erm. that last one slipped. sorry. The point is, for your own sakes, please, try to relax before explode yourselves with worry over a (not over exposed) rack.

    I shudder to think what would happen if any of you ever set foot near a beach.

  490. Yep, I’ve heard of valium.
    It’s probably going to take a while for everybody else to answer, though.

  491. damn, wash your f**kin’ face!!! i didn’t even notice the boobs or bunnies.

  492. I’m going to come right out and say it: Constance, you are a nasty, mean, unpleasant person. If someone disagrees with your opionions they should drug themselves and/or kill themselves?! I know you’re “kidding” but only a certain type of person would make a joke like that, and if I were you I’d be ashamed of having exposed myself as one of them. Also, “getting laid” might be your antidote to freedom of speech and open discussion in a public forum, but as for myself I’m in a committed and sexually satisfying relationship and I still find salacious photos masquerading as cute to be worth commenting on. People are not annoyed by this sort of photo because they’re horny or obsessed with sex, but because it just isn’t what we come here to see.
    P.S. If sex is merely a source of endorphins to you then I feel sorry for you and I hope someday you find love.

  493. Joann – Pfff. She has a beautiful face — clearly someone is just jealous.

    That said, I’m tired of the amount of racks on this site, especially ones with this much bra and bust showing. Why do these people even feel a need to include so much of their face in these photos? It just cries camwhoredom to me. Rather than a category that is receiving too much attention as of late, why doesn’t someone just donate to Megan already so she can start the first fetish site of this sort?

  494. That white bunny looks extra smooshed.

  495. Rabit-chan says:

    hey guyz, you stole my picture

  496. Hm…. the bunnies would probably look cuter all on their own 🙂 I’m not much for any pictures including people. They usually make it less cute… with the exception of pictures like this;

  497. Monique — you’re inventing your own arguments. Allow me to illustrate:

    Monique, let me just say it — you’re a fantastic, warm, supportive husband. Few men I’ve ever met could have inspired quite the level of seething jealousy, down in the hockles of my cart, that you have, each and every time I look in the mirror. For all you do, this one’s for you!

  498. Monique,
    I stand by my suggestion of valium.

    And perhaps a class on the proper execution of sarcasm and/or wit. Try the local YMCA they offer many usefull classes!

    People just need to relax. I honestly think some people look for reasons to be offended. I still don’t get it. Theo, is there a mail order course I can take in being offended? Perhaps through the “nuffingham’s learning annex”? I just don’t get it! I feel left out! All the other kids get to have fun and be offended! But when I look at bunnies, all I see is CUTE! help! Oh man. I’m hopeless 😦 *cries*

    I’m good in the love department, thanks. If you think that endorphins have nothing to do with sex in a “committed and satisfying” relationship, you are severely off base. Just because there’s love involved doesn’t mean biology flies out the window! Emotions are mediated by many complex physiological respo..ok you know what, nevermind. Neither the time or the place. I’m so sorry if I offended you in some way, though, I’m not quite sure how.

    If it helps you to feel better you can think of me as a mean and hateful person, but I’d keep in mind if I were you that I’m not the one crucifying a 19 year old girl for sharing pictures of her pet rabbits!

    I thought you said you wern’t visiting this overly commercialized site anymore?

  499. LOL at all you people who can not handle that some people don’t like to see boobs and animals. You’re all whining about how those people should lighten up, but your posts are mean and tight themselves. REVERSE INTOLERANCE abounds in you.

  500. peace already says:

    Nobody’s here, anymore — go away ….

  501. Nutmeg-
    Thanks for the pictures of your super cute buns.
    And one of them a rescue bunny–extra points for you!
    I have a rescue returned kitty — same problem, he took like four months to decide we are safe to be with — now he’s a cuddle-monger of the first rank.
    Other than that?
    Your wall, your business.
    It’s not a poster I’d choose, but big deal.
    Last I looked I wasn’t in charge of your thoughts, and it doesn’t scare me if we don’t totally agree.
    I suffered awful cat deprivation in the dorm myself, so I am waay impressed by the bunny solution!
    Wonderful pictures.

  502. First the Super Bowl… Now Cute Overload…

    Is nothing safe from this nefarious boob invasion?

    Next they’ll be stripping the Statue of Liberty naked! Liberty herself! Can you imagine the consequences of naked liberty?!

  503. I’m all for bunnies, I’m all for boobs and I hope she isn’t young, but then again she isn’t nude so no real problem if she is young. The only thing that bothers me with this photo is that the bunnies look rather uncomfortable =(

  504. For those of you who think Micey (the white one) looks uncomfortable, he always looks a little bit perturbed. It has something to do with the fluff above his eyes. I’ve tryed to send in other pictures of him for “dissaproving bunnies,” but none of them have made it on the site.

    Cordial: I didn’t “feel the need to show so much of my face”…as I’ve already stated several times, i also sent Meg pictures w/o my face showing, but she chose these because the buns are cuter.

  505. Mickey…not Micey. Sorry.

  506. When Meg & nutmeg give you melons, make melonade.

  507. Another one bites the bust.

  508. Based on this controversy I think someone should take a super cute pic (animal of your choice) with a pro choice sticker/image in the bkgd to create a nice counterimage to nutmeg’s anti choice sticker.
    We can then enjoy all the real crazies that like to plot against abortion clinics and stalk abortion providers come out of the woodwork and have their say. Now that’s CUTE!

  509. I thought it was a waste of my time reading all these comments yesterday, but now I realize I’ve learned some important lessons:

    1. It is Illegal for girls under 18 to have breasts.

    2. “Pro-choice” actually means choosing life is Not Okay.

    3. No animals may contact bare skin. All fuzzy animal contact must be through clothing, or onlookers may become “disturbed.”

    4. Visible bra straps are the most heinous crime ever.

    5. Many are forced to work in a breast-free zone.

    6. No human faces may be visible in conjunction with cute fuzzy animals. Ever.

    7. There has to be a Rule!

    8. Any young lady with visible breasts is automatically a [insert nasty insulting word here]. Especially if she happens to look at the camera while her picture is being taken.

    9. Human females must at all costs avoid the urge to cuddle little fuzzies against their chests. The maternal instinct is a terrible thing, folks. Tsk tsk.

    …does that about sum it up?


    Oh yeah, and, virtual Valium doesn’t work. Too bad, eh?

  510. Pro choice certainly includes choosing life however nutmeg has stated that her sticker is meant to be anti choice (as is obvious to me and may others posting here).

  511. Mitsu- Marry me.

  512. The political message takes a lot away from the cute bunnies…I come here to look at cuteness, not to be bombarded with others’ political opinions.

    …YET AGAIN!!!

    Damn, these things are all OVER the CO comments… we may need to fumigate…

  514. Theo wrote:
    “And for the folks begging for equal time for dudes, I might just have something for ya in the next coupla months.”

    Hey, I offered to stuff a freshly shampooed bunny in your shirt only hours ago. But nooooooo, you’ve got to hold out for KITTENS!

  515. Yer damn skippy, Schmoopie.

  516. “Based on this controversy I think someone should take a super cute pic (animal of your choice) with a pro choice sticker/image in the bkgd to create a nice counterimage to nutmeg’s anti choice sticker.
    We can then enjoy all the real crazies that like to plot against abortion clinics and stalk abortion providers come out of the woodwork and have their say. Now that’s CUTE!”

    If the animal were cute, I’d look at the picture and be OK with the pro-choice sticker–your opinion is your opinion, and I just disagree. People can meet each other in a spirit of civility while having–GASP!–different opinions.

    …YET AGAIN!!!

    I know, it’s my first too! *blushes*

    I don’t know why, I’m cute and charming and all that, just nobody has ever asked before.

  518. i think the bunnies are cute and cuddly. isn’t that the whole point of this website?! btw, my bunnies used to love cuddling up like that.

  519. That brilliant comment just made me fall completely head over heels! What can I say?

    …I probably should have asked if Mitsu was male or female first…oh! I hope Mitsu is female, then maybe I could offend people!

  520. Cute bunnies, cute girl, and yes, I’m a college boy.

    Right, that didn’t contribute to the conversation in any meaningful way. Oh well!

  521. Eaglie – Marry ME!!!!!!!!!!(Sorry – I was loving Mitsu, but Constance beat me to that one ….:(

  522. Nutmeg, You absolutely GOTta be loving this, now —-THERE ARE MARRIAGE proposals because of YOU !!!!

  523. jesus. WHO CARES. i cannot believe that you people have the time to sit around and argue about this crap. and no, i didn’t take the time to read through all your crap so i’m not a hypocrite.

  524. Alas, no more CO at work for me – too risky. Too bad, too, because it has really helped get me through some very hard work days. Meg of course has every right to post what she wants on her own blog, but some workplaces do have rules which must be obeyed. At home, though, the kitties don’t care!

    As for the Sticker of Doom, Nutmeg had a choice (heh) of which photos to send in for possible publication, and she chose to include one with the big ol’ pro-life sticker plastered smack-dab in the middle. For anybody to be surprised or upset that this choice has produced some dissenting commentary is disingenuous, to say the least, and shows a certain lack of understanding about the consequences of exercising free speech.

    In a similar vein, to not understand, or to pretend not to understand, that some will perceive these photos as anything from flirtatious to smutty is also disingenuous, regardless of the photo subject’s intent or the cuteness of the bunnehs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that entire range or with someone pretty showing what they’ve got while they still have it, but please, at least acknowledge the reality.

  525. Yes, I am a girl. And I’d at least consider marrying either. (But not a bunny, sorry.) Is that commentroversial enough?

  526. You wouldn’t marry a bunny?

    Are you nuts!? It’d be like round the clock snorgle time!

  527. Constance – he he! And I understand those concerned about NSFW – but, sheese! Not all of us are at work, and r u suppose to be surfin the web on co. time anyway?! Wait till u get home , or 1st thing in the morn – it’ll make ur day.
    (And give Meg a break! We are NEVER ALL going to have the SAME opinion – NEVER! It’s what makes life what it is ….Uh – interesting? – Yeah – that is ……if ur AWAKE!!!!

  528. Oh. I am loving it. I’m always in support of romance, especially that which is founded in defense of moi. Keep the proposals coming!!


  529. Well, I might consider marrying a bunny, if it wasn’t for the language difference. I’m one of those people who likes to do a lot of communicating and relating and stuff with my mate. You know, like conversation and whatnot. Plus I suspect bunnies might be unimpressed with my breasts. (Or they might even disapprove – what then?!)

  530. origamiart says:

    As an avid reader of Cute Overload, I’ve always wondered why pictures of women with pets shoved in their cleavage were on here. I’m not a prudish girl or anything, but it’s the animals that are cute, not the humans. Well, except if it’s that chubby baby with the puppy picture, but I digress, please consider not continuing the boob/pet pictures? The cuteness is enough to satisfy! 🙂

  531. I too can live without the boob shots. I like my cute animal pictures to be focused on the ANIMALS, and not their humans, thank you. (Especially if their humans are pro-lifers.)

  532. All I want to know is.. whats the big deal if she wants to look sexy? In the long run don’t we all want to look sexy so we can feel sexy to give us a confidence boost?

  533. “as I’ve already stated several times, i also sent Meg pictures w/o my face showing, but she chose these because the buns are cuter.”


    Yes, and you also submitted pictures WITH your face. You probably wanted all of the pictures to be posted, the ones with your face and the ones showing only the rabbits stuffed down your titz.

  534. Okay.

    The whole animal ‘n racks thing might be cute for the first couple of times. But by now it’s completely overplayed. Not to mention the pictures are so obviously posed and are a way for the person in the picture to camwhore.



  535. Joann…. that was just rude.

  536. Grow the hell up, M. Boobs rock. So do bunnies.

  537. GiddyKitty says:

    I got a touch turned on by this and that’s not what I come to this page for. But I will take it as a plus and try not to feel guilty and hope she is at least 16!

  538. “Alas, no more CO at work for me – too risky. Too bad, too, because it has really helped get me through some very hard work days. Meg of course has every right to post what she wants on her own blog, but some workplaces do have rules which must be obeyed. At home, though, the kitties don’t care!
    ” -core

    Alas, now you may have to stop surfing the internet while at work and, you know, actually do your work. So tragic.

  539. secretcurse says:

    Wow, people are retarded.

    1. If you’re worried about the pic being NSFW … um, first, you need to get out more, and second, I doubt CuteOverload is part of your job description to start with. (What, your boss would be HAPPY to know you spent the morning looking at teh cute as long as there were no boobie bits in the picture?).

    2. So she has a pro-life sticker, so what. Last I checked, it was a free country. And I agree some people who are complaining wouldn’t be complaining if it was pro-choice or anti-Bush or whatever.

    3. Thanks for commenting, Nutmeg. Your bunnies are omgtehcute and look pretty comfy in there.

  540. Kayla, you are correct.

    Joann — how to put this delicately? …shut it.
    (You too, “Eh”.)

  541. BTW
    I completely love that Nutmeg’s got blue eyes, and so does the front bun.
    It makes the pictures really work for me.
    (All these cute healthy young animals snuggled together….awwww)

  542. fairywench,*please* tell me you’re being ironic?

    “is there ANYTHING tackier”

    Yes! Being rude and judgemental of strangers, and shrieking at them on a public forum! Much tackier! By far!

  543. Heh heh heh heh…

    Quothe eragon:

    Also, despite how you may argue, placing two rabbits between your chest is not normal, so don’t bother trying to make it out to be. I think it’s been indicated enough on these comments that it’s (at the very least) an odd thing to do.

    And quothe darke:

    HAHAHA, ok, if you think taking photos of your bunnies squished between your breasts is all well and good, the please feel free and do this experiment: send those 2 photos to your (presumably) conservative parents and see how well they react to your fetish. I think that’ll clear up how “normal” this is very quickly.

    I am baffled and shocked that you actually consider this photo porn. A ‘fetish’! You people are disgusting! I hug my rabbits when I am nekkid sometimes. In fact, I *try* to restrain myself to hugging them *only* when I am nekkid and heading off to the shower; that way I don’t have to deal with their fuzz on my clothes, and also… fur against my belly! Mmmm nice! It is sensuous. NOT sensual. Learn the difference! I like fuzzy things; doesn’t make me a pervert! Why the heck do you think flannel jammies are so popular?

    You’d REALLY think I had a disgusting fetish with my late rats! I used to plant smacky kisses on their bellies. I’d go, “Ah lak yo belleh!” *smack* “Ah lak yo belleh!” *smack* “Ah LAK YO BELLEH!” *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* etc.

    I’d do this in my jeans, in my underwear, nekkid, in my sweats, whatever I happened to be wearing when I snatched one up… Bet youse guys didn’t know your physics PhD candidate was such a nasssty girl, didja? 😉

  544. Zhandarq, thanks for the correction, and again, for your kind words. 🙂

  545. Arvay-
    Lucky, happy ratties, I’d think.
    (Sometimes I just have to snorgle kitties, but then I get hair on my nose and sneeze. Sigh.)

  546. nutmeg –

    as much as i love the cute in this picture, i can understand why it generated 540+ comments of chatter. the world’s changed (i think, i’m too young to really know, heh.) many girls look much older than they are – and it’s doesn’t have to do with them dressing “smutty” or whatever (sometimes, yeah.) so it’s hard to guess how old you are – i think this results in a rather perverse enjoyment in males and worry in females. some high school girls can easily pass for college age and vice versa. but anyway – it seems like you already know this – oh well. you’re beautiful and eloquent, it’s unfortunate that we will never meet.


  547. OMG Sylvia, please stop making thinly veiled generalizations about Americans! Are the people who are not agreeing with you explicitly saying that they are Americans? Are they prefacing their comments with, “I’m an American and I think these pictures suck?”

    NO, THEY’RE NOT. They could be American, British, Chinese, Mexican, whatever. For you to automically assume that they’re American is awful. And using the qualifier “some Americans” is BS. Your biases are clear. So please stop it. One’s nationality has nothing to do with what was being discussed.

  548. “Bet youse guys didn’t know your physics PhD candidate was such a nasssty girl, didja?”

    I plead the fifth.

  549. ROTFLMAO!!!!!! You guys are all hilarious!!! ^^

  550. I, for one, fill with glee when I see one of these boob shots because, at the same time as being fun and silly, they generate that wonderfully ridiculous and hilarious commentroversy that I actually enjoy reading. And I bet I’m not the only one. In fact, I bet that’s why Meg posts them. *L* She knows what’s going to happen by now.

  551. Now the question is: will the comments continue to pile up once this post falls off the front page? I hope so… more bedtime reading for me.

  552. Also, I accept any and all marriage proposals, especially from bunnies.

  553. *pops head up*

    …is it over?! What a great way to spend a boring Monday afternoon! Thx to all! And Nutmeg, great bunnies.

  554. Oooh, Arvay – you little devil, you!

    if you weren’t already attached, i’d ask for your hand! [I kid, I kid… realy!]

    I’m just thrilled that someone is trying to keep it real here – and, to Ms. Nutmeg, you go, girl! As a fellow bun owner, I can see how and why your guys would want to snuggle like this. When I first saw your pics, I burst out laughing.

    BTW, some of the no-sense-of-humor peeps might find that owning a bun or two changes their persepctive on a *lot* of things (or not, as the case may be). I try to remain hopeful, but…

  555. Erks – typos. “really” and “perspective.”

  556. Hahaha I luuuurve warm fuzzy squidginess!

    Being an urban girl, I have little experience with horses. Several times, I petted that warm fuzzy squidgy velvet spot ‘tween horse nostrils, kissed it, and commented, “Ooooh lovely! It’s like a rat belly that’s not surrounded by claws!”

    Imagine the reactions I got to that comment! 😀

  557. Human physiology 101.

    1. Humans tend to cuddle stuff to our fronts, because that’s the way our arms reach.

    2. Human females have breasts on their fronts.

    3. Ergo, the cuddlees and the breasts must perforce meet, at least from time to time. Often, the cuddlees actually enjoy being cuddled amidst the breasts.

    Case in point: one of my birds used to love to crawl under my blouse and perch on my bra, with her head sticking out under my chin. (I might add I did not “stuff” her in there, either; this was something she came up with on her own.)

    Other case in point: another bird loves to snuggle down between my bazooms (outside the clothes), I assume because he fits nicely in that space and there’s a good chance of him getting his lil head scratched.

    If our boobs were on our backs none of this would ever happened and CO would be less a few hundred posts.

    It might make breast feeding a tad difficult, though.

  558. ka9q's wife says:

    honi soit qui mal y pense.
    that’s all i gotta say about that.

  559. ka9q's wife says:

    honi soit qui mal y pense.
    that’s all i gotta say about that.

  560. ka9q's wife says:

    honi soit qui mal y pense.
    that’s all i gotta say about that.

  561. ka9q's wife says:

    honi soit qui mal y pense.
    that’s all i gotta say about that.

  562. ka9q's wife says:

    honi soit qui mal y pense.
    that’s all i gotta say about that.

  563. ka9q's wife says:

    honi soit qui mal y pense.
    that’s all i gotta say about that.

  564. I think it’s “on y” that you want, not “honi.” All hail the h.

  565. ka9q's wife says:

    no honi is the correct word. You can google it.

  566. ka9q's wife says:

    no honi is the correct word. You can google it.

  567. ka9q's wife says:

    no honi is the correct word. You can google it.

  568. ka9q's wife says:

    no honi is the correct word. You can google it.

  569. ka9q's wife says:

    no honi is the correct word. You can google it.

  570. ka9q's wife says:

    no honi is the correct word. You can google it.

  571. ka9q's wife says:
  572. ka9q's wife says:
  573. ka9q's wife says:
  574. ka9q's wife says:
  575. ka9q's wife says:
  576. ka9q's wife says:
  577. No kidding! I stand corrected! Merci beaucoup!

  578. However you spell it, the sentiment works for me.

  579. OK, I think we need pics of said motto:

    Order of the Garter, peeps!

  580. awww… its over and I missed it while I was marking! … I will go check on the thread with the G.P with a clip in its hair, and see if anyone is crying ‘animal abuse’ yet…

  581. I have a BRILLIANT IDEA. Individual poster comment limits. If you can’t say what you mean in less than 4 comments PER POST, you’re cut off. Surely that’s plenty. 99% of the comments on this site are by people who have already said the same thing several times before. Get it off your chest, retaliate to a comment or two, then SHUT THE HELL UP. Some of you people think you need to respond to each new remark that comes in, just so the internet doesn’t get the crazy idea your position has changed in the last two minutes. When IT HASN’T.

    ctrl+f and check how many times you posted. More than five? TAKE A BREAK. Day-umm.

  582. Christabean — I don’t imagine that was a serious suggestion, but just in case… that’s not going to happen. There’s no provision in TypePad for limiting comment quantity by ID, and even if there was, I wouldn’t implement it. All a troll would have to do to bypass the control would be to change their screen name every five comments, while earnest regulars who don’t ever change their ID (like myself, ahem) would be effectively hamstrung.

    CO has a conversational, chat-roomy vibe a lot of the time. It’s part of the secret sauce; no way I’d cut that off. You wouldn’t limit all cars to 20 miles per day, max, because there are bad drivers out there, would you?

  583. Theo – “secret sauce” !!!!!
    (hissing, roof of the mouth, throw back, dragon laugh.)

    NOW, *I* came here to make a very serious comment about this particular pic:

    “Crash and bun.”

  584. could deal w/o the political and religous message

  585. minnesnowtah says:

    Belatedly joining the fun!! Yay!!
    What I want to know is —

    Nutmeg, did you finish your paper yesterday? 😀

  586. I cannot believe that people are still going on about this, and still calling nutmeg various nasty words that do nothing but make the speaker/typer look bad, and accusing her of having some kind of agenda.

    While you don’t have to like the idea of ‘cats n racks’, you don’t have to agree with it and you don’t have to go do it yourself, isn’t it about time that you stopped all the harshness?

    I just blogged in my personal blog about this very thing. What makes you think you’re taking a moral high road when you are using such hideous, vicious words like “slut”, “Skank” “Whore” etc? These are uncalled for. Unnecessary. Petty. And make you look like shite, not the person you are flinging them at.

    Now. Shush and go look at the danged Pug already. Cut the girl some slack.

  587. Shut up! Seriously, after about the first 10 comments every single one of you who was complaining about the girl’s age or the sticker on her wall was repeating what had already been said. Sure, express your opinion, you’re entitled to say if the post is not to your taste, but enough already. This post does not need 566 or whatever comments, and I’m sure there’s some great, intelligent responses in there but who on earth could be bothered to sift through all this crap to find it now? What a waste of space – and a great shame.

    And I feel sorry for the girl. How is she going to feel when you’re all criticising her for such ridiculous, irrelevent reasons? She was just trying to join in with the cute overload spirit, with the thing that unites every visitor here, and you shoot her down because of how old you percieve her to be, or her beliefs which are completely beside the point whether you agree with it or not.

    I’m disappointed that such a fun post has become… this.I love this site but this leaves a bad taste.

  588. Teri – Now. Shush and go look at the danged Pug already.

    Hear, hear. Yay cute pugs! 🙂

  589. OMG, there’s a STICKER?!
    Light the torches!
    Hoist the pitchforks!
    Haul out the buckets of… um, UNSTICKY!!!

    (I’d like to rhyme this, but it’s too tricky.)

  590. You can tell she is old enough by her teeth. Not to mention the bra, which my thirteen year old sister assures me is “so grooosssss…” and also by the way her. erm. assets are posistioned. Old enough, but bunnies do look squished and unhappy. BTW.. the sticker says. “MY” choice. not “your choice should be…” I agree. getoverit.

  591. random girl says:

    i wore a bra when i was in fourth grade, which is…. 10 years old. just because your 13 year old sister doesnt have boobs doesnt mean no one else does.

    not that i honestly care about any of this, i was just mentioning it.

    even if she was young, it wouldnt change anything. there are still guys who are going to see bunnies in her boobs and ‘make the most of it,’ and if thats what she thinks is cool, whatever.

    i dont like the pro-life sticker, but i didnt choose to post the photo, and i dont spend my time working on the site, so meg can do whatever she wants.

    but you know, if you are going to post bunnies and boobs and ‘saving’ lives slogans, you could post the PETA “rather be naked than wear fur” ads and try to save real animal lives and look at boobs at the same time. there would be much less to get outraged at.

  592. Random. Some folks would get equally outraged at that.

    Look at the bunnies and don’t worry about what other people are looking at. And the woman is 19, by her own repeated admission.


  593. Thanks for coming, you’ve been a wonderful audience. Please remember to tip your hostess.

  594. Meg doesn’t need bunnies to be cute – she simply is. And the bunnies don’t need Meg for anything like cute. They need her for food, water, a home. 100 years hence, when the bunnies and Meg are both dust (bunnies) as are we, what will future generations think of these photos? That, for one brief, shining moment there was a place between two freckled hills; a warm and fuzzy place that filled our hearts with a blue vein of hope that some day heaven would be featured on cyberspace. That place is not just inside Meg’s bra, but in her heart. It is a place, known far and wide, as Bunalot.

  595. a random girl says:

    well, i think i have been inspired to make sure NEVER to send my photo to cute overload that my boobs can show, lest they be described as ‘two freckled hills’

    gag, gag, choke back vomit.

    can you be any creepier???

  596. Unbelieveable. Almost 600 comments. Fer real. Oh, and have any of you ever seen the movie TRAINSPOTTING where at the end the guy (you know, Ewan McGregor)where he decides to “choose life?” instead of drugs? Sheesh. Maybe thats what that means. Or something.

  597. shes not so young for that shes got enormous boobs, c’mon people.

  598. I know it’s got gazillion too many comments.

    I know it’s off the screen already.
    But I have to have the *last* last word.

    This picture can’t be cute.
    You can see her chest hares.

    (Am I a nuff now?)

  599. Ha! you have been thwarted.

    For I, one who thinks this picture is adorable and that people need to get over themselves, have secured the last comment.


    …Though, I have still not figured out how to be offended.

  600. Sara Martin says:

    Wow…I’m just amazed at all the comments of people who find this offensive. She’s not showing anything more than anyone else walking around wearing tank tops. She’s not stark naked, she’s just got bunnies in her shirt. They look snuggly. As a bunny owner, believe me, if they weren’t happy they would be kicking/struggling/scratching her to pieces. Bunnies don’t take kindly to doing things they don’t want to do.

    Really, what’s the big deal here?

  601. Now you need a new category entitled: “Bunnies ‘n’ Bosoms” or some such! LOL!

  602. Can you please repost those pictures.

  603. god you people are lame. who cares what age she is? this category is FTW and I think cuteoverload are pussies for removing the pics.

  604. Teh Rob — your critical reasoning and language skills are clearly [opinion removed].

    It was not Cute Overload’s decision to remove the photos. It happens, from time to time.

  605. HAAAAAAhahahaha! Chest hares!

    Thanks for reviving this topic! I learned a new hare pun! Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. and I are approaching our seventh bunniversary, and I STILL find new ones! :~D

  606. wow. some people ’round here are bigtime scrooges. i liked these pics. 😦

  607. Theo states it was not Cute Overload’s decision to remove the photos. Think. You can figure out who.

  608. Theo states it was not Cute Overload’s decision to remove the photos. I don’t think Theo needs to be or was being defensive, only explaining. Thanks Theo.
    Automatically, naturally, we wonder whose decision it was. That is where Theo’s explanation stops. As it should. Think. You can figure out who.

    On with the Cute! 🙂

  609. Ooh I made a baby carbun copy up der.

  610. random girl says:


    they are still over at livejournal syndicate so you can look at her bunnies and boobs and political shit and whatever else you want to do.

    ALSO, it is generally a TERRIBLE idea to hide animals in your dorm. Not only will people neglect to save them in case of fire or emergency, but i am sure they dont get good freedom as they have to be hidden everytime and RA, snoopy person, or whoever else comes by.

    so hidden bunnies, pro-life, sending this photos everywhere, just bad choices everywhere.

  611. Theo, I’m using [opinion removed] from now on. Seriously, that made me laugh out loud and now the folks at work think I’m nuts. Serves em right though, everyone else is on vacation…

    Random girl, I have to agree. Pro-life is an AWFUL choice. Just think of all the idiots we could get rid of if there wern’t those stupid “pro life, don’t kill people” laws.

    Oh. You mean the other kind. Well [opinion removed].


  612. Francois Tremblay says:

    Gee, thanks a lot for removing her picture. I guess all cute girls should be censored. What a world.

  613. I can attest as someone with tons and tons of freckles on her face that they can make your age deceiving. I’m 22 and people still think I’m in my early teens (even though I am also well-endowed) — come to think of it … I also have two bunnies …. is she my doppleganger?

  614. Thanks for taking this down, I got that she was 19 but she sure didn’t look it. Just not part of the mix I’m looking for. I appreciate the censorship!!!:)

  615. I’ll add my thanks for removing those pictures. I’m not offended by the sight of boobs, but I had believed this site was safe for me to browse from my very uptight workplace, and shall we say that if one of those uptight bosses were to walk past my monitor and saw that picture up, I’d have gotten in trouble. It doesn’t matter if she is 19, she looks younger, and it would appear to my boss that I look up underage soft core at work.

    I don’t look at this site from work anymore, the webmaster obviously has different ideas of what is appropriate.

  616. um, Vern, there’s a freaking CATEGORY called “Cats n Racks” – you should have known a pair of [clothed] boobs would appear eventually.

  617. Understanding says:

    I am a long-time visitor to this site, but I have never commented here before. It seems to me that most of the huge number of comments on this post come from only about ten regular people – people who obviously have nothing better to do than complain that they are being persecuted by people who don’t happen to agree with them. There are some very well-written objections to this picture, but the reaction to those objections tell us more about the people running this site, and its regulars, than anything else. You regular folks rush to jump on these people expressing their dismay at seeing photos of what looks like a kid posing sexually (at least admit that’s what it looks like) when they were expecting just bunnies and hams. It doesn’t matter that she is 19, if she looks 12. The whole point is obviously that youthful female sexuality is what sells – and clearly the person running this site is exploiting that fact. It is obvious that the site started out all about cute animals, and this is partly what makes the random insertion of female human sexuality jarring. The people enraged that folks like me disagree with them should understand that their screeching reactions are simply appearing juvenile, not open-minded about sex. Personally, I see nothing wrong with sexuality or sex, but remember this: while we are all discussing this, we are not talking about actual, real-life sex, or sexuality. We are talking about a photograph; the objectification of sexuality. We are not talking about loving someone, we are talking about the USE of a sexual image. And the use of it in this case is exploitive.

    nutmeg, ask yourself why you yourself did this? Why were you mis-using your own youthful sexuality, especially online? At some level you are perfectly well aware that you look under-age, and that many people will view you sexually because of these pictures. And that you would likely get an ego-boost from this. Ask yourself why you are enjoying this attention so much? I mean that as a sincere question. Are you not already valued for who you are instead? I happen to myself be an extremely good looking woman, and it is often not the boon people think it is. It is a fact of life that I have learned to deal with; it has helped in some cases, and hurt in many more, and in the process have learned a good deal about other people’s prejudices and bigotry, especially as regards my gender. (The objectification of women far outstrips any recent media objectification of men.) I am a bit older than you (26) but when I was younger I learned to do what you are doing: to use my beauty, for attention, and for approval. It got me attention all right, but the wrong kind – the kind that valued nothing about who I was as a person. Until I learned to respect myself, I wondered why no one showed respect towards me. Ask yourself, is anyone respecting you here?

    Sure, there is an element of jealousy involved in some people’s objection to your photos, but it is not the kind you think. The jealousy comes from the realization that when you are someone who does NOT physically “measure up” to society’s ridiculous standards, that you are dismissed as useless. It comes from the media barrage of false beauty, caring only for those perfect noses, smiles, and butts, and nothing for the thoughts in the woman’s head. In the end, repeatedly having someone else’s fleeting youthful sexuality shoved in your face becomes tiresome and demeaning, especially when there is an overload of it already in the world. In other words, far too often the world tells women who are not pretty that they don’t matter, the Internet is chock-full of that already, and I would point out to the owner of this site, may be one of the reasons people visit cuteoverload: to get away from that crap. Incidentally, one of the first things nasty people on Internet comment boards do to try to discredit a female opinion they don’t like, is to call her “ugly,” or “fat.” It happened on this comment list. This by itself should tell you something about what you are doing. Think. Lots and lots of emails and comments from guys who think nutmeg is beautiful and sexy should wake you up: none of them know her, or care about her – it is purely a sexual reaction. Nutmeg, your desire for attention may seem self-serving, but really it is only self-damaging. And to the owner of the site, you might want to clarify for us all why you decided to start posting pictures of young women’s breasts in the first place, so that we can decide whether to keep visiting or not.

  618. random girl says:

    i am 600 commenter!!!!!!!

    Commenting is now closed.


  619. random girl says:

    i am 600 commenter!!!!!!!

    Commenting is now closed.


  620. Why was this picture removed, and who removed it?

  621. random girl says:

    well, obviously CO removed it. So, a big DUH to that.

    as to why, i am guessing either DCFS or HSUS complained.

  622. To the Berkeley, CA poster of the college-level paper above (“Understanding”); I am also a long-time visitor to this site, and have also never commented here before.

    I’m sorry that you lead an unhappy life, but we’d all appreciate it if you could not take it out on others.

    Here’s a tip that’ll cost you far less than a trip to the therapist – visit:

    Lots of cute bunnies!

    Now please go away and allow the rest of us to continue enjoying Meg’s wit, humor, and choice of photos without your self-serving pseudo-intellectual missives.

  623. Understanding: Yeesh, way to diagnose nutmeg and the rest of us. Gee, thanks, I would have gone about my life in utter ignorance.

  624. random girl, what are DCFS and HSUS?

    Rebecca, how do you know that Understanding has an unhappy life? Just because you don’t share her opinions doesn’t mean she needs therapy.

  625. “Understanding”: wow, that’s the most condescending post I’ve read in a long time…

  626. Hmmmm…I thought people would chill out once the pictures were removed, but I guess not. Maybe I just don’t know people very well.

    Understanding- You state the fact that “there are well-written objections to this photo” as if to say that if someone can make their point eloquently, they must be right. You yourself are extremely eloquent, and after reading your comment it seems to me that you have accorded yourself the right to speak condescendingly (as ‘bgf’ pointed out) to all other commentors. It is neither fair nor very classy to act like you know people better than they know themselves.

    Personally, I was blissfully unaware of the fact that those photos look underage and sexual, as I am often taken for older than I really am. I would imagine it is the angle of the camera and the lack of makeup that are misleading.

    However, I am not one to ignore the consequences of my actions. As you may have noticed, I have kept close track of all of these comments and interjected my own thoughts and feelings where I deemed necessary. Although I have never once second-guessed my own intentions or the innocence of the photo, I began to feel uncomfortable with some of the comments being made. Not the critical comments, but rather the comments that rationalized the credibility of the photo by referencing my (not self-ascribed) “beauty” or “sexuality.”

    It was not Cute Overload’s choice to delete the photos. I chose to have the photos removed because I did not want people to get the wrong impression of me. As a teenage girl with an unfortunately over-endowed body, I have found that it is a struggle for people to acknowledge my moral lifestyle and my commitment to my intellectual and spiritual development.

    Since some visitors to CO refuse to recognize my pictures for what they are – that is fun, cute, and innocent – I no longer wished to have myself exposed to undeserved and unsupported scrutiny and criticism.

    I urge you to remember that I stand by my pictures and my choice to post them; I have not been convinced that they are “smutty” or “trashy.” However, I would rather keep them to myself that have them misinterpreted by the misinformed.

  627. Cat Feral says:

    I like that picture! I thought it was cute and harmless! I admit, like some other people I wasn’t sure the “Pro Life” poster really belonged in the pic, but she was obviously being photographed in her own room and it’s a bit much to expect her to take down all political or religious references just to have a picture taken!

    sabrina said: “lol how cute! just be greatful its not an 80 year old rack I’d say…”

    Ahem! And what is wrong with an 80-year-old rack, Madam? You may have an 80-year-old rack yourself some day!

  628. ARTHUR:
    It’s true! It’s true! The crowd has made it clear.
    The photos must be cuter all the year.

    A law was made a distant moon ago here:
    A girl and pets cannot be too hot.
    And there’s a legal limit to the show here
    In Bun-A-Lot.

    All sex forbotten until the mid 20s
    And exits forever once tiny buns begot
    By order, no lingerie can linger
    In Bun-A-Lot.
    Bun-A-Lot! Bun-A-Lot!

    Animal babes caught up in brassieres sounds bizarre,
    But in Bun-A-Lot, Bun-A-Lot
    That’s how conditions are.
    The cuteness reigns before and after sundown.
    By eight, on your screen Cute Overload appears.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happily-ever-aftering than here
    In … Bun-A-Lot.
    Happy New Year to all. Sorry I made you chunder, randomgirl. As for Nutmeg, no need to go to the archives to remember your picture and all the controversy you engendered in this little kingdom of cute.

  629. I know this is old, but I just find it so funny that people complain that they could get in trouble for looking at CO at work because of these pictures. I would think the fact that it is obviously not work would be a problem. I mean, those filters aren’t there to protect your morals, they’re there to try to ensure that you’re actually working.

    Also, why are the pictures gone? Those bunnies are cute!

  630. Jeez. I hope you’re happy, people. Get over yourselves! You don’t have to write an essay about how much you disapprove, you simply have to NOT LOOK AT IT.

    Meg, we love you.

  631. Controversy over this was contrived and baseless. And since it didn’t go away by taking the pics down (gee, think anybody already saved them to MyPictures?) why not just put them back up, and turn off comments? =)

  632. nutmeg,

    on the one hand, you deplore the fact that people can’t look past your ‘unfortunately over-endowed body;’ on the other you put bunnies in your bra, take pictures, and submit them to be posted on a popular website. That’s deluded at best; hypocritical at worst.

  633. Boy howdy, Millie, them grapes must be pret-ty darn sour.

    Closing comments now.