Please let it be a soft kronche…

Because… a hard kronche might reallly hurt…

  she sings! 
  Originally uploaded by niimo.



  1. The bite doesn’t LOOK painful…. but the pup’s face looks otherwise. Or maybe he’s just yawning!

  2. Puppehs bein’ puppehs.

  3. Kind looks like the end of a yawn, but it sure is adorable!! Wonder what happened next. . .

  4. Awwww..lookit her bebeh toofs.

  5. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ma! He’s bitin’ my ear AGAIN!! Make him stop! MA!!!!

  6. Oh!! puppymunch! just playin’.

  7. [i] Chomp! [/i]

    “Moooooom! Tommy’s biting my ear again!”

  8. Quote:

    [i] Chomp! [/i]

    “Moooooom! Tommy’s biting my ear again!”


    It’s not a bite, its a love nibble 😛

  9. nam nam nam…

  10. *dog in background* hehe.. shity eyes.. now is my chance to get to the doggy litter bfore they do nice goin guys, distracting the owner like that 😀

  11. It was lobe at first sight.

  12. dickie twinkles says:

    I love the gummy baby-toothed mouth!

  13. Puppeh’s DEFINITELY singin’ the prelude to “Immigrant Song.”

  14. LOL, it’s a yawn, there’s no folded-flap chompage of that ear, but what a GREAT PIC! Def a fav. – Pj

  15. I love that pic…it was recently a featured piece on deviantART.

  16. LOL, Subhangi — I can hear it!

  17. Heehee–I love the tiny prickly little milk teeth.

  18. Heh heh – *what* kind of eyes were those, Lauren at 10:13? 😉

  19. luckycliff says:

    BAW HAW HAW!!! That’s the biggest laugh I ever got from a CO post… HO HO HO …*sigh* snicker giggle

  20. lady chroe says:

    My husband says his teeth look like sporks! (spoons+forks=sporky cuteness!)

  21. Reminds me of when my boyfriend nibbles on my ear and makes “chomp chomp” sounds — just playin’ around.

  22. I went on to the owners Flickr site and the puppies were stolen! How despicable can people be?!

    I hope they are returned home

  23. You’ve heard of ‘love at first sight’? Well this is ‘love at first Bite’